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Bernard Lewis, Influential Scholar of Islam, Is Dead at 101

Bernard Lewis, an eminent historian of Islam who traced the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to a declining Islamic civilization, a controversial view that influenced world opinion and helped shape American foreign policy under President George W. Bush, died on Saturday in Voorhees Township, N.J. He was 101.

His longtime partner, Buntzie Churchill, confirmed the death, at a retirement facility.


‘Angel of Dieppe’ – Nun who stood up to Nazi soldiers to save British and Canadian soldiers’ lives dies

A French Augustian nun who became known as ‘the Angel of Dieppe’ for saving the lives of numerous British and Canadian troops following the disastrous Dieppe Raid during World War II has died at the age of 103.

On one occasion Sister Marie-Agnès Valois stood between a Nazi officer brandishing a pistol and a Canadian soldier and told the German if he shot the young man the bullet ‘would have to go through me’.

Another time she was asked by a wounded man to kiss him the same way his mother would have done. She granted his request just before he died.