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‘Put an Empty Space to Better Use’: Irish Urged to House Migrants in Spare Beds

In a new national campaign urging people to “put empty space to better use”, the Irish Red Cross said: “Pledging a vacant property or spare room will play a significant and valuable role in helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives and settle in Irish communities.”As well as calling on homeowners to pledge spare beds or rooms, the charity also wants holiday homes, second homes, and any other vacant properties in Ireland to be offered up for the cause of housing migrants.


‘’This Is Not Mecca!’’ Residents of Irish Town Object to Plans for Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center

Explaining that his prayer meetings normally gather only a small number of people, one voice from the floor shouted “What the f___ do you need to build that monstrous building for then?!”


Gay marriage cake row reaches UK’s supreme court in Belfast

A bakery run by evangelical Christians is to launch a fresh attempt to overturn a £500 award made against it for refusing to bake a cake promoting same-sex marriage.

Ashers bakery, which has branches in Northern Ireland and is financially supported by the Christian Institute, is taking its claim to the supreme court on Tuesday, which is sitting in Belfast this week.

The firm has twice been found to have discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation after it cancelled an order by a gay activist in 2014 for a cake decorated with the slogan: “Support gay marriage”.


In Ireland, a Leftist Reluctantly Comes to Terms with Nationalism

Ireland, thanks to its system of interchangeable representatives of two main parties you can’t tell apart, is currently led by a fellow named Leo Varadkar, a gay, half-Indian prime minister, called the Taoiseach (pronounced “t-shock”), who stepped into the office when his predecessor suddenly stepped down. Ireland has legalized gay marriage by a popular vote, is now trying to repeal the country’s stringent anti-abortion constitution by repealing the Eighth Amendment, and is hell-bent on upsizing its population according to the Ireland 2040 plan, which envisions adding an additional one million people to the current population of 4.8 million people in the Republic — mostly through “immigration.”


WATCH: Campus Reform Asks Students On The Street If Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Is ‘Cultural Appropriation’

On Friday, Campus Reform uploaded a video in which media director, Cabot Phillips, asks college students if celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a frivolous manner is a form of “cultural appropriation.” In a shocking twist, almost all of the students in the video come to the conclusion that it is indeed cultural appropriation to simply use the holiday as a means to get plastered.


There’s A Central Part Of Irish Heritage That Is Increasingly Overlooked

President Trump has declared March “Irish-American Heritage Month.” That is fitting, given how much Americans love to brag about their Irish heritage, whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not. Irish-themed bumper stickers, Celtic art tattoos, and Celtic crosses are all ubiquitous paraphernalia of Americans eager to assert pride in their ancestral homeland.


Pictured: The Japanese man killed & Irish student stabbed ‘by Egyptian asylum seeker’ in Ireland

The victim of a knife rampage in Ireland yesterday has been identified as a Japanese call centre worker.

Yosuke Sasaki, 24, died when an 18-year-old Egyptian asylum seeker allegedly stabbed him in the back in Dundalk, County Louth.

Police had been investigating whether or not the attack was terrorism-related, and a statement released today said the inquiry has now spread across the globe as detectives try to establish a motive.


Egyptian in terror probe after Dundalk murder had passed through Northern Ireland

An Egyptian teenager arrested after a violent rampage in which an Asian man was stabbed to death had entered the Republic through Northern Ireland, Garda believe.

The Garda is trawling through two mobile phones recovered from the teenager as they probe whether the attacks are linked to Islamic terrorism.

The killing of the Japanese man in Dundalk has sparked an international investigation, as Garda national units liaise with colleagues in other countries to determine if the arrested man has links to international terror organisations.


Ireland: Police arrest ‘Middle-Eastern man’ after one person killed and two injured in ‘random stabbing attack’

One person has died and two others have been injured in what is being described as a ‘random stabbing attack’ in Ireland.

Gardai are said to have arrested a Middle-Eastern man, according to Ireland’s News 3, and officers are investigating if three separate incidents are terror related.

The knife attack happened shortly before 9am in Dundalk and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

A “Syrian”