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“Imagine that a wealthy person could access all of the same social services and public amenities as a local individual, but not pay income taxes.”

China Town Vancouver – vintage

Douglas Todd: Why we need to stop subsidizing foreign ownership of Metro Vancouver housing

It took me a while to twig to how middle-class workers are subsidizing many of the wealthy owners that they are competing against to buy a home in urban B.C.’s stratospherically expensive housing market.

When Vancouver Sun editors asked me six years ago to expand my diversity and religion beat to include more coverage of migration, I had no idea I would be compelled to peel back the layers of the loopholes some of the global rich exploit to buy houses and engage in tax avoidance in Canada.

But that’s what started happening in the summer of 2015 when I wrote a series on Richmond, where a Canadian record six out of 10 residents are born outside the country. The frustrated former mayor Greg Halsey-Brandt alerted me to one neighbourhood full of elegant homes where owners were declaring income levels lower on average than those barely surviving in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.


Douglas Todd: What if populists have a point?

One of the fascinating things about populists is that, on one hand, they’re pro-democratic, says UBC political scientist Antje Ellermann.

What if populists aren’t as crazy as their opponents often say?

Populism is today’s hot topic. It’s the term many use to try to explain — and deride — right-wingers like U.S. President Donald Trump, as well as nativist parties in Europe. Others remind us that populism applies as well to the socialist left, like U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

The trouble is that too many commentators use the term populist so loosely that, instead of providing insight, they mostly ignite strong emotion, usually laced with mockery. But we can get through the confusion.

We can come to see that various kinds of populists often, not always, make worthwhile points. And some of what they do can even be good for democracy.


Immigration as Economic Warfare

Political influence in America is garnered through a number of mechanisms — campaign contributions, social media, YouTube, news channels, and authority from moral figures such as the church, to name a few. However, the dominant force in American politics for the last two decades has been economic warfare against American citizens.

This economic warfare has two primary components; the use of government to economically favor one group over another; and the collusion of immigrant groups to economically inhibit Americans who oppose replacement migration.


Blue Collar Workers Enjoy Wage Hikes Thanks to ‘Shortage‘ of Foreigners

Wage hikes for America’s blue collar and working class can be readily suppressed and choked by importing more foreign workers for employers, the New York Times admits.

In a piece titled,”Short of Workers, U.S. Builders and Farmers Crave More Immigrants,” the Times admits that President Trump’s tightened “Hire American” labor market through increased immigration enforcement has delivered historic wage hikes to America’s blue collar and working class.


Who cares about ‘winning’ the immigration debate?

Douglas Todd: Who cares about ‘winning’ the immigration debate?

…Immigration officials are not alone in finding in the past couple of years that there has been a shift among Canadians about immigration. That is part of the reason Ottawa has launched a promotional campaign called #immigrationmatters.

Its public relations effort is getting out stories about immigration successes, especially at the neighbourhood level. Not a discouraging word will be heard from #immigrationmatters, of course, since it will support a major plank in this year’s Liberal campaign.

However, Ellerman is among those who think it unwise for governments in Canada, Europe or elsewhere to ignore the populist voices that worry about immigration. To do so, she said, could feed anti-immigration radicalism.

Timely column. Immigration, multiculturalism and diversity have been weaponized in Canada. Any dissent from the corporate/government line is labelled racist,islamophobic etc. Count on the Trudeau Liberals to exploit the tragedy in New Zealand to their poisonous advantage failing to recognize that the toxic identity politics they use for electoral gain is the direct inspiration for the shooter’s murderous rampage.


LEVY: Yonge St. building to house refugee overflow?

City shelter officials have squirreled away $3-million in the 2019 budget for a north Toronto building to house refugees, the Toronto Sun has learned.

The item — the last line in the staff-recommended list of new and enhanced budget priorities for 2019 — is described as the costs to transition motel clients to 5800 Yonge St.


Immigration Review Board In Crisis As It Accidentally Rehires Honest Competent Judge Who Called Out Refugee Scam

A former refugee judge who once wrote that most refugees are liars was recently rehired by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) to decide asylum claims, Global News has learned.

