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Star plays “race card” to attack Ford’s plan to slash bloated Toronto council

Ford’s city hall slash hurts diversity, aspiring candidate says

Amber Morley has never felt truly represented by Toronto’s elected representatives. She is a 29-year-old Black woman who grew up in a low-income household and when she looks at city hall, she sees a council made of 69 per cent men, 87 per cent white people, and — in the two decades since amalgamation — has never had an elected Black woman sitting on its chamber floor.

So last year, Morley decided to run.

What’s stopping Amber from running for a seat under the new system? Nothing.

But leave it to the Star to make it all about race, next they’ll be calling for POC and gender parity on council.


Journalists Spread Conspiracy Theory That DHS Document Contains Secret Nazi Code

A number of liberal Twitter users and journalists spread a conspiracy theory Thursday insisting a Department of Homeland Security document contained a secret Nazi code.

In February, DHS put out a press release entitled “We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again,” a fact-sheet making the case for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. “When it comes to stopping drugs and illegal aliens across our borders, border walls have proven to be extremely effective,” it argued.


It’s Just Money

If Canadians had a portion of their bank accounts or property taken every week by a band of brown-shirted thugs, would they then complain about the debt they had to pay? :

Surveys suggest that too many Canadians are barely a paycheque away from financial catastrophe. And governments are eagerly supplying the catastrophe.

The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation just noted that since taking office in 2003, the Ontario Liberals have added $14,000 per person to the provincial debt. So what exactly is the plan to cope with this mountain of fiscal obligations?

No, no, put down that glass. Instead take out your own family financial plan. I trust that unlike the government you have one. Look at your assets, liabilities, net worth and monthly expenses. Now fill the glass with red ink and dump it all over them.

Specifically, in Ontario, if you’re in a family of four, add $56,000 to your liabilities and, assuming you pay just four per cent interest, $2,240 to your annual payments. That’s $186 a month.

Oh, phew, you say. You had me worried for a moment. But don’t pour a post-crisis cold one yet, because that’s just what’s been added since 2003. Total provincial debt is fast approaching $350 billion. At $25,700 per person, that’s $102,800 per family of four, and monthly payments of at least $342.

Except about half of Ontarians pay virtually all the taxes. (According to Fraser Institute figures, the bottom half of all Canadian income earners pay just 15 per cent of all taxes, while some seven per cent of Canadian families don’t earn income.) So if you’re somehow making a decent living, you must nearly double all those numbers. Add $200,000 to your family debt, and $666 in monthly interest.


(Sidebar: I would like to take a moment to point out that the number 666 is considered to be a demonic one and it is interesting that it is listed as interest on debt here.)


Canadian Single Dad Claims Harassment in Japan

I have zero sympathy for this man or anyone who goes to a foreign country and expects things to be run as they would in Canada. The Japanese regard time off of work as weakness. That’s how things roll. After working in Japan, he should have gathered that most of the globe doesn’t harbour the sentiments that Canadians do.

How is multiculturalism working out now?

The 47-year-old single father and former manager of global sales at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. in Tokyo alleges he was harassed to the point of mental and physical collapse after he exercised his right to a leave when his son Alexander was born two years ago.

His lawyers have filed a temporary injunction against the Japanese brokerage and have asked a Tokyo court to order the firm reinstate him to full employee status. The company said it encourages its employees to take parental leave. But Wood said he’s a victim of what is known in Japan as patahara — paternity harassment.

Wood said he was incrementally demoted before he was put on unpaid leave in October after rejecting what he said amounted to a low-level clerical position and a more than 50 per cent pay cut.

“It was like junior high school girls’ type of behaviour — they shut me out,” he said. “They wouldn’t invite me to meetings, they wouldn’t look at me, they wouldn’t talk to me.”


Pig Removed From Plane

The “support” hog, too:

A US Airways passenger was given the heave-ho off a jet when her emotional support pig went hog-wild during a flight from Connecticut.

The havoc-wreaking hog began sprinting up and down the jet’s aisles and attempts to settle the animal down by strapping it in went sour.

One passenger described the brown pig as being around 32 kilograms. The woman grunted and tossed the animal over her shoulder and left the plane. Some thought the petulant porker was a duffel bag — until it began oinking.


Financial Portfolios Still A “Man’s World” Laments Fruitcake


Oh, dear:

Women remain underrepresented in economic and finance ministers’ offices, a political sphere that former cabinet staff say continues to be an “old boys’ club” and especially unavailable to women at the senior level.

Long before and after Michele Austin worked as a chief of staff to Conservative minister Rona Ambrose, she noticed women weren’t in finance files.

“Prime ministers, no matter what their party, turn a blind eye to putting women in charge of economic portfolios federally,” she said. “Women’s perspectives on the economy and the bottom line are incredibly important. If you think of who makes purchasing decisions in households, it’s predominantly women, so they need to have a voice at the cabinet table.”


Like the genius of Climate Barbie or the crying acumen of Chrystia Freeland?


Canadian Workforce Lacking In Basic Numeracy Skills

You don’t say:

Canada’s workforce has experienced a troubling slide in literacy and numeracy skills, despite higher levels of education and improvements in learning technology, according to a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: More Educated, But Less Skilled Canadians,” author Parisa Mahboubi compares results of international surveys from 2003 and 2012 and finds Canadians’ skill levels declining across all age cohorts studied.

The report shows that aging and generational differences, such as in education quality and work environment, largely contribute to these declines. Skills erode with age at an accelerated rate, intensifying the negative impact of aging population on average performance. As well, recent generations of Canadians achieved lower scores in literacy and numeracy, regardless of education level.

