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Palestinian terror group Hamas THANKS Jeremy Corbyn for his support

The Palestinian terror group Hamas has officially thanked Jeremy Corbyn for his support, MailOnline can reveal.

In a carefully worded statement issued this evening, the militant organisation, whose armed wing is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians, ‘saluted’ the Labour leader after he sent a message to a major anti-Israel rally in London last weekend.

‘We have received with great respect and appreciation the solidarity message sent by the British Labor (sic) Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to the participants in the mass rally that took place in central London,’ the statement said.


Britain’s billionaires ‘prepare to flee country amid fears Jeremy Corbyn will be next Prime Minister’

Britain’s wealthiest individuals are preparing to leave the country amid belief Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister, it was reported.

Billionaires and multimillionaires are said to be making plans to protect their fortunes, which include moving their assets and businesses overseas, in preparation of tax increases should the Labour leader enter Downing Street.

According to The Sunday Times, which today publishes its annual Rich List, individuals could take up to £1 trillion out of Britain amid fears over what has been dubbed ‘Corbygeddon’.


Baldrick quits Labour after 45 years and says Corbyn’s leadership is ‘complete s***’

Sir Tony Robinson, the actor and a former member of Labour’s ruling body, has quit the party after 45 years over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, antisemitism and Brexit.

Sir Tony, best known as Baldrick in hit comedy Blackadder and a member of TV’s Time Team, is a former vice-president of actors’ union Equity and served on the NEC from 2000-04.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “I’ve left the Labour Party after nearly 45 years of service at Branch, Constituency and NEC levels, partly because of its continued duplicity on Brexit, partly because of its antisemitism, but also because its leadership is complete s***.”


Calls grow for Jeremy Corbyn to quit as Labour Party leader in row over ‘anti-Semitic’ book which he praised as a ‘brilliant’ analysis of imperialism

Jewish activists called on Jeremy Corbyn to consider his position after it emerged he had endorsed a book containing anti-Semitic ideas.

The Labour leader wrote the foreword for a new edition of JA Hobson’s 1902 book Imperialism: A Study while he was a backbencher in 2011.

He described it as a ‘great tome’ – even though it spread conspiracy theories about the Rothschild banking family and said finance was controlled ‘by men of a single and peculiar race’ who in turn controlled ‘the policy of nations’.


Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour ‘ignored’ anti-Semitism in a secretly recorded meeting

Jeremy Corbyn has privately expressed concern that evidence of anti-Semitism in Labour has been ‘mislaid or ignored’, according to reports.

The Labour leader made the comments during a secretly recorded meeting with MP Dame Margaret Hodge, the Sunday Times said.

Mr Corbyn was speaking in February as he outlined his intention to appoint former Cabinet minister Lord Falconer to review the party’s complaints process, the newspaper said.


The Implosion of Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party not only has failed to confront anti-Semitism but seems unable to acknowledge it as a problem.

It may have been at the Sternberg Centre, where a large overflow marquee housed my London congregation on High Holidays. There was an abandoned trailer in the woods behind it, and us kids would sneak out to play in it. I don’t remember even specifically when it happened. But I remember the sound of the word the first time I heard it spoken, its icy vituperation, the way the speaker’s jaw moved around the syllable. “Kike.”

Even so, until recently, “Anti-Semitism” still struck me as a clinical concept, remote from my daily experiences. But Jeremy Corbyn has recently made it unavoidable. The leader of the Labour Party has managed to create a self-made political calamity of hypnotic proportions, one which could destroy his opposition party even as Brexit immolates the Conservative government.


Corbyn’s Hate: Blockbuster Report Reveals ‘Anti-Semitic Army’ Behind UK’s Far-Left Labour Leader

…British politics are still reverberating from the shockwaves of a bombshell article in The Sunday Times, chronicling the deep and systemic anti-Semitism within the ranks of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. We already knew that Corbyn is a truly radical figure, and that he’s at least indulged anti-Jewish bigotry for years. After all, he once called the Islamist terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah “friends.” What we didn’t know was the extent to which he and his office have run interference for anti-Semitic party members, intervening on their behalf, while ignoring other complaints.


