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Male Feminists Gather in Aspen to Ponder How to Fix Men — the ‘Heterosexual White Ones’

In case you were unaware, leftists are concerned about men. Believing there to be a “masculinity crisis,” leftists recently convened at the Aspen Ideas Festival to brainstorm ways to “fix” men. Specifically, in the words of The Atlantic, “heterosexual white ones.”


No, the US is not a dangerous place for women – Western feminists need to get a grip

What are the most dangerous nations on Earth for women? Wartorn countries like Syria and Afghanistan? Countries with next to no reproductive healthcare like Sierra Leone?

Well, according to a survey produced by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the US is the 10th worst nation in which to be a woman. The survey asked ‘experts’ to consider healthcare, discrimination, cultural traditions, sexual violence, non-sexual violence and human trafficking. And the US is apparently in the same league as Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan when it comes to women’s safety.


Feminists under fire for defending scholar accused of sexual harassment

A group of prominent feminists is facing backlash over a letter they signed, defending an academic accused of sexual harassment because she is an “important figure” in feminist literary theory.

In what started off as humdrum ‘Me Too’ story with a twist –30-year-old male Ph.D. student accuses 66-year-old female New York University (NYU) professor of sexual harassment– has now reached peak internet gossip level, after 50 academics, including several influential feminists, defended the scholar.


In Their Own Voices: Former feminists Explain Their Rejection of Feminism

Last week in this space I reviewed the recently published, Sons of FeminismMen have their say,an anthology of essays and narratives by men from all walks of life and provenance, describing the various ways in which feminism had negatively  impacted their lives. As promised, this week I am reviewing Daughters of Feminism: Women supporting men’s equality, its companion volume, edited by gender analyst David Shackleton.


Blaming the victim is apparently OK when the accused in a Title IX proceeding is a feminist literary theorist

That would seem to be the takeaway from this remarkable letter (written, I am told, by Judith Butler) in support of Avital Ronell, who teaches in German and Comparative Literature at NYU:   Download BUTLER letter for Avital Ronell.   The signatory list reads like a “who’s who” of “theory” (as they call bad philosophy in literature departments), from Butler to Zizek (with a few honorable exceptions, of course).  But far more revealing is the content of the letter.

Professor Ronell, it seems, is the target of a Title IX complaint and investigation at NYU; the details are not known to me, and are not revealed in the letter.  But this is apparently irrelevant.


Feminist Business School to Launch Anti-Capitalist ‘Summer Camp’

Feminists who yearn to become failed entrepreneurs may find guidance at a new summer program offered by the California-based Feminist Business School, which vows to help students shun “masculine” aspects of capitalism like “meritocracy” and “individualism.”

Starting in a few weeks, the “12 Principles Summer Camp” will be a six-week online discussion group for students who wish to learn about “feminist entrepreneurship” while “sloughing off patriarchal belief systems” and becoming more “embodied.”


Melinda Gates, Whose Claim To Fame Was Marrying A Rich White Guy, Bashes ‘White Guys,’ Says She’ll Discriminate Against Them

Melinda Gates – Claim to fame? Married rich white guy.

Melinda Gates says she will preference women and non-whites over men and white people, specifically for these immutable characteristics that have nothing inherently to do with business success.

Melinda Gates has decided to enter the venture capital world by sending her money to people based at least partly on their sex and skin color, she said in a recent Fortuneinterview.

“It’s been incredibly disappointing to watch how few women-led businesses are getting funded,” Gates said. “Ultimately, if we want more innovation and better products, we’ve got to put more money behind women and minorities. That wasn’t happening, so I decided to step in and see what I could do to help a little bit.”


Sweden’s feminists call nationalism (and not Islam) a major threat to women’s rights in Europe

Party leader of the Feminist Initiative (FI), Gudrun Schyman and her colleague, MEP Soraya Post, are worried about Europe’s increasing nationalism. Both think nationalism is the arch enemy of feminism, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

At one point I cared about Sweden. Now, I think I’ll just get some more popcorn.


The Feminist Endgame

Remember the wave of light bulb jokes popular some years ago?  One in particular captured the essence of feminism:

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?


Modern feminism is characterized by a toxic mix of prudishness, self-importance, paranoia, groundless hatred, and epidemic humorlessness.  As a disease of sheer cray-cray offense-taking, culminating in hatred for half the human race, with a special emphasis on white males, feminism will not rest satisfied until men are taught to keep their knees together, their eyes down, and their mouths shut, eliminating confident alphas from the sexual equation or turning them into compliant betas.


Female ex-police chief at heart of £870k sexist payout for bullying male colleague ‘is now giving inspirational speeches on how to combat white male culture at work’

A female former police chief at the centre of a sex discrimination case that led to a £870,000 payout to a colleague she ‘bullied’ is now giving speeches on ‘how to combat white male culture in the workplace’.

Former Met Police deputy assistant commissioner Maxine de Brunner is available to hire for public speaking events on topics including diversity and leadership.

One of her lectures is titled ‘How thin is the glass?’ and focuses on the challenges she faced rising through the ranks of the Met and the ‘unconscious bias’ she fought against from inside the organisation and the media.