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Halifax man loses job offer over cannabis use

A Halifax man had a job offer rescinded from the local water treatment plant because he tested positive for cannabis use in a pre-employment drug test – even though the substance is legal in Canada.

“I don’t do any illicit drugs, I’m a hard worker,” Patrick Whalen told CTV Atlantic. “I thought ‘OK, I’m not a frequent user, I use it once in a while.’”

Whelan had applied for the job in April, had an interview early May and was offered the job the same day. It was then he was told he would have to undergo a drug test as a condition of his employment.

Fun for the courts…


These Are Real ‘High Crimes’

Contrary to the image of potheads as peaceful stoners, “cannabis-dependent psychotic patients were four times as likely to be violent,” Alex Berenson writes in his magnificent new book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. “No other factor was nearly as important. Alcohol use, which was common among the patients, made no difference.”

So where are all the marijuana-induced murders?


Shocka! Pot users still turning to black market, stats show

Most customers who are eschewing those legal sources say they’re too expensive.

“It just comes down to dollars and cents,” Jonathan Hull told CBC. “An ounce on the streets is going for about anywhere from a $160 to $180, and in [licensed shops] you’re going to be paying $260 to $280.”

Imagine creating a white elephant pot distribution model. We’re they high?


Support for legalized recreational cannabis dropping among Canadians, new study suggests

…All regions across the country showed a decrease in acceptance and an increase in uncertainty about legalized recreational cannabis, according to the survey.

In a 2017 pre-legalization cannabis survey also led by Charlebois, 68.6 per cent of Canadians indicated they were accepting of legalization, while 6.9 per cent said they were uncertain. The latest numbers suggest 50.1 per cent of Canadians are accepting, while 20.3 expressed uncertainty.

Legal pot, Justin Trudeau’s sole “achievement”.


Reefer Madness in Reverse: Happy Talk about Pot

Marijuana is safer than alcohol.  No one has ever died from using marijuana.  Legalization of marijuana will allow law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes and will eliminate the black market.  Marijuana has clear medical benefits.  State regulation of marijuana will guarantee product uniformity and produce significant tax revenue.  Marijuana reduces opioid addiction and crime.  Mental health problems related to marijuana (like psychosis) are overstated and can be explained away without viewing pot as the primary cause.  All these claims, especially those about safety and mental health, are debunked by Alex Berenson’s book Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. 

Berenson, a novelist and New York Times journalist, only began this countercultural work after his typically liberal sentiments about marijuana were challenged by his wife, a forensic psychiatrist


6 months in, pot shops in Sask. say prices push people to dealers

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada for six months, but licensed retailers in Saskatchewan say they are still struggling to compete with the illegal market.

According to Statistics Canada, marijuana users who buy their product legally are paying, on average, almost 57 per cent more than those who buy it illegally.

Legalization was about the government skim and never purposed to be the end of “illegal marijuana dealers” but a price differential of up to 57% is commercial suicide.

What were they smoking?


Global cannabis investors souring on Canada’s potential

Six months after cannabis was legalized in Canada, many of the people who entered the sector in search of a financial windfall appear ready to turn their attention elsewhere.

“We’re very bullish on the globe, on the U.S. — not so much on Canada,” Loren DeFalco said Tuesday at a cannabis investors’ conference in Toronto.

DeFalco is a partner at CB1 Capital, a cannabis-focused investment advisory company based in New York. His sentiments were echoed, in whole or in part, by many other industry insiders speaking at the GMP Securities 2019 Global Cannabis Conference.


Stoned At Work

New York’s city council bans employers from testing for pot use, which will lead to nothing but trouble.

Marijuana use remains illegal in New York State, but the New York City council has voted to ban employers from testing job applicants for pot use as a condition of employment. Though the new law exempts certain employers from the ban, including transportation firms and federal contractors obligated to test for drugs, the council’s action is virtually unprecedented. Some courts in other states have ruled that workers using marijuana under medical supervision can’t be fired, but no other jurisdiction has so broadly banned preemployment testing. Advocates say that the new law will end the “stigma” associated with pot use, and they claim that testing for marijuana isn’t a good predictor of employee performance. But as with many of the arguments for legalization, these are dubious claims. The council’s action ignores substantial and growing evidence from scientific journals of pot’s negative effects, especially on younger people. And by telling employers whom they must hire, the council disregards the costs that marijuana use can inflict on a workplace.


‘Absolutely horrible’: Cannabis industry expectations sliding after slow start to legal era

Soaring expectations for Canada’s cannabis industry are being tempered in some quarters after licensed producers reported what for the most part were underwhelming financial results in the first post-legalization period.

Over the past few months, the biggest cannabis companies in the country — Canopy Growth Corp., Tilray Inc., Aurora Cannabis Inc., Aphria Inc., Cronos Group and CannTrust Holdings Inc. — have been reporting earnings reflecting the early months of recreational sales, presenting the first picture of the state of the market across the country. In some cases, the sales figures were microscopic in relation to the valuations the companies are carrying.


Black market pot sales booming in wake of legalization: Cops

The federal Liberals legalized recreational cannabis in Canada last year promising it would inject billions into government coffers and eliminate the black market, among other things.

However, with so much money to be made, street-level dealers are still shooting one another and another big pot bust north of the city shows illegal weed sales continue to boom.


Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

Seventy miles northwest of New York City is a hospital that looks like a prison, its drab brick buildings wrapped in layers of fencing and barbed wire. This grim facility is called the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Institute. It’s one of three places the state of New York sends the criminally mentally ill—defendants judged not guilty by reason of insanity.

Until recently, my wife Jackie­—Dr. Jacqueline Berenson—was a senior psychiatrist there. Many of Mid-Hudson’s 300 patients are killers and arsonists. At least one is a cannibal. Most have been diagnosed with psychotic disorders like schizophrenia that provoked them to violence against family members or strangers.


Big money in pot, just ask the Liberals

Resign Or Else, CEO Warned

…Cabinet last March 12 appointed McKay as the $231,000-a year CEO of Invest in Canada Hub, a new federal agency assigned to attract foreign companies. McKay was an unsuccessful Liberal candidate for Parliament and national director of the Liberal Party from 2010 to 2013.

Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion yesterday in a Compliance Order said McKay failed to divulge his ties to the cannabis industry at the time of his appointment. McKay was a director of Nesta Holding Co. Ltd., described in company statements as a “cannabis-focused private equity firm”.

Well at least he was called on it. Still it points to the corruption of our permanent political class.


Does marijuana make people violent? Washington state’s murder and assault rate surged 40% after drug was legalized – and experts insist that’s not a coincidence

A new book claims that marijuana causes aggression, psychosis, suicides, violence – and that its legalization in Washington even triggered a 40 percent increase in murder rates.

There is little concrete information about the drug’s benefits (despite plenty of claims) because its illegality has made it difficult to study.

But according to former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, there is clear evidence that marijuana is not as safe – and certainly not as curative – as the pro-cannabis groups would have us believe.