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Alarming Video From Mexico Gives Scale for “Third Wave” of Central American Migrants

With the possibility of the Central American migration having an impact on the midterm election, it doesn’t come as a surprise the mainstream media are not attempting to accurately give a scale or scope of the size of the crowds. Estimates from U.S. media have repeated a “few thousand”, up to “seven thousand.” However, Mexican media initially put the numbers much higher, upward of fourteen thousand in the first wave.

Since that October 22nd report, there have been two more waves, or ‘caravans‘ reported, entering Mexico’s southern border region. With the U.S. media now trying to downplay the scale, some independent researchers have been scouring social media from Mexico in order to gain a more accurate estimate. Rosie [almostjingo – twitter] discovered a series of videos on Instagram posted by a Mexican advocacy group helping to facilitate the transit.


Migrant caravan coordinator says demand for Mexico to provide buses has ‘failed’

The leading migrant caravan trying to make its way to the United States border is admitting defeat after asking the Mexican government to provide dozens of buses to speed up the group’s journey northward.

The setback comes days after caravan leaders asked for “safe and dignified” transport to Mexico City, a checkpoint along the way for a group that has been dwindling in size as members either apply for protected status in Mexico or drop out over fatigue exacerbated by the sweltering weather conditions they have been facing.


Media Outlets Attempt To Spin a Global Warming Narrative on Migrant Caravan

Media outlets want you to know the Central American migrant caravan heading to the U.S.-Mexico border isn’t just about fleeing poverty and violence, it’s also about global warming.

The Guardian cited “experts” who “say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land – and it’s likely to get worse.” The Huffington Post said the migrant caravan “foreshadows” what’s to come with global warming.

Likewise, E&E News called the caravan a “preview of climate migrations” — that is people driven from their homes due to man-made global warming.


Report: Some In New Migrant Caravan Heading To US Have Weapons, Guns, Molotov Cocktails

Three hundred Salvadorans left the nation’s capital of San Salvador on Sunday, according to a report from Reuters. The report details how law enforcement is struggling to deal with the new group, which is allegedly using violent tactics against Mexican border agents.

Someone wants US troops firing at migrants.


‘We’re heading north! Defiant migrants turns down Mexico’s offer of works visas, health care and housing as caravan presses on with relentless march towards the US

Thousands of Central American migrants have vowed to head for the U.S. border early on Saturday morning, rejecting an offer to apply for refugee status in Mexico with the contingency that they stayed in the country’s two southernmost states.


Young Angry Men & Gangbangers March Towards U.S. Yelling “Vamos Para Allá Trump!”

Besides gang members and mobs of young angry men, the Central American caravan making its way into the United States also consists of Africans, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and Indians. Judicial Watch is covering the crisis from the Guatemalan-Honduran border this week and observed that the popular mainstream media narrative of desperate migrants—many of them women and children—seeking a better life is hardly accurate. Guatemalan intelligence officials confirmed that the caravan that originated in the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula includes a multitude of Special Interest Aliens (SIA) from the countries listed above as well as other criminal elements and gang members.

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