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Spain: Catalonia’s Continuing Jihad Problem

Police in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia arrested 18 members of a jihadi cell plotting an attack in Barcelona — and then released all but three.

The arrests have drawn renewed attention to the continuing problem of radical Islam in Catalonia, which has one of the largest per capita Muslim populations in Europe.

The cell — comprised of individuals from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Morocco — was broken up on January 15, when more than a hundred police officers raided five properties in Barcelona and the Catalan town of Igualada.


Right-wing ‘Reconquista’? Anti-immigrant party enters parliament in Spain’s most populous region

The wave of right-wing resurgence that has flooded Europe following the refugee crisis has reached Spain. An upstart anti-immigrant party has entered the parliament in Spain’s Andalusia and might yet become a kingmaker.

Spain’s most populous region and one of its economic powerhouses, Andalusia held parliamentary elections this past weekend. Although the vote was technically won by the Socialists, who have governed the region for almost 40 years, it is the surprising success of the right-wing Vox party that made the headlines.


Hundreds of African Migrants Storm Spanish Enclave Border Wall… Again

One man died and 19 were injured as hundreds of sub-Saharan Africans – all men – tried to get to Spain’s enclave in North Africa, Melilla, separated from Morocco by a fence. About 200 reportedly managed to enter the Spanish territory; some of them allegedly joined other migrants in a local center with the victorious chants “boza, boza.”


Spain: Islamic State Recruiting in Prisons

Spanish police have dismantled a jihadi network operating inside and across more than a dozen Spanish prisons. The network, allegedly linked to the Islamic State, was established and operated by one of the most implacable jihadis in the Spanish prison system — apparently under the noses of prison authorities.

The network’s existence has called into question not only the effectiveness of security procedures in Spanish prisons, but also of Spanish “deradicalization” programs, which are aimed at “rehabilitating” Islamic militants for eventual “reinsertion” into society.


Spain’s immigrant population will increase by 7 to 10 million by 2050

The AIReF considers that the total population of Spain will increase between 4 and 13 million people in 30 years, so that it will reach between 51 and 60 million people by 2050. Immigration will be “fundamental” to maintain this population gain.

I don’t think they’re taking the inevitable pogroms into account.


The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise Under Islamic Rule

The existence of a Muslim kingdom in Medieval Spain where different races and religions lived harmoniously in multicultural tolerance is one of today’s most widespread myths. University professors teach it. Journalists repeat it. Tourists visiting the Alhambra accept it. It has reached the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, which sings the virtues of the “pan-confessional humanism” of Andalusian Spain (July 18, 2003). The Economist echoes the belief: “Muslim rulers of the past were far more tolerant of people of other faiths than were Catholic ones. For example, al-Andalus’s multi-cultural, multi-religious states ruled by Muslims gave way to a Christian regime that was grossly intolerant even of dissident Christians, and that offered Jews and Muslims a choice only between being forcibly converted and being expelled (or worse).”1 The problem with this belief is that it is historically unfounded, a myth. The fascinating cultural achievements of Islamic Spain cannot obscure the fact that it was never an example of peaceful convivencia.


Spain sees huge spike in Venezuelans seeking asylum

Most of the asylum applications filed in Spain in recent years have come not from African or Middle Eastern refugees, but rather South American nationals. The number of Venezuelan asylum-seekers in particular has risen dramatically.

“For three years now, most of those seeking safety in Spain have been Venezuelan nationals,” Maria Jesus Vega, spokesperson for the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), told DW. She noted that Venezuelans filed 4,200 asylum applications in 2016, 10,600 in 2017, and 12,700 so far this year. According Spain’s department for asylum-seekers and refugees, OAR, the second-highest number of asylum applications were filed by Colombian nationals, followed by Syrians.


‘Terrorist’ knifeman, 29, shot dead at Barcelona police station had just come out as gay and was suicidal, wife claims

Abdelouahab Taib Gay Muslim Terrorist

A terrorist knifeman shot dead while trying to stab police near Barcelona had come out as gay before the attack and wanted to commit suicide because he ‘felt shame,’ his wife has revealed.

The 29-year-old Algerian, identified by local media as Abdelouahab Taib, stormed a police station with a knife and shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ (God is greatest) before he was shot dead on Monday morning.