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‘Cannibal’ paedophile, 22, and his 12-year-old ‘girlfriend’ are detained in Russia after they ‘cooked man’s BRAIN and ate his body parts after he was axed to death’

Brutal: Police say Alexander Popovich had been murdered with an axe which had been used to mutilate his body

A shocking video released by the Russian Investigative Committee – in charge of probing serious crime – showed the messy bloodstained ground floor flat and the victim’s body parts covered in a white quilt.


Indian husband files for divorce from new bride after discovering she had a ‘BEARD’ when she removed her veil for the first time

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Japan – Human Remains Found In Cracked Nose Of Bullet Train

The damage notice at the stop was a large crack in the train’s bonnet but it was not considered serious enough to halt its journey. Upon arriving at its destination, it was inspected further and human body parts were found in the cracked portion of the train’s nose. Trains that run both ways on the Sanyo Shinkansen line between the cities of Hiroshima and Hakata were immediately canceled for the rest of the day.


‘Women are the worst to control’: New Jersey mayor DEFENDS cops who repeatedly punched a bikini-clad mother in the head on a beach as she denies sparking the confrontation by spitting on the officers

Wildwood, New Jersey Mayor Ernie Troiano defended police Tuesday after they repeatedly punched a Philadelphia mother in the head, as they claim she spat on them.

Troiano said Emily Weinman, 20, who denied spitting on officers, was ‘by far the aggressor here’ and pointed out that women can be harder to subdue than men.

The young mother was seen on video being punched in the head by a police officer on a New Jersey beach. Her attorney told the charges against her are exaggerated.


Only In Florida: City Mistakenly Issues Zombie Alert

One of the stranger aspects of modern pop culture has been the proliferation of zombies in movies, video games and hit television series like “The Walking Dead” and the allure of the undead is irresistible to many Americans.

It would be easy to see the zombie fascination as simply a metaphor of the strange nation that we now inhabit. You could just think of the sign-carrying, shuffling masses of #theResistance as  being the perfect representations of the “walkers’ but this has been ongoing for longer than President Trump won the election and seems to have exploded onto the national consciousness during the existential hell of the Obama years.