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Michael Avenatti Challenges Donald Trump Jr. To An MMA Fight For Charity

Attorney Michael Avenatti challenged Donald Trump Jr. to a three-round mixed martial arts fight for charity Tuesday morning.

The story was first reported by Dylan Byers, an NBC News senior media reporter. He and Avenatti discussed the potential philanthropy event at the Vanity Fair Summit.

I’m sure Trump Jr. is eager to have contact with a porn lawyers blood.


Melania Trump Releases Statement on NYT OpEd: ‘You Are Not Protecting the Country With Your Cowardly Actions, You Are Sabotaging It’

As the mystery continues to grow over who wrote the now infamous New York Times op-ed about President Donald Trump’s chaotic White House, First Lady Melania Trump offered her own thoughts on the editorial Thursday afternoon.


Melania Trump’s parents officially become U.S. citizens, and all hell breaks loose

Thursday morning in New York City, first lady Melania Trump’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, took their citizenship oath and were subsequently sworn in as American citizens. Shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose on social media. Why? Because of liberals.


Melania Calls Secret Service After Actor Peter Fonda Calls For Barron Trump To Be Kidnapped

The Office of the First Lady has notified the Secret Service after actor Peter Fonda called for kidnapping Melania and Donald Trump’s son, Barron, The Daily Caller has learned exclusively.

In a tweet sent Wednesday, the actor called for Barron to be “ripped” from Melania’s arms and put in a cage “with pedophiles.”

Peter Fonda: Put Barron Trump ‘In A Cage With Pedophiles,’ Whip Naked ‘G***’ Kirstjen Nielsen, And Other Insanity

Trump Jr. Eviscerates Actor Who Went After Barron Trump


Of Course The Left Is Being Horrible About Melania Trump’s Surgery

Yesterday First Lady Melania Trump had surgery to fix a kidney problem. What struck me as kind of odd was that for the most part the mainstream media didn’t cover this. If Michelle Obama had penis reduction surgery it would have been huge news with tons of coverage from celebrities wishing her a speedy recovery. What was predictable however was that the left would be absolutely horrible toward Melania Trump and they didn’t disappoint.

A lot of things could be said about these mean spirited people, but I’ll just say I’m glad we aren’t like them. Going through life with that much hate inside is its own punishment. 


Liberal Heads To Explode As Melania Rises In Popularity For New Baby Names

Melania has managed to stay upright in the storm that has been directed at her and she continues to handle herself with dignity and grace and there are millions of Americans who don’t buy the repulsive personal attacks by the left and who admire her.

Now in a bit of news that will have liberals so angry that they can eat sand an shit glass shards, Melania is rising up the list of popular names for newborn babies.


Ivanka Trump called Steve Bannon a ‘f***ing liar’ over White House leaks, former adviser to president claims

Steve Bannon has issued an excoriating attack on Donald Trump’s family by dubbing his daughter Ivanka the “queen of leaks” and calling her husband Jared Kushner “immature”.

Mr Bannon, a former Trump campaign chief and White House aide, said Ivanka Trump was a “fount of bad advice” during the election and once called him an “f***ing liar”.

He claimed Mr Kushner “doesn’t know anything” about Mr Trump’s supporters and blamed him for meetings that left the campaign open to the charge of cosying up to the Russians.


Jared Kushner ‘increasingly marginalised within Trump White House’

At a senior staff meeting early in President Donald Trump’s tenure, Reince Priebus, then White House chief of staff, posed a simple question to Jared Kushner: What would his newly created Office of American Innovation do?

Kushner brushed him off, according to people privy to the exchange. Given that he and his top lieutenants were paid little or nothing, Kushner asked, “What do you care?” He emphasized his point with an expletive.

“OK,” Priebus replied. “You do whatever you want.”


Seven Times Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Have Stood in the Way of the Trump MAGA Agenda

Arguably one of President Trump’s most destructive moves in the wake of his historic victory a year ago was to install his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner as key advisors in the West Wing.

The apparently different worldview has clashed with that of Trump’s base on a number of occasions, as well as a number of stumbles by the pair who are reportedly known within the West Wing as “the royal family.”

With Kushner’s influence reportedly waning, these seven will make you thankful “Javanka” are falling, not rising in influence in the Trump White House.


How Jared Kushner Became His Family’s ‘Fredo’

A devastating article in Vanity Fair details at length President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner’s track record of mediocrity and bad business decisions — with the author comparing Kushner to the bumbling Fredo Corleone fromThe Godfather.

The long read article — written by Rich Cohen — documents Kushner’s rise to the White House, citing claims that he got into Harvard and NYU not due to his grades, which were mediocre, but because of lavish donations his disgraced father Charles poured into the colleges.


Report: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Allies ‘Untouchable’ in White House

A new Vanity Fair article explores Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and the couple’s role in Washington D.C. and the White House.

The article details that while they are still not respected by the Washington D.C. elite, the couple has pushed their enemies out of the White House.

“If you are hitched to them, you are untouchable,” a former Trump adviser explains.