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German jihadi bride is jailed for six years in Iraq after avoiding the death penalty

Linda Wenzel. Idiot Muslim terrorist convert.

A German teenager who ran away from home and joined ISIS has been jailed for six years in Iraq.

Linda Wenzel has been caged in the Iraqi capital Baghdad for her role as an Islamic Sharia law-enforcer with the terror group, which she joined at 15.

Wenzel, who last year sobbed on TV ‘I have ruined my life,’ could have faced the death penalty.


Washington Post Publishes Muslim who Served Time for Terror-Related Charges

Ismail Royer. Idiot Convert to Islam.

At least they admit it. The bio tag for this Washington Post article reads: “Ismail Royer is an American convert to Islam and a research and program associate at the Religious Freedom Institute, a D.C. nonprofit organization. He served 13 years in federal prison for terrorism-related charges. Since his release, he has worked in the nonprofit sector developing strategies to promote religious liberty and undermine extremist ideology.”

Which “extremist ideology”? Why not “…to promote religious liberty and undermine the jihad ideology”? Probably because what is meant by “extremist ideology” is “right-wing extremism,” a label often attached to resistance to jihad terror.

Interestingly, the Washington Post bio for Royer doesn’t note that before his incarceration, he worked for Hamas-linked CAIR.


Let him rot: Alleged ISIS operative ‘Jihadi Jack’ begs Canada to let him come here

Canadian diplomats have made contact with a British-Canadian man who allegedly joined ISIS in Syria — and who is now pleading with the government to secure his release from prison and allow him to come to Canada, CBC News has learned.

Idiot convert to Islam.

Jack Letts, a British-Canadian man dubbed “Jihadi Jack” by the U.K. media, is being held by Kurdish authorities on suspicion of being a member of the extremist organization.

CBC News has obtained audio recordings and text transcripts of his conversations with Canadian consular officials, who have stopped short of giving him any direct assurances they’ll be able to free him.

​”Please get me out of this place,” Letts said in a Jan. 10 conversation with Canadian officials. “I don’t mind if you put me in prison, just get me out of here as soon as possible.”


Hollywood director’s British son who joined al-Qaeda calls for more recruits to join him in Syria in new propaganda video

The white British son of a film director who converted to Islam to join al-Qaeda in Syria has called for more recruits to join him in a new propaganda video.

In the footage, London-born Lucas Kinney, 26, addresses the camera in Arabic as he stands in front of a group of jihadi fighters.

The 26-year-old encourages people to join him in the war against President Assad’s government forces.

He is the only member of the group who leaves his face uncovered.


Not Just Immigration: Are We Paying Attention to American Muslim Converts?

The Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, appeared to be thoroughly assimilated immigrants in 2013.

Many Americans looked at the Tsarnaev brothers at that time and asked how they went undetected as jihadists. They wondered how two brothers could lead seemingly normal lives while an infectious jihadist ideology ate at them from the inside. Because the brothers were clean-cut guys who went to the gym and partied with their American friends, even the media asked how they could have committed these “senseless deeds.”


Idiot convert to Islam who planned to travel to Syria to become a nurse for ISIS is jailed

A teenage girl who planned to travel to Syria to commit terrorist acts after being radicalised in online chatrooms has been jailed for three-and-a-half-years.

Muslim convert Sandeep Samra, 18, became frantic to obtain a new passport after her original travel documents were cancelled, frustrating her hope of ‘going for death’ in the so-called Islamic State.

Birmingham Crown Court was told Samra, of Coventry, wrote ‘May Allah give me death in the cause’ in a social media message shortly before her arrest in nearby Old Church Road last July.


Unsealed documents: Soldier obsessed with terrorism videos

A Hawaii-based Army soldier was obsessed with videos depicting terrorism beheadings, suicide bombings and other violence and he watched them in his bedroom for hours every day, a confidential informant told agents who put a tracking device on the soldier’s car during an investigation that led to an indictment charging him with attempting to support the Islamic State group.

An affidavit supporting the tracking device request and other newly unsealed court documents provide more details about Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang’s alleged fixation with Islamic State group violence.

