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Chinese couple sues federal government over son’s suicide

…According to the submissions by lawyers for the federal government, Deng arrived in Vancouver in August 1999 as a foreign student, but sought asylum two years later, claiming he feared persecution in China as a practitioner of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement banned by Beijing.

His immigration records indicated he was granted asylum in 2002 and later became a Canadian permanent resident.

In 2004, Deng was admitted to the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam, B.C., where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, symptoms of moodiness and paranoid delusions after claiming he was pursued by the FBI and army, according to a doctor’s note cited in the family’s claim. He also wrote a letter to Immigration Canada saying that he made a false refugee claim, according to the government’s statement of defence.

Later that year, he was arrested and convicted of aggravated assault for an incident at a bar in Vancouver. He was sentenced to one day in jail with credit for the four months and 20 days he served in pretrial custody. The provincial court also ordered him to “take reasonable steps” to treat his schizophrenia and not to commit further offences.

It wasn’t until 2005 at his return from a visit to his parents in China when he was flagged by an immigration officer at the Vancouver airport for his criminal conviction and alleged fraudulent asylum claim. The admissibility proceedings ensued.

Genuine “Refugees” do not visit the country from which they have fled.


Dozens of refugee resettlement offices to close as Trump downsizes program

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shutter more than 20 offices across the United States and cut back operations in more than 40 others after the State Department told them to pare their operations, according to plans seen by Reuters.

The slated closures, which are being reviewed by the State Department for final approval, follow President Donald Trump’s decision to dramatically reduce the number of refugees that will be allowed into the United States in 2018.

The State Department has said the drop in refugee numbers, from the 110,000 ceiling set by the Obama administration to 45,000 for 2018, means the country no longer needs all of the 324 resettlement offices that were operating at the end of 2017. This year’s cap on refugees is the lowest since 1980.

Related… The cost of refugee resettlement in the US is simply too high

The United States currently spends about $1.8 billion annually — or $8.8 billion over five years — to resettle refugees and asylees inside the country, according to a new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). That’s nearly $15,900 a year per refugee, or $80,000 over a five-year span.


Immigration Anarchists’ Lies Debunked

So much of what has come to pass for “common knowledge” is actually an example of how the principle of “The Big Lie” can alter the public’s understanding of critical issues. Immigration has proven to be particularly vulnerable to this tactic.

Under that principle, officials intentionally concoct falsehoods and repeat them at every possible opportunity to convince the masses that the lies are the truth. This principle was adopted by Nazi Germany in order to con the German populace into accepting the unfathomable depravity of the Third Reich.


The media’s DACA scam isn’t working

The national media are incapable of talking about the the so-called “Dreamers,” illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors, without portraying them as victims of the Trump administration.

They’re victims of circumstances brought on by their own parents and nothing else.

 And for the sake of not buying into the B.S., we’ll refer to them here as “DACA people,” DACA being the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that allowed them to stay in the country for an unfixed period.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

In his State of the Union address on January 30, US President Donald J. Trump referred to the brutal murder of two 16-year-old girls from Long Island in December 2016 by members of the “savage MS-13 gang,” responsible for a spate of other gruesome killings in the area, as well.

Many of these gang members, he explained, had entered the United States illegally. “For decades, open borders have allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities,” he said.


White House Shows 15 Jihadis Who Got Visas by Lottery or Chain Migration

White House officials rolled out a list of 15 visa-lottery jihadis and chain-migration terrorists to pressure Democrats towards a compromise on the president’s “framework” amnesty-and-immigration plan.

The February 2 list of jihadis includes a senior leader in the Islamic counter-attack against personal freedom, Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook. He is an “alleged United States Hamas leader [who] received his green card through a predecessor program to the visa lottery,” said the statement. “Marzook was deported in 1997 for terrorist activities.”


Belgian Senator: Multiculturalist Elites Manipulated Stats to Transform Society with Mass Immigration

Elites brought about a “profound transformation” of Belgian society without any public debate by manipulating immigration figures as more than one million migrants poured in, a liberal senator has alleged.

Writing in Le Figaro, Alain Destexhe said the realities of demographic change are being concealed across Europe by “the multiculturalist lobby which dominates universities, NGOs, public institutions and the media”.

The same fraud is being perpetrated in Canada. Our country is being stolen from us.  Only a populist uprising can mitigate the damage done. All of our mainstream parties and politicians are complicit.


Dreamers Reject Trump’s Amnesty Plan: ‘A White Supremacist Ransom Note’

United We Dream, described as the “largest immigrant youth-led network in the country,” rejected President Donald Trump’s immigration framework that would give 1.8 million young illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship.

“Let’s call this proposal for what it is: a white supremacist ransom note,” Greisa Martinez Rosas, advocacy director for UWD, said in a statement on Twitter. “Trump and Stephen Miller killed DACA and created the crisis that immigrant youth are facing.”


What makes for a shithole?

Norwegians – photographed in the wild.

Here’s an awkward truth. It’s easier to attract talented people from shithole countries than from Norway.

What kind of Norwegian, after all, wants to emigrate? Norway is rated by the United Nations as the happiest country on earth, a place where anyone with a bit of energy can succeed. The same is not true, of, say, Niger. Emigration is the best option for a Nigerien with ability, courage, and grit.


The Imaginary Hispanic

There are two statistics that explain the Democrat obsession with illegal immigration and open borders.

97% of immigrants in the appropriate grouping identify themselves as Hispanic, but by the fourth generation that number falls to half. Only 7% of immigrants describe themselves as Americans, but 56% in the third generation call themselves Americans. Even the use of Spanish is slowly declining.

If a minority stops existing after a few generations, did it ever actually exist?

The Democrats had abandoned their working class base to chase what they pretended was a racial group when what they were actually chasing was the momentum of unlimited migration.