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Terror plotter had 16 meetings with Prevent officers, court hears

A Muslim convert plotted a terror attack on Oxford Street despite repeated attempts by authorities to deradicalise him, a court has heard.

The former Royal Mail worker Lewis Ludlow, 27, of Rochester, Kent, said he was filled with “animosity and hatred” when he swore allegiance to Islamic State, the Old Bailey heard.

All the while, he appeared to engage with the Prevent deradicalisation programme, having had 16 meetings and a phonecall with officers over the six months before his arrest last April.

One of the meetings was on the same day that Ludlow had carried out reconnaissance of targets around the capital, taking photographs of Oxford Street and Madame Tussauds.


Nutters actually… Terrorists or targets? Appeal court to decide fate of B.C. couple accused in bomb plot

B.C.’s Court of Appeal will hand down a decision on Wednesday that could see a Surrey couple sent to jail for planting explosive devices on the grounds of the provincial legislature.

A jury found John Nuttall and Amanda Korody guilty of terrorism offences in 2015. But a B.C. Supreme Court judge stayed the proceedings in 2016 after finding the pair had been entrapped by police in an investigation that amounted to an abuse of process.

A panel of judges on the higher court will decide whether to set aside Justice Catherine Bruce’s ruling.


Britain refuses US request to extradite American ‘terrorist’ linked to Al Queda allies as family claim he is ‘just a janitor’

Britain has refused to extradite an American who fought with an Islamic terror group and who travelled to the UK despite being on a ‘no-fly’ list.

Muslim convert Brian Dempsey, 46, admitted to FBI agents in Rome that he had fought in Syria for the Al Qaeda ally Islamic Front before fleeing to Britain in 2014 – and has since resisted attempts to extradite him to the US.

District judge Kenneth Grant threw out the American extradition request at Westminster Magistrates’ Court last year after ruling that Dempsey’s conduct ‘did not amount to an extraditable offence’


‘I was a poser,’ says man caught with Islamic State propaganda and child porn

When the FBI knocked on his front door last December, Sean Duncan says he ran out the back carrying a thumb drive full of child pornography. He broke it in half and doused it in cleaning solution.

But in a sign of how strange his criminal case has been, prosecutors say he might be lying in an effort to conceal ties to terrorism or information on the death of his son.

U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema on Friday sentenced Duncan to 20 years in prison and a lifetime of supervision, the maximum allowed under his plea agreement to charges of obstruction of justice and receipt of child pornography.


Joshua Boyle granted bail with conditions

OTTAWA—Former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle, who faces several assault charges, will be released from jail with strict bail conditions that include an electronic tracking bracelet.

Ontario Court Justice Robert Wadden handed down the decision Friday in Ottawa after three days of proceedings.

No mention of where his wife and children are residing.


His interest in ISIS put him under investigation, but he ultimately was caught with child porn

A Loudoun County man pleaded guilty Monday to obstructing justice and receiving child pornography in an unusual prosecution that began when he fled FBI agents investigating possible plans to commit a terrorist ­attack.

Sean Andrew Duncan, 22, will spend 15 to 20 years in prison under the plea agreement reached in Alexandria federal court, which included details not just of his Islamic State contacts but also of explicit images he had of strangers and an infant relative. Judge Leonie M. Brinkema will decide his sentence July 6.


Dual-Citizens hope to score a seat on Justin’s Jihad Gravy Train for idiot convert son

Their son went to Syria. They’re facing 14 years in prison for trying to send him money — they say to bring him home

…Then, on Sept. 2 of that year, he called and told his mom: “I’m in Syria.”

What Jack Letts did over the next two years is unclear. There are angry, offensive Facebook posts on his account, which he told his parents he did not write, claiming that others had access. In the summer of 2015, he posted a photo of himself in Syria, holding up the one-finger salute associated with Daesh, which until recently controlled a large swath of Iraq and Syria.

Communication with his parents was spotty, but when he could speak to them, he said he was doing humanitarian work, teaching in schools, telling them he did not belong to any group.”

Yea sure.

Your son went to Syria to join ISIS, he hasn’t spent a day in Canada that I am aware of, why is this our responsibility?


Killer who tried to murder dog walker monitored for radicalisation after converting to Islam

A CRAZED killer who tried to batter a Dundee dog walker to death with a dumbbell while on home leave was being monitored for radicalisation after converting to Islam.

Robbie McIntosh, 32, was serving his sentence for the brutal murder of Anne Nicoll when he became a Muslim

Islam and Crazy, the two go hand in hand.


German jihadi bride is jailed for six years in Iraq after avoiding the death penalty

Linda Wenzel. Idiot Muslim terrorist convert.

A German teenager who ran away from home and joined ISIS has been jailed for six years in Iraq.

Linda Wenzel has been caged in the Iraqi capital Baghdad for her role as an Islamic Sharia law-enforcer with the terror group, which she joined at 15.

Wenzel, who last year sobbed on TV ‘I have ruined my life,’ could have faced the death penalty.


Washington Post Publishes Muslim who Served Time for Terror-Related Charges

Ismail Royer. Idiot Convert to Islam.

At least they admit it. The bio tag for this Washington Post article reads: “Ismail Royer is an American convert to Islam and a research and program associate at the Religious Freedom Institute, a D.C. nonprofit organization. He served 13 years in federal prison for terrorism-related charges. Since his release, he has worked in the nonprofit sector developing strategies to promote religious liberty and undermine extremist ideology.”

Which “extremist ideology”? Why not “…to promote religious liberty and undermine the jihad ideology”? Probably because what is meant by “extremist ideology” is “right-wing extremism,” a label often attached to resistance to jihad terror.

Interestingly, the Washington Post bio for Royer doesn’t note that before his incarceration, he worked for Hamas-linked CAIR.


Let him rot: Alleged ISIS operative ‘Jihadi Jack’ begs Canada to let him come here

Canadian diplomats have made contact with a British-Canadian man who allegedly joined ISIS in Syria — and who is now pleading with the government to secure his release from prison and allow him to come to Canada, CBC News has learned.

Idiot convert to Islam.

Jack Letts, a British-Canadian man dubbed “Jihadi Jack” by the U.K. media, is being held by Kurdish authorities on suspicion of being a member of the extremist organization.

CBC News has obtained audio recordings and text transcripts of his conversations with Canadian consular officials, who have stopped short of giving him any direct assurances they’ll be able to free him.

​”Please get me out of this place,” Letts said in a Jan. 10 conversation with Canadian officials. “I don’t mind if you put me in prison, just get me out of here as soon as possible.”


Hollywood director’s British son who joined al-Qaeda calls for more recruits to join him in Syria in new propaganda video

The white British son of a film director who converted to Islam to join al-Qaeda in Syria has called for more recruits to join him in a new propaganda video.

In the footage, London-born Lucas Kinney, 26, addresses the camera in Arabic as he stands in front of a group of jihadi fighters.

The 26-year-old encourages people to join him in the war against President Assad’s government forces.

He is the only member of the group who leaves his face uncovered.


Not Just Immigration: Are We Paying Attention to American Muslim Converts?

The Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, appeared to be thoroughly assimilated immigrants in 2013.

Many Americans looked at the Tsarnaev brothers at that time and asked how they went undetected as jihadists. They wondered how two brothers could lead seemingly normal lives while an infectious jihadist ideology ate at them from the inside. Because the brothers were clean-cut guys who went to the gym and partied with their American friends, even the media asked how they could have committed these “senseless deeds.”