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Amsterdam to install several anti-terror barriers near its tourist hotspots

Some of the locations where the barriers are placed are “Het Rokin”, “De Dam” and near the “Heineken experience”, a tourist attraction. During big events like the Amsterdam marathon there are already several temporary anti-terror measures. A video emerged that showed how one of Amsterdam’s stations was barricaded by large concrete blocks or as some call it ‘Merkel Lego’.


Dutch parliament rejects Turkish party’s offer to discuss Islamophobia

According to the results of the U.S.-based FRA survey, the Muslim community in the Netherlands is more widely discriminated against than any other Muslim communities in the EU. In response to the results of the survey, the Dutch Denk Party, founded by Dutch-Turks, is seeking to bring the subject to the agenda of parliament. However, the Denk Party’s attempts to discuss the issue were rejected in parliament.


HuffPost Columnist: Netherlands Pushing “A Moral Duty To Abort” Down Syndrome Babies

First Iceland, now the Netherlands? Renate Lindeman, the organizer behind DownPride and the mother of two Down Syndrome daughters, accuses the country’s medical industry and government of pressuring mothers to abort their Down Syndrome babies after prenatal testing provides that diagnosis. Lindeman writes that the government is spreading misleading information on Down health costs in order to incentivize abortions and to implement what is essentially a eugenics program.


Dutch jihadis are calling TV stations to announce their return home from Syria

More to ISIS than just head chopping.

Jihadis from the Netherlands suspected of fighting for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) are contacting television stations at home in a bid to improve their image before they return and face trial.

Last week, two Dutch fighters contacted separate television stations to give interviews, announcing that they are to return to their home country, according to The Daily Beast. They are part of a wave that has given security services across the continent increasing concern.

The two jihadis are part of a wider group of 10 that Dutch authorities seek to put on trial. A court decided that they can be present to defend themselves and have until January 2018 to return to Dutch soil.

They should ask for Canadian citizenship, Justin will make them rich.


Netherlands to euthanize healthy people over 75

From Emma Elliot Frier at the Federalist:

Politicians in the Netherlands are discussing the possibility of legalizing euthanasia for healthy people. The proposed “Completed Life Bill” would allow any person age 75 or over who decides their life is “complete” to receive euthanasia. It doesn’t matter if they are otherwise perfectly healthy. More.

Reality check: Once the idea that doctors can cause death is accepted in principle, death on demand for everyone at all ages is inevitable. Then letting the health care system run down will take care of the rest of the problem: In the age of high tech, most European countries can get by with many fewer people.

See also: Dutch now offer euthanasia for alcoholics Progressive globalist governments do not need high-maintenance Western populations. They have ‘bots, techs, and unfree peoples around the globe. And we are all “the fetus” now.


Scary Quebec euthanasia stats… but so? How did we think progressive governments would pay for all the social transformations they envision?


Jihad Joris: Dutch Converts Waging Jihad in Syria and Iraq

In mid 2012, the European intelligence and security community was confronted with a sudden outflow of citizens traveling to Syria, and later to Iraq. Quickly after its violent escalation in 2011, the Syrian uprising seemed to attract large numbers of religiously motivated combatants from all over the world. The Netherlands was no exception as the flow of foreign fighters travelling to Syria and Iraq had grown from a few dozen in late 2012 and early 2013 to nearly 300 in 2017.

Although the academic interest for the phenomenon has increased over the course of the past years, the amount of systematic analysis of who these men and women are seems to linger – with few, yet valuable, exceptions.


Dutch intelligence fears return of ISIS child soldiers!

According to a Dutch intelligence report, there are approximately 80 or more Dutch children living under ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Women in ISIS territories often become pregnant and as a result the Dutch authorities have no exact statistics.

According to the Dutch intelligence services the children are seen as cubs that will grow as lions of the ISIS self-proclaimed caliphate. Therefore, they are trained at a very young age at special ISIS schools. The children receive Sharia education as well as military training within a group known as Cubs of the Caliphate.


Amsterdam moves postcard-sized Shoah plaque after residents complain

In their motion, the two residents said they found it too confrontational to have to constantly be reminded, because of the memorial cobblestone, of the deportation and murder of Elte, a 51-year-old accountant who died at a Nazi concentration camp in 1945. They also argued it “compromises the atmosphere” of their upscale neighborhood and their privacy and that of their children because it attracts onlookers.


WILDERS: Patriot Spring in Full Bloom — Dutch Have Enough of Open Door Policies

The tulip fields around Keukenhof, south of Amsterdam, are one of Holland’s most famous tourist attractions. Especially in this time of the year. Winter is over and has finally given way to Spring. From the sky, air travellers can watch a rich tapestry of colours reaching almost to Schiphol Airport.

The freshness of Spring can be noticed not just in the tulip fields, but also in the corridors of Dutch politics. There, since March 15, the day of our general elections, the Patriot Spring is in full bloom.