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“Bronx Man” Found Guilty of Planning Hezbollah Atrocities on US Soil

A naturalized US citizen who lived in the Bronx borough of New York City for sixteen years has been found guilty by a jury of working as a “sleeper agent” for Hezbollah — the Iranian regime’s Lebanon-based Shi’a terror proxy.

Lebanon-born Ali Kourani, who emigrated to the US in 2003, was found guilty on all eight counts of an indictment that charged him with terrorism, sanctions and immigration offenses for his illicit work on behalf of a secretive unit within Hezbollah that plans and executes terror operations on foreign soil.


US offers $10 million reward for information on Hezbollah financing

The United States on Monday offered a reward of up to $10 million (€8.9 million) for information that would allow the US to disrupt the finances of Lebanon’s Shiite militant movement Hezbollah.

The State Department said it would give money to anyone who could provide intelligence that allows the United States to disrupt Hezbollah in key ways, including information on Hezbollah’s donors, on financial institutions that assist its transactions and on businesses controlled by the movement.


Dearborn Islamic School Linked to Iran, Hezbollah Propagandists

Clarion Project has discovered that a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan is linked to diehard supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime. The school teaches students from kindergarten through 9th grade.

Great Revelations Academy was founded in 2015 by open supporters of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. By their own admission, the school’s founders are dedicated to spreading his message.

Fadlallah was a supporter of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and is considered to be a key inspirer of Hezbollah. Some go so far as to describe him as the terrorist group’s “spiritual leader.”


From Colombia to Lebanon to Toronto: How a DEA probe uncovered Hezbollah’s Canadian money laundering ops

In January 2008, a team of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents travelled to Ottawa to meet with RCMP leaders. They had stunning news. The DEA said an elite group of Middle East narco-terrorists in Colombia was using Canada as a key money laundering hub.

According to a former senior U.S. official with knowledge of the meeting, the DEA had “dirty calls” — meaning calls providing criminal evidence of cocaine shipments and cash movements in Canada — from narco-kingpins in Colombia to a network of operatives in Halifax, Vancouver, Calgary, and London, Ont.

…But RCMP leaders didn’t want to pursue the cases, according to the former official. He said the RCMP cited differences between Canadian and U.S. court disclosure rules, and questions about the DEA’s use of confidential sources.


UK Bans Hezbollah

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid recently proscribed the Iranian terrorist proxyorganization, Hezbollah (‘Party of God’) in its entirety under the UK Terrorism Act 2000, a government decision that the UK Parliament also recently approved.[1]

“There have long been calls to ban the whole group with the distinction between the two factions derided as smoke and mirrors,” Javid said during a debate on the prevention and suppression of terrorism in the House of Commons. “Hezbollah themselves have laughed off the suggestion there is a difference. I’ve carefully considered the evidence and I’m satisfied they are one and the same with the entire organisation linked to terrorism.”


Hizbollah commander captured by UK special forces resurfaces in southern Syria, Israeli military says

A senior Hizbollah commander captured by British special forces in Iraq has resurfaced in southern Syria where he is setting up a network to launch attacks against Israel, according to the Israeli military.

Ali Musa Daqduq, a Lebanese Hizbollah operative, conducted a number of bloody operations against Western forces in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, including an attack which killed five US soldiers.

He was captured by the SAS in Basra in March 2007 and spent five years in prison. Iraq’s government released him in 2012 despite strong protests from the Obama White House.


Germany will not list Iran-allied Hezbollah as terrorist: minister

Germany will not declare Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement a terrorist organization, a top official said Friday.

Niels Annen, deputy minister in the Foreign Ministry, told newsmagazine Der Spiegel that the Iran-backed Shiite Islamist movement is a relevant factor in Lebanese society and part of the complex political landscape in the country.


Hezbollah Says British Terror Ban Hurts ‘Feelings’ in Lebanon

Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist movement on Friday condemned Britain’s decision to outlaw its political wing, describing the move as an “insult” to the Lebanese people that hurt the “feelings” of many of its local followers.

The heavily armed Shi’ite group, which is backed by Iran, said it was a “resistance movement against Israeli occupation” with no designs on violence. It described the British move as an “insult to the feelings, sympathies and will of the Lebanese people that consider Hezbollah a major political and popular force.”


American web giant does business with terrorists who killed hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq

The inflammatory website of a violent terrorist group responsible for killing hundreds of US and coalition soldiers in Iraq is currently being hosted by one of America’s biggest web companies, can exclusively reveal.

Kataib Hezbollah (KH), an Iranian-sponsored militia which targeted American soldiers and their allies, including the Australian Defence Force, during the insurgency in Iraq, was designated a Foreign Terrorist Group in 2009 by the US government.

But despite KH, also known as Hezbollah Brigades, being on the sanctions blacklist, which is meant to make international commerce more difficult, US internet goliath GoDaddy continues to host the anti-American terrorist group’s official website.


Hezb’allah and the Southern Border

The southern U.S. border remains mostly unprotected while Democrats remain determined to prevent building the border wall.  Meanwhile, cocaine continues to flow into the United States, smuggled in partly by the Hezb’allah terrorist organization.  The drug epidemic has cost a great number of lives, and the federal government must stop the flow of drugs by building a border wall, and by using new technologies to detect intrusion into the U.S.

Hezb’allah has murdered hundreds of citizens over the years, including in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 241 service personnel and the Beirut embassy bombing that killed 17 Americans.  These attacks demonstrate that Hezb’allah is an enemy of the United States and is aligned with the Iranian regime’s “death to America” mindset.


Hezbollah’s tunnels are a clear threat to Israel — and the UN doesn’t care

President Trump may seek to pull troops from Syria, but Iran and its Hezbollah terror surrogate remain firmly entrenched there and in adjacent Lebanon.

That’s clear from their threats to Israel: This week IDF forces uncovered the fifth in a series of surprisingly sophisticated tunnels built by Hezbollah and designed to sneak terrorists into Israel from Lebanon.

Jerusalem also staged airstrikes against storage and logistics facilities near Damascus that are used by Iran to ship weapons to Hezbollah, which has fought alongside Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.


Trump Should Cut Hezbollah’s Lifeline in the Americas

Almost halfway through his term, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has yet to launch a coordinated assault against Hezbollah’s terrorist finance networks in the Western Hemisphere, especially in the Tri-Border Area of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, the Iran-backed terrorist group’s most active financial hub in the region. That may be about to change, though.

All three of the bordering countries have elected leaders who have forcefully denounced the scourge of transnational organized crime and pledged to enhance cooperation among themselves and with Washington. This past January, the Trump administration established the Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team, an interagency task force focused on the threat. Now is the time for Washington and its re-energized partners to launch a coordinated assault against Hezbollah’s networks and its enablers, which could have serious repercussions for the group’s ability to fundraise at the very same time that its Iranian patron faces crushing pressure from the return of U.S. sanctions.


Hezbollah in America: ‘Unit 910’ Exposed in Court Proceedings

Brooklyn-based Ali Kourani faces trial for multiple charges related to his work as a double agent for the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hezbollah; specifically for its “External Security Organization” known as “Unit 910.” Kourani’s federal trial is tentatively set for March 2019.