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Tommy Robinson denied visa for US visit to meet Republican members of Congress

British far-Right activist Tommy Robinson has not been granted a US visa to meet with Republican lawmakers in Washington this week, an organiser of the meeting said on Monday.

Robinson is the founder of the English Defence League, or EDL, which in the past has staged violent demonstrations against Islam.

He was jailed by British authorities in 2013 for using a passport in someone else’s name to travel to the United States from Britain. He was later jailed on a separate charge of contempt of court, but was released in August.


Tommy Robinson invited to address US lawmakers, multiple convictions complicate visa decision

American authorities are reportedly considering Tommy Robinson’s visa after the far-right activist was invited to speak at the US Congress by Republican lawmakers and a conservative think-thank that funds his legal battles.

The English Defence League-founder, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was previously refused entry to the US due to his plethora of criminal convictions. As well as drug possession, violence and public order offences, Robinson was jailed in 2012 for using a friend’s passport to travel to New York.


Tommy Robinson is free, for now

On Tuesday, Robinson appeared before the highest circuit judge in London’s Central Criminal Court, defending himself against contempt charges that landed him in prison.

Judge Nicholas Hilliard, Q.C. ruled that the facts of the case were not yet settled, and referred the case to the Attorney General — punting the decision to the political class, who will have to weigh public interest in its ruling.


Tommy Robinson Invited to America

The Middle East Forum has, in conjunction with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, invited activist and journalist Tommy Robinson to the United States.

In addition, Rep. Paul Gosar (Republican of Arizona) and six other members of Congress have invited Mr. Robinson to speak to the Conservative Opportunity Society in a closed-door event.

Assuming all the legal issues are sorted out, he will address the public in Washington, D.C. on November 14. Americans will then have a chance to hear Mr. Robinson, a long-time target of UK authorities attempting to silence criticism of Islamism, about his first-hand experience confronting radical Islam and his cautionary tale about political correctness run amok.


Tommy Robinson appeal: Watch all of Ezra Levant’s reports from London

Before entering the Old Bailey courthouse in London today, Tommy Robinson addressed a crowd of thousands of supporters.

“You are the enemy of the people,” he said to the assembled journalists, going on to describe their bias and the double standards they are held to by authorities.

Then he welcomed military veterans onstage and called them “the real heroes.”


Tommy Robinson at Old Bailey – LIVE Updates

Live updates as EDL founder faces fresh contempt of court hearing

Some background – Tommy Robinson faces fresh contempt of court hearing with more than 1,000 supporters set to protest outside

Twitter #tommyrobinson


Police release CCTV of 17 men they want to trace after violence at Free Tommy Robinson event

Police have released CCTV stills of 17 men they want to trace in relation to the violence which erupted at a Free Tommy Robinson protest four months ago.

Hundreds of supporters of the former leader of the English Defence League and far-right activist descended on Whitehall in central London on June 9.

Nine arrests were made and several people were injured at the protest including five officers.