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Burqa ban counter-proposal: Swiss government wants tougher rules on face coverings

The Swiss government has rejected a nationwide burqa ban but hopes to introduce a new law that would make it illegal for people to refuse to uncover their face when asked to do so by government officials, transport staff or privately-contracted ticket inspectors.

Under the plans, anyone who repeatedly refused to show their face to government officials working in sectors including migration, customs or social security, or to rail and aviation transport workers could be hit with a fine.

Burqas and niqabs are not specifically mentioned in the draft law, which refers to face coverings. However, Muslim women wearing these garments would also liable to a financial penalty if they did not show their face when asked to do so.


Muslim is fined £170 for saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ in public in Switzerland

A Muslim man has been fined £170 in Switzerland for saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ in public when he saw a friend.

The 22-year-old man, named in Swiss media as Orhan E., made the exclamation – which means ‘God is the greatest’ in Arabic – in May last year.

Fearing a terror attack, police in the city of Schaffhausen stopped the man and charged him with causing a public nuisance.


Swiss woman is charged with assault after slapping Afghan migrant who kept groping her during New Year’s Eve celebrations

A Swiss woman has been charged with assault after slapping an Afghan migrant who allegedly groped her during a New Year’s Eve street party.

The unnamed woman, 21, was said to have left the man with a broken nose when he reportedly groped her during a party at the City Hall in the Austrian capital Vienna.

After news of the charges against her were made public, a wealthy Swiss businessman has stepped in with an offer to pay the fine on her behalf.


Switzerland: “Creeping EU Accession”

Swiss voters have resoundingly rejected a referendum calling for the Swiss Constitution to take precedence over international treaties and law.

Two-thirds (66.2%) of voters in the November 25 referendum opposed the “self-determination” initiative, put forward by the eurosceptic Swiss People’s Party (Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP), the largest party in the Swiss parliament.

SVP leaders had argued that the new law was necessary to safeguard national sovereignty from further encroachment by supranational organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations.


Second Swiss canton votes to ban the burka as two-thirds say those who wear the veil ‘threaten public security’

Voters in St Gallen today approved a ban on facial coverings such as the burka by a two-thirds majority, becoming the second Swiss canton to do so.

Full-face coverings such as niqabs and burqas are a polarising issue across Europe, with some arguing that they symbolise discrimination against women and should be outlawed.

Under the Swiss system of direct democracy, voters in the north eastern canton demanded tightening the law to punish those who cover their faces in public and thus ‘threaten or endanger public security or religious or social peace’.


Second Swiss region will vote on a burqa ban

A second Swiss canton is considering introducing a regional ‘burqa ban’ that will prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces.

Voters in the north-eastern canton of St Gallen will go to the polls over the controversial proposed law this Sunday.

St Gallen is expected to follow the example of the southern canton of Ticino, where a law was introduced two years ago which appeared to be aimed at burqas and other Muslim veils.


Muslim Couple Denied Swiss Citizenship Over Refusing a Male-Female Handshake

The authorities of Lausanne, a city in southwest Switzerland, have denied a Muslim couple’s citizenship bid over their refusal to shake hands with people of the opposite sex.

A three-member commission blocked the application, citing their “lack of respect for gender equality,” Lausanne mayor Gregoire Junod said, as quoted by AFP. The two have also struggled with answering questions asked by members of the opposite gender.


Swiss Govt Considers Making Forced Veiling a Crime as Referendum on Burqa, Niqab Ban Looms

Switzerland is considering introducing penalties for forcing women to wear Islamic face veils, as a referendum on a total ban on the garments nationwide looms.

The Swiss federal government does not support a national ban, saying the country’s individual cantons (federal states) should decide the issue at the regional level.


Switzerland Welcomes Radicalization

Switzerland has just rejected a proposed law preventing mosques from accepting money from abroad, and compelling them to declare where their financial backing comes from and for what purpose the money will be used. According to the proposal, imams also would have been obliged to preach in one of the Swiss national languages.