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The Psychology Behind the Trump Cult

The human brain does not like cognitive dissonance. Rather than live with contradiction, we figure out a way to reduce it. How far are we willing to go to do this? Pretty far.

The linked article has nothing to do with Trump. Apparently TDS has driven the writer over the edge.


Star Wars: Meathead Rips DeNiro Over ‘F**k Trump’ Rant

Despite a year and a half of cranking up the volume and upping the F-bomb count, the celebrities who have led the anti-Trump movement are no closer to reversing the results of the 2016 election than they were on the day of the new president’s inauguration.


‘Pro-Trump’ book for first graders angers progressive teachers, parents

It seems that even a book about our current president whose audience is children barely of school age must indulge the “Resistance,” else the social justice warrior crowd will get its collective panties in a bunch.

According to various leftist teachers, parents, and other assorted progressives, the book “President Donald Trump” distributed by Scholastic “glosses over his racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and treatment of workers.”


IG Report: FBI Agent Said Trump Voters ‘Poor, Uneducated, Lazy, POS’

The communications show favoritism towards Hillary in the agents’ personal views, but also in how various aspects of the investigation should be conducted. They also reveal a rancid contempt towards Donald Trump as well as Americans who support him.


OUTRAGEOUS: Pelosi Asks ‘Why There Aren’t Uprisings All Over The Country’

Speaking on Thursday, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi made some outrageous comments about what the attitude of Americans should be vis-à-vis the Trump Administration’s policy regarding illegal immigrants, echoing the charge that the administration wants to separate parents from children and asking rhetorically ”why there aren’t uprisings all over the country.”


Hanoi Jane Wants to ‘Take Back Our Government’

At the 2018 EMA Benefit Gala, all these elements were brought together under the same roof, where there was much wailing and grinding of teeth. The nonprofit organization Environmental Media Association (EMA) honored Jane Fonda, actress Elizabeth Olsen, Snoop Dogg, and others with awards. In Fonda’s acceptance speech, she preached, “This is an existential crisis that we’re in.” She also made a sales pitch for the progressive vote, saying, “We have to do everything we can to take back the house in November. If anything can save us, it’s gonna be taking back our government.”


The Derangement Is Real

Among the many accomplishments that Donald Trump has managed to achieve during his term in office thus far, one of the most under reported, but no less significant deed, is to have shone a light on mental illness in the country. While many people manage to live among society with varying degrees of it under control, certain segments tend to attract more then their share of those afflicted with some kind of disorder. With the emergence of Trump, the extent of mental illness can now be seen.


Lawrence Solomon: Trump might soon be unleashing his most radical economic ideas yet

A few months ago, Democrats in the U.S. were rubbing their hands in glee in anticipation of a “blue wave” that would give them control of Congress in the November mid-term elections and allow them to impeach President Donald Trump. Today, they’re wringing their hands in fear that the Republicans could defy the odds and keep the Congress — historically, the party controlling the presidency loses seats in the House of Representatives 90 per cent of the time.

Soon Democrats could be raising their hands in horror at an increasingly plausible scenario: a “red wave” that, far beyond denying them their much-expected impeachment, gives Trump the supermajority he needs to pass virtually any legislation he wishes.


Crazy Liberal Activist Wants To Arrest All 63 Million Americans Who Voted For Trump

An insane liberal activist with her own Wikipedia page suggested in a truly demented tweet posted Monday that President Donald Trump and his millions of supporters will one day “face trial and end up in prison.”

6 months max until she’s involuntarily placed in a mental health facility?


Shaun King, Linda Sarsour, Others Try To Hammer Trump On Immigration But Hit Obama Instead

Shaun King, Linda Sarsour and other liberals thought they were criticizing the Trump administration on Sunday when they tweeted a picture of immigrant minors sleeping in a caged enclosure, but it turned out they were inadvertently tweeting a photo that occurred during the Obama administration instead.