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Guardianista blames capitalism… wait that’s not news

A broken idea of sex is flourishing. Blame capitalism

Since the Toronto bloodbath, a lot of pundits have belatedly awoken to the existence of the “incel” (short for involuntary celibate) online subculture and much has been said about it. Too often, it has been treated as some alien, unfamiliar worldview. It’s really just an extreme version of sex under capitalism we’re all familiar with because it’s all around us in everything, everywhere and has been for a very long time. And maybe the problem with sex is capitalism.


Corbella: NDP MP Moore has thankfully painted herself into a corner

Batshit crazy feminist

NDP MP Christine Moore has painted herself into an ideological corner with the rules she expects men to follow when it comes to sexuality. As a result, she has destroyed several political careers — and, at last, hopefully she has inadvertently impaled her own.

On the one hand, Moore expects men to pick up on women’s “non-verbal cues,” and on the other, to completely disregard all non-verbal cues and only pay attention to “explicit verbal consent.”

Moore is behind three sexual harassment complaints on Parliament Hill. The latest was against one of her own colleagues — Regina NDP MP Erin Weir.


To Fight Patriarchy, Female Cornell Student Presents Thesis in Her Underwear

A female student at Cornell University stripped down to her underwear—twice—before presenting her senior thesis to professors and other students.

The student was attempting to strike a blow against the patriarchy, repudiating her media arts professor’s advice to dress up for the presentation. Yet I can’t help but wonder: On what planet is this not a violation of Title IX, the federal anti-harassment statute that so many college administrators cite when cracking down on problematic, sexually charged behavior?


From the Guardian… How white women use strategic tears to avoid accountability

That the voices of “women of colour” are getting louder and more influential is a testament less to the accommodations made by the dominant white culture and more to their own grit in a society that implicitly – and sometimes explicitly – wants them to fail.

At the Sydney writers’ festival on Sunday, editor of Djed Press, Hella Ibrahim, relayed the final minutes of a panel on diversity featuring writers from the western Sydney Sweatshop collective. One of the panellists, Winnie Dunn, in answering a question about the harm caused by good intentions, had used the words “white people” and “shit” in the same sentence. This raised the ire of a self-identified white woman in the audience who interrogated the panellists as to “what they think they have to gain” by insulting people who “want to read their stories.”


He Makes a Joke. She Isn’t Laughing: ‘Lingerie’ Comment in Elevator Leads to Uproar Among Scholars

He says he was joking when he asked to be let off an elevator at the ladies’ lingerie department. A female scholar who was attending the same annual meeting of the International Studies Association was not amused, and neither was the association when she complained.

Now his refusal to formally apologize has touched off the latest skirmish in the #MeToo battles rocking academe. At issue is whether a comment made in jest rises to the level of a punishable offense, and what happens when a complaint some deem as trivial results in a vicious online backlash against the offended party.


The Ugly Canadian

Yes, America, Erynn Brook Hates You

Whiteness is not real, it is an idea that is killing us.

Whiteness is what causes white supremacy and Nazi ideology.

Whiteness is what makes us afraid to take the bus late at night.

Whiteness is what puts people like Donald Trump in the White House. . . .

All this time they’ve been telling us the lie that was keeping us in place. . . . We never stood a chance against the imperialist, capitalist, ableist, hetero-normative, patriarchal, white-supremacist machine that sucked us in and brainwashed us . . .


English National Opera takes on “patriarchal structures” and toxic masculinity with Jackless Jack The Ripper

English National Opera is to take on “patriarchal structures” and toxic masculinity in its new season, which will include a version of Jack the Ripper minus the murderer.

ENO’s new productions include a “radical feminine” interpretation of Salome, an empowered Merry Widow, and a re-telling of the Jack the Ripper story from the perspective of women.

The 2018-9 season will also include ENO’s first staging of Porgy and Bess featuring “all diverse singers”.


It Isn’t Men Who Are Toxic. It’s Women

There’s a great new video at Prager U. about the power of words in politics. It explains that the culture is “first and foremost a war of words,” and since the Left in this country are the ones in power, they clearly own the dialogue. Thus, they control the culture.

The phrase “toxic masculinity” is a perfect example. We’ve been hearing this phrase bantered about for several years. Now we have universities with the audacity to treat masculinity as a “mental health” disorder. It’s appalling and outrageous.

And it is women, not men, who are behind this madness. By my calculations, then, it isn’t men who are toxic. It’s women.


Feminist Politics: Theater of the Absurd

The ease with which the left corrupts history and preys upon the young and dim never ceases to bother me.

Take this example.  Emily Zanotti at The Daily Wire reminds us of a popular movement during Trump’s presidential campaign, with the hashtag (because any modern sloganeering requires such things) #VoteTrumpGetDumped.  The idea was expressed in a way that today’s enlightened feminist, with attention spans measured by nanoseconds, might grasp the gist of before taking the first sip of her skinny, organic skim milk-infused caramel macchiato.


Shocka! Sarah Thomson sexual harassment allegation against TVO host Steve Paikin ‘not substantiated,’ external probe finds

TV Ontario says an external investigation has cleared veteran broadcaster Steve Paikin of sexual harassment allegations made by former Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson.

Paikin remained on the job as host of TVO’s The Agenda after the allegation came to light in February. He said there wasn’t “a shred of truth” to Thomson’s claim that he propositioned her during a lunch meeting in 2010.


No, ‘Incel’ Is Not an ‘Ideology’

After it emerged that Toronto mass murderer Alek Minassian referred to himself as an “incel” (involuntary celibate), my natural instinct was to make a joke: If Canadian guys who can’t get laid are a terrorist threat, there could be millions of them! The guy was a pathetic loser, and I find it impossible to take such people seriously.


Feminist ‘Sugar Babies’ Seek Older Men to Fund Their Business Ventures

They’ve freed the nipple, popularized hats that represent vaginas, normalized hookup culture, and tried to convince us that gender is a social construct. So what’s next for feminists? Becoming a sugar baby of course! According to, “sugaring” is an excellent option for the modern female entrepreneur. In an article called “Why Have I Been Dating for Free When I Could’ve Had a Sugar Daddy?” Aimée Lutkin admits that “it’s hard not to be sucked into the allure of this idea.” Well yeah, if you’ve bought all the other lies feminism sold you.


Backpage Pleads Guilty To Human Trafficking Five Days After Women’s March Endorsement

“The shutting down of #Backpage is an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients. Sex workers rights are women’s rights,” Women’s March said in a statement posted to Twitter.

What did you expect from a “movement’ that features Linda Sarsour, an Islamist supremacist, as its poster girl? Islam sanctifies slavery.