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Muslim who stabbed two American tourists in random attack in Holland says he ‘will strike again’

An Afghan asylum seeker who allegedly stabbed two American tourists in a terror attack in Amsterdam today vowed to ‘strike again’.

Jawed Santani, 19, allegedly launched the attack on August 31 at the city’s Central Station and was shot in the hip by police just nine seconds later.

The judge at his trial today asked Santani if he had anything to say. He replied: ‘I will strike again’.

The two victims of the knife attack, both 38, are emotionally scarred for life, the court in Amsterdam heard.


Does The Netherlands Have a Problem?

“Right-wing extremists are growing more confident. They continue to focus on protesting against the perceived Islamisation of the Netherlands, the arrival of asylum seekers and the perceived loss of Dutch identity…” [emphasis added] wrote Dutch authorities in a September threat assessment.

Islamization in the Netherlands, however, is not merely a “perception” of “right-wing extremists” but an increasingly established trend.


According to him, kuffar were like “animals or retarded people”

Asylum Seeker Stabbed 3 People, Sought Jews or Christians in Hague – Prosecutor

Syrian migrant Malek F. was shot by police officers in May after stabbing three people while looking for Jews or Christians in The Hague, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The 31-year-old asylum seeker was originally declared insane. The attacker said he was looking for “Christian and Jewish kuffars,” the Arabic word for the non-believers.


Dutch Envoy in Pakistan Threatened Over Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Tweets

The Netherlands’ foreign ministry has stated that they are “dealing with threats to the Dutch ambassador to Pakistan over the tweets of right-winger Geert Wilders.

“We take the security of the embassy very seriously, and that is also the subject of consultations between the Netherlands and Pakistan. For security reasons, I cannot make any further comments,” the ministry spokesman said.

Several reports recently suggested that Pakistan’s interior ministry issued a secret memo, saying the hardline Islamist Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan party (TLP) planned to “target” the envoy of the European country. However, the party, which is pushing for Sharia Law in Pakistan, refuted the allegations.

The secret document referred to the reports, stating that “elements associated with the TLP” were planning “to seek revenge for uploading of blasphemous caricatures by Geert Wilders, Dutch parliamentarian, on his personal Twitter account.”


Geert Wilders is now protected for 14 years. His crime? He criticised Islam

“I live in a government safe house, heavily protected and bulletproof… I am driven every day from the safe house to my office in the Dutch parliament building in armoured police cars..,” Dutch MP Geert Wilders tells in his book Marked for Death.


Young Muslim boys tell Dutch volunteer: “If we dominate here, all of you will be beheaded”

A former Shell CEO, who volunteers in giving education to migrants in the Netherlands, gave some shocking examples of his experiences with them. Although he had a lot of fun as well, he thinks the integration of Muslims is moving in the wrong direction.