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JK Rowling and global jihad: Like most Brits, she cannot see London is the greatest Muslim city

I, like ten million others, follow JK Rowling on Twitter. A steadfast mainstream liberal, her feed is a litmus-test of just how tired and clueless Britain is on any given day.

I read her tweets with interest in the wake of the multiple murders committed last week by the British jihadi Khalid Masood, who drove an SUV into crowds of pedestrians near Westminster before stabbing a policeman to death.

It reliably consisted of platitudes about how London is not cowed by terrorists and cannot be defeated. She even posted a letter by the US ambassador to Britain reporting on its terminal condition to Washington in 1940, when it faced the Nazis alone, as proof of how no one should underestimate the British – oblivious to the irony of how they ultimately needed America to save them from annihilation.

Ahem… Permanence is illusory

The churches of Europe, having accepted abortion, are training their replacements

From Giulio Meotti at Gatestone Institute:

The contemporary historian of ancient Greece and ancient Rome saw their civilisations begin their decline and fall, both the Greeks and the Romans attributed it to falling birth rates because nobody wanted the responsibilities of bringing up children,” said Britain’s former chief rabbi, Lord Sacks.

Everywhere in Europe there are signs of a takeover. Muslim students now outnumber Christian students in more than 30 British church schools. One Anglican primary school has a “100 percent Muslim population”. The Church of England estimated that about 20 of its schools have more Muslim students than Christian ones, and 15 Roman Catholic schools have majority Muslim students. In Germany as well, there are fears of a massive Muslim influx into the school system, and German teachers are openly denouncing the threat of a “ghettoisation”.

France saw 34,000 fewer babies born last year than in 2014, a new report just found. The number of French women having children has reached its lowest level in 40 years. A low fertility rate has become a plague all over Europe: “In 1995 only one country, Italy, had more people over 65 than under 15; today there are 30 and by 2020 that number will hit 35.” Welcome to the “Greying of Europe”. More.

Reality check: Their growing acceptance of euthanasia will move things along.
The surviving great-granddaughters of Church-hating feminists will live under sharia law. And no similar rebellion against religious authority will be possible. It’s almost like a divine judgment on abortion advocacy, but I digress.

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Top honours for Australian euthanasia comedyIn the burgeoning anti-hate crime industry, expect proposals for laws against abortion-phobia and euthanasia-phobia.

The jihadis free to roam Britain

Jolly Old London

The Government last night faced new demands to crack down on jihadis returning from Syria in the wake of the Westminster attack.

Although there is no suggestion that British-born Muslim convert Khalid Masood travelled to Syria to fight for Islamic State, thousands of home-grown jihadis have – and an estimated 400 have returned to UK.

With IS rapidly losing ground in Syria and Iraq, the number of British returnees is likely to swell further, raising the question of what should be done about them.

First British female fighter to battle ISIS accuses MI5 of targeting her family by taking away their laptops and phones

The first British female fighter to battle Isil has accused MI5 of targeting her family by taking away their laptops and phones.

Kimberley Taylor travelled to Syria to join Kurdish forces in the battle to reclaim Raqqa in March last year from Islamic State (Isil) fighters.

Ms Taylor, from Blackburn, is the first known British woman and has claimed her family is being threatened with prosecution.

She told the BBC that her parents’ laptops and phones were taken away and have still not been returned – a month after they were seized.

Immigration must be fair to all

Muslim Invaders from Somalia on Canadian border

Immigration must be fair to all

I have been involved in immigration for 18 years — first as a senior provincial official, and more recently, through my own licensed business. The recent increase in asylum seekers coming across the border is causing significant concern for me, my staff and my clients.

The processing time for business immigrants has increased by about 30 per cent under the current Liberal government and is rising. The promised reduction in family-class processing times has not materialized in the slightest and there are seemingly endless delays.

Our practice has roughly 200 clients at any one time, comprising students, business immigrants, family-category and skilled workers. We have a business immigrant from Iran, who is now in his sixth year of waiting; we have Filipino parents who applied five years ago; we have a skilled worker — who is now in the fourth year of waiting. Private refugees regularly have to wait half a decade, but more often than not, they are not accepted at all. Where is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s compassion for these people?

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German police warned of Berlin terror attack nine months prior

German state police predicted nine months ahead of time Anis Amri’s truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people, Sunday paper “Bild am Sonntag” reported.

State police (LKA) in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) warned its state interior ministry of solid evidence that Amri was planning a suicide attack, the tabloid reported.

In a confidential letter investigators cited, among other evidence, Amri’s chat history in the Telegram mobile app, in which he used euphemisms to indicate his plan to commit such an act.

Despite the warning NRW’s Ministry of the Interior decided that deportation was not legally enforceable. Since the attack state Interior Minister Ralf Jäger repeated that position.

Jäger was due to appear on Wednesday before a state parliament investigation committee.

Russian soldiers killed in ‘Islamic State’-claimed attack in Chechnya

At least six Russian soldiers were killed on Friday when gunmen launched an attack on a military facility in Chechnya, the National Guard said in a statement.

“Six of the attackers were destroyed,” the National Guard said. “During the armed combat, six military were killed and there are wounded.”

The “armed bandits” stormed the base under heavy fog but failed to enter the facility, said the National Guard, a national security agency created by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year for counterterrorism and border security operations.

London attack: Why no amount of political correctness will save the world from Islamist terrorism

“…Media has already started calling the London terrorist incident a ‘lone-wolf’ attack even though London Metropolitan Police have acknowledged its links with “Islamist terrorism” and have since arrested several people after raids in Birmingham and in other parts of Britain.

The term ‘lone wolf’ is a semantic jugglery and a study in self-delusion. It is an attempt to disconnect any instance of terrorism from larger ideological moorings and transfer the onus of the moral failing from society to the individual, as if he was “acting on his own”.

Jason Burke, writing for The Guardian, says that this “implies that the responsibility for an individual’s violent extremism lies solely with the individual themselves or with some other individual or group, all of which could be eliminated. The truth is that terrorism is not something you do by yourself. Like any activism, it is highly social, only its consequences are exceptional… People become interested in ideas, ideologies and activities, even immoral ones, because other people are interested in them.”

Rex Murphy: M-103 has passed. And what today has changed for the better?

The basic question to ask the supporters of the contentious anti-Islamophobic motion is has it any utility? Will it do anything? Will it change attitudes for the better? If there is a stock of genuine Islamophobia in Canada, will recording this motion decrease it, or move to decrease it?

That, I presume, was the priority consideration in the minds that brought it forth. Obviously, they must have thought it would, for otherwise there would be no point in issuing it, arguing for it, and stirring the quite considerable debate it already has.

It’s not non-Western. It’s anti-Western.

It was a careful choice of words, Bernard Lewis being nothing if not careful. In 2004, the West audibly gasped when its preeminent scholar of Islam famously told the German newspaper Die Welt,“Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century,” if not sooner.

Listen carefully. He did not say that Muslims will be the majority population in what is still recognizably Europe. No, Professor Lewis said “Europe will be Islamic.”

Attacked Again

This past Tuesday several people were murdered just outside the House of Commons. Killing people outside security barriers makes much better sense for a terrorist than trying to pass them, though the murderer did that too in the end, before being shot dead.

Tim Stanley, the British journalist and historian, spoke for many when he called it “A barbaric attack. Monstrous for shedding blood, but impotent because it will not change us or our way of life.” Lots and lots of other people said the same thing.

They may be right. There’s no way of knowing. I hope, though, that they’re wrong and that it does change us. Change, for example, our ideas about immigration and about the multicultural future of Europe.