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No, Immigrants Will Not ‘Pay Our Pensions’

America’s immigrant population now tops 44.5 million people according to new data from the US Census Bureau. This means 13.7 percent of America’s population are immigrants — the highest level since 1910.

But this number does not tell the whole story. Because immigrants are more fertile than natural born citizens, their children make up a disproportionately large share of the next generation: 26 percent of Americans under the age of 18 have an immigrant parent.

This is a big, unprecedented demographic change, and like all changes, it is the subject of vigorous political debate. Many liberals argue that immigration is economically justified — Americans need immigrants to pay for their pensions and Medicaid.


“City Of The Big Shoulders” bakery forced to hire Americans, raise wages, after 800 employees found to be illegals… blames “staffing agency”

A Swiss maker of hamburger buns for McDonald’s Corp. said it’s struggling to run a Chicago bakery after it lost a third of its workers in a clampdown on 800 immigrants without sufficient documentation.

About 35 percent of the workers at Cloverhill Bakery had to be replaced, according to Zurich-based Aryzta AG. The company, which makes baked goods for fast-food chains and supermarkets, said the employees were supplied by a job-placement agency that faced federal audits earlier this year.

“It’s proceeding very, very slowly because it’s like having a brand new factory and a brand new workforce,” Chief Executive Officer Kevin Toland said on a call with analysts. “That’s presenting a lot of challenges, as you can imagine.”

The raid on workers at Cloverhill is one of the biggest U.S. employment headaches reported by a European company so far as President Donald Trump has made curbing undocumented immigration a centerpiece of his presidency. Aryzta said it faces challenges in retaining staff in the U.S. and pressure to raise wages.

Isn’t Chicago, formerly the ‘City Of the Big Shoulders” now a Sanctuary City? MAGA Mr. Trump.


‘Menial’ Work and Immigration

Crony capitalists favour cheap labour, left-wing politicians see future voters, and moist-eyed globalists imagine a happy-clappy melting pot. Carpet-baggers and utopians will never grasp the truth, which is this: mature economies don’t need imported labour for run-of-the-mill tasks.

It is often heard from academia and from the popular press. Workers can’t be found in rich Western countries to do so-called menial work. Here is a headline from the Daily Telegraph (January 28, 2012): “Lucky country becomes lazy: Migrant workers to do ‘dirty’ jobs.” It plays out particularly strongly in the United States when the issue of illegal immigration is raised. It is the argument in waiting whenever and wherever questions are raised about large-scale immigration. It goes something like this.

Western societies have become so rich that native-born populations refuse to do “menial” work. Accordingly, in order to prevent the whole economic system from gumming up, people need to be brought in who are willing to get down and dirty for a few dollars. The alternative is a dystopian nightmare: rubbish piling up in the streets, dirty hospitals, unsanitary public toilets, untended parks and gardens, unpicked fruit and vegetables and, alas, rich people having to clean their own mansions.

Is there any substance at all to this argument? No, there is not. It is, in a word, nonsensical. It has no proper basis in economics. It also represents a failure of both imagination and collective self-belief. Only by admitting masses of low-skilled arrivals can prosperous and mature Western societies thrive? It is ridiculous on its face. Yet it is widely supported.


Hillary’s ‘zombie theory’ of immigration

Greg Ip of The Wall Street Journal had a provocative piece in the paper last week in which he debunks the myth — as myth it surely is — that economic considerations drive most of the opposition to the country’s immigration policies. The current backlash against immigration, suggests Mr. Ip, “has less to do with jobs and wages and more to do with concerns about national identity and control of borders.”

In other words, it’s mostly about cultural sensibilities — or, as Mr. Ip puts it, “worries about ‘social, cultural, and linguistic cohesion.’ ” He quotes two academics — Stanford’s Jens Hainmueller and the University of Pennsylvania’s Daniel Hopkins — as saying there is little evidence of a link between economic circumstances and anti-immigration attitudes. The professors call this a “zombie theory.”


Illegal Immigration and the Wage Gap

There is a close long-term correlation between low-skill wages and illegal immigration. An influx of low-skilled labor drives down wages at the bottom of the income scale, aggravating the wage gap and social divisions, providing fodder for left wing demonization of the prosperous and successful.

The normal equilibrating capacity of a market economy is short circuited when the influx of low-skill illegal immigrants is nationwide. If American workers could easily escape to another country offering higher wages, then wages in the USA would quickly recover from a surge of immigrant workers, and employers would gain only a short-lived benefit.  So, it might not be worth paying off politicians to import cheap labor from poor countries.


Liberal Government To Up Immigration Intake To 305,000 For 2016

The Liberal government will look to ease some of the conditions imposed on Canadians looking to sponsor their children and spouses living overseas making family reunification a priority, says Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum.

