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Lise Ravary: It’s not racist to question multiculturalism in Canada

It seems that public conversations about immigration, diversity and especially multiculturalism are verboten in Canada. To mention the advantages of integration, on any tone, in any manner, smacks of colonialism, it seems.

When have we become fearful of confronting in the public square issues that are openly discussed in people’s homes and places of work? Why are a German chancellor and a British prime minister able to question the benefits of multiculturalism without being called racists while we go crazy when an elected Member of Parliament does the same thing in a series of tweets?


IMF: Spain Needs Five Million Migrants to ‘Pay Pensions‘ Despite 34% Youth Unemployment

Spain must open its borders to more than five million migrants over the coming decades in order to fund the pension system, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared.

According to the organisation, which is led by arch-globalist Christine Lagarde, the Mediterranean nation must welcome 5.5 million migrants before 2050 in order to ease dependency ratio woes which can result from an ageing population.


FATAH: Canada has no space for Sir John A, but plenty for Jinnah

On Sunday evening, Quebec MP Maxime Bernier posted a six-tweet thread on ‘extreme multiculturalism’ that has set off a political maelstrom in Canada, a country that seems no longer accustomed to hearing the truth from its political leaders.


FUREY: Relax, there’s nothing wrong about debating multiculturalism – in fact, it’s healthy

Just like that, with the snap of a finger, a moral panic washed over the chattering classes. Someone said something about diversity and multiculturalism. And it was something that didn’t entirely fall within the officially sanctioned boundaries of how we’re supposed to talk about those issues.

Sound the alarm! Man the ramparts! Wrongthink brigade, attack!


Immigration Will Not Make America Great Again

Although the “progressive left” fetishizes open borders for its own sake, they nevertheless festoon their arguments with economic ornamentation in an attempt to convince fiscally-minded fence-sitters. Usually, their ploy fails.

But every once in a while a seemingly convincing argument is made.  Ruchir Sharma’s piece in the New York Times, entitled “To Be Great Again, America Needs Immigrants,” is one such piece.  Not only does Sharma rely on uncontested data, but his logic seems solid.  But looks can be deceiving.  Sharma’s argument suffers from two main problems: Sharma misunderstands how economies grow, and he conflates gross domestic product (GDP) with prosperity.


Immigrants Change Cultures — Whether New Yorkers in Florida or Latinos in America

The most frequently used description of America by those who advocate for large numbers of immigrants — those here legally or illegally — is “America is a nation of immigrants.”

The statement sounds meaningful. But in reality, it’s meaningless. What else could America be? If no one had come to America from elsewhere, the North American continent would have remained populated only by its indigenous people — which is what many on the left wish had happened. As the late Howard Zinn, author of “A People’s History of the United States,” the most widely used American history text in high schools and universities, said to me, the world was not better off thanks to the founding of America.


Australians are overwhelmingly fed up with the high immigration

Australians are overwhelmingly fed up with the high immigration pace with the 25 million milestone set to be reached in less than a month, an opinion poll shows.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates one person is being added every one minute and 23 seconds.

The 25 million mark is set to be reached on August 8, just two-and-a-half years after Australia overtook the 24 million mark.


Bishop: Mass migration part of plan to water down Europe’s Christian identity

MILAN, Italy, July 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic bishop has stated that the mass migration from Africa and Asia into Europe in recent years is part of a plan to change the Christian identity of Europe.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, 57, told an interviewer from Milan’s Il Giornale last week that “the phenomenon of so-called “immigration” represents an orchestrated and long-prepared plan by international powers to radically change the Christian and national identities of the European peoples.”

The Church, he said, was being exploited.


The Migrant Crisis

From Brendan O’Neill of Spiked

It is becoming increasingly clear why immigration is so important to the EU elites: because they see the mass movement of people essentially as a weapon against national sovereignty. Their mass-migration project of recent years hasn’t been a humane endeavour to improve the lives of foreign peoples; it has been about further erasing borders, using migrant flows effectively as a tool to push the EU oligarchy’s post-nation agenda. This is why, ahead of this week’s EU summit on the migrant crisis, Angela Merkel said the migrant question is central to the EU’s ‘value system’ and to its celebration of ‘multilateralism’. In short, migrant flows make real the EU’s claim to be a post-sovereignty entity. This is also why Brussels is upping the ante against Hungary – because Hungary’s refusal to take in certain migrants represents an intolerable assertion of national independence against EU pressure. And this is why EU officials and their media cheerleaders rail against ordinary people who question mass migration or argue that it should be a democratic issue: because this undermines the EU project of removing key political questions from the pesky realm of national democracy. They have weaponised immigration and then they wonder why so many Europeans are concerned about immigration. It isn’t because they’re xenophobic, but because they know that among the political elites being ‘pro-migrant’ is now code for being anti-democratic.


White Brits set to become minority in Birmingham, report reveals

Birmingham is on track to become the UK’s most multicultural city, with more than half of the population from an ethnic minority by 2021. It’s predicted white Brits will soon be outnumbered in the Midlands city.
Nearly 50,000 people in the city cannot speak English and there are thought to be residents from nearly 200 countries living in the city, according to the Community Cohesion Strategy for Birmingham green paper. It describes the city as “super diverse”.


Green Papers are consultation documents, in this case produced by the Birmingham City Council (BCC). The aim of a green paper allows people both inside and outside the government to provide the feedback on policy or legislative proposals.

The report, tabled before the BCC cabinet on Tuesday, recognizes trade links and other benefits of such a multicultural city, but Birmingham’s multitude of cultures has also been identified as major factor in social segregation and a source of community “tension”.


Hungarian Govt Outlines ‘Stop Soros’ Legislation Criminalising NGOs Which Aid and Abet Illegal Migrants

The Hungarian government has outlined its ‘Stop Soros’ legislative package, which will punish NGOs and activists facilitating illegal immigration.

George Soros is considered one of the main drivers of mass migration by Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán, with the billionaire financier accused of lobbying the European Union to open its borders and funding ‘civil society’ organisations which help illegal migrants to infiltrate the bloc.