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Malians shocked by intelligence director’s extravagant birthday bash – Why did @JustinTrudeau send our troops to this craphole?

In her tweets, @AshleyLelaMAIGA wrote: “And here you have it the Republic of Party Animals! #Mali, a country adrift and in the grips of a serious security crisis, where the priority of those in charge of national security is to throw indecently extravagant birthday parties.” The thread continues: “As civilians and soldiers lose their lives each day in the north and centre of #Mali and millions of children aren’t going to school because of the security crisis shaking the country, those in charge of national security are partying in #Bamako.”

While Mali’s Ruling Class Parties… Canadians pressed into service after deadly attack on UN base in Mali

OTTAWA — Canadian peacekeepers saw their busiest day in Mali on Sunday after extremists with links to al Qaeda attacked a United Nations base, killing 10 and injuring dozens more.

Five Canadian helicopters were scrambled from a different base after the attack, according to Canadian Forces spokesman Capt. Christopher Daniel, including two large Chinooks configured as flying hospitals and three smaller Griffon escorts.


8 peacekeepers killed in militant attack on UN base in Mali

At least eight UN peacekeepers have been killed and many injured in a “major” assault on one of their bases in the northeastern Mali, where various Al-Qaeda and Islamic State-linked groups have been active.

The incident occurred early on Sunday in the northeastern Kidal province near the village of Aguelhok. A group of militants attacked the base using “many armed vehicles,” a statement issued by the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, MINUSMA, said. The attack was successfully repelled, it added.

Another Islamist shithole Justin has gotten us into.


Trudeau to issue formal apology after Islamophobic Canadian Peacekeepers escape Mali car bomb attempt

Canadian Forces safe after attack in Mali; jihadists claim responsibility

GAO, Mali — A car-bomb explosion in northern Mali killed three civilians on Monday, and one group reportedly claimed that Canadian soldiers and other foreign forces were targeted.

The Canadian Armed Forces said in an email Monday that it was aware of an explosion in the city of Gao, adding that all Canadian personnel were safe at Camp Castor.

The Ministry of Security and Civil Protection of Mali says on its Facebook page that a trapped vehicle burst into flames in a courtyard in Gao.

Diversity training will be the order of the day.


UN reports sharp deterioration in Mali since Canadian peacekeepers arrived

In a sobering new report, the head of the United Nations says the security situation in Mali has sharply deteriorated over the past three months even as demand for food aid and other humanitarian assistance has skyrocketed.

The assessment by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres coincides with the presence of Canadian peacekeepers in Mali, and suggests the country is in many ways worse off now than when they first arrived in June.


The war in the desert: Why the Sahara is terror’s new front line

It is just before 15:00 on Saturday in Timbuktu and the intense desert heat has reached its peak.

Five years ago, Islamist occupiers were driven out of the historical town – but violent extremists have never been far away.

A few people are browsing through the silver jewellery and leatherwork at a small Tuareg curio market by the security checkpoint at the airport entrance.

It’s on the outskirts of town and both French troops and UN peacekeepers have set up what they call a “super-camp” there.

At this sleepy time of day, people are working inside their air-conditioned containers and all that can be heard is the low hum of generators.

Then, blaring sirens.


Mali: Suspected jihadists kill more than 30

More than 30 Tuareg people were killed by suspected jihadists near Mali’s northeastern border with Niger, Agence France-Presse and Agencia EFE reported on Saturday, citing local sources.

The attack happened just a day after motorbike-riding gunment killed 12 people outside nearby Anderamboukane, the former Tuareg rebel group MSA and tribal leaders said.

“There have been 43 deaths in two days, all civilians, from the same community,” tribal leader Sidigui Ag Hamadi told AFP.

“Our fighters are destroying their bases and wiping them out. They are targeting innocent civilians,” he said, adding that the attacks were likely reprisals for raids on jihadists by armed Tuarag groups.


Controversy erupts over the deaths of alleged terrorists in Mali

In Mali, an investigation has been launched into the controversial killing of 14 people in Dioura, in the central Mopti region last Friday. There are two contradictory versions of who these people were and how they died.

On Friday, the Malian army said that 14 people described as alleged terrorists were killed while trying to escape. They had been arrested the day before in the town of Dioura in possession of weapons, according to the military. However, the official version was contested by their next of kin and local sources who claim they were summarily executed.

Justin sure can pick a peace keeping mission.


Canada sending troops to UN peacekeeping mission in Mali

The Canadian military will deploy helicopters and support troops, including medical teams, to the troubled West African nation of Mali later this year, CBC News has learned.

A senior government official, speaking on background, said a formal announcement will be made Monday.

The deployment is in response to a direct request from the United Nations.

Details on how many choppers and personnel will be involved are still being worked out, but the official said the UN has been served with formal notice of Canada’s participation.

The UN has such a great track record I’m certain nothing could possibly go wrong.


ICC orders Muslim terrorist to pay €2.7 million for destruction of Timbuktu holy sites

Al Faqi Al Mahdi

A war crimes court Thursday said a Malian ex-jihadist caused 2.7 million euros in damages when he destroyed Timbuktu’s fabled shrines in 2012.

The International Criminal Court ordered victims be paid “individual, collective and symbolic” reparations, ICC judge Raul Pangalangan said.

But the judges at the Hague-based tribunal recognised that Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi was penniless, saying it was up to the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) — set up to implement the judge’s decisions — to decide how the outstanding amount will have to be paid.

Boy that’ll show them terrorists!


Le Campement Kangaba Resort Mali: Muslim terrorists take hostages in resort popular with Western tourists


AFP – Suspected jihadists attack tourist resort in Mali capital

Reports of 20 hostages freed, one French soldier dead.

Very little information forthcoming: AFP is saying at least 2 dead, another source says Americans were the largest tourist contingent at the resort.

Well I’m shocked! Telegraph – The government of Mali says that “suspected jihadists” are carrying out the attack.

From the DM – A tourist camp popular with Westerners in the Malian capital was under attack on Sunday, according to witnesses.

Malian troops and soldiers from France’s Bakhane counter-terrorist force headed to the site on the edge of Bamako, where nearby residents reported hearing shots fired while smoke billowed into the air.

There was no information immediately available on any casualties.

From the BBC – A tourist resort in Mali popular with Westerners is under attack by gunmen, a spokesman at the security ministry has told Reuters.

Nearby residents reported hearing shots fired at the luxury destination.

The spokesman said the attack was ongoing at Le Campement resort in Dougourakoro, to the east of the capital Bamako.

Twitter –  Mali

US issued a warning against travel to Mali on June 9.

Must be casual day! Oh my, socks with sandals.