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Awesome Whale Feeding

“Just a normal day on the docks working,when all of the sudden right behind me not 5ft away comes feeding out of the water a humpback whale swallowing everything in its path! By the time I turned around the whale had already submerged it’s self under nowhere to be seen. So me being a freak for nature photography got my Samsung Galaxy note 4 out and started to record in hopes that this amazing creature would soon come bubble feeding again, and what do you know I catch a glimpse of boiling water not 5ft from the docks again! It was a great day to have a camera!

K and I did the Alaska cruise thing years ago when I was working in Vancouver. Ketchikan, where this was filmed was one of the stops.


Evening photos: Various

First is a photo taken by reader Bataviawillem.

Then a series by a Russian photographer, Marat Akhmetvaleev, whose work can be seen here. Not every photo specifies a location, but of those that do, they are all in the Ural Mountains area.

Misty-birch-forest2Misty Wandering by Marat Akhmetvaleev.

Ice-on-lake-sunsetCrystal by Marat Akhmetvaleev (pieces of ice in early spring left on a lake)

Fall-coloursAutumn cruise by Marat Akhmetvaleev.

Death-trapDeathtrap by Marat Akhmetvaleev (spooky-looking: perhaps a lake created by a dam, leaving behind dead trees)

Snow-scene-mountainRhythm of life by Marat Akhmetvaleev

Trees-uralsUntitled by Marat Akhmetvaleev