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Three migrant women whose throats were slashed at a border crossing in northern Greece ‘may have been targeted by jihadi extremists’

Three migrant women whose throats were slashed in a grisly and unprecedented murder along a key border crossing in northern Greece may have been targeted by jihadi extremists, Greek investigators said Sunday.

They said national security agents and homicide experts had been dispatched to the site of the crime scene, along the Evros border crossing, in northeast Greece, to probe the mystery killing that has sent shock waves across the nation and the country’s intelligence community.


More than thousand Greek parents sign letter: “We don’t want migrant children in our schools”

According to the Greek webpage Kathimerini, 1,130 parents living with their children on the Greek island of Chios, sent a letter of protest to the principals of their schools, in which they declared that they do not want their children to study together with migrant children.


‘Jihadists’ slaughter three refugee women in Greece – Including a young girl

‘Jihadist human traffickers’ slaughtered two women and a young girl in Evros Greece, local media say. Evros is near the Greek – Turkish border. Several points along it are being used as paths for human traffickers to sneak into Greece.


Greece: Majority Rejects Institutions of the Far-Left

Greece is a deeply divided country. It has two camps. One is the “institutional camp,” which is presented to the global community and the international press. The other is what can be called the “people’s camp,” which considers the existing political regime a “Corpus Separatum” — a separate entity.

The institutional camp consists of the corrupt political system, the oligarchs, the academic community and the media — all soldiers in an army of globalization and multiculturalism. It is a system that feeds on the Greek populace, and, for its political and economic survival, depends on a strategic alliance with the Islamic countries of the Persian Gulf.

The people’s camp, which the international community and media ignore, has a totally different view of — and strategic approach to — Greece’s geopolitical present and future. 


Greece: “Humanitarian Aid” Organization Charged With People-Smuggling

On August 28, thirty members of the Greek NGO Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) were arrested for their involvement in a people-smuggling network that has been operating on the island of Lesbos since 2015. According to a statement released by Greek police, as a result of the investigation that led to the arrests, “The activities of an organised criminal network that systematically facilitated the illegal entry of foreigners were fully exposed.”

Among the activities uncovered were forgery, espionage and the illegal monitoring of both the Greek coastguard and the EU border agency, Frontex, for the purpose of gleaning confidential information about Turkish refugee flows. 


Turkey Creating New Tensions with Greece and the US

…Relations between Washington and Ankara have already deteriorated significantly under Erdogan — as dramatically emphasized by America’s absolutely correct refusal to turn over to Erdogan the man he says is behind Turkey’s 2016 coup attempt, Fethullah Gülen, a Muslim cleric who exiled himself to Pennsylvania almost 20 years ago, as well as by the escalating imbroglio over detained U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson, who is apparently being held as a hostage to force the U.S. to extradite Gülen back to Turkey.


Europe’s demographic suicide: See Greece

It is false to argue that Greece is dying demographically because of austerity (although it certainly has not helped). For many years after the civil war in the 1980s, Greek demographic values ​​were among the highest of all other European countries, 2.2 children per woman. Then, after 1994, the birth rate stopped at 1.3 children.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal last week, Yannis Palaiologos, a journalist from Ekhatimerini, says that according to a study by the University of Thessaly there will be a reduction of about 25 percent in the Greek population by 2050. Even more worrying is the forecast of the country’s statistical agency (Elstat), according to which by 2080 the population of the country could fall to 7.2 million.


Islamist Mob Attacks Refugees In Greece “For Not Observing Ramadan”

Graphic video has emerged online showing a mob of baton-wielding Islamists attacking other Muslims in a refugee camp in Greece reportedly for not observing the Ramadan fast. Early unconfirmed Kurdish media reports claim 4 men were killed and many others injured as the group of attackers entered refugee tents with weapons Friday afternoon at a crowded camp in Moria on the eastern Aegean island of Lesbos.


Migrants on Greek island of Lesbos attacked by far-Right extremists shouting ‘burn them alive’

Far-Right extremists yelling “Burn them alive” launched a violent attack overnight on migrants staging a sit-in protest on the Greek island of Lesbos, injuring around a dozen people.

The violence erupted late on Sunday after members of the radical Patriotic Movement gathered on the central square of the island’s main city Mytilene, where around 200 Afghan asylum-seekers held a sit-in protest against their miserable living conditions.

Despite a police presence, the situation soon escalated as the extremists started throwing bottles and lighting flares, shouting slogans like “Burn them alive” and “Throw them in the sea”.


Turkey Targeting Greece – Again

Turkey has been harassing Greece consistently. Most recently, this week, on April 17, two Turkish fighter aircraft harassed the helicopter carrying Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Greek Armed Forces Chief Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis as they were flying from the islet of Ro to Rhodes.

With the illegal seizures and occupation of northern Cyprus in 1974 and the Syrian city of Afrin this March — with virtually no global response — Turkey apparently feels unchallenged and eager to continue; this time, it seems, with the oil-and-gas rich islands of Greece.


Why Turkey Wants to Invade the Greek Islands

There is one issue on which Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), are in complete agreement: The conviction that the Greek islands are occupied Turkish territory and must be reconquered. So strong is this determination that the leaders of both parties have openly threatened to invade the Aegean.

The only conflict on this issue between the two parties is in competing to prove which is more powerful and patriotic, and which possesses the courage to carry out the threat against Greece. While the CHP is accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AKP party of enabling Greece to occupy Turkish lands, the AKP is attacking the CHP, Turkey’s founding party, for allowing Greece to take the islands through the 1924 Treaty of Lausanne, the 1932 Turkish-Italian Agreements, and the 1947 Paris Treaty, which recognized the islands of the Aegean as Greek territory.