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DEPRAVED: Chelsea Handler Compares Netanyahu To Hitler And Gaza to Auschwitz

If it wasn’t clear how much Chelsea Handler hates Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from her attack on Nikki Haley on Tuesday, two tweets she sent fifteen minutes later made it abundantly clear, as she likened Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler and the Palestinians in Gaza who are bent on Israel’s destruction to the millions of Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust.


Bill Nye Pushes Population Control At Planned Parenthood Event

Exploding population levels are driving climate change, Nye said at a Planned Parenthood event in South Texas. One of the best ways to quell that problem, he added, is to find an effective way to prevent women from having children. He went on to applaud the group for their efforts.

The US birth rate is near flat. Perhaps he should be talking to Africa and the ME.


Kathy Griffin Cranks Her Trump Paranoia To Eleven

Griffin’s career imploded in dramatic fashion after her freaky presidential assassination photo shoot and her unhinged follow-up press conference. Rather than seeing that implosion as the natural result of her potential employers recognizing when someone’s made herself toxic, Griffin believes she is the target of a vast conspiracy conducted by “people or robots or whatever” and “Trump and his game criminals.”


Lock Her Up! Rosie O’Donnell Broke Federal Law Five Times, NY Post Reports

I wonder if her rabies vaccinations are up to date?

O’Donnell’s defense to the report puts the blame on the candidates, saying they should have refunded anything over the allowed amount.

She used 5 addresses and 4 names – the law calls that ‘intent’.

Now let’s talk about Dinesh D’Souza.


Vatican invites Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental Meditation

A Vatican conference has wrapped up featuring controversial pop-star Katy Perry speaking on transcendental meditation, disgraced Lettergate monsignor Dario Viganò delivering a talk on “Fake News,” and a “meditating eye” charm bangle given as a gift to select participants.

At least the Pope is consistent.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls for Warning Labels on ‘Every Product That Has Fossil Fuels’

At South by Southwest this week, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger argued that every single product made using fossil fuels should come with a warning label due to climate change. He suggested that oil companies are killing people by abetting the burning of fossil fuels, and that all products using fossil fuels should be marked as associated with hazards like tobacco.

Street artist Sabo has covered Los Angeles with spoof film posters targeting Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement. The artist says he wanted to highlight their hypocrisy.

The posters were inspired by the film ‘Twins,’ starring Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, and they show the former governor of California alongside a diminutive version of disgraced film producer Weinstein, who is cast in the DeVito role. Schwarzenegger is pictured wearing a large button that reads, “No Fossil Fuels,” while Weinstein sports a “No NRA” button. The images appeared across Venice Beach and Santa Monica earlier this week.


Shia LaBeouf Trials “White Privilege” As The New “Absolve Me Of All Personal Responsibility Card”

Shia LaBeouf Blames ‘White Privilege,’ PTSD for Antics Following July Arrest

Actor Shia LaBeouf has finally spoken out about his arrest in Georgia in July. During that arrest, police body cam footage recorded the former Disney star screaming some of the vilest, most racist stuff imaginable.

Recently, the actor opened up about what happened this past summer.

Me thinks this had more to with being a blind drunk alcoholic than any other factor and I do hope he beats the booze. On a positive note “White Privilege” may be the ticket out of your next jam!