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Will the Dutch Protect their ‘Decadence’ from Islamic ‘Redeemers’?

Only in the Netherlands is it conceivable that a politician such as Geert Wilders, a brave maverick who for 13 years, 24 hours a day, has lived under police protection; held rallies while wearing a bulletproof vest; moved from one secret location to another one and was guarded as if he were an Asian potentate. The country has already had two political assassinations related to Islam: the politician Pim Fortuyn, and the filmmaker, Theo van Gogh. Another Dutch MP at the time, Ayaan Hirsi Ali — whose name, with Wilders’s, was next on the hit-list pinned with a knife to van Gogh’s corpse — ended up fleeing to the United States. Only Wilders’s protection, generously provided by the Dutch government, has so far avoided a third political murder.

Unprecedented rise of Muslim Denk Party in Netherlands

In an unprecedented development, the Turkish Muslims dominated Denk Party won three seats grabbing almost 200,000 votes, which comprises half of the Turkish origin citizens of Netherlands.

The Denk party is known for its pro-Erdogan ultra-right passionate sentiments. They are also known for their aversion from Moroccan community, African blacks, Alawites and Kurdish communities.

The political commentators are describing this development as a new trend in the political scene of Netherlands while attributing it to the recent tensions between Turkey and Netherlands.

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Udder chaos: Turkey deports Dutch cows in strange show of solidarity with Erdogan

The diplomatic spat between Turkey and the Netherlands has taken a bizarre turn with Istanbul sending a consignment of 40 cattle back to the Dutch.

Turkey’s Association of Red Meat Producers has sent 40 prized Holstein cattle back to the Netherlands saying that it no longer wants them due to the ongoing diplomatic spat between the two nations.

Dutch head to polls amid tense immigration policy debate

Up to 13 million Dutch voters are heading to the polls on Wednesday to elect 150 members of the lower house of parliament in a symbolic Euroscepticism showdown that seems to have split society along the immigration policy divide.

Some 28 parties are competing in the election which is largely viewed as a face-off between ultranationalist Geert Wilders and the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Under the proportional representation system, any party who receives more than 0.67 percent of the vote, will pass the mandated threshold and get at least one seat.

The Dutch Elections: Last Chance for the Netherlands?

Voters have an opportunity to reverse a disastrous immigration policy

Where would we be without the Netherlands? In its 17th-century golden age, it helped pioneer capitalism, individual liberty, and peaceful religious diversity. Even today, it punches far above its weight both economically and culturally. Yet this country of just under 17 million people has also been at the forefront of the single most disastrous multinational policy of our time: the post-war decision to take in hordes of unvetted immigrants from the Muslim world.

Violent Muslims shout antisemitic slogans during Turkish consulate protest

Police confront violent Muslims in Rotterdam

The Netherlands — Dutch Muslims shouted antisemitic slogans amid violent clashes with police in Rotterdam over authorities’ refusal to allow a Turkish Cabinet minister to campaign in Holland for a Turkey referendum vote.

Dozens of protesters gathered Saturday night in front of the Turkish consulate in the Dutch city to listen to Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya. Upon receiving a false rumor that she had been arrested, the crowd began roaring “cancer Jews” and “cancer Wilders” shortly before the outbreak of violence that led to the injury of five people

Turkey warns ‘fascist’ Holland will ‘pay a price’ for blocking pro-Erdogan election rallies and ‘letting dogs on our citizens’ during weekend

Dutch police confront belligerent Turkish Muslims

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan has labelled Holland a fascist nation and said the country will pay for blocking election rallies in Rotterdam and the ensuing riots.

Ugly scenes erupted in the city as dogs were unleashed on Turkish nationals amid protests over two ministers being blocked from entering the Netherlands

Erdogan repeated hugely controversial accusations that the Netherlands – occupied by Germany in the Second World War – was behaving like a fascist Nazi state and in its treatment of his officials.

The comments have provoked anger from Dutch politicians, and leader of the Freedom Party Geert Wilders demanded 400,000 Turkish nationals be stripped of their citizenship in Holland.

Mass immigration from Islamist states, what a great idea that was.

Turks getting ugly in Rotterdam

Turkish minister blocked by Dutch police from entering Rotterdam Consulate

Turkey’s family affairs minister has said her convoy was blocked by Dutch police from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Kaya has been reportedly detained by the Dutch police and is being held at the consulate before being further escorted to Germany, RTL News reported.

“We were stopped at the Consulate General of Rotterdam 30 meters away and were not allowed to enter,” Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya wrote earlier on Twitter, adding that by denying her access to the building “Netherlands is violating all international laws, conventions and human rights.”

More… Turkish president brands Dutch ‘Nazi remnants and fascists’ after they refused to let foreign minister’s plane land for rally

Theo van Gogh killer trashes prison kitchen over prisoner placements

Mohammed B., currently serving a life sentence in the high security prison in Vught for the 2004 murder of Theo van Gogh, barricaded himself in the prison’s kitchen on Wednesday and trashed it. He was angry because he found out that two men who carried out a terrorist attack on a mosque in Enschede last year were placed in the same prison wing as two Muslim women, NOS reports.

Gay Dutchman pleads for Prime Minister’s protection against Muslims

“Dear Prime-Minister,

Allowing different cultures into the Netherlands is fine, but not at our own expense. I am openly gay, and I sense that this is an issue in the Netherlands.

I have had nasty experiences in this neighbourhood. Those experiences amount to discrimination, verbal abuse and getting beaten up twice.

To a large degree, this is caused by integration and immigration. Islam is quite intolerant towards homosexuals. You really sense this when you live in a multicultural neighbourhood. In regard to this matter, integration has clearly failed.

I hear and read that teachers are no longer able to openly teach about homosexuality and the holocaust in their classrooms, because of a certain ideology Islam adheres to. This makes me wonder: are we still in control of our own country?

Especially as a homosexual man, this applies to me. Will I still be able to be openly gay? Or do I have to go back in the closet? And that is something I’m really worried about.

Dear Prime-Minister, will you defend Dutch tolerance and values?”