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Vegan Denied Swiss Passport Because Of ‘Annoying’ Lifestyle

Nancy Holten, a vegan “animal rights” activist, has lived in Switzerland since she was eight years old and she has children with Swiss passports. She meets every requirement to gain citizenship and authorities had no objections at all.

When her fellow residents in the region of Aargau got the chance to weigh on the decision — which is common practice in the country — they overwhelmingly objected.

Court rules Muslim girls MUST swim with boys after Government says integrate or leave

SWITZERLAND has won a landmark court case, which has ruled Muslim parents must send their children to mixed swimming lessons.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said school bosses are justified in enforcing the “full school curriculum” and children’s “succesful integration” into society.

Although the court recognised religious freedoms were being interfered with, judges said there was no violation.

The landmark case comes after two Swiss nationals, of Turkish origin, from Basel refused to send their teenager daughters to mixed swimming lessons.

Swiss probe top Muslim leader over jihadist propaganda

Swiss federal prosecutors said on Saturday a criminal probe into suspected jihadist propaganda has been expanded to include the leader of the country’s largest Islamic organisation. The office of Switzerland’s attorney general confirmed in an email to AFP that Nicolas Blancho, of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS), was under investigation.

Switzerland Considers Ban on Koran Distribution

Cities in Switzerland are considering banning the distribution of the Koran in an attempt to crack down on radical Salafists proselytising on the streets.
Swiss authorities have been pushed to act after the German government launched raids on 200 sites in a probe against Salafist group “The True Religion” on Tuesday.

Known for its controversial “Lies!” (or “Read!”, in English) programme, in which the organisation hands out German copies of a strict traditionalist version of the Koran, the group have also been active in Switzerland for several years.

Swiss against Islam as an official religion

Almost two-thirds of people living in Switzerland do not think Islam should be recognised as an official Swiss religion, according to a survey. A similar proportion believes there is no place for Islam in the country.

Asked whether Islam should be granted the same official status as Christianity and Judaism, 61% of 15,617 respondents said “no” or “probably no” in what the Swiss News Agency reports was a representative survey carried out by the Tamedia publishing house. The results were published in Le Matin Dimanche and the SonntagsZeitung.

Of those who were open to a third official religion, 19% said “yes” and 20% “probably yes”.

Almost two-thirds (62%) said there was no place in Switzerland for Islam. In addition, 80% thought Christian values were part of the Swiss identity.

No Compulsion: Swiss police arrest imam, 4 suspects calling for murder of Muslims who do not pray

Police descended on the An’Nur mosque on Wednesday morning to conduct a search of the building and three other houses in the area after receiving evidence against four people, Zurich’s public prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The investigation relates to a sermon given by the mosque’s Ethiopian imam on October 21st in which he “called for the murder of Muslims who refuse to participate in communal prayer”, said the statement.

He also called for those present at the sermon to denounce such people.

The imam and three others are now facing criminal proceedings.

Swiss politician says hijab should be banned from passports

A Swiss politician has signalled that women should not be allowed to wear the hijab in passport photographs.

Walter Wobmann, a member of the right-wing populist Swiss People’s Party, said it was unfair that headscarves were allowed in passport photos while other headwear, such as hair bands and caps are not.

Swiss consider revoking citizenship of Muslim terrorists

The citizens that Switzerland would like to disown

“We are examining whether it would be possible, in specific cases, to withdraw Swiss citizenship from a person of dual nationality who goes off to jihad,” says Léa Wertheimer, a spokeswoman for the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). “Following the withdrawal of the person’s passport, the federal police (Fedpol) could then ban the person from re-entering the country and deal with the direct threat they pose to Switzerland.”

Majority of Swiss Support the Burka Ban

According to a recent survey, 71 percent of Swiss respondents want to see a burka ban implemented across Switzerland.

If the Swiss were vote today, 71 percent of respondents would accept the initiative advocating the ban on wearing the burka, among which 55 percent fully approved of the initiative, and 16 percent who were on the whole in favor.

Man injures 7 Swiss train passengers including a 6 yr old child when he sets carriage on fire and goes on a knife rampage

Seven people have been injured after a man attacked passengers on a train in Switzerland with ‘fire and a knife’.

Swiss police have confirmed the train has been sealed off an it is understood the county’s interior minister is holding an emergency meeting over the incident.

The man set the train carriage on fire using a flammable liquid and also stabbed passengers, including a six-year-old child, police said.

Geneva airport on lockdown after ‘bomb threat’ as Europe is on edge over terror attacks

Geneva police have increased a deployment at the Swiss city’s airport and are conducting a sweep of identity papers and other checks after receiving a tip-off in connection with an investigation in neighboring France.

Police spokesman Sylvain Guillaume-Gentil says the enhanced measures are not linked to the hostage-taking and killing of a priest at a church in Normandy on Tuesday, but would not comment further.

geneva airport 2

Update: Wife calls in airport bomb threat to halt fleeing husband

A woman has admitted phoning in a bomb threat that sparked sharply raised security at Geneva Airport in a bid to stop her husband from leaving.

The false alarm caused hours of traffic chaos at the busy airport on the French-Swiss border after Geneva police received information of the call from their French counterparts.