McCallum was in Toronto on Tuesday where he announced the government’s plan to admit up to 305,000 new immigrants by increasing spaces available for family reunification and refugee resettlement.

“The government of Canada will make family reunification an important priority because when families are able to stay together, their integration to Canada and ability to work and grow their communities all improve,” McCallum said in a much-anticipated report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.​


Family reunification is the most costly immigrant category.

We are heading into a major recession but the Liberals need more party members so open the floodgates…

We need a Trump not a Rona.


The American I.R.S. Covers Up Millions of Cases of Identity Theft Every Year by Illegal Aliens

Did I say millions? I’m sorry, I meant TENS of MILLIONS.

The reason for the I.R.S. lying about the nature and scope of the problem is obvious. If the average American realized just how many illegal aliens were here, stealing their identities, over loading prisons and courts, stealing jobs and opportunity (while simultaneously driving down wages), claiming phony and illegal tax credits and refunds, while also thieving other social services, they would rise up and demand action.

Since the IRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Obama Inc. and the Democrat Party, they sweep it all under the rug, lest we wise up and stop the process before the population replacement is complete or at least irreversible.

An e-mail. Weeks of phone calls. A flurry of texts.

All of that was behind us.

Now it was time to meet face-to-face – in a tiny, dark hotel conference room nearly 900 miles from Indianapolis.

One meeting room. Two IRS whistleblowers. Three TV cameras. Hundreds of questions.

The first question seemed obvious.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

The whistleblowers looked at each other and smiled.

“Because I love my country. And I just can’t do this no more. It’s not right,” said one of the IRS workers.

“That’s why we’re both here,” said the other, echoing her colleague with long, deliberate pauses. “It’s a crime, and it’s…just…not…right.”

Together, they have decades of experience at the Internal Revenue Service, working on the front lines with frustrated, angry or confused taxpayers who contact the agency for help.

Risking their jobs to come forward, the whistleblowers do not want to show their identity. But they do want to show how the IRS is a knowing accomplice to millions of cases of identity theft while keeping victims in the dark.


Dear Illegal Aliens: This Is Why We Hate You And Want You And All of Your Anchor Babies Removed from Our Sight Because The Vast Majority of You Are American Hating Racist Leaches

Do any of you remember that big dust up from a few months ago where some dusky skinned student radicals at US Irvine wanted the American flag removed from campus?

Well, the main troublemaker, Matthew Guevara, an anchor baby to at least one illegal alien from Mexico was recently interviewed, and the result is glorious!

I don’t think he could have done a better job of exposing what kind of a stupid, semi-literate creep he is.


Ann Coulter Says: Trump’s Policy Paper on Immigration is the “Most Important Political Document Since The Magna Carta”

Here are some highlights from “the most important political document since the Magna Carta“.

1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

It does nothing but get better from there, but take a look for yourself.


Trump Takes on The ‘Temporary Foreign Worker’ (H-1B visa) Bastards

Donald Trump

And now all the right people hate him even more!

Zuckerberg is one of the leading tech executives who has called for a more open immigration policy. Specifically, he wants to make more H-1B visas available to tech employers so they can hire foreign skilled workers.

Trump said he wants to require employers to pay H-1B workers much more money, which he said would discourage companies from hiring them and boost job prospects for Americans. He also wants to have tech jobs offered to unemployed Americans before they can be filled by workers with H-1B visas.

“This will improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over in favor of the H-1B program. Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio, has a bill to triple H-1Bs that would decimate women and minorities,” Trump wrote in his immigration plan. Rubio is also seeking the Republican nomination for president.

Zuckerberg started a public interest group called to push for immigration and lobbying reform along with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Neither Facebook (FB, Tech30) nor had an immediate comment on Trump’s criticism of Zuckerberg.

Trump says that there are plenty of graduates with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, known as STEM, to fill tech jobs. That means that employers don’t need H-1B visas to fill jobs, and are using them instead to keep wages low.

Employers are supposed to pay a typical wage to anyone hired under a H-1B visa. But in reality, employees on these visas are typically paid 20 to 45% less than U.S. workers who they are often replacing, said Ron Hira, a Howard University public policy professor who has studied the visa’s pay scale.

The Census Bureau confirms that 74% of people who hold a STEM bachelor’s degree have a job outside of those fields.



Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream – Immigration, outsourcing, and smart machines crush citizen hopes

The American worker, from ditch-digger to rocket scientist, is under assault as never before. Government immigration policies, globalist economics, and the march of technology have combined to create a shrinking employment universe for ordinary Americans, the effects of which have been accumulating over decades.

