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BREAKING NEWS: Spanish police launch manhunt to find suspected jihadi, 37, in Barcelona amid fears of ‘imminent lone wolf terror attack’

Spanish police are hunting for a 37-year-old Islamist who is reported to be planning a terror attack in Barcelona.

The suspect is El Ouakili Abdelhakim, a French citizen residing in Germany, according to an internal Policía Nacional memo seen by newspaper La Gaceta.


Muslim who killed 14 people in Barcelona van attack is secretly buried in an unmarked grave in Morocco

Younes Abouyaaqoub – Muslim terrorist

The terrorist who mowed down and killed 14 people in Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas in August has been secretly buried in an unmarked grave in Morocco.

Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, was buried with his terrorist brother Houssaine in their native city of Mrirt at the request of their family.

Officials in Morocco are said to have approved the request but insisted the burial must take place without any publicity and their bodies laid in unmarked graves.


Spanish police shoot Muslim who sparked a terror alert by shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at a border checkpoint with France

Police have shot a man who sparked a terror alert near Spain’s border with France by shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at a checkpoint.

Officers opened fire on the man, believed to be a Frenchman of north African origin, after he began to shout in Arabic when the vehicle he was travelling in was intercepted at a motorway toll near La Jonquera on the Spanish side of the border.

He was hit in the leg and rushed to a nearby hospital.

He has undergone an operation at the hospital – the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital in Girona – and his life is not said to be in any danger.


Eight sacked Catalan officials are JAILED as European arrest warrant is issued for ousted leader

A judge in Madrid has jailed eight former Catalan regional ministers behind the failed independence bid over fears they will attempt to flee the country.

The Deputy First Minister and seven of his senior colleagues were taken to a jail on the outskirts of the capital Madrid after appearing before the Spanish High Court to answer charges of sedition and rebellion.

The region’s former leader Carles Puigdemont – who fled to Brussels with four of his colleagues on Monday – remains at large but has yet to comment on the action taken against his ministers.


Tensions boil over on the streets of Barcelona after Spanish Prime Minister dissolves Catalan parliament

Tensions flared in Barcelona tonight as pro-Spanish gangs attacked Catalans as they celebrated the declaration of independence.

The unrest comes after Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tonight sacked the Catalan government along with the region’s police chief and ordered elections for December 21.

Video emerged showing masked nationalists throwing punches in the street, knocking a middle-aged man to the ground in central Barcelona.


Madrid moves to curb Catalan powers after crisis cabinet meeting

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced plans to fire Catalonia’s president and his entire government under special powers available to the government under Spain’s constitution.

Speaking after a special cabinet meeting to decide on which measures to take under Article 155 to bock the Catalan government’s attempts to secede from Spain, Mr Rajoy said the objective was to hold elections in the region within six months in order to recover legality and the normal functioning of the country’s institutions.


How Barcelona Became a Victim of the Barcelona Process

The murders on the pedestrian street of La Rambla in Barcelona on August 17, 2017 were not the first Islamic terrorist attack in Spain. On March 11, 2004, 192 people were killed, and around two thousand injured, in the Madrid train bombings.

In hindsight, that attack marked a new phase in the modern Islamic Jihad against Europe. After the Madrid bombings, London was hit with deadly bombings on July 7, 2005. In recent years, the frequency of jihadist attacks on European soil has increased dramatically.

It is probably not a coincidence that Spain was an early target of Islamic terror. The Iberian Peninsula, present-day Portugal and Spain, was for centuries under Islamic rule. Militant Muslims have repeatedly made it clear that for them, reconquering Spain is a priority.


Catalonia the next target of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is slowly building up its pres­ence in Catalonia, Spain, part of a long-term strat­egy to plant roots in an Islamic community with Salafi tradi­tions.

Police said they have paid atten­tion to an increase in activities by Is­lamic groups in the area following an influx of money from mostly foreign sources. The added scrutiny comes in the wake of terrorist attacks in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils in August that left 16 peo­ple dead, with eight attackers also being killed.

A high-ranking police official in Catalonia’s anti-terrorism unit said: “The Muslim community (in Cata­lonia was) long under the influence of Salafists but lately the Muslim Brothers have started getting the up­per hand.”


The Bells of Barcelona Toll for Europe

President Trump got bad advice about the secession crisis in Catalonia. When Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visited the White House last week, he said that Spain’s northeastern region would be “foolish to secede.” On the contrary, the gutsy Catalans are the world’s poster-boy for populism. Their independence movement is a real revolution. America shouldn’t meddle in Spain’s internal affairs, to be sure, but we ought to recognize a kindred political movement when we see it. Ultimately, the Catalan independence movement is a response to Europe’s demographic cataclysm.


Catalonia: What The Media’s Not Telling You

“…Catalonia has always trended a lot more to the Left than the rest of Spain. And it is slowly but surely in the process of Islamization, aided and abetted by its regional government. For more than a decade the Muslim population of Catalonia has been rapidly growing, because Catalonia’s politicians have made it a prime destination for Muslim migrants and ‘refugees.’ A large part of the population, now well over 7% of Catalonia, has become radicalized (or already were) and are calling for the establishment of a Muslim state in what they still refer to by the name of their former conquest, as ‘al-Andaluz.’


Catalan referendum: Region’s independence ‘in matter of days’

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.

In his first interview since a disputed vote on Sunday, Carles Puigdemont said his government would “act at the end of this week or the beginning of next”.

Meanwhile, Spain’s King Felipe VI said the vote’s organisers had put themselves “outside the law”.

He said the situation in Spain was “extremely serious”, calling for unity.

Tensions between Spain and the north-eastern Catalonia region continue to mount, days after the vote was marred by violence involving national police.

This must be shaking up the EU. France has its Corsican problem not to mention the prospect of “autonomous” Islamic regions. Belgium is barely a country, Italy’s north desires to remove the millstone of the south and what of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick?


Spanish police issue plea for reinforcements, saying Catalan harassment ‘bad as ETA heyday’

A union of Spain’s Guardia Civil called on Tuesday for urgent reinforcements in Catalonia, accusing the government in Madrid of “abandoning” them to “harassment” it said had reached the level of ETA’s heyday.

Amid anger on Catalan streets over the violent police crackdown on Sunday’s banned independence referendum which left almost 900 injured, the Union of Guardia Civil Officers said agents were being “harassed, manipulated and vilified by the citizens that they serve”.


Catalans ‘vote overwhelmingly for independence’ in ‘illegal’ referendum

Catalan officials claimed 90% of 2.2million voters had called for independence in an ‘illegal’ referendum blighted by violent scenes which left at least 888 people injured.

World leaders condemned the brutal scenes after officials revealed that hundreds of protesters have been injured so far.

Officers were seen stamping and kicking protesters as they stormed buildings and seized ballot boxes.

Footage captured in the village of Sarria de Ter in the province of Girona showed authorities using an axe to smash down the doors of a polling station where Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was due to cast his vote.