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Hezbollah on course to tighten grip on Lebanon, according to early results

The political makeup of Lebanon’s Parliament has been reshaped after the country held its first elections in almost a decade Sunday with Hezbollah solidifying its presence in legislation.

Despite official results not being released, most political parties have publicised their victories and for which seats. Hezbollah and its Shiite ally, Amal Movement, took 16 and 13 seats respectively giving the duo 29 seats in Parliament without traditional Christian allies, Free Patriotic Movement and Marada Movement.


Hezbollah’s Rise Casts Doubt on Lebanon’s Status as ‘Paris of the Middle East’

Due to its unique geopolitical history, Lebanon has long been viewed as one of the most Westernized countries in the Arab world. But the rising political power of the Hezbollah terror group is leading to radicalization there, as well as to increased Lebanese efforts to thwart normalization between Israelis and Arabs.


French school in Lebanon forced to apologize for putting Israel on map

A private French school in Beirut has sparked controversy after it emerged one of its textbooks referred to the land south of Lebanon as Israel, and not Palestine. Under Lebanese law, Israel’s very existence is forbidden from being acknowledged.

The transgression first surfaced on social media, when the father of a nine-year-old girl posted a picture of a map showing Israel in one of the school’s textbooks, along with the caption, “this is what my fourth grade daughter learned in class today.”

“This is what my daughter learned in school today.” The Horror!


Lebanon faces calls to expel all Syrian refugees after a young woman was raped and murdered by “refugee”

Lebanon is facing calls to expel all Syrian refugees after a young woman was raped and murdered by a migrant who was working as her concierge.

A Syrian national identified only by his initials as BH is thought to have raped and killed 26-year-old Lebanese national Rhea Chidiac inside her home in northern Lebanon.

He came to Lebanon three years ago and worked for the victim’s family and had intended to steal money from the house.


Palestinians: The ‘Wall of Shame’

It is no secret that Arab countries have long mistreated their Palestinian brothers and sisters, governing them with inhumane laws and imposing severe restrictions on their public freedoms and basic rights. Building a wall around a Palestinian community to prevent terrorists from entering or leaving, however, has raised the bar on such infringements.

This is precisely what is happening in Lebanon these days. The construction of a security wall around Ain al-Hilweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp (with a population of nearly 120,000), has drawn sharp criticism from Palestinians and revived memories of the abuse they regularly receive at the hands of their Arab brethren.

The Lebanese authorities say the Palestinians have left them no choice but to build the controversial concrete wall. The Palestinians, they say, refuse to cooperate against terrorists who have established bases within their camps. Yet that problem raises the question: “What has Lebanon done in the past half-century or so to help the Palestinians who fled to that country?” The answer: “Nothing.”


Lebanon’s Hatred of Israel

Lebanon has many problems, including sectarian divisions, Iranian influence, spillover from the Syrian civil war, the weakness of its army, the ineffectiveness of its politicians, and the very existence of Hizballah, but Israel’s existence next door is not one of them.

The animosity of Lebanon towards Israel continues today only because it provides a convenient excuse for Hizballah to maintain a formidable arsenal that it uses to control Lebanon and to help its allies in Syria.

Lebanon has a law forbidding its citizens from interacting with Israeli citizens.


Lebanon sex trafficking: Syrian woman describes nine-month ordeal

The only time Rama, a 24-year-old from Syria, broke down as she recalled her months of torture and sexual enslavement in a human trafficking ring in Lebanon was when she described how she lost her faith.

“Honestly no, I no longer have faith after what happened,” she told the Guardian. “Because when we were beaten, I would say, ‘God, please save us.’ And [my torturer] would say, ‘You whore, you think God will save you?’ And he would beat me more. We couldn’t say the word Allah, not even within our hearts.”


Five dead after four ISIS suicide bombers blow themselves up in a Christian village in Lebanon

A group of four ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up in a Christian village in Lebanon in killing five people and wounding at least 15.

The National News Agency said the blasts occurred in Qaa, only a few hundred metres away from the Syrian border and that four men were involved in the rare multiple attack.

According to eye witnesses, villagers became suspicious of the men as they were passing through the village around 4am local time.


Lebanon, Christians, Under Islamist Threat

Recent upheavals in Lebanon are making local Christians communities worry about their existence as heirs and descendants of the first Christians. Christians in the Middle East now are facing a huge genocide — similar to the Christian genocide the followed the Islamic conquest of the Middle East in the 7th century A.D.

Islamic jihadist groups are threatening Lebanese Christians and demanding that they submit to Islam. Lebanon’s Christians, descendants of Aramaic Syriacs, were the majority in the country a mere 100 years ago.

The demand for Christians to convert to Islam was one of the declarations issued by ISIS and other Islamic groups hiding in the mountainous border between Syria and Lebanon.


Australian Mother and 8 Others Face Charges in Lebanon Custody Dispute

BEIRUT, Lebanon — A bitter custody dispute between an Australian mother and a Lebanese father. A crew of sympathetic Australian television journalists. A grandmother who was clubbed on the head as the children were put into an S.U.V. that sped off.

Such were the ingredients in a bizarre transnational episode that resulted on Tuesday with criminal charges against nine people: the mother, the four members of the TV crew and two British and two Lebanese citizens, all accused of taking part in what prosecutors called an elaborate kidnapping plot.


‘Nobody wants to stay in Lebanon. It’s a miserable life’

Syrians may be taking refuge in this tiny country, but corruption, unemployment and poverty mean many of its own young people are desperate to get away

“…Twenty-five years after the end of Lebanon’s civil war and the mass migration it sparked to the west, Latin America and Africa, Lebanon’s youth are fleeing once again. Their movement is now fuelled by endemic corruption, political dysfunction and rising unemployment, inequality and poverty.

A facade of stability has so far spared this tiny Levantine nation with 18 official sects the upheaval that has destroyed other countries in the Middle East and redrawn the region’s borders.”


Russia May Aid ‘Comrade Tourists’ Who Were Really Soldiers

MOSCOW — The soldiers were told to grow their hair long and were given civilian clothes. From then on, their superiors said, they would be addressed — and were to address one another — as “comrade tourist” as they sailed aboard a cruise liner to Syria.

With this simple trick, the Soviet Union managed to sneak thousands of soldiers into Syria in 1983 during the Lebanese civil war, in which Syria, Moscow’s close ally, was deeply involved.