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Bring our boy home or we’ll sue the Foreign Office, say parents of ‘Jihadi Jack’

The parents of a middle-class Muslim convert from Oxford who claims he has been tortured by Kurdish militia plan to sue the Foreign Office in a bid to force the Government to bring their son home.

Jack Letts, nicknamed Jihadi Jack after he travelled to Islamic State-controlled Raqqa in Syria in 2014, was captured by Kurdish PYD forces after he escaped from IS.

This newspaper disclosed last week that nothing has been heard of Letts, 21, since July 8, when he sent his parents, John and Sally, anguished messages from his prison cell in Syria.


Kurds charge Muslim convert ‘Jihadi Jack’ with being member of ISIS

Mom’s so proud.

A man from Oxford who converted to Islam and travelled to Syria has been charged with being a member of islamic State.

Jack Letts, 21, dubbed “Jihadi Jack”, was arrested by Kurdish forces in northern Syria after fleeing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) stronghold of Raqqa.

A statement from the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) – a self-declared autonomous region – said Mr Letts had been taken to a prison in Qamishli, Rojava, northern Syria.

England did not endorse Kurdish independence, sucks to be Jack.


Parents of ‘Jihadi Jack’ begin hunger strike over the government’s ‘inaction’ to help their Muslim-convert son, 21

Mom’s so proud.

The parents of the Muslim convert known as ‘Jihadi Jack’ say they are embarking on a hunger strike in protest of the government’s inaction to help their 21-year-old son.

John Letts, 56, and Sally Lane, 54, began their week-long fast on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in central London at 1pm on Thursday.

They say it is a demonstration against parliament’s failure to help bring their son home.


British ISIS recruiter Sally Jones is killed in Syria: ‘White Widow’ dies in US Predator drone strike

British jihadist Sally Jones has been killed in a US drone strike, according to a report.

The onetime punk rocker from Kent fled to Syria with her son in 2013.

But now – according to The Sun – she has been killed close to the Iraq-Syria border by an American aircraft.

Considered Britain’s most-wanted woman, Jones – also known as the White Widow – was a recruiter for Islamic State.


Muslim Who Killed US Soldier Is Now Demanding ‘Halal Diet’ in Prison

In 2009 Curtis Bledsoe, now known as Abdulhakim Muhammad, fatally shot one U.S. soldier and injured another outside of a military recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas. In his explanation for why he murdered Pvt. William Long, he cited his religion, saying he’s “loved jihad every since I became Muslim.”


What attracts Japanese women to ‘Islamic State’?

Japan has been shocked by reports that a handful of Japanese women have been detained in Iraq, apparently after travelling to the region to marry fighters for the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) – although there seems to be little sympathy for their plight.

Media reports from Iraq specify that more than 1,330 foreign women and children are currently being held at a camp for displaced people in northern Iraq. The foreign nationals, who according to the Associated Press were families of “IS” fighters, surrendered to Kurdish forces in late August after the “IS” stronghold in Tal Afar near Mosul was captured. The foreign nationals are believed to be from 14 countries, with Japan’s Shukan Bunshun news magazine reporting that five are Japanese citizens.


Today in idiot converts…

Burqa-wearing Sydney Islamic preacher claims Muslim women are committing a ‘major sin’ if they pluck their eyebrows

A burqa-wearing Muslim convert teacher says it is sinful for Islamic women to pluck their eyebrows.

Umm Jamaal ud-Din’s fiery, two-hour sermon covered the delicate topics of female grooming and obeying Allah.

The Islamic instructor from western Sydney, who is also known as Mouna Parkin, said it was sinful, or haram, for women to pluck their eyebrows, even if they believed it was hygienic.


Online videos turned ‘meek’ Muslim convert into would-be Isil fighter who hated Britain, court hears

Likely bonkers well before videos

Online videos turned a ‘meek and mild’ Muslim convert into a would-be Isil fighter who hated Britain, a court has heard.

Ismael Watson, formerly known as Jack, has admitted flying to Turkey and trying to cross the border into the war-torn country to fight with the death cult between 1 January 2016 and 23 February this year.

The 27-year-old was intercepted by Turkish authorities and deported to the UK after vowing to carry out terrorist atrocities during encrypted chats with undercover MI5 agents.


Germany: Idiot Muslim convert handed jail sentence for terror-related charges

The Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf on Wednesday sentenced Sven Lau, who is accused of helping fund and equip Islamist militants in Syria, to five-and-a-half years in prison.

German prosecutors had asked for a sentence of six-and-a-half years in prison for Lau, who has been in custody since December 2015.

Lau, who was detained in the western German city of Mönchengladbach , was found guilty of supporting the terror group Jamwa – the full name of which roughly translates as “army of emigrants and helpers” – which is active in Syria and which last year switched allegiance from the self-styled “Islamic State” (IS) to al Qaeda.


‘She will stay until she dies’ White Widow Sally Jones’ location REVEALED

The Kent-born Muslim convert, dubbed the White Widow and Mrs Terror, is ready for Islamic State’s last stand.

As the terror group is driven out of Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria, Jones, who is high on the Pentagon’s hitlist, is not going anywhere, according to a friend.