Kang told the informant if he became an Islamic State member, he would be a suicide bomber and attack Schofield Barracks, a sprawling Army base outside Honolulu, the affidavit said.


Salford man pleads guilty to 16 terrorism charges

A Muslim convert from Salford has pleaded guilty to 16 terrorism charges.

Adam Wyatt admitted encouraging terrorism through online postings about jihad, disseminating terrorist publications and possessing e-copies of documents useful for terrorism.

Wyatt, 48, of Bridgewater Street, Salford, was remanded into custody following his guilty pleas at Manchester Crown Court on Monday.

He will be sentenced following a further hearing in April.

Wyatt admitted nine counts of encouragement of terrorism, including postings on a Google Plus account which said jihad was an “obligation” for Muslims.


Virginia Convert to Islam Plots Jihad Attack, Amasses Child Porn, Seeks Polygamous Marriage

Sean Andrew Duncan is a 21-year-old convert to Islam living in Virginia, and is under investigation for ties to the Islamic State (ISIS).

In the course of the investigation, agents found that Duncan was in possession of child pornography, and was seeking a second wife while still being married to his first — a 36-year-old physician named Zakiya Sadeq whom he had met at Islamic gatherings.

Duncan embodies a phenomenon that authorities so far have determinedly ignored: the lethal convert to Islam.


Muslim Convert Professor Goes On Bizarre Religious Rant In Class, Prompting Police Call

Alarmed students at a community college in Texas called the police on their professor when he entered his astronomy class clad in black with his face covered and began ranting about the Koran.

On Tuesday, adjunct professor and Muslim convert Daniel Mashburn walked into the class 20 minutes late and turned off the lights before beginning his strange lecture. Wearing a baseball hat, a beanie and a scarf to obscure his face, the teacher began a diatribe about Islam.


BONOKOSKI: The ever-converging lives of Justin Trudeau and Joshua Boyle

The prime minister is finally back in Ottawa, another year older and another year (supposedly) wiser.

He is now 46, his birthday having fallen on Christmas Day, and his extended holiday at the PM’s official Quebec vacation mansion on Harrington Lake, and then to the ski country of Lake Louise and Revelstoke, has finally come to an end.


Alleged Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle to appear in Ottawa court today

Former Alleged Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle is to appear in an Ottawa court today for a bail hearing.

Boyle was arrested by Ottawa police late last month and made his first court appearance on New Year’s Day facing 15 charges, including eight counts of assault, two of sexual assault, two of unlawful confinement and one count of causing someone to take a noxious thing.

The charges against the 34-year-old relate to two alleged victims, but a court order prohibits the publication of any details that might identify them or any witnesses.


So much of the Joshua Boyle story just makes no sense

I don’t believe Joshua Boyle.

Never have.

Not the alleged abduction of Boyle and pregnant wife Caitlin Coleman in Afghanistan by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network, not their diverse reasons for venturing into a benighted and extremely dangerous war-ravaged country where the Taliban has been clawing back swaths of territory since NATO and American forces withdrew, not the purportedly wretched circumstances in which they were held captive for five years, and not the inconsistent details of a rescue operation conducted by Pakistan commandos last October.


WARMINGTON: Former hostage Joshua Boyle’s brush with the law in 2003

Joshua Boyle Idiot Muslim Convert

Joshua Boyle’s lawyers proclaimed this week that their client had not been in trouble with the law before the current criminal complaints against him.

“Mr. Boyle is presumed innocent of all charges,” read a statement from Ottawa lawyers Lawrence Greenspon and Eric Granger. “He has no criminal record and has never been in trouble with the police.”

They believed that at the time.

I do hope his father in law packs a good punch.


‘You don’t get s*** for wearing nowt but if you start wearing a veil you’re accused of extremism’

A former Page 3 model who was suspected of being groomed to become a jihadi bride has been released without charge.

Kimberley Miners, who once appeared topless in The Sun, was quizzed last year under the Terrorism Act 2000 and had her home in Bradford searched.

The 28-year-old was alleged to have used Facebook to communicate with a British fighter in Syria as well as posting images of Muslim women brandishing rifles and other weapons.

Miss Miners was also accused of ‘liking’ and sharing ISIS videos on social media under the alias Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya.