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As dictated by Katie Telford: Is the SNC-Lavalin affair a failure of governance or a failure of journalism?

Is the SNC-Lavalin affair a failure of governance or a failure of journalism?

There is no question that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could have managed this better: the ghosts of Liberal scandals past are now easily recalled from the Chrétien and years.

In 2016, many journalists believed that the election of this generation of federal Liberals marked a change, especially when we see what is passing for governance in Donald Trump’s United States. Re-reading enthusiastic, hagiographic profiles of Trudeau and especially of former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould from only two years ago, you are struck by the adulation. It is slightly embarrassing.

The Star offers up a Mea Culpa Op-Ed for the MSM to use that excuses their 24/7 Trudeau BlowJob of the last 4 years while advising them how to frame the SNC-Lavalin scandal in terms favourable to the Liberal Party. Good Work Katie.


Trudeau’s lineup of willing op-ed writers points to larger problem of media manipulation #SNCLavalin

One of the most revelatory bombshells from former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s candid and damaging testimony was when she alleged that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Katie Telford offered to get the minister positive press if she were to follow the Trudeau government’s wishes.


MALCOLM: CBC non-story an attempt to back up Trudeau’s social media crackdown

Liberal Minister For Hitlery Stuff

I recently learned that Canada’s state broadcaster spent resources trying to investigate me and my social media. And the Prime Minister’s Office took an interest.

The CBC attempted what amounts to a smear campaign against, among others, myself, Ezra Levant and Barbara Kay.

You might have seen the story online. The alarmist headline read: “Twitter trolls stoked debates about immigration and pipelines in Canada, data show: 9M troll tweets released by Twitter reveal foreign campaigns to influence Canadians’ opinions.”


United We Roll supporters REACT after Maclean’s calls convoy “white nationalists”

In one fell swoop, a lead editor from one of Canada’s main national media outlets tarred and feathered a grassroots movement of tens of thousands of Canadians.

When a Muslim commits an act of terror he always acts alone but when a Yellow Vest supporter makes a racist remark All Yellow Vest protesters are guilty. That’s how our media works. Keep that in mind as you read the story.


Canada only getting more polarized between haves and have-nots, survey shows

VANCOUVER—Canadians are becoming more polarized, as the gap in trust levels between the haves and the have-nots is now among the largest in the world, according to a global survey by Edelman.

Respondents who were “college-educated” and whose household income ranked within the top 25 per cent are much more trusting of the government, big business, the media and non-governmental organizations, according to Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer Survey.

Well shit happens when your political class – the government, media and their crony capitalist buddies – actively despise and undermine society.

Bob Rae – a perfect example of why term limits are necessary.


The incredible miscalculation by Trudeau and co.

…This is rattling Liberals, and will put pressure on Trudeau to get rid of Telford or Butts, who Liberal MPs resent for their historically unusual centrality to his government.

My bet is…

No one of importance if anyone will take a fall for this. The LPC is an arrogant and deceitful beast, every means possible will be used to derail and or delay a proper investigation.

They will do so sure in the knowledge that as the election begins its “trusted media” will fall into step and sing the praises of Little Lord Justin as they have done these 4 years past.

I find it hilarious to see certain “journalists” being praised for having dared point out what we peasants have known since Day 1 – Justin is a dim-witted puppet with a delusional degree of self-regard. That Trudeau is an obvious and smarmy fraud somehow escaped the majority of our MSM who happily helped elect the Liberal Party and have now been rewarded with our tax dollars.

In a week we’ll be back to this…


Oh come on, no one is shocked or even mildly surprised by Liberal Party corruption

Paul Wells of McLean’s has written Canada, the show  in which he professes surprise and disappointment at the back-room dealings exposed in the SNC-Lavalin affair, why he’s almost in shock! Shock I tell you! – “You thought this government was about family benefits and boil-water advisories? The Lavalin affair offers a glimpse of the real scene—maybe the real Canada.”

Seriously? Is anyone over aged 8 shocked to learn that Canada is run for the benefit of the Liberal Party and its crony capitalist backers?

I mean besides the media cheerleaders who helped elect the cardboard cutout known as Justin Trudeau.

You shouldn’t be surprised at the antics of a Liberal party whose moral universe dictates no strings attached abortion on demand and the demonization of its opponents. Or whose “leader” experiences sexual assault differently than his victim.

A brokerage party that has weaponized “diversity and multiculturalism” to implement a divisive mass immigration policy that benefits – Surprise! Our corporate welfare class.

The antics of a party that labels  citizens who object to their mass-immigration Ponzi-scheme as intolerant, racists, islamophobes &  Nazis has surprised you with its shady dealings? Really?

You’re shocked that a party run by eco-luddites who have destroyed the livelihood of Albertans,  enthusiastically kow-tows to UN Diktats, and wastes our tax-dollars by the barrel-full on foreign vanity projects rather than helping its own citizens is maybe just a wee-bit corrupt at its heart?

Interference with the judiciary? By this government? I’m shocked! Why that hasn’t happened since.. well… the Boushie trial. And… oh yea, that China thing and uh… maybe that Norman thing.

