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Why Canadians need to debate immigration economics

Simon Fraser University political scientist Sanjay Jeram is bravely going where few Canadian scholars — and virtually no politicians — dare to go.

In the face of an unspoken taboo against seriously debating immigration policy in Canada, Jeram says the time has come for Canadians to start openly discussing the migration issues they’ve been avoiding.

Money Quote:

“But it just doesn’t add up, because a working immigrant comes with dependants. And with rising immigration rates, that can become expensive and unsustainable. It’s nothing to do with race. It’s just economics.”


Eight people found dead in trailer outside San Antonio Walmart

Eight people have been found dead in a tractor-trailer outside a Walmart in Texas in what police are calling a human trafficking case.

Several other people have been taken to hospitals.

San Antonio police said a Walmart employee was approached in a parking lot by a person from the truck who was asking for water late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning. Police said the employee gave the person the water and then called the authorities. When they arrived they found the eight people dead in the back of the trailer.


Dem Rep Jose Serrano: US Should ‘Never, Ever, Ever Build A Wall’ to ‘Keep People Out’

New York Democratic Rep Jose Serrano said America “should never, ever, ever build a wall” in order to “keep people out” and should instead “build another Statue of Liberty on the southern border.”

A modest counter proposal:

  1. Build the wall.
  2. 500 yard “No Man’s Land” buffer zone.
  3. Full time armed border guards supported by citizen’s groups.
  4. No immigrant can become a US citizen: their US born children may apply.
  5. Limit US funds being sent out of country by immigrants.
  6. Charge country of origin for detention costs of illegal immigrants.

Levin’s New Idea on Immigration: If Your Country Refuses Christians and Jews, We’ll Refuse You

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Friday, host Mark Levin said he had a new idea on immigration, that American policy should be that if a country refuses Christians and Jews, then we’re not going to allow their people in this country.

Works for me.


Vox Fopuli: Foppish Vox Hipster Scolds Revered Liberal Writer For Questioning Far-Left Immigration Orthodoxy


Dylan Matthews Vox Fop

A twentysomething writer at Vox, Dylan Matthews, has sternly beratedillustrious liberal commentator Peter Beinart because Beinart suggested that the Democratic Party should change its policies of celebrating mass illegal immigration and making little effort to encourage illegal immigrants to assimilate themselves into American culture.

Beinart’s lengthy article, published at The Atlantic, is entitled “How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration.”

“Prominent liberals” have long “supported a path to citizenship for the undocumented,” Beinart writes. At the same time, such liberals have also — until recently — “routinely asserted that low-skilled immigrants depressed the wages of low-skilled American workers and strained America’s welfare state.”


The End of Embracing America?

“…In the Pacific Standard Magazine of March/April 2017, an essay titled “The Mexican American Dream” begins with the following: “Despite the rhetoric and hate crimes, Mexican immigrants are poised to reframe American culture, if white people would only let them.”  Clearly a provocative opener, it sets the stage for the “us against them” mentality that seems to be propelling all conversations these days.  The narrative has become a brown-black vs. white storyline and has taken on a decidedly nasty racist overtone.”

Read on…


DHS chief says members of Congress ‘threaten’ him over immigration enforcement

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said Thursday that members of Congress have tried to “threaten” him over his department’s stepped up enforcement of the immigration laws they wrote, and called for even stiffer laws to punish sanctuary cities and repeat-illegal immigrants.

Mr. Kelly said he was “offended” by those lawmakers — who he didn’t name — who he said “often threaten me and my officers” when they try to enforce laws that call for the deportation of illegal immigrants.

It’s the latest blunt criticism from the retired Marine general, who has previously told members of Congress to “shut up” rather than criticize him over the laws they wrote.


“These Deaths Are Preventable:” Grieving Families Join Together To Take Action on Illegal Immigrant Crime

Washington, D.C. -Illegal immigrant crime is facing new opposition with the launch of the Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC).

The group was founded by Mary Ann Mendoza and Don Rosenberg, who both lost their children to illegal immigrant felons. The founders are joined by more Americans whose children and loved ones have been killed by illegal immigrants. AVIAC aims to be a resource for victims of illegal alien crimes, such as assault and battery, identity theft and rape; the organization also seeks to serve families of these victims.


America’s Gang Crisis: Congressional Hearings Focus on MS-13

As with international terrorists, transnational gangs exploit immigration failures.

Failures of the immigration system are, once again, behind headline-making news reports. Last week two Congressional hearings were conducted into what has become America’s most pernicious and violent transnational gang, MS-13 that now operates in some 40 states.


Time to Decide What We Mean by ‘Extreme Vetting’

It’s time to ignore the travel ban, which has become an absurd political football thanks to the moral narcissists of the Ninth Circuit who take a tweet more seriously than the law. The ban was only for three months anyway, scarcely a minute in the grand scheme of things, and meant to allow for the development of so-called “extreme vetting.”

So do it.


US arrests nearly 200 Iraqis in massive deportation sweep

The crackdown on Iraqi immigrants followed the US government’s decision to drop Iraq from a list of Muslim-majority nations targeted by a revised version of Trump’s temporary travel ban issued in March.

While Chaldean Christians were among those rounded up…

The overwhelming majority of those arrested had convictions for crimes including murder, rape, assault, kidnapping, burglary, drug trafficking, weapons violations and other offenses, Christensen said.


Biometrics: A Different Kind of Border Wall

The liberal media rejoiced at the news that Donald Trump’s border wall received precious little money from the recent omnibus spending bill — thanks to a combination of anti-wall Republicans, Democrats, and shady dealings — but this is hardly a time for conservatives to abandon ourselves to despair. This message goes out especially to Ann Coulter, who lamented to Tucker Carlson that Trump is failing to act like the “bull in the china shop” she was hoping for. While Ann thinks not building the wall would be the end of America, this attitude completely misses the point.

Even if the brick and mortar wall won’t be going to be built any time soon, the country is making strides towards building what many call the “other border wall.”