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Another Casualty of Plant Closures in Ontario

Pepper and Sammy are paid by the taxpayers of Ontario in room, board and veterinary care. These “mice-control technicians,” as one bureaucrat called them, are the reason there is no rodent problem at the Ontario Tree Seed Plant in Angus, Ont., about 120 kilometres north of Toronto.

The cats are soon to be fired, however. The government will shutter the plant next September.


“Cats Man of Aleppo” turns home into shelter

This guy I like.

Unlike many Syrian families who fled the country after war broke out, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, 42, chose to remain and take care of the less fortunate felines affected by the war.
“I’ll stay with them no matter what happens. Someone who has mercy in their heart for humans, has mercy for every living thing,” said Aljaleel.
Aljaleel once had six or seven hungry critters, but soon the pride grew to 170 in no time, where he built a sanctuary in 2015 and named it after his first cat “Ernesto’s House.”
Aljaleel is known as the “Cat Man of Aleppo” for caring for his feline friends, protecting, feeding and keeping them as healthy as possible.
Although cats had the lion’s share of Aljaleel’s care, children were also recipients of his kindness, as he used to open his house to schoolchildren who come to visit the sanctuary.
“All the schools and the children used to come and visit the sanctuary,” he said. “They would see the huge amount of cats that were left behind by their owners.


Cat Bento Boxes

When one reflects on one’s life, does one ever ask what is missing? Is it wealth? Meaning? A bento box in the shape of a cat?

If you said cat-shaped bento boxes, you’re in luck:

Offered by Tokyo-based Oriental Foods, these cat-shaped bento boxes measure 16.5 centimeters (6.5 inches) long and have two tiers, so that you can keep your rice separate from the rest of your lunch.


Mail Carrier is “Greeted” by a Feisty Little Fella Every Day

Every day when Debra, a Canada Post Letter Carrier comes to drop off mails at this one particular house in a neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario, she encounters a feisty tuxedo kitty who guards his house with a lot of ferocity.

It is the highlight of my route and I love him! Scarier than any dog yet…. Pretty sure he would rip my face off if the glass window didn’t keep him in.”



Turkey-based Egyptian Wagdi Ghoneim Criticizes ISIS For Fighting Libyan “Rebels”: “Go Fight the Infidels… We Should All Unite and Join Hands”


But of course as we all know it’s just a tiny minority of extremists who are into this sort of thing. By the way, Wagdy the Exalted was “imam at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, California, in the United States, until 2005.” Anyway, watch this, it’s funny. (Yeah, it would help if I could figure out how to embed these kinds of videos.) Wagdy really touches all the bases: Religion Of Peace, sex slavery, cats, Shia aren’t Muslim, how to treat the dhimmi etc.


Quebec Man Jailed for Unregistered Cat

(R)etired Quebec refrigeration technician Dan Smith is going to jail for failing to register his cat.

Under the law in Smith’s hometown of Gatineau, Quebec, all cat owners must obtain proper documentation for their furry friends. Smith, however, insists the cat in question isn’t his, but rather a feral cat that his estranged-wife would feed.

Nonetheless, Smith has accepted his fate, turning himself in to Gatineau police on Thursday morning…