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The Left’s Political Jihad Against Trump, The Constitution And America

When it comes to waging war, Democrats keep their eyes open at all times for ways to win their conflicts. Guerilla warfare was a bit too messy for them (after all, most of the guns are owned by patriotic, traditional Americans, who know how to use them), and Communism, Rules For Radicals instructions and the radical-left presidency of community organizer Barack Obama were tried and got them a great distance toward their goals, but the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office upset their plans and threw them for a loop, so they decided to try a new tack and employ the no-holds-barred tactics of deadly serious radical Islamists.


Kathy Griffin Builds Wall To Keep Out Pro-Trump Neighbor

Griffin revealed she’d built the wall while giving a tour of her $10.5 million Bel Air mansion to YouTube “star” Shane Dawson. In a video of the tour, Griffin claims that the neighbor in question has regularly yelled obscenities at her ever since she posed for her infamous Trump decapitation photo. So she built a wall to block him out.


Cops Nab Loser Who Destroyed Trump’s Hollywood Star

Obviously the left is thrilled that this loser destroyed Trump’s star, because that’s the level of maturity the Resistance has. They can’t get rid of him through any of their ridiculous efforts, so they think smashing something with his name on it is the next best thing. I’m Sure Austin Clay will be the new leftist hero of the month and maybe even get a GoFundMe campaign to pay his bail.


WHITE HOUSE: We Are Looking To Revoke Security Clearances for Operation Crossfire Hurricane Team

The Washington Examiner reports: “Not only is the president looking to take away [Former CIA Director John] Brennan’s security clearance, he’s also looking into the clearances of Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice and McCabe,” press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters.”

What about Hillary and Obama?


Just How Far Will the Left Go?

There was no honeymoon for the unlikely winner of the 2016 election. Progressives have in succession tried to sue to overturn Trump’s victory using several different approaches. First on the bogus claim of fraudulent voting machines. Then they sought to subvert the Electoral College by bullying electors into renouncing their respective states’ votes.

Massive protests and boycotts marked the inauguration. Then there were articles of impeachment introduced in the House. Some sued to remove Trump on a warped interpretation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Others brought in psychiatrists to testify that Trump was ill, disabled, or insane and should be removed in accordance with the 25th Amendment. The former FBI director, CIA director, and director of the Office of National Intelligence have variously smeared the president as a coward, a traitor, and a Russian mole.


Liberals freak out over Kennedy retirement: ‘abortion access, same-sex marriage…on the line now’

Wednesday’s sudden news of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the US Supreme Court provoked near-instantaneous responses of fear and anger from Democrat officeholders, left-wing commentators, and pro-abortion activists.

23 Tweets From the Left on Kennedy’s Retirement


NEW REPORT: Leftists Planning To Disrupt Tonight’s Trump Rally in North Dakota

Sources in Minnesota/North Dakota tell Big League Politics that buses of people have left Minnesota to infiltrate the rally. Their plan is already in motion. They got there early to fill up the arena first. The plan is to fill the arena up and then once the doors close and no one else can go in, that they will do a mass walkout when President Donald Trump takes the stage.


Mike Huckabee: Red Hen owner followed Sanders family to another restaurant

Mr. Huckabee told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday that Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, kicked Mrs. Sanders and her family out of the restaurant and then proceeded to yell at them when they tried to go to a different restaurant across the street.

It’s worth reading this carefully and seeing who the Red Hen owner was protesting.