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The Plague of Radical Feminism Descends upon the Nation

Despite its many falterings and regressions, the Judeo-Hellenic-Christian West over the long and tortuous course of its evolution has produced the most advanced civilization known to history. Characterized by the rule of law, scientific discovery, technological invention, educational opportunity for the masses, economic prosperity, individual autonomy and relative freedom from the harsh exactions of nature, it is now collapsing under the attack of forces rising from within its own existential frontiers.

Its internal assailants are myriad: domestic Marxism, “social justice,” global warming, Islam in its various avatars, anti-Semitism and hatred of Christianity, anti-white bigotry, educational decline, media malfeasance, and economic illiteracy leading to the willful accumulation of unpayable debt. But perhaps the most sinister and destructive of its homegrown adversaries is radical feminism, which seeks the ruin of motherhood and the breakdown of the relation between the sexes. It is a plague the Pharaoh was fortunately spared.


The Nation of Islam and Women’s “Social Justice”

“Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader, stands for almost everything the Women’s March principles claim to deplore. He is a misogynist who wants to keep women in their traditional roles, he hates all LGBT people in an exceptionally vicious way, he is a black separatist, unlike the marchers, who call for unity between races, and has shown close support for a number of dictators, notably the late Libyan president Mu’ammar Ghadhafi, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and Cuba’s Commadante Fidel Castro — even though the Women’s March progressives seek reform through democratic means achieved through working hand-in-hand as free people.”


Women’s Hall of Fame Inducts Jim Jones Sycophants

Her greatest role.

The National Women’s Hall of Fame inducts not one but two of Jim Jones’s most fervent celebrity supporters this year.

During research for Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco, Jane Fonda and Angela Davis appeared as two supporters of Jim Jones so devoted that when damning allegations sent others running from the Peoples Temple leader the pair stuck by him. But once Jones orchestrated the deaths of over 900 people in the Guyanese jungle, Fonda, Davis, and other sycophants of the psychopath developed a case of amnesia that proved so contagious that even those vehement in their criticism of the Vietnam-era radicals forget their boosterism of a mass murderer.


Progressive professor claims female skeleton “did not exist” before the enlightenment

It’s not often that I’m stunned into disbelief by the words of a sociologist. As a sociology honours student, I’ve felt I’ve become emotionally and intellectually insulated against the Judith Bulterisms and intellectual gymnastics so often associated with my field. At this point, I’ve seen it all. But an April 3rd tweet-thread and earlier engagements by Leeds sociology professor Sally Hines left me toggling my settings. And no, this isn’t about her now-infamous claim that “before the enlightenment the female skeleton did not exist”.


Iranian women’s rights activist condemns Western feminists for wearing the hijab in ‘solidarity’, saying: ‘Calling the compulsory headscarf my country’s culture is INSULTING’

A women’s rights activist in Iran has said it is ‘insulting’ for Western visitors to wear the hijab in an attempt at solidarity.

Masih Alinejad, who has spearheaded Iranian women’s struggle against the head covering, said female dignitaries from Europe had left her fellow campaigners ‘on their own’ by choosing to wear the hijab when they visited Iran.

Rejecting the argument that visitors should wear the hijab out of ‘respect for the culture of Iran’, she said they were ‘sending a message that men are more equal than women’.


Black Professor Picks Feminism, Loses at Life

Brittney Cooper, author of the smash hit Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower, wanted to be a professor, and she got it.  This is the basis of her complaint on NBC.

Somebody told her, years ago, that the only person she could control was herself, and beyond this that if she didn’t smoke crack, or get knocked up, or shoot her neighbors, or steal sneakers, or blow her money on gold chains and spinning rims, and made good choices in general, she would “make it.”  She did make the right choices — to become a professor.  Now she has tenure and can say stupid things, and nobody can fire her.  What she deeply regrets is not having children.

Who’s to blame for all this?


Being a feminist comic means constant self-interrogation

If we go by alleged comic Lindy West, says Emily Jashinsky at The Federalist:

Compliance with the new speech code is impossible, even to its enforcers. Exhibit A can be found in a single paragraph from The Cut’s new profile of fourth-wave favorite Lindy West, who’s out promoting a dubious new Hulu show based loosely on her life.

In the process of making just one point, West inadvertently commits a rapid series of transgressions against the laws of wokeness, tripping over her words to repent in real time. As a result, there’s an amusing but incoherent muddle where a cogent thought could have been. …

Reality check: The transcript makes clear that a person who lives by communication doesn’t really dare say anything. West does not need Winston’s torturer in 1984, She can do it herself.

Who says there isn’t a God? Living by their own rules is a perfect punishment for the Woke, as long as we are sure to enforce those rules on them.

See also: Decline of the legacy media captured in a stat


Boys Without Dads: Feminism’s Collateral Damage

Scripted television does not reflect reality as it exists. Rather, in addition to dramatizing for entertainment, the creators often also intend to create a guide to what reality should be. Television programs tell us what is cool and what is not; they tell us what is desirable and what is not. A more precise way of saying this is that television programs often have political agendas.

One of the visions offered to us through contemporary shows is that single motherhood is cool. More than that, it is desirable, because it reinforces the feminist precept that women do not need men and are better off without them. Unmarried mothers and single motherhood are normalized, even encouraged.


Lecturer who came under fire for tweets about Islam & being fed-up marking essays about ‘oppression of women’ leaves role

One of his tweets said: “I know the media haven’t told us but I suspect these terror attacks were carried out by Muslims because of Islam.”

Another added: “Thank God all those papers going on about patriarchy and the oppression of women are out of the way for another year.”

Who can blame him?


Students Drop ‘Vagina’ from The Vagina Monologues to Be More ‘Inclusive’

If you have a problem with the work because it doesn’t encompass every sort of experience, then you must have a problem with every work of art.
Students at Washington University in St. Louis have erased the “vagina” part of The Vagina Monologues — instead calling it The [Blank] Monologues — in order to be inclusive of other genitals.

“In adapting this show to become more gender inclusive, this year’s audience members, regardless of how they identified, were able to more strongly connect with the impactful monologues,” stated a piece in the college newspaper, The Student Life. “Thirty performers spoke 20 different pieces, all centering around sexuality, sexual violence, body image and more.”


Female students sue Yale in bid to open ‘toxic’ fraternities to women

Those were the days… Delta Delta Delta, Texas University of Texas, Austin 1944

Three women are suing Yale seeking to force its all-male fraternities to admit women following allegations of sexual assault, harassment and discrimination.

In a legal complaint brought by the three female students the Ivy League university, and nine of its fraternities, were accused of fostering a “dangerous environment in which sexual misconduct thrived”.

The complaint called for fraternities to be banned from considering gender when recruiting new members, ending their all-male status.

Let the hazing begin…


Women’s groups stay silent on the threats and injustices posed by transgender “equal access.”

When Feminists Abandon Girls

…Feminist oracle Planned Parenthood proclaims on its website that “male” and “female” are each merely a label “that you’re assigned by a doctor at birth.” Tell that to the girls of the Palm Springs High School water polo team who walked in on a male last week, showering in the women’s locker room at the city pool they use for team practice. The team coaches confronted the man, only to be rebuffed. He was entitled to be there, he said, since he identified as a woman—his full complement of male genitalia notwithstanding. The police declined to pursue the case, according to CBS local news, on the grounds that “no laws were broken.”