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Ottawa holds consultations on racism behind closed doors

“The meetings are not held in public for the simple reason that we want to be able to have in-depth discussions with experts across the country, in which the participants’ comments are not misconstrued or judged,” Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, said in an interview on Monday.

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Trudeau’s “Moderate” Deficits Continue to Be Not So Moderate After All

According to Globe and Mail reporter Bill Curry, “Ottawa recorded a $10.6-billion deficit in March and now expects the final deficit figure for 2017-18 will be in line with the $19.4-billion estimated in the February budget.”

This is quite worrying, as the most recent budget tabled by the Trudeau government provided “no timetable for balanced books anywhere on its horizon”.


Toronto asks Ottawa, province for help to deal with influx of refugee claimants

The mayor of Toronto says the city will need to open an emergency reception centre over the next seven days to deal with an influx of refugees claimants.

The federal and Ontario governments should take action to relieve the growing pressure refugee claimants are putting on the city’s shelter system, John Tory said Friday, as he asked for support on the issue.