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Why Are ‘Deradicalized’ Jihadis Funding ISIS?

An in-depth investigation by the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad revealed how ‘deradialized’ jihadis are now sending money to ISIS smugglers.

In 2004, Moroccan-born Samir Azzouz brutally murdered writer and filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam in broad daylight on a public street. Azzouz, the leader of one of Europe’s largest Islamist terror groups, was arrested in 2006 for planning follow-up attacks against Dutch security and intelligence agencies.

Azzouz received a 13-year prison sentence, yet just seven years into that sentence he was released and pushed through a low-security deradicalization program. He was put in the care of a “moderate” imam, with the hopes Azzouz would adopt the imam’s view of Islam.


Islamic preachers have increasing influence in Dutch education, intelligence service warns

Dutch intelligence service AIVD warns of radical influences in education in its annual report for 2018. According to the service, “radical Islamic boosters” play an increasingly emphatic role in the education offer for young Muslims in the Netherlands. In the long term, this could undermine the democratic legal order, the AIVD said, NOS reports.

As examples, the AIVD mentioned the “at first sight accessible and innocent” after-school lessons in Arabic and Islam. “We believe, however, that children and young people are alienated from society by this interpretation of education and may be hindered in their participation in society. This is caused by the intolerant and anti-democratic views of the initiators. According to the AIVD, “a new group of eloquent preachers” has been trained, and part of this group is not necessarily opposed to the violent jihadist ideology.

Last month NRC reported that controversial British Sharia preacher Haitham Al Haddad gave “covert” lessons at Amsterdam high school Cornelius Haga Lyceum.


Anti-immigrant Dutch party surges in regional election days after Utrecht attack

Anti-EU populists have triumphed in regional elections in the Netherlands, robbing the governing party of its senate majority in a vote held two days after a suspected terror attack in Utrecht.

The Forum for Democracy supports “Nexit”, the Netherlands leaving the EU, and is virulently against immigration and anti-Islam.

It is led by Thierry Baudet, 35, who has aped Donald Trump with “Dutch First” policies , blasted the “cartel” of establishment parties in the Netherlands and railed against the euro.


Turkish muslim suspect in Dutch tram shooting to face terrorism charge

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The main suspect in a deadly tram shooting in the Dutch city of Utrecht will be charged with offenses including multiple murder or manslaughter with a terrorist intent, prosecutors said Thursday.

Investigations so far into Monday’s shooting that left three dead and three seriously injured indicate that the shooter acted alone, prosecutors said in a written statement.

The main suspect, identified by police as Gokmen Tanis, a 37-year-old man of Turkish descent, also faces charges of attempted murder or manslaughter and making threats with a terrorist intent.


Letter in Utrecht getaway car may suggest terror motive

Dutch prosecutors have said they are seriously considering a possible terrorist motive for the shooting in Utrecht, and have so far been unable to find a link between the main suspect and the three people who were killed.

The regional public prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the investigators’ view was based on the nature of the shooting on Monday, which took place on a tram, and a letter found in the getaway car.

“Other motives cannot be excluded and are still being investigated,” the statement said, adding that a firearm had been recovered and several buildings in Utrecht had been searched. “At this point a terrorist motive is still being taken seriously.”


3 dead & multiple wounded after gunman ‘with possible terrorist motive’ opens fire on Dutch tram in Utrecht before going on the run

Netherlands tram shooting suspect captured, police say

A Turkish man was captured Monday, hours after he was identified as the suspect who allegedly gunned down three people and wounded several others on a Netherlands tram in an apparent terror attack, Dutch police said.

Update: KNOWN WOLF – The BBC have been told that Tanis “went to Chechenya to fight, and had been arrested and released a couple of years ago on charges of having links to ISIS”, according to journalist Ece Goksedef.

NEW DETAILS EMERGING ABOUT UTRECHT SHOOTING: -Suspect was recently in court on a rape charge. -Witness says the suspect targeted 1 specific woman and began shooting at others when they intervened.

BREAKING: Utrecht gunman shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ while fleeing the scene of the shooting which killed at least 3, injured 5 others – Eyewitness

Update – 3 dead

Police say one or multiple assailants are still at large, and have since instructed all schools in the city to keep their doors closed.