Lubomyr Luciuk — who once said he “had no choice but to become ‘Dr. No’” because he denied so many refugee claims — gained notoriety for his views on Canada’s asylum system, including when he said Canada had become a haven for “assorted terrorists, drug peddlers and war criminals.”

“If the IRB continues to operate as it has, then just about anyone and everyone who wants to get into Canada will,” Luciuk said in a 2001 opinion piece published in at least four major Canadian newspapers and an online blog.

An honest judge with contrary views on refugees? Can’t allow that in Trudeau’s Canada!



12,000 Eritrean refugees admitted to Canada

‘We felt we were reborn.’ Thousands of Eritrean refugees quietly welcomed to Canada

There was no fanfare, no jostling of television cameras and no sign of the prime minister or elected officials at the airport to greet them.

Unlike the media frenzy that marked the arrival of the first of 60,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, federal officials have quietly achieved another immigration feat that has largely gone unnoticed: They eliminated one of the country’s worst refugee resettlement backlogs and ushered in 12,000 Eritreans to begin new lives in Canada.

Why don’t we just move Canada to Africa?


‘Birth Tourism’ Is Legal in Canada. A Lawmaker Calls It Unscrupulous.

RICHMOND, British Columbia — Melody Bai arrived in Vancouver from China in the late stages of pregnancy with one goal: to give birth to a Canadian baby.

Awaiting her was an elaborate ecosystem catering to pregnant women from China, including a spacious “baby house” where she spent four months, attended to by a Mandarin-speaking housekeeper.

Caregivers offered free breast massages to promote lactation, outings to the mall, lectures on childbirth with other Chinese mothers-to-be and excursions for high tea.

“It’s an investment in my child’s education,” Ms. Bai, a 28-year-old flight attendant, said by phone from Shanghai, months after returning to China with her newborn and passport in hand. “We chose Canada because of its better natural and social environment.”

Justin luvs him his Chinese, don’t expect any action on this from our corrupt Liberal government.


Douglas Todd: Wooing the ultrarich with ‘Golden Passports’ and flattery

I regret to inform readers that few of you are likely to receive an alluring invitation to buy a “Golden Passport.” That is because you are not a “High-Net-Worth-Individual,” also known as an “HNWI.”

Chances are you are just not moneyed enough to be targeted by the glossy magazines, online ads and emails designed to entice a certain class of people to join the elite club of “global talent” eager to purchase their way into a new “opportunity oases,” or, as some of us still like to call them, nations.

No, since you are not worth many millions, if not billions, of dollars, you are not the market for the jargon, euphemisms and flattery that would otherwise urge you to advance the interests of yourself and family by becoming an international “investment expatriate” or “investor immigrant,” while being lauded as “the best and brightest.”


Tax payers fleeced for $2.3 million hotel tab to house Trudeau’s so called refugees in Toronto

Federal government has spent $2.3M to house asylum seekers in Toronto hotels, some rooms still booked until January

…Despite the federal support, the city still says asylum seekers make up nearly 38 per cent of people in the shelter system, which receives 15 to 20 new refugee claimants every day. “While the number of refugee/asylum claimants accessing the city’s shelter system fell off a bit during September and October, pressure on the city’s shelter system has remained,” Fitzsimmins told the Post by email. She said the city’s shelter occupancy is currently at 93 per cent.

Toronto is in the midst of a rental crisis that has made the city virtually unaffordable for many but there’s always room for fake refugees, and no amount of your money is too much to spend for the sake of Liberal virtue signaling. Whatever level of government, provincial, municipal or federal, “pays” the hotel bill, it’s the tax payer who gets to pick up the tab for Trudeau’s stupidity.


MALCOLM: Evidence mounts that Canada is losing control on immigration

Canada is on track to receive more asylum applications in 2018 than any previous year since the Immigration and Refugee Board started tracking this information in 1989.

This, after 6,465 asylum seekers submitted applications in October alone.

So much for immigration minister Ahmed Hussen’s assertion that the numbers were going down and that the Trudeau government had everything under control.