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‘Birth Tourism’ Is Legal in Canada. A Lawmaker Calls It Unscrupulous.

RICHMOND, British Columbia — Melody Bai arrived in Vancouver from China in the late stages of pregnancy with one goal: to give birth to a Canadian baby.

Awaiting her was an elaborate ecosystem catering to pregnant women from China, including a spacious “baby house” where she spent four months, attended to by a Mandarin-speaking housekeeper.

Caregivers offered free breast massages to promote lactation, outings to the mall, lectures on childbirth with other Chinese mothers-to-be and excursions for high tea.

“It’s an investment in my child’s education,” Ms. Bai, a 28-year-old flight attendant, said by phone from Shanghai, months after returning to China with her newborn and passport in hand. “We chose Canada because of its better natural and social environment.”

Justin luvs him his Chinese, don’t expect any action on this from our corrupt Liberal government.


Douglas Todd: Wooing the ultrarich with ‘Golden Passports’ and flattery

I regret to inform readers that few of you are likely to receive an alluring invitation to buy a “Golden Passport.” That is because you are not a “High-Net-Worth-Individual,” also known as an “HNWI.”

Chances are you are just not moneyed enough to be targeted by the glossy magazines, online ads and emails designed to entice a certain class of people to join the elite club of “global talent” eager to purchase their way into a new “opportunity oases,” or, as some of us still like to call them, nations.

No, since you are not worth many millions, if not billions, of dollars, you are not the market for the jargon, euphemisms and flattery that would otherwise urge you to advance the interests of yourself and family by becoming an international “investment expatriate” or “investor immigrant,” while being lauded as “the best and brightest.”


Tax payers fleeced for $2.3 million hotel tab to house Trudeau’s so called refugees in Toronto

Federal government has spent $2.3M to house asylum seekers in Toronto hotels, some rooms still booked until January

…Despite the federal support, the city still says asylum seekers make up nearly 38 per cent of people in the shelter system, which receives 15 to 20 new refugee claimants every day. “While the number of refugee/asylum claimants accessing the city’s shelter system fell off a bit during September and October, pressure on the city’s shelter system has remained,” Fitzsimmins told the Post by email. She said the city’s shelter occupancy is currently at 93 per cent.

Toronto is in the midst of a rental crisis that has made the city virtually unaffordable for many but there’s always room for fake refugees, and no amount of your money is too much to spend for the sake of Liberal virtue signaling. Whatever level of government, provincial, municipal or federal, “pays” the hotel bill, it’s the tax payer who gets to pick up the tab for Trudeau’s stupidity.


MALCOLM: Evidence mounts that Canada is losing control on immigration

Canada is on track to receive more asylum applications in 2018 than any previous year since the Immigration and Refugee Board started tracking this information in 1989.

This, after 6,465 asylum seekers submitted applications in October alone.

So much for immigration minister Ahmed Hussen’s assertion that the numbers were going down and that the Trudeau government had everything under control.


Number of ‘anchor babies’ born in Canada far greater than official estimates, study shows

The number of so-called “anchor babies” — children born to non-residents for the purpose of gaining citizenship — is at least five times higher than Canadian officials had estimated, new research suggests.

Birth tourism in Canada, where women late in pregnancy fly in to deliver their babies here, is controversial because the newborns are automatically Canadian citizens and enjoy full citizenship rights such as free education and lower university fees, even though their foreign parents aren’t taxpayers.

The Star blames Harper for not closing the loophole, as if Justin will.


Toronto migrant care workers call for immediate landed status on arrival for them and their families

The Coalition of Care Workers said they are demanding the government create a new Federal Workers Program for care workers that will provide landed status upon entry for workers and their families, and to also allow them the ability to find employment in Canada through the national job bank.

Other things the coalition demanded includes the ability to apply for permanent residency after a year of work, open and renewable work permits, removal of education requirements, and caps for permanent resident applications among other demands.

Count on Justin to do this. More LPC party members on the way.


MALCOLM: Trudeau’s immigration numbers boost poses many challenges

The Trudeau government is ramming through its plan to boost immigration levels, despite survey after survey showing that Canadians oppose this idea.

An Angus Reid poll from August 2018 found that half of Canadians want lower immigration compared to only 6% who want increased numbers. Likewise, another Angus Reid poll from earlier that month, which focused on illegal immigration, found that two-thirds of Canadians believe we accept too many asylum seekers.


Caravan migrants different, more violent, than previous migrant groups -U.S. military

To hear the press and its narrative allies tell it, the Honduras migrant caravan is little more than thousands of mothers and toddlers spontaneously fleeing violence in their home countries. The flight is little different from that seen in previous caravans. Any concern about crime or violence is a “scare tactic,” or “lying,” or “racism,” and there’s no evidence any of the migrants are criminals. President Trump’s warnings about the matter are simply “factually wrong.”
Actually, a different picture is emerging.

