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Alleged Nazi war criminal wanted by Russia dies in Quebec

Part of the memorial for the 2,230,000 citizens of Belarus who were killed during World War II, located at Khatyn. Source.

MONTREAL (AP) — The lawyer for the man in the No. 2 spot on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of most wanted Nazi war criminals says his client has died at 93.

Vladimir Katriuk passed away last week after a long illness, his lawyer Orest Rudzik said Thursday.

Russia charged Katriuk earlier this month with genocide in connection with the 1943 killing of civilians in Khatyn, now part of Belarus.

According to war reports, Katriuk was a member of a Ukrainian battalion of the SS, the elite Nazi storm troops, between 1942 and 1944. He had denied the accusations against him.

Katriuck moved to Canada in 1951 and eventually became a Canadian citizen.


Vladimir Putin’s Stalinist biker gang ‘friends’ camp out on Polish border after authorities ban them from entering country on WWII memorial ride

Vladimir Putin rides a Harley Davidson trike next to Night Wolves leader Alexander Zaldostanov in the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, in 2011

A Russian biker gang, which Vladimir Putin describes as his ‘friends’, has camped out on the Polish border after being banned from entering the country for a World War II memorial ride.

Polish authorities said last week they would ban entry to the Night Wolves, with leaders calling their plans to ride through Poland en route to commemorations of World War II a ‘provocation’.

The group vowed to enter anyway and 15 were seen Monday morning at the border crossing between Brest, Belarus, and Terespol, Poland…

unnamed-10A flag bearing the image of Stalin is seen as Night Wolves bikers gather in Moscow ahead of the memorial run


Belarus town shocked to discover buildings and pavements built of gravestones of Jews the Nazis tried to erase

Residents began taking the headstones to a local priest – who told them they were religious artifacts and should be protected

Residents of a Belarus town on the border with Poland made the macabre discovery that thousands of Jewish gravestones have been used to construct buildings, roads – and even garden paving.

The headstones have been turning up in locations all over Brest over the past six years, with around 1,500 discovered so far.

Hundreds were discovered in May during the construction of a supermarket, with headstones unearthed by diggers.

Debra Brunner, co-director of The Together Plan, a UK-based charity that promotes the development of skills and education in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, has been helping with efforts to have the headstones protected and turned into a memorial.

She has visited the supermarket site herself and described the experience as ‘bizarre’…