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Hillary Demands Full & Equal Citizenship for Illegals As Mobs Gather

On Friday Clinton blasted out a series of Twitter posts making clear her interpretation of immigration reform, and stated that it must provide a “pathway to full and equal citizenship” on “both sides of the Atlantic.”

Clinton also blasted Hungary leader Viktor Orban for not providing a more “welcoming” policy for refugees.


Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron dragged into birthright citizenship debate

On October 30, Twitter user @davenewworld made a post stating that Barron would no longer be considered an American citizen under the new laws.

“Fun fact: Barron Trump was born in March 2006 and Melania wasn’t a legal citizen until July 2006,” the user wrote. “So under this executive order, his own son wouldn’t be an American citizen.”


Jacob Howard, Author Of 14th Amendment Agrees: No Birthright Citizenship

The debate is raging hot through the political circles right now: Can President Trump end birthright citizenship via executive order? You may be asking, “What is birthright citizenship?” Birthright citizenship is a legal right to citizenship for all children born within a country regardless of the citizenship of the child’s parents. Basically, it allows for illegal aliens to get within the borders of the United States, have a baby, and the child becomes a U.S. citizen at birth, despite the status of the parents. That is precisely what President Trump (and many other conservatives) would like to put an end to.


Trump, the 14th Amendment, the Caravan, and the Constitution

In today’s installment of exploding heads, President Trump has proposed to overturn, via executive order, the constitutionally dubious “birthright citizenship” interpretation of the 14th Amendment. There’s no question he has the authority to issue such an order in his capacity as president and commander-in-chief — each of the three branches is equally responsible for fidelity to the Constitution, and each is free to interpret it as it sees fit.


Trump plans to sign executive order curbing birthright citizenship: report

President Trump said in a newly released interview he plans to sign an executive order ending so-called “birthright citizenship” for babies of non-citizens born on U.S. soil — a move that would mark a major overhaul of immigration policy and trigger an almost-certain legal battle.