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Justin Trudeau’s gov’t asked to probe shared values of Toronto-area Muslim suspected of involvement in Pakistan mosque attack

TORONTO — An attack on a mosque in Chakwal, Pakistan, has led to calls for an investigation in Canada over allegations a Toronto-area man was part of a group that vowed “extreme measures” against the place of worship.

A mob of about 1,000 surrounded the mosque belonging to minority Ahmadiyya Muslims, according to Pakistani newspapers The Nation and Dawn, as well as social media posts, some showing video of the damage.

The incident Monday reportedly came after locals filed a petition with police claiming “infidels” were illegally occupying the building and unless action was taken “we will be forced to take extreme measures to liberate this mosque.”

This incident is part of the on-going persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims by the dominant Sunni sect.

Why are we importing sectarian hatred?

Ask Justin.


London Mosque investigated for ‘promoting killing’ of moderate Ahmadi sect

Stockwell Green Mosque, a registered charity, is also known as Khatme Nabuwat – an organisation with the stated aim of annihilating the Ahmadi Community, who they refer to with derogatory language as the “Qadiyani cult”.

The group’s activities have been well known for years, but the government department was only prompted to act after the BBC published leaflets found at the mosque this April suggesting Ahmadis who did not convert to mainstream Islam within three days should face “capital punishment”.

The mosque denied the leaflets were on their premises.


Mosaic of diversity alert… But He’s a big Justin Trudeau fan

Real Big, and displays those shared values with Islam that Justin constantly lectures us about.

Canada Pakistan anti-ahmadi twitter canadian pakistani

Note – Qadiani, Qaadyani, Qadiyaniyyah,  are pejoratives used to describe the Ahmadiyya sect. Islam’s sectarian violence is being imported to Canada.












More on Sunni Islam’s hatred of the Ahmadiyya in Canada: Muslims Of Calgary Publish Anti-Ahmadiyya Hate Screed, Claim Sect To Be Apostates Allied With Jews To Spread Filth!


Birmingham council demanded Ahmadi renounce claims to be Muslims following sectarian pressure

Birmingham education authorities buckled to pressure from sectarian hardliners and blocked a Muslim sect from being represented on an interfaith council, it is claimed.

Members of Birmingham’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community were told that in order to be represented on the city’s Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) they would have to agree not to identify themselves as Muslims, after a threatened walkout from other Muslim members of the committee.


Islamic Islamophobia: When Muslims Are Not Muslim Enough, What Does It Promise for the Rest of Us?

Earlier this year there was a murder that shocked Britain. Just before Easter, a 40-year old shopkeeper in Glasgow, Asad Shah, was repeatedly stabbed in his shop; he died in the road outside. The news immediately went out that this was a religiously-motivated attack. But the type of religiously motivated attack it was came as a surprise to most of Britain.

There is so much attention paid to the idea of “Islamophobia” in the country that many people — including some Muslim groups — immediately assumed that the killing of Asad Shah was an “Islamophobic” murder. It turned out, however, that the man who had been detained by police — and this week sentenced to a minimum of 27 years in prison for the murder — was also a Muslim.

Mr Shah was an Ahmadiyya Muslim — that is, a member of the peaceable Islamic sect which is dismissed as “heretical” by many Muslims.


The post-terror ‘good news’ story came from Islam’s most persecuted sect

A few months back, after the Brussels terrorist attacks, I pointed out on Coffee House that there is a certain routine after any such atrocity. One part of it is that, after a couple of days pause, we always get the ‘Muslim good news story’. This is the part when after a couple of days of everyone insisting Islam has nothing to do with the Islamist attack the national and international media gets to run almost as big a story suggesting that although Islam is not part of any problem, it is, however, a very major answer to almost everything.

This is an excellent piece on how the Media use Ahmadiyya Muslims, a persecuted minority sect within Islam,  as a smokescreen to protect their preferred narrative of  Islam as the religion of peace. Canada’s lying press is as bad if not worse.


