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“Muslims feel uncomfortable with scantily clad, ugly people”

Muslim councilor wants halal beach in The Hague: “Muslims feel uncomfortable with scantily clad, ugly people”

A nudist beach? Then also a ‘halal beach’ in The Hague. At least, if it is up to Party of the Unity Councilor Arnoud van Doorn. According to the controversial Dutch politician, Muslims feel “unpleasant with scantily clad, ugly people.”

According to Van Doorn, there is a need for a so-called ‘halal beach’. Muslims don’t feel at home on most beaches, he says. “Not only Muslims, but also many other residents feel uncomfortable with the appearance of very scantily dressed and often unesthetically designed beachgoers,” he writes to The Hague’s city council. “In addition, women in particular indicate that they are increasingly confronted with unwanted allusions and advances by people of the opposite sex during beach visits.”

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“This is Ahmad Ibn Abdillaah, leader of the Muslims, confessing to a crime of which I am wanted for.”

Muslim convert who stabbed stranger six times in neck at bus stop ‘heard voices in Birmingham’

A Muslim convert who stabbed a man six times from behind as he walked towards a bus stop has revealed he heard voices saying ‘The Muslim Leader’ while in Birmingham.

Alex Davies, 26, stabbed Jaroslaw Poterucha six times from behind as he walked towards a bus stop in Levenshulme, Manchester, on August 12 2016.

The 26-year-old was seen on private premises at a military air base days after he repeatedly knifed the stranger in the neck in the street.

I think mental illness fits this time.


Witnesses tell court about controlling character of Joshua Boyle

Witnesses at Joshua Boyle’s trial described the former hostage as having a controlling character following years in captivity.

Boyle, 35, has pleaded not guilty to 19 charges, including assault with a weapon, sexual assault and forcible confinement. He is being tried by judge alone in provincial court in Ottawa.

Boyle was charged a few months after he returned to Canada in October 2017 with his estranged wife Caitlan Coleman, and their three children. They had been held captive for five years in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Was he going after his own children?


Christie Blatchford: Boyle said it was ‘my duty as his wife to find women for him,’ Caitlan Coleman testifies

OTTAWA — Amid the shocking detail of Caitlan Coleman’s testimony about what she says was the wide-ranging nature of the abuse her husband Joshua Boyle inflicted upon her, one thing stands out in its stark horror and implications.

Coleman was testifying Friday for the second day about her long and tumultuous relationship with Boyle, including the five years they spent in captivity in Afghanistan as hostages of the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network, and approximately three months in Canada afterwards.


Joshua Boyle trial: Caitlan Coleman testifies about forced sex, bondage

Former Afghanistan hostage Caitlan Coleman says her husband, Joshua Boyle, hit her in the face and knocked her to the floor after an argument about anal sex that ended with her threatening to take the children and leave.

Coleman testified that on the night of Nov. 27, 2017, Boyle became angry when she told him she didn’t want to have anal sex.

“It was something he expressed to me he wanted and that he had a right to have with me,” she told court Friday.


Christie Blatchford: Caitlan Coleman testifies Boyle exiled her while they were in captivity

Experienced Islam 1st hand – and lived.

The blackest period of Caitlan Coleman’s curious life, spent largely in the immense shadows cast by Joshua Boyle, came when she was living in the rudimentary toilet room of the couple’s quarters in Afghanistan.

The pair were kidnapped by the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network about a week after they had entered the war-torn country in 2012, an “adventure” driven by Boyle’s belief that “the better cultures are Indigenous cultures, poor cultures” and that there they would live among the gentle Pashtun people.


Christie Blatchford: Officer tells trial how Joshua Boyle case turned from missing person to domestic abuse

OTTAWA — If there were some odd-duck aspects to the 911 call Joshua Boyle made to Ottawa Police or in what he told officers shortly afterwards, they hardly would have identified him immediately as a wife-battering ogre.

Then newly back in Canada after years of captivity in Afghanistan, Boyle was calling on the night of Dec. 30, 2017 to report his wife and former co-hostage, Caitlan Coleman, as possibly suicidal.


Joshua Boyle’s 911 call played at his assault trial

On Tuesday, Boyle’s 911 call was played in Ontario Court.

“My wife is threatening to kill herself,” he’s heard telling the dispatcher in five minutes of the 911 audio. He says she has an “extreme mental instability” called borderline personality disorder, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) “and a few other things.”

But the call was a ruse, the Crown intends to prove — an attempt by Boyle to divert suspicion away from himself and onto someone else.


Joshua “broomstick” Boyle’s trial opens with estranged spouse electing to lift publication ban

The trial of former hostage Joshua Boyle, charged with assault, sexual assault and other offences, began in Ottawa on Monday with one of the alleged victims, his estranged spouse, electing to lift the publication ban on her identity.

Boyle, 35, is facing 19 charges relating to two alleged victims, with Caitlan Coleman named in 17 of them. Coleman was Boyle’s spouse when he was arrested by Ottawa police on Jan. 1, 2018.

The identity of the second victim remains protected by a court-ordered publication ban.


Former Irish soldier who became an ISIS bride begs to be rescued from Syrian refugee camp with her toddler daughter after fleeing Baghouz

Lisa Smith – Idiot Convert to Islam

A former Irish soldier who fled to Syria to become an ISIS bride has said she wants to return home.

Lisa Smith, 37, has lost her husband and is living in the al-Hol refugee camp in Syria with her two-year-old daughter.

She fled the terror group’s last holdout in Baghouz and is one of hundreds of women and children at the camp.


Justin Trudeau’s friend Joshua Boyle in court for sex assault trial today

The trial of former hostage Joshua Boyle on charges including assault and sexual assault is scheduled to begin in an Ottawa courtroom Monday morning.

Boyle and his American spouse, Caitlan Coleman, were abducted while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan in 2012.

Their return to Canada in October 2017, alongside three children they had during their five years in captivity in Afghanistan and Pakistan, made international headlines.


John Walker Lindh, the ‘American Taliban,’ is going free – Should we be worried?

John Walker Lindh – American Taliban

John Walker Lindh, the former “American Taliban” will soon be back on the street. Captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2002, he was convicted of providing material support to terrorism and has been in prison ever since.

He is scheduled for release in May, even though he has never denounced the Islamist cause. This has led many to ask, “Now what?” I’d respond with another question: So what?

America is a nation of laws and the law must guide our treatment of Lindh. He was lawfully incarcerated. Come May, he will have done his time. At that point, he is due all rights consistent with the terms of his release.


ISIS bride who fled Melbourne to fight in Syria aged 19 and boasted she was ‘thirsty for Australian blood’ demands to be let back into the country

A woman believed to be an ISIS bride who fled Melbourne to fight in Syria and boasted about being thirsty for Australian blood has demanded to be let back in to the country.

Zehra Duman left Melbourne aged 19 to join the terror group in 2014 – but is now thought to be in a Syrian refugee camp, desperate to come home.

In an interview with an American humanitarian worker, a woman who refused to confirm her identity but is believed to be Duman said: ‘I want to go back to my country.


New Zealand Muslim Who Joined ISIS Regrets He Was Too Poor to Buy a Yazidi Slave

“I would have liked to have one, but I never got to,” he said. “To buy a slave, you’re looking at least 4,000 American [dollars] to buy an older woman, at least past 50 years old. And to buy a decent one, at least $10,000 or $20,000. They range from prices from $4,000 up to $50,000, and I didn’t have that kind of money just to throw around myself. I was too poor.”

He wants to come home now.