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The white truck carrying teenagers in the back was coming at speed before hitting the black vehicle on the highway in Phattalung, southern Thailand.

An Indian forester was seriously injured in a fight with a bear, which he tried to protect from meeting with villagers, reports PenNews. Eyewitnesses filmed the confrontation of man and beast.


Hysteria: Calgary university cancels event by ex-Muslim, citing sensitivity after New Zealand attacks

Citing the recent anti-Muslim attacks in New Zealand, a Calgary university suddenly cancelled an event by Armin Navabi, an Iranian-Canadian atheist activist who was scheduled to deliver a talk critical of Islam.

“I’ve been deplatformed again,” wrote Navabi in a Wednesday tweet.

The event, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, was entitled The Case Against Islamic Reform. Hosted as part of a speaker series organized by the Atheist Society of Calgary, it was to be held at Mount Royal University.


Ilhan Omar Met In 2017 With Infamous Islamist Strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan

On Tuesday, Jordan Schachtel of Conservative Review reported about a little-known 2017 closed-door meeting in New York City between a then-obscure Minnesota state representative and an infamously repressive Islamist dictator. As Schachtel notes, the private meeting took place with a United Nations backdrop.


Israel, USA, & Western Intelligence Services Behind New Zealand Attack Says Genius Turk

…The murderer is in no way just one individual. The attack was certainly not conducted by one man alone. The chosen location was specifically determined. The U.S., Israeli and Western intelligence organizations network such cells everywhere across the world. The New Zealand murderer is also a sleeper cell.

Such terrorist networks are being prepared from Europe to Asia and Africa. This is a global network. There is a direct link between this networking and the operational developments we witnessed in our immediate vicinity and in Europe.


Jolly Old England – Now with added Machetes!

Shocking footage shows Mercedes driver armed with a machete clashing with baseball bat-wielding Audi owner in ‘lawless London’ road rage attack


Canada considering forcing social media companies to remove ̷e̷x̷t̷r̷e̷m̷i̷s̷t̷ ̷ anti-Liberal Party content

Canada is considering whether to force social media companies to remove hateful and extremist content online.

That comes after a spate of terrorist attacks in New Zealand, Quebec City, Pittsburgh and other places where right-wing extremists have used the internet to spread hate speech and incitements for others to commit similar violence targeting minorities who they wrongly assert are part of a broader effort to “replace” and subjugate white people.

Not once does this article mention Islam and its legions of devout extremists who have used the web to wage jihad. Gooddale even trots out the need to preserve “social cohesion,” a choice of words used often in Great Britain as the reason to never mention that Muslims were actually the members of Muslim rape gangs that have targeted thousands of young British girls.

The good news is that this virtue signaling hysteria will work against the Liberal-left. People see it for what it is. An attempt to silence dissent in general.


Turkey: Tens of Thousands Prosecuted for “Insulting” Erdoğan

The criminalization in Turkey of “insulting the president” reached a new low in early March, when a father and daughter in Ankara accused one another of engaging in the punishable offense, as part of an internal family feud.

According to Istanbul Bilgi University professor of law, Yaman Akdeniz, since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s 2014 election, there have been 66,691 “insult investigations” launched, resulting in 12,305 trials thus far, and the “numbers are increasing.”


Sick of human politicians? 25% of Europeans would prefer AI government

More than a quarter of Europeans would rather have their countries’ important political decisions made by artificial intelligence than their elected and unelected human officials, according to a surprising new survey.

Fully one in four Europeans said they were “somewhat or totally in favor of letting an artificial intelligence make important decisions about the running of their country,” a number that climbed to one in three for the Netherlands, UK, and Germany, according to a survey by the Center for the Governance of Change, a tech-focused research group from IE University in Spain. The figures remained constant across education levels, gender, and political affiliation, indicating either Europeans are abnormally welcoming of their new robot overlords – or they’re sick of their human ones.


Sudanese Refugee Claims ‘Immorality’ in UK to Blame for His Sex Attack

The 25-year-old arrived undocumented in the UK and was earlier granted asylum there. Last year, he attacked a reportedly “vulnerable” man, bit him and tried to force him to perform oral sex.

His lawyer pointed out that homosexuality “is still a capital offence” in Osman’s country and that drinking alcohol is also forbidden for Muslims, noting that the defendant “lacked the kind of life experiences we know about in our more civilised community”.