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Spanish jihadist had been stopped outside an Eagles Of Death Metal concert in Barcelona a year after Bataclan massacre

A Moroccan held in a jihadist raid was stopped outside am Eagles of Death Metal concert in Barcelona almost a year after the Bataclan massacre at their Paris show.

Police spotted the man, who has alleged links to terror cells involved with attacks in Brussels, and asked for his ID when they saw him lurking outside the Apolo concert hall in the Spanish city in September last year.

On Tuesday, he was arrested in a sting in Catalonia along with nine others and detectives have said at least four of those detained were ‘clearly members of Islamic State’.

Tweets raise concerns over free speech in Spain

When Cassandra Vera, a 21-year old student from Murcia, received a notification from the Spanish National Court, she didn’t know that she would become famous against her will. The court’s prosecutor accused her of glorifying terrorism and humiliating victims of terrorism. Last January, she shared her story on Twitter: “The prosecutor is asking for 2.5 years in prison, plus 3 in probation, for jokes about Carrero Blanco [Francoist Prime Minister killed by ETA in 1973]. That’s all: jokes about a dictator.”

Muslims Call for Marriage to Christian Women to ‘Strengthen’ Islam in Spain

Hundreds of posters displayed in a migrant-dominated part of Barcelona are urging Muslim men to marry Spanish women in a bid to spread Islam, and inviting members of the community to an “information meeting”.

The posters, which are derogatory about Christians but call on ‘Brothers’ to marry women of the religion to “strengthen” Islam, have been plastered through the neighbourhood of El Raval. Official data collected in 2014 found that 56.7 per cent of residents in El Raval were born abroad.

Increasingly Violent Migrants Attacking Border Guards with Iron Bars, Spanish Minister Says

Attempts by migrants to break through the border into the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are becoming increasingly violent, the country’s security minister has warned.

José Antonio Nieto said attempts to cross the border fence at Ceuta had become “more dangerous and violent” in recent months, with migrants not only using sticks but even iron bars and wire cutters to attack border guards.

ISIS threats to Spanish tourist hotspots

ISIS fanatics have issued ‘direct threats’ on Spanish tourist hotspots where millions of Britons are expected to visit this year, according to a government report.

The warnings were reportedly found on social media amid fears the terror group is also recruiting translators and foreign jihadists from the country.

Its bid to find Spanish speaking fanatics started last summer, the document claims, adding that extremists were increasingly publishing in the language.

It comes just weeks after police in San Sebastian, in the country’s north, arrested a Moroccan boxing coach suspected of recruiting for ISIS.

Real Madrid logo won’t feature Christian cross in Middle East clothing deal


The club crest of Spanish soccer team Real Madrid will not feature the traditional Christian cross on clothing sold in some Middle East countries under a regional deal.

Marka MARKA.DU, a retailing group in the United Arab Emirates, has been granted exclusive rights to “manufacture, distribute and sell Real Madrid products” in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

But Marka Vice Chairman Khaled al-Mheiri told Reuters by phone Real Madrid has two versions of the crest for the Middle East market and that Marka would use the one without the Christian cross due to cultural sensitivities.

“We have to be sensitive towards other parts of the Gulf that are quite sensitive to products that hold the cross,” said al-Mheiri, who owns a Real Madrid cafe in Dubai.

Mexican woman arrested in Spain was fervent promoter of jihad, police say

A 38-year-old Mexican woman living in Spain has been arrested and charged for cooperating with the jihad cause and allegedly helping in the recruiting efforts of her husband, Aziz Zaghnane, a Moroccan national captured 10 months ago.

Officers with the Spanish Guardia Civil said they were able to confirm the woman’s role in the terrorist cell after analyzing the electronic devices seized to her husband and four others.

Islamist Terrorist Truckers Are Targeting Spain

The ISIS offensive is Europewide. These are some lessons to be learned before the next attack.

MADRID—The center of the city is swarming with police and there have already been several moments when the streets were emptied by false alarms. The most serious came on Dec. 8, a holiday here, when the cops cleared the Gran Via, the epicenter of tourism and Christmas in the capital of Spain, in the face of a bomb threat that originated with an abandoned suitcase.

Spain: 4 Muslims arrested in plot to smuggle “refugee” Jihadis into Europe

SPANISH police have arrested four suspected people traffickers accused of helping to smuggle Islamic State jihadis into Europe.

Spain’s interior ministry said ISIS was using the group to sneak fanatics into Europe via Turkey among migrants fleeing Syria’s civil war.

Officials also said they may have links to the Paris terror attacks last November.

The four are under investigation for links to two people detained in Austria last year with suspected connections to the Paris attackers.

Ban memes? Spanish Twitter alarmed with PM party’s plan to curb online ‘defaming’ images

don-quixoteA plan by the Spanish conservative PM’s party to introduce a bill that would crack down on online images “infringing the honor of a person” when posted without consent has Twitter abuzz with many interpreting it as a direct threat to… memes.

The reform proposed as a motion by the Popular Party (PP) to the congress on Tuesday aimed to update a 1982 anti-defamation law to restrict “spreading images that infringe the honor of a person” without consent. The amendment is meant to bring the law up to date with modern technology, its text stressed.

The measure, according to the MPs, should be included in the Citizens Security Law, which was introduced in July 2015 and dubbed “gag law” by critics, who slammed it for imposing restrictions on public protest and social media activism.

Four Muslims arrested suspected of trying to recruit ‘brainwashed’ child soldiers for ISIS

POLICE in Spain have arrested four people suspected of trying to recruit “brainwashed” child soldiers as young as 12 for terror group ISIS.

The three men and a woman were held in Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta.

Authorities say their immediate goal was to create “sister cells” in other European countries and recruit disciples who also focused on recruiting children dubbed Caliphate Cubs.

Armed migrants stage 10 hour stand-off after breaking out of detention centre


The gang ran amok for some 12 hours after breaking out of the Immigrant Detention Centre (CIE) of Madrid.

Some 39 migrants, 38 Algerians and one Moroccan, tore through the facility, smashing dining room benches and the diorite the roof, where they holed up all through the night.

Hooded migrant held placards saying “freedom” and “dignity”.