Doctor from Ahmadi minority shot dead in Pakistan

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Gunmen in Pakistan have shot and killed a homeopathic doctor from the Ahmadi minority in the southern port city of Karachi, police said Tuesday.

The attackers stormed into Abdul Khaliq’s clinic late Monday and shot him in the head, police officer Rao Anwar said.

The Ahmadi faith was established in the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who followers believe was a prophet. Pakistan’s parliament declared Ahmadis non-Muslims in 1974, and they have repeatedly been targeted by Islamic extremists.

Another Ahmadi was shot and killed in the same Karachi neighborhood in May, Anwar said, adding that police were looking into whether the two incidents were related.


“I think these findings are based on ignorance”

The BBC interviewed Farhad Ahmad, on the recent ComRes poll that found the majority of people in Great Britain have little regard for the alleged “Religion of Peace”.

Farhad Ahmad, is an Imam and member of the Ahmadiyya sect. The Ahmadiyya aren’t even considered Muslims, in fact they are murdered as “apostates” by Muslims as just happened in Scotland.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association in fact commissioned the very poll that highlighted citizens justifiably negative views of the Islamic death cult.

How can anyone be so delusional? Do those hats have anything to do with it?

Article – UK attitudes towards Islam ‘concerning’ after survey of 2,000 people


Gee, what a surprise… Scottish Muslim groups fail to attend Ahmadi anti-extremism event

Ahmadi Muslims in Scotland have launched an anti-extremism campaign following the death of the Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah, despite the failure of other prominent Muslims to attend the event.

Representatives of the Glasgow Central Mosque and the Muslim Council of Scotland were invited to attend the launch alongside other faith groups, but the Guardian understands that both sent their apologies at the last minute.

Shah, who lived in the multicultural Shawlands area of Glasgow, was fatally stabbed outside his newsagents on 24 March.

Oh, they sent last minute apologies.


Top expert on Islamist radicalisation is investigated by university for saying slain Muslim shopkeeper was ‘not a real Muslim’

A top expert on Islamist radicalisation is being investigated for saying that a slain Muslim shopkeeper was ‘not a real Muslim’, it has been reported.

Shiraz Maher, a researcher at King’s College London, wrote on Facebook that he does not ‘regard Ahmadis as Muslims’ – days after a taxi driver admitted killing Asad Shah because he ‘disrespected’ Islam’.

Mr Shah, part of the Ahmadiyya community, was knifed to death in his shop in what was feared at the time to have been a sectarian attack against the peace-loving branch of Islam he followed.

But he’s right… the Ahmadi are not considered real Muslims by Muslims.

Now if only our media could get that through its thick head instead of trotting out the Ahmadi as exemplars of their wish-dream Islam.


Muslims Of Calgary Publish Anti-Ahmadiyya Hate Screed Claim Sect To Be Apostates Allied With Jews To Spread Filth!

That this sort of Islamic hate is being waged in Canada should be worrying in light of the recent sectarian murder of Asad Shah, a member of the Ahmadiyya sect, by a devout Muslim who claimed Shah an apostate blasphemer. However my suspicion is that the Muslims of Calgary organization will be given a pass. Our betters insist Islam is a Religion of Peace after all and no one among them has the courage to upset that apple cart.

A web site called “Muslims in Calgary” has published the following anti-Ahmadiyya hate screed: Qadianiyyah in the light of Islam

(Note: Qadiani or Qadiyani (قادیانی qādiyānī in Urdu and Arabic) is a derogatory religious slur used by some South Asian Muslims to refer to Ahmadi Muslims, primarily in Pakistan. The term originates from Qadian a small town in northern India, the birthplace of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement.)

In this screed the Ahmadi are described as having filthy objectives and beliefs. (Note the reference to the Ismaa’eelees as a secret sect, I wonder if this will grab Mayor Nenshi’s attention or if he’ll sweep this under under the rug as well?).

“Praise be to Allaah.