Jewish Labour Movement passes no-confidence motion on Corbyn

The Jewish Labour Movement passed a motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership on Sunday as the party came under renewed pressure over its handling of antisemitism allegations.

Labour disputed a report in the Sunday Times, which drew on leaked internal documents, that its system for dealing with complaints has been beset by delays, inaction and interference from the leader’s office.

But both the party and its leader were dealt a blow when the AGM of the Jewish Labour Movement – which has 2,000 members and has been affiliated for almost a century – voted to describe the party as “institutionally antisemitic”.

I doubt Corbyn cares much at all.


Expose: Jeremy Corbyn’s anti‑semite army

The Labour Party has failed to take disciplinary action against hundreds of members accused of anti-semitism under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, according to internal documents leaked to The Sunday Times.

A hard drive of emails and a confidential database last updated on March 8 reveal how the party’s system for dealing with such complaints is bedevilled by delays, inaction and interference from the leader’s office. They reveal members investigated for posting such online comments as “Heil Hitler”, “F*** the Jews” and “Jews are the problem” have not been expelled, even though the party received the complaints a year ago.

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3 ex-Labour Party members arrested in anti-semitism case

The Metropolitan police have made three arrests in an investigation prompted by a dossier detailing antisemitic social media messages allegedly posted by Labour party members.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said that two men and a woman had been arrested during March on suspicion of publishing or distributing material likely to stir up racial hatred. Each has been released pending further inquiries.

It is understood the people arrested were Labour members or suspended from the party at the time the complaint was made but are no longer members.


UK’s anti-Semite ridden Labour Party declares “Muslimness” a “race” – no word on when Christians will receive equal treatment

Labour formally adopts definition of Islamophobia

The Labour party has formally adopted a definition of Islamophobia, arguing that it is vital to tackling the rise of far-right racism.

A party spokesperson said its national executive committee had adopted the working definition produced by the all-party parliamentary group on British Muslims “to help tackle Islamophobia, build a common understanding of its causes and consequences, and express solidarity with Muslim communities”

The definition reads: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

The definition was produced by the group to build a common understanding of the causes and consequences of Islamophobia. It was decided upon after a six-month consultation with academics, lawyers, elected officials, Muslim organisations, activists, campaigners, and communities.


Sickening cartoons & jibes that lay bare Labour’s hate as equalities watchdog probes allegations that the party is anti-Semitic

What do they mean “allegations?”

Labour member shared post accusing Jewish people of ‘eating the organs of their enemies’ and accused Jews of inventing modern terrorism by saying ‘IRA murderers took their cue from Jews’. But in May 2018, the party sought to delay his suspension until it was found whether his disability had left him vulnerable.


Major independent inquiry to investigate Labour party’s alleged institutional anti-Semitism

A major independent inquiry into ‘institutional anti-Semitism’ in the Labour party has been announced.

The independent investigation by the respected Equalities and Human Rights Commission will examine how the party deals with anti-Semitism.

Party bosses will be forced to hand over a raft of private emails and text messages as part of the investigation.

It will place Jeremy Corbyn in the spotlight and force him to explain the barrage of allegations of anti-Semitism against him.


Police called after rebel Labour MP Joan Ryan is called a ‘****-sucking, Jewish c***’ for protesting anti-semitism in the party

An MP who led the revolt against anti-Semitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has been branded a ‘Jew whore’ who should burn ‘in the ovens’.

Joan Ryan, who quit Labour last month in protest at the party’s ‘culture of anti-Semitism’, called in police after receiving two separate death threats in the wake of her defection.

One was an unstamped handwritten note delivered to Ms Ryan’s Commons office on a week ago on Friday which branded her a ‘****-sucking, Jewish c*** who defected to Israel’ who should be raped and ‘set on fire’.


How Labour anti-Semitism has impacted British Jews

In September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labour Party. More details of his lengthy hatemongering activities are still being discovered. In February 2019 investigative journalist, Tom Bower, published his biography of Corbyn titled, Dangerous Hero. He found that Corbyn spoke to a historian in 2015 about his early life, including his first job in London in 1973 as an assistant researcher at the National Union of Tailor and Garment Workers.