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Britain faces 700 live terror probes: After new attack on Westminster, officials reveal the scale of the threat to the UK

Almost 700 terror investigations are being carried out by the security services.

The figures were revealed yesterday after a car ploughed into cyclists outside Parliament in an apparent extremist attack.

Britain was on a heightened state of alert last night, with Theresa May warning that the threat was now ‘one of the starkest we have faced’.

Security minister Ben Wallace said the increased danger of attacks was ‘here to stay’. Their warnings came as anti-terror police tried to question a suspect over the latest feared targeting of Westminster.


The cost of Islam: Terrorism here to stay, Guns could be given to rural police to tackle threat – UK police chief

A police chief has admitted that more frontline cops could be armed with guns over fears that it would take too long for specially trained armed officers to respond to threats or attacks in rural areas.

Police believe that the current terrorist threat is here to stay, with 12 terrorist murder plots known about in the 12 months. As a result, the National Police Chief’s Council lead for armed policing, Simon Chesterman, said that arming police officers on a routine basis remains an option for the UK force.


In business news… Religion of Peace sparks Bollard Bonanza for Surrey firm

How cities are being redesigned to protect pedestrians from vehicles

Brad Done watched carefully as a machinist drilled a hole into a bright yellow metal tube about a metre long and 10 centimetres across at his Surrey, B.C., business, Reliance Foundry.

The pole is called a bollard, designed to be set into the ground to keep vehicles away from people and buildings.

The demand for this product is so strong it’s become the main focus of his business, which once forged metal into tools and other products for B.C. industries.

Worldwide, the number of deliberate attacks using vehicles against pedestrians has been on the rise.

Since 2006, more than 200 people have died and 1,000 injured in these attacks around the world. Most are linked to terrorism.


UK Justice Ministry Steps Up Fight Against Extremism in Prisons

“A second separation center to house the most subversive prisoners has opened as the Government redoubles its efforts in the fight to stamp out extremism – amid a surge in numbers jailed for terrorism-related offenses. The centre, at HMP [Her Majesty’s Prison] Full Sutton, delivers on our commitment to curtail the influence of the most disruptive inmates, with a third such facility set to be in operation by the end of the year,” The UK Justice Ministry said in a press release, adding that the first center had been opened at Frankland prison in July 2017.


Attacks on Turkish communities by Kurds in Germany reportedly on the rise

As tensions rise over the Turkish government’s offensive in Afrin, the violence is spilling over in Germany’s Kurdish and Turkish communities.

German police have logged a total of 37 attacks carried out by suspected pro-Kurdish activists so far this year, reported newspapers by the Funke media group in Germany on Tuesday. The attacks targeted Turkish mosques, restaurants and cultural organizations.

Well so long as they’re attacking each other they’ll lay off the Germans a bit.


PC’s Fearsome Due Bill

A symbol of a deeper sickness in Western societies.

Two recent items offer the latest illustration of how manic adherence to PC norms cripples Western society.

Broward’s Bureaucratic Bumbler. We now know who gave the stand-down order that abandoned Parkland schoolchildren to an armed predator: a captain (an affirmative action diversity hire?).

The captain ordered a perimeter established, despite the wisdom since Columbine 1999 that officers should go in ASAP. Broward’s policy re entering buildings during shootings requires that a supervisor approve. Simply put, she didn’t.

England’s 40-Year Desertion. If you thought no horror in England could match the revelation that in a 16-year period, East Pakistanis living in the northern English city of Rotherham raped at least 1,400 white females, with not one held to account — and even some complainants threatened with human rights prosecution, guess again.


The Cost Of Islam: Fortress Minneapolis

Four layers of aircraft in the sky including armed F-16 jets will be part of the largest security operation in the history of Super Bowl when it kicks off this Sunday.

Black Hawk helicopters and jet fighters will be circling above the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to force down any aircraft that enters the 30 nautical mile no-fly zone.

Helicopters equipped with infrared cameras will be in the air and there will be tens of thousands of police and FBI agents on the ground.

According to the event organizers they want the streets around the stadium to be the ‘most secure area in the world’ on the day of the Super Bowl.

Due to the risk of a terrorist attack, the Department of Homeland Security has given the Super Bowl a Level 1 ‘special event assessment rating’, the highest security designation available.


Three years after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, the satirical magazine struggles with £1.3m security bill

Charlie Hebdo is struggling with an annual security bill of €1.5 million (£1.32m) as President Emmanuel Macron leads commemorations on the third anniversary of the terror attack on the satirical weekly on Sunday.

Sales have slumped after surging to an unprecedented 7 million copies following the attack on 7 January 2015.

Saïd and Chérif Kouachi murdered 12 people including five cartoonists and journalists, all household names in France.


The cost of Islam: New York to install 1,500 Diversity Barriers after vehicle attacks

The mayor of New York City has announced plans to install 1,500 steel street barriers to prevent vehicle attacks.

Bill de Blasio said the protective barriers were part of a $50m (£37m) investment in security infrastructure.

The move comes after two vehicle attacks in 2017 that killed nine people in total.

The new permanent barriers will replace temporary concrete blocks that were put in place after the incidents.


Toronto to get Diversity Bollards!

Vehicle barriers to be installed at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square

Toronto city council wants to hold more consultations before considering beefing up security measures at City Hall.

Council did, however, approve new vehicle mitigation measures for Nathan Phillips Square during its meeting on Friday.

Perimeter posts will be installed to help protect the public if a vehicle were to mount the curb and target a crowd of people.

I bet they leave a gap for electric vehicles.


‘Caution Islamic Terrorist Bollard!’

A vandal has left a joke sticker on an anti-terrorism bollard installed just metres from where the tragic Lindt Cafe Sydney siege took place.

The concrete slab, installed at the end of a public thoroughfare in Martin Place, was mocked by the vandal with a sticker reading: ‘Caution Islamic Terrorist Bollard!’

Bollards were installed at tourist locations and prominent landmarks across Australia earlier this year after a spate of devastating rogue vehicle terrorist attacks globally.


The cost of Islam: RCMP put hundreds of files on hold in shift toward anti-terrorism

Muslims deface Bomber Command memorial UK

The RCMP sidelined more than 300 investigations, mostly into organized-crime, as it redirected more than $100-million to its national-security squads after two Canadian soldiers were killed by Islamic State sympathizers.

The figures come from government records obtained by The Globe and Mail under Access to Information laws and speak to how big of a bite the force’s counterterrorism contingent has been taking out of its traditional law-enforcement work.

These massive RCMP redeployments started in October, 2014 – the month that a terrorist gunman shot dead a Canadian Forces soldier, before being killed while storming Parliament.