They created a law to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook and grease Quebec palms for crying out loud. That meets the definition of corruption in most dictionary’s.

For all that and its renowned incompetence in all other matters domestic and foreign you still express surprise that this government maybe doesn’t have the interests of Canadians at heart? The party that gave us Adscam is suddenly a pillar of righteous integrity? You believed that?

Thank goodness for our insightful, unbiased, uncompromised media. I think.



Liberal Party Water Carrier CBC Calls Trudeau Created Refugee Shelter Fiasco Currently Burdening Tax Payers A “Housing Crunch”

Big city mayors call for emergency federal funding to deal with housing crunch

Oh it’s a “housing crunch.” That’s what they’re calling the costly and grossly mismanaged faux refugee fiasco created by PM Idiot. And we’re expected to ignore the fact that our tax dollars are being frittered away to solve yet another Liberal Party vote whoring identity-politics scam.



CBC Breaking Story! Doug Ford Met With Someone Liberals Don’t Like! The Horror! The Horror!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford held a one-on-one meeting with Jordan Peterson a week after the controversial university professor publicly urged Ford to abolish the province’s human rights commission, CBC News has learned.

The meeting was revealed in Ford’s appointment calendar for October and November, obtained through a freedom of information request. CBC News made the request because Ford is not providing the media with his daily public itinerary, breaking from the practice of previous premiers.

Translated from CBCspeak into real world language “controversial” means someone who exposes the liberal-left for the totalitarian asshats they are. Peterson’s comment on the HRC is spot on, anyone who has followed that Star Chamber’s Stalinesque antics would agree.


Yellow vest protests in Red Deer creating stress for new arrivals to Canada says Liberal Party lapdog media

Some newcomer advocates in Red Deer, Alta., are warning that yellow vest protests are stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment.

Since November, protesters wearing yellow vests have packed the downtown on Saturdays to call for pipelines and stricter rules on immigration while denouncing the carbon tax and the United Nations migration pact.

Posters have circulated at the protests, claiming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agenda supports terrorism, “mass Muslim immigration” and starting the “process of Sharia law.” The rally has attracted members of the Soldiers of Odin, an anti-immigrant group.

And Justin Trudeau attracts sex fiends, so what’s your point CBC? Justin must be very worried when he has the Ceeb launch this sort of smear.


CBC runs “over-the-top diatribe” against PPC candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

The CBC’s headline on a story about the People’s Party of Canada candidate in a Vancouver area by-election read: “Bernier’s party taps anti-‘trans agenda’ activist as candidate in Burnaby-South” and the article goes on to vilify Laura-Lynn Tyler Thomson in every way possible.


Oh Oh! There Goes The Liberal Party’s Islam Narrative: Saudi teen who fled ‘abusive’ family celebrates freedom with bacon!

A Saudi teen who fled her family saying she feared for her life has gleefully shared snaps of her new life in Canada – including eating bacon and drinking Starbucks.

Rahaf Mohammed, 18, was at the heart of a worldwide storm when she barricaded herself in a hotel room at Bangkok Airport after running away.

Rahaf – who has renounced her last name, al-Qunun – alleged she suffered horrific abuse at her family’s hands, which they deny.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Canada’s MSM has steered clear of any mention of Islam in the Rahaf Mohammed affair. And I certainly don’t recall seeing a post about Ms. Mohammed’s zeal for bacon at any of our media outlets. It’s as if they were all taking their marching orders from a central source. A source with an agenda to not offend the Muslim vote bloc, especially in an election year. Why it’s almost as if they were paid stooges promoting the Big Lie that Islam is the “religion of peace”. But who could that mysterious behind the scenes string puller be?

I suspect the LPC is grateful Ms. Mohammed has gone radio silent, likely at their direction. The Liberal Party is terrified that she has upended their lies about Islam. That simply won’t do in an election year and Canada’s bought and paid for media are complicit in propagating this lie. Rafah now has 24/7 security based on internet threats. I believe they may be more worried that Ms. Mohammed will face increased domestic threats from within Canada’s Muslim community if the role that Islam played in her treatment were publicly acknowledged. But never expect such an admission from the Trudeau government.

h/t TB


Canadian politicians will court the ethnic vote, but will it benefit any one party?

Certain very racist policies, like the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and tip line … woke up communities to actually say, ‘We cannot tolerate this in our country.’
– Abdikheir Ahmed, Immigration Partnership Winnipeg

…Andrew Griffith, a fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and the Environics Institute, says data on immigration and ethno-cultural diversity from the 2016 census shows many Canadian communities now have a larger percentage of visible minority residents than in 2011.

Of 338 federal ridings in Parliament, 41 have populations where visible minorities form the majority, compared with 33 five years earlier.

“Parties, when they’re developing their electoral strategies, take that into account in terms of how they advocate policies and programs to attract them,” said Griffith.

Welcome to The Great Replacement. Canada is so mired in toxic identity politics that immigration is now the proverbial 3rd rail. Mainstream pablum politicians simply will not go there as frank public discussion is virtually criminalized by our political class and their lackey media. By the way Mr. Ahmed your death cult is barbaric.