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New Netflix Film “22 July” Paints Far-Right Ideology’s End Game As Terrorism

Director Paul Greengrass’s take on the 2011 Norway attacks that left 77 dead is a vivid and graphic recreation. The film takes close look at what allowed the attack, planned and executed by Anders Behring Breivik to occur – from a lack of security at the Prime Minister’s government offices to the ideology that motivated Breivik. The film paints the tragic attacks with one stroke and label’s Breivik’s derangement as the culmination of extreme far-right ideology.


Multiculturalism hates the one culture that allows it to exist – Norway Fetes Young Muslim Refugee Writer for Trashing Norway

I only met him in person once, many years ago. We met for beers in downtown Oslo. We didn’t agree on everything: among other things, he had an irrational hostility toward the United States, which I put down, in part at least, to the fact that he had never set foot in the U.S. and that his English was surprisingly poor (we spoke in Norwegian), so that his image of my country was shaped largely by the mainstream Scandinavian media and by various sources in his native tongue, Arabic. But never mind. What mattered was that he loved freedom, hated jihadist Islam, and was brave enough to say so. His name was Walid al-Kubaisi. Educated as a civil engineer at the University of Baghdad, he came to Norway as a political refugee in 1981 and died this past July at the age of sixty.


Norway’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Strikes Again

After the publication of a dozen Muhammed cartoons in the September 30, 2005, issue of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten led to mass Muslim mayhem, the story of the cartoons went worldwide – but the cartoons didn’t. Well, yes, you could find them online. But very few of the newspapers, newsmagazines, and TV news programs that reported on them actually showed them. They were too scared. One brave exception was Vebjørn Selbekk, then editor of Magazinet, a tiny Norwegian newspaperIn its January 9, 2006, issue, he reprinted the cartoons as part of a feature examining their impact. The feature included an interview with Norway’s most famous editorial cartoonist, Finn Graff, who has been plying his trade at various newspapers – most recently Dagbladet – since 1960. Asked if he would ever draw anything that might offend Muslims, Graff said no. He admitted that he feared the possible repercussions, but also insisted that his decision was based “as much on respect for [Muslims’] religious belief as on real fear.” In other words, as I wrote in my 2009 book Surrender, “he supposedly respected beliefs that he knew might drive people to kill him.”


Afghan migrant stabs 18-year-old Norwegian boy to death for no reason

The Norwegian teen, called Håvard Pedersen, was murdered by an 17-year-old Afghan migrant. Although co-workers were on-site, they did not see what happened in those seconds – except that a boy ran out of business with a “knife-like object”.


Arctic Jihad: Refugee Violence Now Strikes Remote Corners of Europe

It was early 1999 when, like Balboa first glimpsing the Pacific, I happened upon one of the heavily Muslim neighborhoods of Amsterdam and saw the future immediately. Taking in the sight of bearded men in long skirts and women in hijab with three or four small children apiece — and noting the hostile looks I got from the men, and the obvious and deliberate separation of the women from the society around them — I recognized at once the demographic significance of it all. Somehow, moreover, I grasped instantly that this couldn’t just be happening in Amsterdam — why would it? It only seemed logical that there must be such neighborhoods in other Western European cities, too. I had never read or heard a word about this phenomenon. But now here I was in the midst of it, and between one moment to the next my view of the city, and the continent, that I, a native New Yorker, had relocated to because I viewed it as civilized, pleasant, and safe, was utterly transformed.


Norway – Muslim rapper curses ‘the f***ing Jews’ at diversity concert

“Norwegian” rapper Kaveh Kholardi

A “Norwegian” rapper hired by the City of Oslo to sing at an event intended to celebrate diversity cursed “the f***ing Jews” during his performance.

…On June 10, five days before the concert, Kholardi wrote on Twitter: “f***ing Jews are so corrupt.”

h/t Marvin


Norway bans burqa and niqab in schools

Norway’s parliament on Tuesday passed a bill banning clothing that partially or fully covers the face from being worn at educational institutions.

The bill applies to students and teachers alike, as well as to staff at daycare centres, in ‘teaching situations’. It was backed by a majority in two rounds of voting separated by three days, in accordance with Norway’s parliamentary procedure, media including VG and Bergens Tidende report.


Norway registers lowest quarterly birth rate since 1985: Population grows due to migration

Fewer births and more deaths have resulted in the lowest birth rate in 33 years being registered in Norway for the first three months of 2018.

But the population of the country is growing overall as a result of immigration, news agency NTB reports.


A Russian’s Devastating Verdict on Norway

Among the real-life Norwegian phenomena made gentle fun of in the 2012-14 Netflix series Lilyhammer, starring Steven Van Zandt as a New York mobster who has moved to Norway under the Witness Protection Program, were natteravnene —the “night ravens,” groups of unarmed citizen volunteers, including little old ladies, who patrol the night streets to talk wayward youths out of breaking the law. The concept is a quaint one, originating in a time when virtually all crimes committed in the middle of the Norwegian night were petty misdemeanors and when the perpetrators were Norwegian kids who, if confronted on the verge of a transgression by somebody their parents’ or grandparents’ age, could be expected to hang their heads in shame and go home.


A Murder in the Mountains

In the West, honor killing isn’t alien anymore.

…Blues is big in this town. So are antique American cars. In short, this isn’t exactly a hub of European anti-Americanism. The locals tend to be down-to-earth, unpretentious, hard-working. Many of them take much the same jaundiced view of Oslo that middle Americans take of Washington, New York, and Hollywood. Living here is not all that different, I suspect, from living in the mountains of Kentucky or Tennessee.

So it’s a measure of the rapidity with which things have changed in Europe that even here in Notodden, there are women in hijab all over the place. The other day I was on a local bus, and the majority of passengers were women in hijab. There was a little girl in a pram – she was in hijab, too.


Norwegian minister faces no-confidence vote after terrorism post

A social media post by Norway’s justice minister accusing the opposition Labour party of putting terrorists’ rights above national security has triggered a no-confidence vote that could bring down the country’s minority government.

Five centre-left parties have said they aim to oust Sylvi Listhaug, of the populist, anti-immigration Progress party in the parliamentary vote on Tuesday, following widespread outrage at the Facebook post, which she has since deleted.

“Labour thinks the rights of terrorists are more important than the nation’s security. Like and share,” the minister wrote on 9 March beneath a photo of masked Islamist fighters dressed in combat fatigues, black scarves and ammunition belts.

You’d think she was for terrorism but you’d be wrong.