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Republican caucus to hold annual convention at notorious Minnesota mosque

Libertarian philosophy and Islam might seem like an odd mix, but in Minnesota politics, anything is possible.

The Liberty Caucus of the Minnesota Republican Party will hold its annual convention May 12 at the Dar al-Farooq Community Center, part of the notorious hardline Bloomington mosque that has been at the center of controversy for years.


Clinton and Trump strategists still throwing punches


The ugliest presidential campaign in modern American history continued through a raucous post-mortem at Harvard University, where strategists gather every four years to chew over the recently completed contest from an insiders’ vantage point.

The scene on Thursday was fraught, from the moment the top campaigns’ top officials sat down across the room from each other. There were interruptions, accusations and plenty of cross-talk for more than two tense hours.


Republicans Turn on Party for Pantsuited Despot


One independent, pro-Clinton committee named “Republicans for Clinton” is proving to be one of the most oxymoronic players in American politics, this election cycle. With the avowed goal of stopping Trump, using a probable Clinton White House as a reorganization period for the party, and to retain the Republican held Senate, R4C16 is a shadow group of establishment Republicans that want nothing more for government to grow.

With the movement hailing from the circles of establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and liberal neo-conservatives like George H. W. Bush, the organizers behind this treachery are misguiding actual, conservative voter placed in moral dilemma between Trump and Clinton to support the worst of the two candidates. Large proponents are also leaders in the #NeverTrump movement.


Ann Coulter: GOP Blames Victim Of Media Rape

Even having predicted that the media’s attacks on Trump would be unprecedented, I’m still amazed. Every single news outlet is dedicated to hysterically denouncing Trump, every minute of every day, while cooing at Hillary.

Everything Hillary has ever touched has failed, been engulfed in scandal, resulted in massive investigations, litigation, financial ruin, prison or death. The final stage of any Hillary enterprise is a grand announcement that Hillary did not technically break the law. Or no one can prove she did. Or, even if she did, no one ever gets prosecuted for it.


Cruz booed after refusing to endorse Trump

Ted Cruz sensationally withheld an endorsement of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention Wednesday, earning a chorus of boos from the floor before he was upstaged in a power play by the GOP nominee himself.

In a dramatic development, as Cruz wrapped up his speech, Trump suddenly appeared in the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. He walked to join his family in a VIP area and flashed a thumbs-up — a gesture that transmitted clear anger at the Texas senator’s behavior.

GOP officials rip Cruz for withholding Trump support, Gingrich gives endorsement on his behalf

One RNC official called Cruz’s speech “classless,” while a senior GOP operative on the convention floor told Fox News, “I could not believe it. I literally could not believe [Cruz] didn’t endorse Trump. I’m speechless.”


Why Don’t Republicans Name the Enemy?

In The Wall Street Journal last week, two influential billionaires — former New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a very moderate Republican, and Charles G. Koch, the libertarian chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. — wrote an op-ed piece decrying the suppression of free speech taking place at universities across America.

You have to salute their good intentions. But as well-intentioned and accurate as their critique is, the Bloomberg-Koch column is largely useless.

Largely useless? So much like the GOP in general then.


Lifelong Republican &Trump Supporter Burns Registration Card: “I Will Never Be A Republican Again”


Colorado might be the most aggressive Republican Party manipulation of a delegate nominating process to date. The media is well aware of what took place, but refuses to report on it. Trump delegates were intimidated, ignored, and ultimately had their names eliminated from ballots. Many left there declaring they had finally had enough of the GOP.


GOPe: They’re Not On Your Side, No Matter Which Side You’re On


The nomination of either Trump or Cruz is a complete rejection and repudiation of the party’s leadership. It will be the end of Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, the Bushes, et al. They can pack up their white boards, briefcases, polls and crony capitalism and head back to the ranch.

The GOP wants Hillary to win — otherwise they would embrace Trump as the nominee.


Who Loses To Hillary In A Head To Head Match-Up?


I’ve heard it so many times now. “Trump can’t beat Hillary!” I’m going to be honest with you guys. (And keep in mind, I only speak for myself here, not the other Chicks.) I don’t believe it. If Trump’s the nominee, I don’t see him losing to Hillary Clinton. She’s awful. She’s a pathological liar and the only person who takes her seriously is Debbie McFrizz. I know people hate Trump too, but I’m getting bored hearing the establishment tout the polls showing Trump losing to Hillary. Funny, these are the same people who swore on their lives that John McCain and Mitt Romney could beat Obama, and they were wrong both times. Now they say Trump can’t beat Hillary. Perhaps they’re wrong about this too.

Insiders to Trump: No majority, no nomination