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Spain a Fault Line Between Islam and the West

“…Spain, for at least a couple of years now, has been at the second highest level of national alert. So beyond any doubt, the country has been extremely vigilant and well prepared for a terrorist incident. This is a reflection of the fact, at least according to the research of the Elcano Royal Institute in Madrid, that there have been nearly 200 arrests of persons in Spain with links to ISIS or al Qaeda between 2013-2016. Interestingly, there has been a similar number of either Spanish nationals or residents of Spain leaving to fight with ISIS overseas, which is even lower than the U.S. number. This strongly points to the fact that the challenge in Spain is very much of a homegrown phenomenon with radicalization occurring both online and throughout social networks in that country itself for operations in Spain and not necessarily elsewhere.”


Missing imam in Spain thought to be key figure in Muslim mass murder attack

A police official in Spain says an imam whose home was searched as part of the investigation into two deadly vehicle attacks is believed to be the radicalizing force behind the cell of young men — and is now thought to have died in an explosion linked to the attacks.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal details of the new suspicions surrounding imam Abdelbaki Es Satty. Officials in Es Satty’s former mosque in the northern town of Ripoll, which he left abruptly in June, on Saturday denounced the attacks in Barcelona and a nearby seaside town.

An Imam huh? Why they’re the 1st to misunderstand the religion I bet.


Spanish Authorities Had No Clue There Was a Large Terror Cell in Their Midst

The attacks in Barcelona and later, Cambrils, Spain, were the work of a large, Islamic terror cell made up of at least 11 members who all managed to remain under the radar of Spanish police and counter terrorism authorities.

The driver of the van who killed 13 people in Barcelona, believed to be the leader of the cell, is still at large.

From what we know so far, it appears that all the suspects evaded suspicion and that the existence of a bomb factory in Alcanar, just south of Barcelona, came as a complete surprise to Spanish police.


Barcelona attack: New manhunt for Muslim terrorist who drove murder van

The driver in Thursday’s van attack that killed 13 people in a tourist area of Barcelona may still be alive and on the run, Spanish police say.

They are hunting for Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub, named by Spanish media as the suspected driver.

A man previously reported as the key suspect, Moussa Oukabir, 17, was one of five men killed by police after a later attack in Cambrils, west of Barcelona.


Barcelona’s strong ties to radical Islam

A quarter of those arrested in Spain for having jihadist ties in recent years were in Catalonia.

The choice of Barcelona as a target for terrorists came as little surprise to security experts in Spain and elsewhere in Europe because of Catalonia’s links to jihadists and Salafism, a radical form of Islam.

Catalonia has been the main hub of jihadist recruitment in Spain for more than a decade and radical Islamists consider it to be occupied land that should be part of a future Islamic caliphate. The region is home to approximately 510,000 Muslims, more than a quarter of the total number in Spain, according to a demographic study by the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain.

“The Catalan province, especially the area surrounding Tarragona [a port city in northeastern Catalonia], have been a Salafi hotbed for years, and one of the reasons is that it houses the highest numbers of Salafist mosques in Europe,” said Lorenzo Vidino, director of a program on extremism at George Washington University and author of a study on Salafism in Catalonia.


Barcelona: Muslim terrorists accidentally blew up own bomb factory

Large gas containers which had been filled with deadly butane have been recovered from the rubble of a home which exploded ahead of the Barcelona massacre.

Investigators believe a 12-strong terror cell planned to detonate the highly-explosive gas in its attack on the Catalan city’s tourist district.

But on Wednesday one member was killed in a blast, and police believe there may still be another body buried in the rubble of the house in Alcanar, which is more than 120 miles south of Barcelona.

More than 20 butane gas canisters were found intact in the wreckage.


Hero police officer shot dead four Muslim terrorists in Cambrils and saved injured partner’s life

An outnumbered police officer shot dead four of the five terrorists who attacked the seaside city of Cambrils last night, saving his injured partner’s life, according to a dramatic account of the shootout.

The officers were carrying out a routine check at a roundabout near the seafront of Cambrils when the terrorists launched their attack, which, it was confirmed today, killed one woman.

Their white Audi A3, coming from the direction of the city, ploughed through four pedestrians before smashing into the police car. The crash left one officer with a broken tibia and an injured head.


Spain hunts driver who killed 13 in Barcelona, says foils bomb plot

As security forces hunted for the van’s driver, who was seen escaping on foot, police said they had killed five attackers on Thursday night in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona, to thwart a separate attack using explosive belts.

Six civilians and a police officer were injured in Cambrils when the attackers ran them over in a car, before police shot them dead and carried out controlled explosions. Police said the Cambrils incident was linked to the van attack in Barcelona.

The most wanted man in Europe: Manhunt for Barcelona terror suspect ‘who stole his brother’s identity and talked about killing infidels on social media’


4 Muslim terrorists shot dead, 1 wounded in beach resort south of Barcelona amid fears of new terror attack

Four terror suspects have been killed and one injured in a shootout 70 miles from Barcelona as police carried out an operation linked to yesterday’s massacre, which claimed 13 lives and left more than 100 injured.

Dead Muslim terrorist


1,000 African Migrants Armed With Sticks, Improvised Spears Storm Spanish Border

According to Ceuta’s Civil Guard Command, at least three Spanish officers and 10 Moroccans were injured as authorities managed to push back the “extremely violent” mob of African migrants brandishing sticks, hand-made spears, and sharp objects, some of whom were throwing stones at police.