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Central Java city renames Pork Festival after protests by Muslim supremacists

“The Pork Festival bothers us Muslims in Semarang. That’s why we want the committee to cancel the festival and focus on the Imlek celebration. The event will still have pork stalls but they have to be closed off from the public eye,” Danang Ansoru, spokesman of the Semarang Islam Congregation Forum (FUIS), said Friday evening.

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Indonesian military commander sacked for training Islamic hardliners with soldiers

An Indonesian military commander has been replaced after photos emerged of members of the hardline Islamic defenders group training with soldiers.

The photos posted on the website of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) show the group’s members participating in a boot camp with members of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

The FPI is a hardline group that wants the imposition of Sharia law across Indonesia, and has been campaigning against Indonesian minority groups, like Chinese Christians.

Its leader Habib Rizieq is openly racist and says non-Muslims should not be allowed to have any position of power over Muslims.

The FPI is encouraging the instability in Indonesia that has been fuelled by the blasphemy trial of Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok.

Read on… and remember this is the “moderate muslim” nation of Indonesia that Justin Trudeau, our Useful Idiot PM, has given millions of your dollars to.

Muslim Fundamentalists Try to Force Out Jakarta’s Christian Governor

At the start of his blasphemy trial earlier this month, Jakarta’s Christian, ethnic Chinese governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama fought back tears as he told a court why he couldn’t possibly have intentionally insulted Islam, pointing out that he was reared by an adoptive Muslim family.

“My [biological] father and my adoptive father vowed to be brothers until the end,” testified the governor, universally known as Ahok. “The love of my adoptive parents for me has inspired me to this day.”

Indonesia: 2 suspected Islamist militants killed in standoff with police

INDONESIAN police killed two suspected Islamist militants in a house in West Java on Sunday, a police spokesman said, in the latest in a series of raids aimed at preventing planned attacks in the Muslim-majority nation.

Two men had been arrested in Cibinong, in West Java, and led police to a house nearby, at the Jatiluhur dam, where two other men were found, national police spokesman Awi Setiyono said.

“They were told to surrender, but they refused and tried to attack officers with machetes, so we fired warning shots. When they still approached, we shot them,” Setiyono said. He earlier said that a gunbattle had occurred.

The hypocrisy behind Indonesia’s war on sex

The Islamist push for a ban on extramarital sex runs counter to the nation’s more liberal sexual practices

Until 2014, Indonesian pilgrims seeking good fortune in the world of business would partake in an ancient tradition: sex with a stranger, at least seven times, at the tomb of Prince Samodra on Mount Kemukus. The practice arose from the Kebatinan belief system – a Javanese blend of animistic, Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic ideals – but was banned by the Central Java governor, who saw it as hazardous to health and morals.

The prohibition of this salacious, and admittedly rather extreme, sexual tradition was an early indicator of a religiously inspired fervour that would soon stretch across the archipelagic nation, where self-appointed upholders of moral standards are increasingly intervening in the private lives of Indonesian citizens.

In one of the most sweeping recent attempts to control people’s sexuality, Indonesia’s constitutional court is now considering outlawing extra-marital sex in Southeast Asia’s most populous state.

ISIS in Indonesia Threatens Donald Trump With ‘Assassination’

A new Malay language video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Incite the Believers to the Fight 2” features the footage of the Secret Service rushing President-Elect Donald Trump off a Reno, Nevada rally stage after Austyn Crites was dubbed an “apparent threat.”

The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on November 30. The footage of Trump comes at 2:30 after a segment about Asian world leaders participating in the American-led Operation Inherent Resolve, which is currently fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

‘It hurts so bad’ cries Indonesian woman caned in Aceh for extra-marital bond

An Indonesian woman screamed in agony as she was caned in Aceh on Monday, the latest in a growing number of women to be publicly flogged for breaking the province’s strict Islamic laws.

In the latest caning, five people — two women and three men — were flogged in front of a cheering crowd at a mosque in the provincial capital Banda Aceh.

The 34-year-old woman who yelled in pain had been found guilty of spending time in close proximity with a man who was not her husband in contravention of Aceh’s Islamic regulations.

Nice to see the community coming together for a public event. Also nice of PM Useful Idiot the ‘feminist” to have given these barbarians millions of our dollars.

Muslim Aversion to Non-Muslim Rule and the Jakarta Riots

Violence between protesters and police in Jakarta broke out Friday night, November 4, 2016, when an estimated 200,000 Muslims emerged from Friday prayers in mosques to rally outside the Indonesian president’s palace. Clashes with police led to tear gas being used on demonstrators, and Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, had to postpone his planned visit to Australia to deal with the crisis.

The crowd was calling for the arrest of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as Ahok, the ethnic Chinese Christian governor of Jakarta, which is Indonesia’s capital and the largest city in the world’s fourth most populous nation.

Indonesia: Muslims burn Christian toddler to death in molotov cocktail attack on church

JAKARTA: A toddler died Monday (Nov 14) after being injured in a Molotov cocktail attack on an Indonesian church, police said, the latest assault on a religious minority in the Muslim-majority country.

Two-year-old Intan Olivia Marbun was among four small children hurt when an attacker wearing a t-shirt with the word “jihad” on it threw explosives at the church on Borneo island Sunday from a motorbike.

The youngsters, aged between two and four, had been playing in the car park of the church in the city of Samarinda at the time of the attack.

Indonesia: Massive crowd rallies against ‘blasphemous’ Jakarta governor


THE streets of the Indonesian capital on Friday were flooded with tens of thousands of hardline Muslim protesters demanding the arrest of its minority-Christian governor who they allege has committed blasphemy.

Security forces, including the police and the military, beefed up operations days ahead of the protests in Jakarta to prevent violence, while shops and embassies closed throughout the day with the city’s usually-congested roads almost devoid of vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, the predominantly male demonstrators – most of whom wearing white shirts and skull caps – amassed at the Istiqlal Mosque for the protest following weekly Friday prayers and marched to the nearby presidential palace.

…The accusation of blasphemy (is) against Jakarta Gov. Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, an ethnic Chinese and minority Christian who is an ally of the country’s president…

…A vigilante group pushing for the implementation of Shariah law, called the Islamic Defenders Front, demanded Ahok’s arrest after he reportedly joked to an audience about a passage in the Quran that could be interpreted as prohibiting Muslims from accepting non-Muslims as leaders.

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New law to castrate and execute paedophiles after gang rape of 14-year-old girl

Sex offenders in Indonesia to be executed or CASTRATED under new laws prompted by shocking gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl Read more:

Paedophiles can now be castrated, microchipped or executed, depending on the severity of their crimes.

Those who abuse family members, or repeat offenders, face between ten and twenty years in jail along with chemical castration and tagging with a microchip.

In the worst cases, which leave victims permanently traumatised either physically or mentally, they can be executed.

Islamic Heritage Month: Indonesia’s 1st Muslim transgender boarding school forced to close by Islamic Jihad Front


Shina Ratri – Indonesian Muslim Tranny Just Like Mohammed

Indonesia’s only transgender boarding school has been forced to close by Muslim hardliners.

Al Fatah, which claimed to be the world’s only Islamic boarding school for transgender students, was long regarded as a symbol of the tolerant brand of Islam widely practised in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.

Indonesia proposes alcohol ban in Bali

The party could soon be over in one of the world’s most beer-fuelled tourism spots, the Indonesian island of Bali, under a new law that would ban the drinking of alcohol.

The proposed bill to outlaw the production, sale and consumption of alcohol across the whole of Indonesia carries a prison sentence of up to ten years for violators. If passed, it would crush the tourism sector, industry chiefs have warned.