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GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s ‘hidden agenda’ exposed

As it turns out, the Canadian political leader with a “hidden agenda” is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, not Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Because while Trudeau was boasting about his “sunny ways” of governing, and falsely accusing Scheer of being sympathetic to white supremacists, the Liberal government he presided over was, in the unforgettable words of Marie Henein — Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s lawyer — attempting to put a finger on the scales of justice.


With Trudeau’s leadership under fire, Liberals try to regroup before October

…”Three months ago he would have been an asset for us,” said one senior Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal. “Now, not so much.”

That dynamic is showing up in private focus groups that are reinforcing the public polls: Trudeau’s reputation as a strong leader has been badly damaged by the SNC-Lavalin affair — a public conflict between Trudeau and his then-justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould that saw both the minister and her colleague, Jane Philpott, resign from cabinet to protest what they alleged was high-level pressure to secure a deal to allow the Quebec-based engineering company to avoid a trial on corruption and fraud charges.

Trudeau a strong leader??? Only the CBC’s LPC propagandists could publish such crap. Trudeau is, was and shall forever be an idiot.


CBC dutifully promotes Liberal Party election issues trial balloons – pretends it’s doing “journalism”

Ontario Liberal MPs want to run on economy rather than environment in October

Ontario Liberal MPs would rather spend time talking about Canadians’ economic anxieties instead of environmental issues during the fall federal election campaign, according to a caucus document obtained by CBC News.

A ranked list of Ontario Liberal caucus priorities for the 2019 platform places personal financial security issues first, with environmental concerns relegated to seventh place.

The 45-page document sheds light on how the federal Liberals might campaign in one of the toughest electoral battlegrounds in the country.


Poll – Liberal support continues to drop – 67% Say Trudeau Sucks Big Time

…Asked how they would vote in an election were held tomorrow, some 38 per cent of Canadians say they would cast ballots for the CPC, while 25 per cent would choose Trudeau’s Liberal Party. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is in third place with 18 per cent of decided and leaning voters backing it.

…Conservative leader Andrew Scheer (40% approve, 46% disapprove), NDP leader Jagmeet Singh (34% vs 45%) and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (28% vs 67) all have negative net approval scores. Only Green Party leader Elizabeth May is approved of by more Canadians than disapprove of her (45% vs 34%)