“More education does not necessarily guarantee more skills: educational attainment, which is generally defined as the highest degree an individual has completed, and skills attainment are trending in the opposite direction,” states Mahboubi, who believes that lowering the admission bar for post-secondary institutions is among the factors contributing to declining skills levels.


Black Lives Matter Won’t March At the Gay Pride Parade

Was it something Big Gay said?

Pride Toronto bent over backwards for Black Lives Matter-Toronto (BLM) and instigated a highly-controversial ban on police involvement in the June 25 parade, because apparently, some members of the LGBTQ community find the police presence in the parade “threatening” and “intimidating.”

So said Pride executive director, Olivia Nuamah at City Hall on May 7.

We all knew that the so-called “intimidated” were the same BLM bullies who hijacked last year’s parade and their ragtag group of fringe leftist supporters who have swallowed the “intersectionality…I’m more oppressed than you” Kool-Aid.

However, Nuamah also made it clear that the sight of Toronto police in uniform protecting BLMers and other marchers was not the least bit intimidating and least of all, the idea of having that $500,000-plus protection being provided free of charge to Pride.

The decision, naturally, has divided Toronto’s LGBTQ community and that — coupled with the lack of public support of the police by Mayor John Tory — many councillors and absolute silence by our lesbian Premier has led many to opt to boycott this year’s parade.

Instead, several Toronto police officers have opted to take up New York City up on their offer to march in their parade on June 25.

After a day-long debate at council a week ago, 27 councillors and Mayor John Tory caved completely and rejected the notion of withholding this year’s $260,000 grant to Pride until officials agreed to allow at least a few police march in uniform.

And what has BLM done? Slapping everyone who kowtowed to them in the face — they’ve opted not to march this year.

I repeat, the group at the centre of this inane maelstrom, will not be marching in the parade on June 25.


The Paris Agreement: Two Different Approaches

While Trump may withdraw from an agreement that does not guarantee less pollution, Canada has a different approach:

As the U.S. flirts with fleeing the Paris climate-change accord, Canada is aligning itself with the world’s other two largest economies to take a global leadership role in the effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna would only say Wednesday that Canada remains committed to the Paris Accord, refusing to speculate about U.S. President Donald Trump’s musings about withdrawing from the agreement.

“Canada’s just going to keep marching on, like the rest of the world,” McKenna told an event in Toronto.


Teen Sent Home Because of T-Shirt

This “brave” person is fond of letting everyone know her lifestyle preferences except for more restive sorts in, say, Iran:

A South Carolina teenager was sent home from school recently after she refused to change her T-shirt — which bore the tongue-in-cheek phrase “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian,” and was deemed “offensive and distracting” and in violation of the school’s dress code.

Now that she has had her much-needed attention, can she shut up now?


School Form Asks Students For Their Gender


Some parents in the Anglophone East School District were surprised to find a new question on the student data collection form this year: “Identified Gender” with three answers to choose from, female, gender independent or male.

Cary Beaumont, a mother of three, says she finds the change refreshing.

“There was a new section that I was really thrilled to see, where they ask first their birth gender and then ask what their identified gender was,” Beaumont said.

“I think it’s fantastic, to be honest. I already have a disabled child and I just think the more inclusive we can be, in all the different ways that we come, the better.”

(Sidebar: isn’t Cary special?)


PQ Wants A Training School On the Merits of Separation

I am not making this up:

There are reports Peladeau wants to create a so-called “training school” where the merits of independence would be taught.

The PQ leader was short on details when asked about the school.

“We will take the appropriate steps to ensure we demonstrate the advantages and benefits of Quebec independence,” he said.

“We intend to have answers to questions. We intend to fight what has been the usual policy or strategy of federalists, who are saying we don’t have the means and the capacity to be a country.

“As you can obviously consider, I believe completely the opposite.”




Ontario Wants Refugees

Oh, for the love of crumb-cake!

The Ontario government says Ottawa should pledge to bring 5,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year.

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins said Friday that the federal government should not wait for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or host governments to certify refugee status, a process he said could take months, and even years.

“We can and we need to mobilize the human and financial resources now and bring thousands to Canada immediately and complete their processes here,” said Hoskins as he announced a $300,000 government funding for Lifeline Syria — an organization that is trying to bring 1,000 Syrian refugees to Toronto.

The funding will be used to implement an outreach campaign to promote private sponsorships, recruit, train and support private sponsors as well as cover the cost of hiring more case workers to help refugees once they resettle in Canada.

Hoskins said previous Canadian governments have responded promptly to international humanitarian crisis, including the Kosovo War in 1999, when 5,000 Kosovo Albanians were resettled in Canada in less than a month.

“We can do this again, but we need to harness the political will and determination,” Hoskins said. “We have the public determination. Now it is time for governments to heed that public call.”

Other provinces also stepped up efforts to support organizations that help resettle refugees.

The Manitoba government pledged an additional $40,000 to help settlement service providers in the province accommodate hundreds more refugees in the coming months.

On Thursday, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said the province has accepted 643 Syrians since the beginning of the year and expects 1,900 by the end of 2015. Couillard said Quebec is prepared to do more.

Meanwhile, Toronto Mayor John Tory has also pledged his support to Lifeline Syria by sponsoring a family to settle in the city from the war-ravaged country.

Tory said Friday he is sponsoring the family as part of a group of friends, one of whom asked him to help out just days before the photo of a drowned Syrian boy washed ashore in Turkey horrified the world.

Since that image was published, Tory said, he has spoken with several Canadian mayors who want to help with the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Did Wynne tell these would-be refugees that there are no jobs for them? Is Couillard willing to accommodate them?