Qaadyani is a destructive disbelieving group that names itself Muslim to mask its obnoxious filthy objectives and beliefs. The most dangerous of their beliefs are their claim that their leader is a Prophet, they alter the Quran, they believe that there is no Jihaad, they declare Muslims as non-Muslims and they are allies to the non-Muslims.

The Qaadyani liar (prophet) followed a step-by-step progression in his propaganda using means similar to those used by the secret sects and the Ismaa’eelees.”

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 1

The Muslims in Calgary screed goes on to declare that the Ahmadi are apostates. The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death as we have just witnessed in the murder of Asad Shah.

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 2 Apostates

But perhaps the most dangerous attack on the Ahmadi contained in this screed is the assertion that they are in league with… Israel. You just can’t construct a proper Muslim authored hate screed without including the Jews. It’s simply considered bad form otherwise.

Muslims in Calgary Ahmadi 3 Allied with Jews

I have, for posterity preserved the entire article at this link.

muslimsincalgary-ahmadi ahmadiyya qadiani

As I have noted on previous occasions the MSM and our idiot politicians treat the Ahmadiyya as “Pet Muslims”. It’s part of their denial and fits in nicely with their wish-dream narrative of Islam as the so called “Religion of Peace”.

The Ahmadiyya are trotted out and presented as representative of Islam. They aren’t. They are considered apostates deserving of murder by mainstream Islam.

Not to belabor the obvious but the MSM and our politicians are idiots.

The site may or may not be affiliated with our old friends at As you may recall the latter published a trove of anti-semitic material, including an excerpt from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but were let off by Calgary Police Services.  

However I suspect they are affiliated as they seem to share a Facebook page and Identical logo’s.

Muslims In Muslims Of Calgary Shared Logo
This looks like a job for… for … for... no one in Canada will attempt to stop this, not our politicians, not our MSM, not our police or human rights commissions.

They are cowards, afraid of being called racists or heaven forbid Islamophobic. The identical evil, the ideologically driven complicit denial that brought the world Rotherham and Molenbeek exists here among our political and chattering classes.


Shunned for saying they’re Muslims: life for Ahmadis after Asad Shah’s murder

Some of Samia Sultan’s neighbours don’t greet her any more, and sometimes it’s hard for her to understand why. Sultan, a dentist, lives in Glasgow, in an area of the city that is – like most Muslim populations in the UK – majority Sunni. But Sultan isn’t Sunni: she is Ahmadi. And that is the source of the problem.


Islam involved in sectarian violence? Why I’ve never heard of such a thing!

One thing to be certain of, our politicians and the MSM will continue to treat the Ahmadi as representative of Islam.

They need their “Pet Muslims” to show Islam with a “Happy Face”.

Anything rather than admit the dangerous error they made in encouraging the mass immigration of the violent supremacist cult of Islam.


British Muslim group criticized for rejecting Ahmadi Muslim sect

(RNS) The Muslim Council of Britain is rejecting the minority Ahmadiyya sect, less than two weeks after an Ahmadi shopkeeper was stabbed to death in Scotland.

“Muslims should not be forced to class Ahmadis as Muslims if they do not wish to do so,” MCB, an umbrella group of Muslim organizations in the U.K., said in a statement Wednesday (April 6).

It said the statement was issued because “pressure is mounting to describe this community as Muslim.”

Asad Shah, an Ahmadi shopkeeper in Glasgow, was killed March 24 by a Muslim man in what police called a religiously-motivated attack. The MCB condemned the attack soon after, but distanced itself from the sect when debate reignited over whether Ahmadis fall within Islam.


The Ahmadi are considered apostates and blasphemers by mainstream Islam yet our media trot them out at every opportunity like “Pet Muslims” in order to present Islam with a “Happy Face” , never bothering to inform their audience of this salient fact. Whether it’s done out of ignorance or design is hard to say.

The Ahmadi do not represent mainstream Islam, and never will but that disrupts the preferred “Religion of Peace” narrative mindlessly spouted by our spineless politicians and MSM.