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“Moroccan” Dutch secret service agent assigned to protect Geert Wilders is suspended for leaking details to a criminal group

A Dutch secret service agent assigned to protect anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders has been suspended on suspicion of leaking details to a criminal group.

The agent has been identified as an experienced officer in his mid-30s with a ‘Moroccan background’ who was part of a team responsible for looking after the frontrunner in next month’s Dutch elections.

Wilders, who campaigns on an anti-Islam platform that includes closing mosques and banning immigration from Muslim countries that has led to the protection, condemned the alleged breach, saying he cannot function without adequate security.

‘All Jews should have been killed,’ says Muslim complaining about Dutch discrimination

Rachid el Hajoui – yet another moderate Muslim who agrees with Hitler and his Final Solution.

Another pearl in the long, long, string of media pearls relating to Europe’s Muslim population, which just can’t seem to shake the false narrative of victimhood. Yesterday the Dutch Public Broadcasting Company (NOS) allowed Dutch Muslims to point their finger at the Dutch and shout ‘discrimination!’ again. One of the stories about how badly Muslims are treated and how difficult a life they have, came from Rachid el Hajoui.

Dutch secret service: Kids from IS-territory could pose terror threat

Dutch secret service (AIVD) warned on Wednesday that not just so-called “Islamic State” (IS) fighters returning home to the Netherlands could pose a danger to the country but also their children.
Rob Bertholee, chairman of AIVD, told a Dutch television broadcaster that many of these children could have been trained to fight.

“Boys can attend training camps from the age of nine,” he said, adding that children of that age “or even younger” had likely been involved in attacks and executions. “Children in the IS area have lost their innocence due to all the violence,” Bertholee added.

Dutch crackdown on Muslim terror: Netherlands backs law to strip jihadis of citizenship

THE Dutch senate has voted to strip jihadis of their Dutch citizenship as the Netherlands steps up its fight against terror.

The upper house approved the law allowing the government in the interest of national security to revoke the Dutch citizenship of militants fighting abroad with terror groups.

Members of ISIS and Al Qaeda with dual nationality attempting to return from fighting in areas such as Syria and Iraq will not be allowed back into the Netherlands.

Dutch lawmakers said jihadists will also be unable to legally enter the Schengen zone.

Gangster Islam: The problem Europe ignores

For over a decade, Europe’s struggle to successfully integrate its Muslim population has been evident. But throughout the years a new and distinctly European phenomenon arose, which is as significant as it is underreported: Gangster Islam. It entails the conflation of the seemingly a-religious street culture of youths from a Muslim background on the one hand, and elements of the Islamic religion on the other.

The German publication Der Spiegel once very briefly touched on the matter, a Danish documentary highlighted Islamic extremists recruiting gang members from a Muslim background, and a Dutch terrorism expert pointed out how Syrian returnees were more likely to live a life of crime in order to finance the jihad, than to actually commit a terror attack.

Dutch Politician Jan Roos: Stop Building a ‘Little Middle East’ in Europe

The leader of Dutch political party VNL (VoorNederland, a classically liberal party) is lashing out at “the multicultural dream forced upon us” by the establishment.

Yesterday, Dutch outlet De Dagelijkse Standaard (I serve as its editor-in-chief) reported that increasingly more teachers at primary and high schools refuse to talk about certain issues due to fear of Muslim students.

They mention a similar situation in Turkey, led by the increasingly authoritarian President Erdogan, where homosexuality and terrorism are issues better ignored. The teachers say that there’s a “cultural conflict” in Dutch classrooms, and although some of them initially tried to hang on to liberal Dutch values, many have now given up.

Study: 54% of Dutch inner city school teachers think Muslim integration has failed

Dutch children made to prostrate themselves in cult ritual.

Of all high-school teachers, a national average of 57% thinks this is caused by “the difference between Western and non-Western values,” while 39% thinks it due to the “role of religion“.

For elementary school teachers, the numbers are even higher: 62% and 43% respectively.

