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Only In Florida: City Mistakenly Issues Zombie Alert

One of the stranger aspects of modern pop culture has been the proliferation of zombies in movies, video games and hit television series like “The Walking Dead” and the allure of the undead is irresistible to many Americans.

It would be easy to see the zombie fascination as simply a metaphor of the strange nation that we now inhabit. You could just think of the sign-carrying, shuffling masses of #theResistance as  being the perfect representations of the “walkers’ but this has been ongoing for longer than President Trump won the election and seems to have exploded onto the national consciousness during the existential hell of the Obama years.


PSA: Mississauga meeting on Bill C-371, May 6

From David Nitkin:

We Canadians, both who were born here or came here as immigrants and at times refugees have been witnessing the continued growth of extremism around the world.

This extremism is noticeable at many levels but is most visible in the radicalization of our youth who are being influenced by religious and nationalist ideologies originating the Middle East and South Asia. Few politicians wish to address the problem, let alone name the elephant in the room. The fear of being labelled racist or bigoted added to the threat of ethnic vote-bank boycotts has made cowards out of most members of parliament.

However, there are exceptions and one of them is the Member of Parliament from Parry Sound-Muskoka, Mr Tony Clement who introduced a Private Member’s Bill aimed at the “Prevention of Radicalization through the Foreign Funding Act. Unfortunately, this bill was voted down and defeated on Feb. 14, 2018, after the governing Liberal Party put party politics above what was good for Canada and its future generations.

Instead of giving up, we have decided to come together with MP Tony Clement and hear for ourselves why he thought his proposed bill needs to be embraced by all Canadians, especially those of us who like Mr Clement came here as immigrants and swore an oath to serve “our home and native land” that is the “true north strong and free.”

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, the Canadian Thinkers Forum will host a public meeting “Whither Canada?” at the Royal Banquet Hall located at 185 Statesman Drive in Mississauga. The event starts at 1 PM and will wrap up at around 3 PM.

Besides MP Tony Clement, the other speakers will be author Tarek Fatah and writer Tahir Gora who will also share their concerns about the rising tide of radicalization in Canada as a result of Identity Politics. Please join us on Sunday, May 6 for a spirited discussion on the future of our country. And don’t forget to send your confirmation to Book your seat, remember it is free entry.


Crowdfunding to Get to the Bottom of the Toronto District School Board’s Involvement in the Hijab Hoax Debacle

Raving Canuck is fundraising to access all of the communications at the Toronto District School Board in regards to the Hijab Hoax incident. We’re looking to get clarity on the TDSB’s involvement in allowing a rushed press conference to take place at one of its schools — where the two kids told false stories about the made-up attack — which led to the story going viral.


How to Check if Your PC Is Protected Against Meltdown and Spectre

Warning: Even if you’ve installed patches from Windows Update, your PC may not completely protected from the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws. Here’s how to check if you’re fully protected, and what to do if you aren’t.

Microsoft Says Security Patches Slowing Down PCs, Servers

Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday the patches released to guard against Meltdown and Spectre security threats slowed down some personal computers and servers, with systems running on older Intel Corp processors seeing a noticeable decrease in performance.

The security updates also froze some computers running AMD chipsets, Microsoft said in a blog post, citing customer complaints.

Understanding The Performance Impact Of Spectre And Meltdown Mitigations On Windows Systems

Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group

Last week the technology industry and many of our customers learned of new vulnerabilities in the hardware chips that power phones, PCs and servers. We (and others in the industry) had learned of this vulnerability under nondisclosure agreement several months ago and immediately began developing engineering mitigations and updating our cloud infrastructure. In this blog, I’ll describe the discovered vulnerabilities as clearly as I can, discuss what customers can do to help keep themselves safe, and share what we’ve learned so far about performance impacts.