Twitter Utrecht

#BREAKING: All mosques in #Utrecht have been evacuated.

Police have released this photo of suspect – 37-year-old Gökman Tanis (born in Turkey) in connection with the incident this morning at it #24oktoberplein In Utrecht.


Netherlands cuts Muslim man’s benefits for ignoring safety regulations & refusing to shave beard while training in asbestos removal

A Dutch court has backed the suspension of a Muslim man’s benefits over his refusal on religious grounds to shave his beard while on training for a job.

The unnamed man had been offered a job as an asbestos removal officer but was subsequently told he would need to be clean shaven in order to undergo the training course.

When he refused on the basis of his religious convictions, Amersfoort city council suspended for a month payments to both him and his wife under the Participatiewet, which provides for a minimum income for every legal resident in the Netherlands.

This is the Guardian’s headline “Netherlands cuts Muslim man’s benefits for refusing to shave beard” – nothin like torquing the “Islamophobia” angle.


Netherlands: College suspends teacher for insulting Muhammad

“You said that Mohammed was married to an eight-year-old girl, and that in the Netherlands a grown man who marries a girl of eight is seen as a pedophile.”

Strictly speaking, the teacher was wrong: Muhammad married Aisha when she was six, and consummated the marriage (i.e., raped her) when she was nine.


Iran behind two assassinations in Netherlands – minister

Iran has been accused by the Dutch government of directing two political assassinations in the Netherlands, triggering EU sanctions against Tehran’s military intelligence service.

The two murders are alleged to have taken place in broad daylight in 2015 in Almere, a city east of Amsterdam, and in 2017 on a street close to the Dutch foreign ministry in The Hague.

In a written statement to the Dutch parliament, Stef Blok, the country’s foreign minister, said intelligence services had found “strong indications that Iran was involved in the assassinations of two Dutch nationals of Iranian origin”.


What is Being Taught at the “Islamic University of Europe” in the Netherlands?

A recent development in a two-year-old corruption scandal — involving the so-called “Islamic University of Europe” in the Netherlands — has renewed public interest in the institution, involving tax fraud.

Its rector, professor Nedim Bahçekapılı, has gone missing after Dutch prosecutors decided to arrest him as part of an investigation addressing the school’s “tax evasion of millions of Euros, corruption, and opening fraudulent classes.” The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security said that the rector could not be found and is believed to have left the country.

Less attention has been paid, however, to the dangerous course content of the Rotterdam-based school, which, in 2016, was stripped by the Dutch Parliament of its “university” status for financial reasons.


Netherlands: Muslims celebrate the new year by tossing fireworks at police

They shouted Allahu Akbar while doing so we have to respect their religion.


Muslim who stabbed two American tourists in random attack in Holland says he ‘will strike again’

An Afghan asylum seeker who allegedly stabbed two American tourists in a terror attack in Amsterdam today vowed to ‘strike again’.

Jawed Santani, 19, allegedly launched the attack on August 31 at the city’s Central Station and was shot in the hip by police just nine seconds later.

The judge at his trial today asked Santani if he had anything to say. He replied: ‘I will strike again’.

The two victims of the knife attack, both 38, are emotionally scarred for life, the court in Amsterdam heard.


Does The Netherlands Have a Problem?

“Right-wing extremists are growing more confident. They continue to focus on protesting against the perceived Islamisation of the Netherlands, the arrival of asylum seekers and the perceived loss of Dutch identity…” [emphasis added] wrote Dutch authorities in a September threat assessment.

Islamization in the Netherlands, however, is not merely a “perception” of “right-wing extremists” but an increasingly established trend.


According to him, kuffar were like “animals or retarded people”

Asylum Seeker Stabbed 3 People, Sought Jews or Christians in Hague – Prosecutor

Syrian migrant Malek F. was shot by police officers in May after stabbing three people while looking for Jews or Christians in The Hague, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The 31-year-old asylum seeker was originally declared insane. The attacker said he was looking for “Christian and Jewish kuffars,” the Arabic word for the non-believers.