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Egyptian security forces kill FORTY suspected militants after three tourists died and 11 were injured in bus bomb blast near Giza Pyramids

Egyptian security forces have killed 40 suspected militants in three separate incidents in North Sinai and Giza.

The ministry of interior revealed the news this morning, after a deadly bombing on a Vietnamese tourist bus in Giza killed four people yesterday.

The ministry did not say whether the suspected militants were connected to Friday’s attack, but said its forces killed 30 people during raids on their hideouts in Giza


Bomb attack on tourist bus near pyramids kills at least three people

At least three people have been killed and another 11 injured after a roadside bomb exploded near a bus carrying Vietnamese tourists close to the pyramids in Giza.

It was reported that two of the dead were Vietnamese and one was an Egyptian tour guide.

An Egyptian security source told the Guardian the bus had 14 people onboard and an IED exploded as it approached. Reuters reported that the device was hidden near a wall on Marioutiya Street on the Cairo outskirts.


Two Christians Murdered By Muslim Policeman Guarding Their Church in Egypt

A Muslim policeman charged with guarding a Coptic Christian church shot and killed two Copts—a father, 49, and his son, 21—Wednesday in Minya, Egypt.Eyewitnesses say a verbal quarrel had ensued before the officer pulled out his gun and opened fire on the two men.

Video footage of the incident shows the killer-cop brandishing his gun as he stalks around the bloodied but still moving Christians on the ground. He loudly curses them—or all Copts in general?—as “mother-f*****s. Two other police officers arrive and nonchalantly watch.


Egypt restricts sale of ‘yellow vests’ amid fears of France-style protests

Egyptian authorities have quietly introduced restrictions on the sale of yellow reflective vests, fearing opponents might attempt to copy French protesters during next month’s anniversary of the 2011 popular uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Security officials and industrial safety retailers revealed instructions not to sell yellow vests to walk-in buyers and to restrict business to wholesale sales to verified companies, but only after securing police permission. They were told offenders would be punished, the officials said without elaborating.

Those were the days… Egyptian riot headgear


Egypt’s silent epidemic of kidnapped Christian girls

Egypt’s Christian community faces dangers that most other Egyptians needn’t fear. Threats of violence during church services, attacks on buses filled with innocent pilgrims and their children, and assaults on successful Christian businesses happen all too frequently.

But only occasionally do they appear in the Western media.


No ‘religion of peace’ there

Egypt’s proposed new law means to muzzle Muslim scholars and thinkers

Scholars studied the Koran to show it opposes ISIS-type actions, but discovered that the origin and source of terrorism is indeed the core doctrine of the religion of Islam. No ‘religion of peace’ there.

Egyptian “democracy” is an endless comedy – if you’re not suffering at the hands of it, that is. Last month, Amr Hamroush, a graduate of Al-Ahzar Institute and a member of the Egyptian Parliament as well as secretary of the Committee of Religious Affairs and Endowments, introduced a resolution to criminalize the act of “insulting historic figures.” Hamroush’s resolution is written in vague terms and lacks definition for “historic figures and symbols.”


Religious child centres in Egypt breed extremism

CAIRO – There has been a great deal of anger expressed by members of the Egyptian parliament about extremist teachings in kindergartens and day-care centres belonging to Islamist movements and run by religious societies. Their outrage has shed light on how much children’s centres without government oversight have become incubators for extremist thought.

Parliament member Mahmoud Badr pointed out in a petition to Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal and Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli that the teaching children receive at the institutions uses Islamic heritage that suits Salafist, al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya and Muslim Brotherhood doctrines.


Egypt’s Coptic Christians bury their dead after Muslim attack on pilgrims’ buses

Hundreds of Egyptian Coptic Christians gathered Saturday for a funeral service south of Cairo to bid farewell to six of seven people killed the previous day when militants ambushed three buses carrying pilgrims on their way to a remote desert monastery.

The service at Prince Tadros church in the city of Minya was held amid tight security and presided over by Minya’s top cleric, Anba Makarios. He and members of the congregation prayed and chanted over a row of six white coffins.


Muslim mob ransacks and loots home church in Egypt – two stabbed

Homes of Copts in the Minya region were attacked by hundreds of furious locals leaving two Christians with knife wounds in the head and face, World Watch Monitor reports.

Four homes were ransacked, looted and partially set on fire by a Muslim mob during the three-hour-long attack, which was reportedly in protest of one of the properties being used as a home church.


Suicide bomber tries to attack a Coptic Christian church in Egypt only to blow himself to pieces

A suicide attack against a Coptic Christian church north of Cairo failed today when the bomber blew himself up when security guards approached him.

The man had been walking among churchgoers, while wearing an explosives belt, and tried to enter the building in the Mostorod district in Qaliubiya province.

But heightened security around the church prevented him from reaching his intended target, state media and security sources said.


Sentenced to death: Senior Muslim Brotherhood members are among 75 people facing execution for posing threat to Egyptian security

An Egyptian court said on Saturday it would transfer the cases of 75 people accused of security-related offences, including senior Muslim Brotherhood figures, to Egypt’s top religious authority to decide whether they should be sentenced to death.

They are among more than 700 people accused of illegal protest and murder over a 2013 sit-in which ended in the deaths of hundreds of Brotherhood supporters and dozens of police when security forces broke it up violently.

The accused face a range of sentences including execution and life in prison.


Life in Egypt for a Christian Woman: ‘Easy Prey’

…Sexual harassment can be described as an epidemic that spreads throughout Egypt. According to a 2013 study by the United Nations, more than 98 percent of all Egyptian women have been subjected to harassment.

But the study did not show how harassment differs from a woman wearing hijab to another who reveals her hair. Most Muslim women in Egypt wear hijab and therefore, the others who do not wear it are most likely Coptic. This means that the Egyptian man thinks he has the right to harass her, simply because he sees her as a whore and a disbeliever.


Lovable Muslims Attack Copts Over Facebook Post Comparing Mohammed With Jesus

An attack by a Muslim mob on Copts in a village in the Egyptian governorate of Minya on Monday has left the Coptic community holed up in their houses, while security forces patrol the streets.

A local source told World Watch Monitor the situation is still very tense in the village of Menbal, 225 kilometres south of Cairo, which was also home to Gaber Mounir Adly, one of the 21 men beheaded by Islamic State in Libya in 2015.

Monday’s attack took place after Muslim villagers in Menbal, which has a population of 45,000, 30 per cent of whom are Copts, accused a Coptic Christian of publishing a post on his Facebook page that insulted Islam, said the source, who did not wish to be named. In his post, published last Thursday (5th July), the 35-year-old Abdo Adel had compared Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, with Jesus.

Egypt is one of the more “sophisticated” Muslim states.