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“Middle-class families today are better off than they were under the Harper Conservatives”


Canadian Club sends notice barring reporters from Stephen Harper speech

During his near decade in power, Harper’s office had an acrimonious relationship with the national media. He distrusted reporters’ motives and his office tightly controlled access to his ministers, foreign diplomats and senior public servants.

Harper’s book argues that the forces that propelled Trump to power can’t be ignored by political leaders, and that conservatives need to find practical ways to bridge the disconnect and distrust separating working people and those who govern them.


WATCH: In New York, Trudeau Blames Harper Government For Current Illegal Border Crossing Crisis

During a recent event in New York City, Justin Trudeau was asked about criticism he is getting from the Opposition (and millions of Canadians) over the escalating illegal border crossing crisis.

For just a moment, it seemed he would refuse to blame the Conservatives, as he started saying that he doesn’t engage in partisan politics outside the country.

But that only lasted a few seconds.

He then proceeded to blame the crisis on – you guessed it – the previous Conservative government, saying they didn’t “invest” enough.


Harper in Limelight


I think that Stephen Harper should retire completely from political life. No one likes an Obama, after all. It’s clear that most Canadians would rather their country completely collapse in every respect than vote for sane (if flawed) leadership.

Having said that, his presence is a nice change of pace from Butt’s mouthpiece to a man who can form sentences without the aid of cue cards:

Suddenly, Stephen Harper is turning up everywhere.

In the past couple of weeks, he’s made headlines for writing a book, telling an American audience in February he could still “easily” lead the Conservative Party and for adding his name to a full-page ad in the New York Times praising President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

On Monday he was in Montreal to mark Israel’s 70th birthday and Tuesday he tweeted he was pleased to be back in “la Belle Province”, adding it was great to see one-time colleagues including former Conservative MPs Denis Lebel and Christian Paradis and Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos.

Harper’s re-emergence bodes well for the Liberals’ strategy to brand the Opposition as “Harper Conservatives.”

For their part, the Conservatives seem to be saying: Bring it on.


‘You are right about Iran,’ Stephen Harper and other former PMs tell Trump in ad

The ad, titled “Mr. President, you are right about Iran” in bold letters, is signed by Harper, former Australian prime minister John Howard, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Northern Ireland first minister David William Trimble, and other former politicians and writers, including John Baird, former Canadian foreign affairs minister.


Canadian imam says Muslims voted out Harper as a response to racism

Speaking in the webinar, Abdullah Hakim Quick, a member of the Canadian Council of Imams, acknowledged the existence of racism in the Muslim community towards black people and of an inferiority complex. He went on to say that as a response to almost 10 years of racism, Canadian Muslims voted en masse in the last federal elections (2015) to bring down Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.


Stephen Harper Bids Adieu

Mixed feelings, he wasn’t all bad but… IncreMENTALism was just plain mental.

He failed to sell off the CBC.

Failed to reign in the predatory public service unions which under PM Useful Idiot will rob us all blind in a mirror image of Two Mommies extortion racket in Ontario.

The Temporary Foreign Workers Program fiasco, an absolute betrayal of Canadians, happened under his watch.

Multiculturalism should have been tossed into the dustbin of history where it belongs, instead the conservatives attempted to use it like any other brokerage party with nothing much to show for it other than to reveal they were capable of talking out of both sides of their mouth at the same time.

Canada’s Muslim population was nearly doubled during the Conservative tenure… and we all know or should by now know that Islam’s vibrant diversity is costing this country billions per year to contain.

PM Useful Idiot will on the advice of his trainers make far more dramatic and far more damaging changes to Canada than any of the media spun horror stories Harper ever ventured, whether it’s how we vote or how we’re allowed to think count on Justin the Dim to inflict real damage.

The conservatives did defang the Kangaroo Court by getting rid of Section 13, but that was a private members bill.

On abortion, he paved the way for Justin’s normalization of the abattoir.

As for the “New Direction” the federal conservative party appears to be headed in – All the good luck and best wishes in the world won’t be enough to get you elected.