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Denmark in a State of Unreported Collapse

The media portrayal of Denmark as a country hostile and inhumane to migrants is misleading, if not completely false.

One reason for the inaccurate picture is that it is painted by journalists’ political bias. Another is that trustworthy official Danish statistics on the country’s immigration problem are both difficult to find and even harder to interpret. A further problem is a lack of reliable research, at best; and purposely distorted data, at worst.


Repatriation Instead of Integration: Denmark Passes ‘Paradigm Shift’ Asylum Bill

According to the policy, refugees should be sent home when conditions in their countries of origin are deemed safe enough for this to occur. The bill also implies a reduced integration allowance and limited opportunities for family re-unions for immigrants. Also, residence permits will become temporary as a rule, and it will become easier to withdraw them or not extend them.

As Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen put it, Denmark will no longer have a system where “refugees become immigrants”.


Denmark’s Immigration-Driven Population Growth ‘Not a Gift for Economy’

Despite an increase in people moving out of the country, Denmark has seen a net increase in population owing to immigration, a development experts are not too happy with, when other factors such as age demographics and the labour market are weighed in.

In 2018, the number of Danish residents who chose to back their bags and leave the country increased by 9 percent in comparison to the previous year, according to Statistics Denmark.

A total of 68,645 people (70 percent of whom were foreigners) emigrated from Denmark, with Americans leading the exodus, followed by Poles. However, The increase in emigration applies to almost all nationalities and is in line with a persistent trend. In general, the total emigration from the Scandinavian country has been increasing since the 1990s.


What the Left Gets Wrong About Denmark’s ‘Immigration Crackdown’

…However, Denmark’s relation with immigrants and refugees may be described as “abused hospitality”. As Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen put it, “there are many who abuse our hospitality, challenge our way of living and put tolerance at risk”. In 1983, there were about 60,000 non-Western immigrants in Denmark. By 2018, their number has risen to almost 500,000 in a nation of 5.6 million. Since 2013, Syrians, Afghans, and Eritreans have made up the largest share of asylum seekers in Denmark. This has left a deep mark on the social fabric of Danish society.


Denmark: “In One Generation, Our Country Has Changed”

Denmark made international headlines in late November 2018, when the Danish government announced a plan to send certain asylum seekers to the small, uninhabited island of Lindholm. The international outrage was intensified when it came to light that the island currently houses a research center for contagious animal diseases; that the ferry which the asylum seekers will be able to take to the mainland during the day (it does not operate in the evening) is named “Virus”; and that the asylum center will be accompanied by a constant police presence on the island.

The group of asylum seekers meant to live in Lindholm consists of criminals of various sorts, including those who have been sentenced to be deported from Denmark, those who are considered a security threat to Denmark, and so-called “foreign warriors”.


Denmark Strips Muslim Terror Supporter Said Mansour of Citizenship, Deports To Morocco

Rabat – Denmark has deported Said Mansour, convicted of incitement to terrorism and formerly a dual Moroccan-Danish citizen, to Morocco.

According to Danish media, Mansour arrived in Casablanca yesterday night, aboard Royal Air Maroc flight 222 from Copenhagen. Danish authorities handed him into Moroccan custody.

Look at that, Denmark stripped a Muslim terrorist of his citizenship. Justin would offer him a posting as next GG.


Danish parliament approve plans to ship foreign criminals to 17-acre remote island

The Danish parliament approved funding on Thursday for a plan to hold foreign criminals on a tiny island, despite criticism from the United Nations and local opposition.

With Denmark taking an increasingly tough stance on immigration, the government wants to send up to 100 people who have completed jail sentences but cannot be deported because they are at risk of torture or execution in their home countries, to the island of Lindholm.

Funding for the scheme was included in the 2019 Danish budget, which lawmakers voted through on Thursday.

Rough TranslationExpelled, criminal aliens have no right to be in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we now move them out on the island Lindholm in Stege Bay, where they will be obliged to stay at the new exit centre at night. And there will be police present around the clock.


Denmark tells Somali “Asylum Seekers” To Go Home

Danish authorities have concluded that the situation in some parts of Somalia is safe, and that Somalis no longer have valid grounds for asylum.

Following a review of the situation in Somalia, which began in 2017, residence permits will therefore be withdrawn for no less than 1,000 Somalis. “It is time for them to go home now,” Denmark states.


Iran postponed asylum negotiations over Mohammad cartoon on minister’s iPad

According to the Immigration Ministry, a Danish agreement with Iran regarding the return of rejected asylum-seekers stalled after its minister, Inger Støjberg, posted a photo on social media last year.

The photo in question showed that Støjberg had a photo of one of the contentious Mohammad Cartoons from 2005 on her iPad desktop – which Iran considered a provocation, thus postponing the negotiations on the asylum-seekers.

via TROP


Denmark to Isolate Returning Jihadists, Criminal Migrants on Deserted Island

Criminal immigrants whom Denmark is unable to expel from the country will be placed on a deserted island in Stege Bay south of the Danish capital, the tabloid newspaper BT reported. The decision came after budget negotiations with the right-wing Danish People’s Party, who wholeheartedly welcomed the message.


A Sharia Victory in the Netherlands

This November was meant to be the month for MP Geert Wilders’ second “Draw Muhammad” contest, but Islamic law won a de facto victory over Dutch law mere weeks ago as Wilders announced the contest’s cancellation. When — among many other threats similar attacks — a 19-year-old Afghan stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam, citing the planned contest as motive, Wilders canceled the event out of concern about further violence.

The Islamists had made their point: “Having the law on your side makes no difference. Do what we want, or somebody is going to get hurt.”


Danish ISIS Supporter Deprived of Citizenship, Expelled to Tunisia

In a surprising verdict, the Danish Supreme Court went against the city court and the county court in stripping a 28-year-old Daesh* supporter of his Danish passport and showing him the door, despite him having a family in Denmark.

Danish-Tunisian Adam Johansen has been deprived of his Danish citizenship and expelled to Tunisia for joining the so-called Islamic State in Syria, Danish TV2 reported.

In the autumn of 2013, Faroese-born Johansen travelled to Syria and stayed there for five months in order to ‘make a difference’, as as he himself put it. The Supreme Court, however, rejected this explanation as ‘untrustworthy and unclear’. The sole purpose of the trip was to join Daesh and undergo weapons training, the court ruled.