Hussen says Ford government engaged in ‘fear mongering and demonizing of asylum seekers’

Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen took aim at the Ontario government on Thursday, saying Doug Ford’s government is stoking fears around asylum seekers and is not offering solutions to the issue of illegal border crossers.

“They are not engaged. Instead they have unfortunately decided to engage in fear mongering and demonizing of asylum seekers, which is not what Canada is all about,” said Hussen in an interview with CBC News Network’s Power & Politics.

The minister was responding to a news release from the Ontario government that said the federal government does not have a “credible” plan to deal with asylum seekers crossing into Canada.


Croatia will NOT sign UN migration pact and joins the US, Hungary and Austria… but that won’t stop PM Useful Idiot

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will not sign the UN’s Global Compact for Migration (GCM), Croatian newsportal Direktno reports.

The website bases the decision on a Facebook post by Croatian TV journalist Velimir Bujanec. He asked her position on the GCM after a lot of people we’re interested in her stance.

In the answer his editorial board received, President Grabar-Kitarovic literally states: ‘Be assured I will not sign the ‘Marrakech Agreement’, Bujanec writes on Facebook.

Macleans published this Liberal Party propaganda piece on the UN’s Global Compact For Migration co-authored by Ahmed Hussen. As far as I know the compact is non-binding but as we have seen the Liberal government has opened the immigration floodgates and will no doubt use it as an excuse to support their irresponsible immigration policy.


Rempel says Trudeau has ‘no credibility’ on immigration

One day after the Liberal government unveiled plans to ramp up immigration levels to 350,000 people by 2021, the Conservative immigration critic won’t say what she believes the figure should be.

The number is not the point, according to Michelle Rempel.

“Justin Trudeau has no credibility to set Canada’s immigration levels,” she said Thursday at a news conference.

Do read this, the Liberals are swamping Canada with unwanted and unnecessary levels of immigration and ramping up the “Temporary Foreign Workers” scam.

This is immigration policy designed solely for corporate and political gain, you are collateral damage.

Depressed wages, contrived shortages  and increased costs of everything – you name it you’ll suffer it with a carbon tax on top.


That guy who says your Un-Canadian for not supporting LPC immigration policy reveals UN plan to further burden Canadians with alleged refugees

Why Canada will lead the charge on the UN’s global refugee plan

Op-ed: The UN’s global compact on refugees could be a game-changer—and Canada is well-placed to help make it a reality, say two cabinet ministers and a UN official

Why does the MSM give this Canadian hater a platform?


“Undeportable” Illegal alien invader Ebrahim Toure free after more than five years in detention

Immigration detainee Ebrahim Toure finally free after more than five years

The 47-year-old failed refugee claimant was arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency on Feb. 23, 2013. He was jailed indefinitely because immigration authorities believed he would not show up for his deportation if it was ever arranged. In the end, the CBSA conceded what Toure’s lawyers had argued for years — that they could not deport him.

Toure…believes he was born in The Gambia and may also have a right to citizenship in Guinea, where he spent much of his childhood. But he can’t prove his claim to either country, and neither would issue him travel documents.

h/t RM


There’s little danger of the CPC making immigration a hot button election issue…

From the Star Quebec provides a warning that Scheer should be careful about making immigration a campaign theme

We’ve seen enough of the Milk Man’s style to know there is no chance of immigration becoming anything more than than the usual vote buying scam. The CPC, LPC and NDP are no different on immigration, they may disagree on the means i.e Trudeau’s Open Borders scandal but in the end they all favour the same thing – continued mass immigration. And they are not picky about where the bodies come from. The CPC talked out of both sides of its mouth and were happy to facilitate a mass influx from Islamist states during their tenure, reaching a peak of 25% of the total annual intake.

Mass Immigration buys ethnic voting blocs and that is why no federal leader has the guts to say NO. Maxime Bernier has mentioned the Elephant in the room of bad immigration policy – Islam. No other leader will discuss the reality of Islam’s incompatibility with Western democracy. Instead we are fed propaganda, propaganda that is designed to humiliate and demonize anyone who dissents and points to the inconvenient truth about Islam, an inconvenient truth that is played out daily world wide wherever large numbers of Islamists have been allowed to settle. Islam is a violent supremacist cult, it does not “Do” integration.

To his credit Bernier also declared that immigration policy must serve the interests of Canadian citizens. That seems like common sense, just don’t expect it from any of the mainstream parties.

We are well on our way to becoming Sweden and it may already be too late to arrest the rot.