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On the Korean Peninsula

More than 1,500 residents in the southeastern port city of Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, have been displaced by Wednesday’s 5.4 magnitude earthquake and a series of aftershocks following the initial tremor.


It gets worse:

The Pohang earthquake on Wednesday that has rekindled national anxiety over the safety of nuclear power plants — mostly located in the southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula — is likely to add momentum to the Moon Jae-in government’s nuclear-free energy road map.

Anti-nuclear groups here anticipate the agenda may even rethink the recent decision to continue with the construction of new reactors.


In other news:

Presidential office Cheong Wa Dae said Thursday that South Korea has no authority to change the rules of engagement applied to the Joint Security Area amid controversy over its soldiers’ decision not to return fire at North Korean soldiers who were chasing a defecting soldier.

A Cheong Wa Dae official said the authority to change the rules falls under the United Nations Command. The UNC assumes operational control of the JSA, where the North Korean soldier had crossed toward the UNC-controlled area under about 40 rounds of heavy fire from his former comrades.

And that is part of the problem. Who runs South Korea – the UN, China or North Korea?



The North Korean soldier who dashed across the border to defect is a 20-something noncommissioned officer who had served at the Joint Security Area in the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone, South Korea’s spy agency said Thursday.

Four of the soldier’s former comrades chased him toward the Demilitarized Zone, the de facto border between the two Koreas. They shot at him about 40 times. It is unclear whether they continued to shoot after the solider crossed the Military Demarcation Line and entered the territory controlled by the United Nations Command.

When he was found under a pile of leaves south of the MDL, he was unarmed and wearing a Korean People’s Army Uniform. He was also bloodied from gunshots to his shoulder, elbow and abdomen. He was rescued by South Korean soldiers and transported to a local hospital.

“His rank amounts to staff sergeant,” the National Intelligence Service was quoted as saying by Rep. Kim Byung-kee, who attended the closed-door meeting. “Regarding his personal belongings, we didn’t find anything special.”


Why Summits On Nuclear Safety Will Never Work

Stating the bleeding obvious…

These summits are taxpayer-funded wastes of time.

Chinese-backed North Korea has nuclear weapons and Kim Jong-Un is mad enough to give Japan its third nuclear payload.

Japan and South Korea will not sit idly by while North Korea plans their destruction, nor are they not cognisant of China’s over-reaching power.

Is China ready to surrender its nukes?

Something tells me that Obama has no answer for this as he does for the mad theocratic state of Iran getting its nuclear program on track.

Why would a real leader like India’s Modi listen to PM Hair-Boy Trudeau when it is next-door to the fanatical nuclear state of Pakistan?

And who paved the way for the aforementioned fanatical state to get nuclear weapons?

How is nuclear material used for medical purposes protected?

Comb through this document to see how nuclear material for medical research is guarded in a special facility.

But how is nuclear material protected in hospitals or clinics?

I’m sure someone unworried about dirty bombs has an answer for that one.

In summation, the summit was hot air for hot bags of gas.


Brussels attacks: ‘Nuclear terrorism’ is real threat, says UN watchdog

EHJ000 A large nuclear power station by a river during sunset

In the wake of claims the Brussels attackers had planned to set off a radioactive ‘dirty bomb’, Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency said: “Terrorism is spreading and the possibility of using nuclear material cannot be excluded.”

Security guard at Belgian nuclear site ‘targeted by terrorists is killed and has access badge stolen’

Officials reportedly have concerns over security at Belgian nuclear plants