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Iran postponed asylum negotiations over Mohammad cartoon on minister’s iPad

According to the Immigration Ministry, a Danish agreement with Iran regarding the return of rejected asylum-seekers stalled after its minister, Inger Støjberg, posted a photo on social media last year.

The photo in question showed that Støjberg had a photo of one of the contentious Mohammad Cartoons from 2005 on her iPad desktop – which Iran considered a provocation, thus postponing the negotiations on the asylum-seekers.

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Denmark to Isolate Returning Jihadists, Criminal Migrants on Deserted Island

Criminal immigrants whom Denmark is unable to expel from the country will be placed on a deserted island in Stege Bay south of the Danish capital, the tabloid newspaper BT reported. The decision came after budget negotiations with the right-wing Danish People’s Party, who wholeheartedly welcomed the message.


A Sharia Victory in the Netherlands

This November was meant to be the month for MP Geert Wilders’ second “Draw Muhammad” contest, but Islamic law won a de facto victory over Dutch law mere weeks ago as Wilders announced the contest’s cancellation. When — among many other threats similar attacks — a 19-year-old Afghan stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam, citing the planned contest as motive, Wilders canceled the event out of concern about further violence.

The Islamists had made their point: “Having the law on your side makes no difference. Do what we want, or somebody is going to get hurt.”


Danish ISIS Supporter Deprived of Citizenship, Expelled to Tunisia

In a surprising verdict, the Danish Supreme Court went against the city court and the county court in stripping a 28-year-old Daesh* supporter of his Danish passport and showing him the door, despite him having a family in Denmark.

Danish-Tunisian Adam Johansen has been deprived of his Danish citizenship and expelled to Tunisia for joining the so-called Islamic State in Syria, Danish TV2 reported.

In the autumn of 2013, Faroese-born Johansen travelled to Syria and stayed there for five months in order to ‘make a difference’, as as he himself put it. The Supreme Court, however, rejected this explanation as ‘untrustworthy and unclear’. The sole purpose of the trip was to join Daesh and undergo weapons training, the court ruled.


Denmark Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg: Islamic way of life is the problem

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‘Imams do not want to divorce us. I know someone who is Danish divorce, who has been around asking all imams. But they do not want to divorce her, because the man does not want to. ‘

That was the word when I visited a group of refugee and immigrant women in Copenhagen’s Northwest Quarter a couple of weeks ago.

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Denmark as a Model for American Socialists?

Here are some facts to consider before American “democratic socialists” look to Denmark for guidance, as Senator Bernie Sanders did during the 2016 presidential campaign.

First of all, Danes actually pay for their brand of socialism through heavy taxation. In Denmark, everyone pays at least the 25% value-added tax (VAT) on all purchases. Income tax rates are high. If you receive public support and are of working age and healthy enough to work, the state will require that you look for a job or it will force a job on you.

The willingness of all the Danes to pay high taxes is predicated on the country’s high degree of homogeneity and level of citizens’ trust in each other, what sociologists call “social capital.” By and large, Danes do not mind paying into the welfare state because they know that the money will go to other Danes like themselves, who share their values and because they can easily imagine themselves to be in need of help — as most of them, from time to time, will be.


First woman fined for violating Denmark’s new burka ban

A woman wearing a niqab has become the first person in Denmark to be fined for violating a new law banning garments covering the face in public places. The police was called to a shopping centre in Hørsholm Midtpunkt, around 15 miles north of Copenhagen, on Friday, to confront two women causing disturbance when they saw that one of them was wearing a niqab.

The 28-year-old woman was fined 1,000 Danish kroner (£120) and told to either remove the veil or leave the centre. She opted to leave.