Due to this development, one in nine teachers now states they avoid four sensitive subjects…

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Muslims make a pitch for populist vote as Dutch politics turns sharp right

With Geert Wilders ahead in the polls, progressive Islamic party hopes to halt rightward drift

Nourdin el Ouali has grown used to far-right attacks on Dutch Muslims, and to dog-whistle politics. But when the country’s prime minister wrote an open letter last week, in effect demanding that minorities integrate or “go away”, he was still shocked.

Mark Rutte’s letter comes less than two months before a national election, and after months of watching populist Geert Wilders rising into the top position in national polls. If the election were held tomorrow his far-right party would probably be the largest in parliament.

Oh yea, that’ll work.

Meet Geert Wilders, the Donald Trump of The Netherlands who wants to lead his country out of the EU and shut the borders to Muslims

It’s market day in Dutch new town Almere and stallholder Ria Hallie is singing the praises of a blond, bouffant-haired firebrand who wants to slam shut the borders to Muslims.

Not the new US ­President — though he, too, gets the nod of approval from many in this gritty, multicultural over-spill city in the Amsterdam commuter belt.

She is talking about Geert Wilders, the so-called Dutch Donald Trump, who is leading polls for March’s ­general election after backing Nexit — a Netherlands’ exit from the EU.

From her clothing stall in the shadow of Almere’s town hall, mum-of-three Ria insisted: “Look at the British economy — it’s booming since Brexit. Holland would be the same.

“I’ll vote for Wilders. I want Nexit. We want to make our own rules.”

Self determination? ♫ Everything old is new again! ♫

Fight for the right: Dutch PM says integrate or leave

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte sought to lure voters away from anti-immigration lawmaker Geert Wilders, as campaigning for the March 15 national elections heated up on Monday.

In a full-page newspaper message, Rutte said “we have to actively defend our values” against people who refuse to integrate or act antisocially. “Behave normally or go away.”

While Rutte’s message did not mention Wilders or his Party for Freedom, it was clearly aimed at winning over voters who would likely back Wilders’ hard-line platform.

Rutte, leader of the center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, said he understands calls for people who don’t integrate to leave the Netherlands. “I have that feeling, too,” he said.

Anti-migrant protests erupt in Netherlands as refugees housed in tiny town of 8,000

TENSIONS are bubbling over in a small Dutch town after an influx of migrants rocked the community leading to protests and sparking the creation of vigilante groups.

Oude Pekela, in the Netherlands, has been the scene of heated demonstrations as locals struggle to adjust to the number of Syrian migrants being housed there.

As cities were overwhelmed with the number claiming asylum, the Dutch government was forced to house applicants far away from built-up areas.

Shelters were hastily set up in suburbs where their presence caused friction among residents, fearful immigration was impacting their small community.

Oude Pekela resident, Heye Meyer, said: “Our community is too small for this number of people.”

The Dutch Death Spiral – From Paradise to Bolshevik Thought Police

A country whose most outspoken filmmaker was slaughtered by an Islamist; whose bravest refugee, hunted by a fatwa, fled to the U.S.; whose cartoonists must live under protection, had better should think twice before condemning a Member of Parliament, whose comments about Islam have forced him to live under 24-hour protection for more than a decade, for “hate speech.” Poor Erasmus! The Netherlands is no longer a safe haven for free thinkers. It is the Nightmare for Free Speech.

The most prominent politician in the Netherlands, MP Geert Wilders, has just been convicted of “hate speech,” for asking at a really if there should be fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. Many newly-arrived Moroccans in the Netherlands seem to have been responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime there.

Muslim-founded Dutch political party posts that Hitler was Jewish

AMSTERDAM — A Dutch anti-discrimination group complained to police about a political party whose Muslim founders said Adolf Hitler was Jewish and that homosexuality is a contagious illness.

The Bureau Against Discrimination on Wednesday filed the hate speech complaint against the Free Democracy Party, which was established last week ahead of general parliamentary elections scheduled for March, the De Orkaan news site reported.

Dutch parliament votes to ban the burka on public transport and in public buildings

The Dutch parliament has voted to ban the burka on public transport and in public buildings.

The limited ban on ‘face-covering clothing’, including Islamic veils and robes, was approved by a large majority in the 150-seat lower house.

The legislation must be approved by the upper house to be passed into law.