For years, business elites have directed Washington to lower wages using the strategy of excessive immigration. In addition, the twin tactic of outsourcing entire industries overseas has been accomplished with the encouragement of government in the thrall of the free trade fantasy. The damage done to the economy (and the Americans who occupy it) has been largely ignored by journalists and beltway analysts who believe the globalist economy is an unquestioned good. As it happens, few reporter jobs have been outsourced or taken by immigrants, so the media focuses on cheerful news of low prices for consumers; scribblers are remarkably unconcerned with the systemic loss of employment for the middle class, which is struggling to maintain living standards.


Three Stakes In The Heart Of The American Dream – Immigration, Outsourcing, And Smart Machines Crush Citizen Hopes – in pdf format below



Nearly two million EU workers in Britain, new figures show

A quarter of European Union workers in Britain have arrived here in the last four years, new figures have revealed as the total reached a new high of just under two million.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed 1.95 million people born in the 27 other EU member states were working here in the first quarter of this year.

It was an increase of almost half a million on 2011 figures, equivalent to the population of Liverpool.

The overall total included a record number of eastern European migrants working in this country.

The ONS said there were 1.13 million migrant workers from eastern Europe in the first three months of this year, compared with about 640,000 in 2010.

Critics said the figures showed that EU free movement rules were putting huge pressure on wages, the NHS and other public services, and called for new limits to be placed on numbers…

This illustrates the other problem with mass immigration: even if we agree that the Eastern Europeans will on the whole assimilate well, there are just too many people trying to live in the few desirable parts of the world.

See also ‘Britain took in more migrants than 17 other EU countries put together, new data shows,’ May 12, 2015.  I suspect they are going to the UK because it easier to find work there.

The Anglo model of capitalism is not popular on the Continent and there all sorts of strict labour laws that make it much harder to find work.

This is drawing people to other Anglo countries too. I just read last night about how New York City can barely absorb all the people who want to live there. The article discusses how the only way to grow is construct higher buildings, which cast shadows on the proles visiting, say, Central Park.

Yet the article contains the sentence: ‘[The shadows are] a stark reminder that the new growth needed in healthy cities can come at the expense of people already living there.’

Growth, growth, growth… Good for business but no one else. House prices beyond the reach of the middle class? Tough.  It cannot go on indefinitely but short term profits are all that matters.


US: Amnesty Harms Black Americans More Than Bad Cops or Profiling

Monday’s Washington Times had a front-page article titled, “Illegals taking jobs from blacks, driving down domestic wages,” which provides an overview of how low-skilled citizens are being displaced and disadvantaged by the open-border policies of the black President.

Amnesty is tremendously cruel to Obama’s most loyal boosters, who are proud of seeing a black man in the White House. Blacks’ hyper-loyalty to Obama makes them an easy doormat, while the President provides his illegal alien recruits with work permits so they can displace American workers, many of whom are black. Obama’s reckless amnesty occurs in an economy where the real unemployment rate, the U-6, is over 11 percent…


US: Is More Immigration Always Better?

Over at Vox, Matt Yglesias briefly summarizes the case for more immigration:

Studies done in the United States show that immigration raises average incomes of native-born Americans, including native-born Americans with low skill levels. Immigration is, of course, even better for the incomes of the immigrants themselves, which makes reduced barriers to migration one of the biggest possible game changers for overall global growth. What’s more, as the Economist’s Ryan Avent has recently shown, more immigration could be a highly effective fix to the currently hot topic of secular stagnation.

There are many assumptions packed into this paragraph, and they’re worth examining closely.

First, Yglesias is right to observe that immigration raises the average income of native-born Americans. It’s not clear, however, that immigration raises the average incomes of native-born Americans more than a range of other policy measures, like shifting towards consumption taxation, reforming Social Security and Medicare, or drastically improving the productivity of our education system…


H-1b Visa Wrongdoing Is Ripping Off the American Middle Class

On Sunday, Fox News weekend host Tucker Carlson focused on the lingering scandal of Southern California Edison firing Americans workers to replace them with cheaper foreign workers. A few days ago a group of 10 bipartisan senators called for a federal investigation of H-1b visa abuse in the case, following a March hearing which explored the issue of immigration malfeasance.

Professor Ron Hira was an expert who testified at that hearing [WATCH] and was a guest on Fox’s morning show with Carlson.

CARLSON: The law requires that “the hiring of a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and conditions of U.S. workers comparably employed.” That’s the law least followed, yet reports have surfaced that a popular visa program one that everyone in Washington supports, including all the Republicans running for President, is doing the opposite. It’s being used to fire U.S. workers and replace them with immigrants who are cheaper…

Read more…