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‘Islamophobic’ Dutch Politician Geert Wilders receives death threats on Twitter from Pakistani Muslims for cancelled cartoon contest

Geert Wilders is a known vocal critic of Islam He has been quoted in an interview as saying “I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.” In the same interview, he said, “Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology, the ideology of a retarded culture.”

Last month, the notorious Khadim Hussain Rizvi was arrested by the Pakistani Police along with scores of members of his Islamist party Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). Later, it was reported that Rizvi has been booked under charges of sedition and terrorism.

Yesterday, controversial Dutch politician and a Member of Netherlands’ Parliament, Geert Wilders, thanked Pakistani Prime Minister for arresting Rizvi who had put a Fatwa on his head.


Dutch Envoy in Pakistan Threatened Over Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Tweets

The Netherlands’ foreign ministry has stated that they are “dealing with threats to the Dutch ambassador to Pakistan over the tweets of right-winger Geert Wilders.

“We take the security of the embassy very seriously, and that is also the subject of consultations between the Netherlands and Pakistan. For security reasons, I cannot make any further comments,” the ministry spokesman said.

Several reports recently suggested that Pakistan’s interior ministry issued a secret memo, saying the hardline Islamist Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan party (TLP) planned to “target” the envoy of the European country. However, the party, which is pushing for Sharia Law in Pakistan, refuted the allegations.

The secret document referred to the reports, stating that “elements associated with the TLP” were planning “to seek revenge for uploading of blasphemous caricatures by Geert Wilders, Dutch parliamentarian, on his personal Twitter account.”


Geert Wilders is now protected for 14 years. His crime? He criticised Islam

“I live in a government safe house, heavily protected and bulletproof… I am driven every day from the safe house to my office in the Dutch parliament building in armoured police cars..,” Dutch MP Geert Wilders tells in his book Marked for Death.


Pakistani pop singer wanted Geert Wilders killed for blasphemy, this is where she learnt bigotry from

Last Friday, Dutch MP Geert Wilders cancelled his ‘Draw the Prophet Mohammad’ cartoon contest after over 10,000 supporters of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan party demanded the Pakistani government expel the Dutch Ambassador, and to end all diplomatic ties with the Netherlands.

The contest was due to be held in November, however, Mr Wilders made a statement, saying “To avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided to not let the cartoon contest go ahead.” A 26-year-old Pakistani Islamic Extremist was also arrested last week in The Hague after releasing a video calling for the murder of Mr Wilders.

This is everyday Islam.


‘My point about the intolerant nature of Islam has been proved again by this’: Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Far-right Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders says he has cancelled a planned Prophet Mohammad cartoon contest following death threats, safety concerns and fear of violence.

Wilders said he made the decision ‘to avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence’ and noted that his point ‘about the intolerant nature of Islam has been proved again by this,’ in a written statement on Thursday.


Thousands In Pakistan Protest Dutch Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Contest

An estimated 10,000 Pakistanis have protested in Lahore over a Dutch politician’s plans to hold a cartoon competition featuring caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, with more mass protests expected in the coming days.

The protests on August 29 were organized by Tehreek-i-Labaik, an Islamist party that won an unexpectedly large number of votes in last month’s general election, with some candidates campaigning on promises of punishment for crimes of blasphemy.


Geert Wilders cancels Muhammad cartoon contest due to the usual bloodthirsty Islamist threats

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders says he has cancelled a planned Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest following death threats and concerns that other people could be put at risk.

In a written statement on Thursday Wilders said “to avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided not to let the cartoon contest go ahead”.

Wilders, who has for years lived under round-the-clock protection because of death threats sparked by his fierce anti-Islam rhetoric, said he does not want others endangered by the contest he planned for November.


Netherland’s anti-Islam cartoon contest riles Muslims

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): An anti-Islam cartoon exhibition in the Netherlands has sparked fresh controversy across Europe, drawing ire from Muslims and religious rights activists.

Notorious far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders plans to hold a cartoon contest blaspheming Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) in November in his right-wing Freedom Party’s heavily guarded offices at the Dutch parliament.

Pakistan has already expressed anger at the event, with authorities there lodging a diplomatic protest against the plan, denouncing it as an attempt to defame Islam and Muslims.


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