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Michael Moore Participated In Russia-Sponsored Anti-Trump Rally

Progressive director Michael Moore participated in an anti-Trump protest in New York that was organized by Russians, according to information released Friday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein announced indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller Friday against 13 Russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 election, highlighting how the Russians used social media to stir up strife and anger on social media using memes and unwitting Americans to do their bidding. One Russia-sponsored event was a protest of then President-Elect Donald Trump on Nov. 12, 2016, called “Trump is NOT my President,” and it involved Moore.


Jimmy Kimmel: A Moron Or Just A Bigot?

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, Jimmy Kimmel performed a four minute sketch on his television show regarding my law firm’s defense of the religious and free speech rights of Cathy Miller, the owner and operator of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California. Cathy Miller is a devout Christian. She believes that God created marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman, and so she believes it is immoral for her to participate in a same-sex wedding.


Cut the C-Rap

Rapper Jay-Z takes the president to task.

It’s obscene for rap superstar Jay-Z to accuse President Trump in a TV interview this weekend of being “hurtful” to black Americans because he called certain Third World countries “shitholes” in private comments made public by that most cynical of politicians, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin. The countries Trump meant are not inferior to enlightened Western democracies because of the color of their populace, but because of the corruption and oppression of their kleptocratic governments that keep the proles in poverty, ignorance, and fear; their religions that teach violence or passive resignation; and their cultures that oppress women, devalue learning, promote superstition, and don’t inculcate the upwardly mobile virtues, because few can move up.


Amid publicity tour, porn star denies affair with Trump

Stormy Daniels punks Jimmy Kimmel

NEW YORK (AP) — Adult film star Stormy Daniels, in the midst of a publicity tour fueled by past allegations of a 2006 sexual relationship with a then-married Donald Trump, said in a statement on Tuesday the alleged affair never occurred.

Keith Davidson, a lawyer for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, confirmed the statement was authentic but didn’t offer any further details.

The statement came at a curious time for Clifford, who appeared after the president’s State of the Union address on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” In recent weeks she has changed production companies, given a television interview and promoted strip club appearances with a risque play on Trump’s “Make America Great Again,” campaign slogan.


Celebrities Host Anti-Trump ‘People’s State of the Union’: ‘This Is the Heart of Patriotism’

Celebrities and activists gathered in New York City Monday night for the star-studded “People’s State of the Union,” a public rally meant to serve as counter-programming to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Actors Mark Ruffalo, Alyssa Milano, John Leguizamo, Cynthia Nixon, Amy Schumer, Kathy Najimy, Patricia Arquette, Rosie Perez, and Gina Gershon were joined by Whoopi Goldberg, billionaire left-wing mega-donor Tom Steyer, musicians Common and Andra Day, and documentary filmmakers Michael Moore and Fisher Stevens for the event, which was held at Manhattan’s Town Hall Theater and live-streamed online.


Trump-Hating Limousine Liberals Plan ‘People’s State of the Union’ Event On Eve of President’s Address

Slated to perform, er, attend, the Manhattan event are filmmaker Michael Moore, actors Mark Ruffalo, Alyssa Milano, Rosie Perez and Whoopi Goldberg. Comedian Wanda Sykes and actress Kathy Najimy are also scheduled to speak, and singer Andra Day and rapper Common will perform.


‘I really will’: the stars who didn’t move to Canada when Trump won

It is a longstanding tradition of American politics: at some stage in the electoral cycle, prominent citizens from the world of art and entertainment declare that if their preferred candidate is not victorious, they will move to Canada.

In the last presidential campaign, the threat – or promise – started to surface during early in the primaries. And this time, as Donald Trump pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border and temporarily ban Muslims from the country, it seemed some might actually follow through.

“I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will,” Girls’ Lena Dunham told a New York audience in 2016. “I know a lovely place in Vancouver and I can get my work done from there.”

Frauds. But I wouldn’t want them here.


Matt Damon Finally Shuts Up — and We Can Thank the #MeToo Crowd

Have you ever wanted Hollywood star and liberal activist Matt Damon to put a cork in it? Ever wanted to tell him to shut his big fat mouth? Sure, we all have. Whether he’s scolding us for killing the planet with our SUVs (while he jets all over the world), or scolding us for not paying teachers enough (while he makes millions of dollars playing make-believe), or any of the other reasons he scolds us, he really is a bit much.


‘He is an enemy of the state’: Sean Penn brands Trump an ‘enemy of mankind’ in Batshit crazy rant

Actor Sean Penn sounded off on President Donald Trump’s reportedly calling Haiti, El Salvador and African nations ‘s***hole countries’ during an bi-partisan meeting regarding immigration in the Oval Office on Thursday.

Penn’s commentary was published in an op-ed piece for Time Magazine on Friday, on the 8th anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake that left the country devastated, killing more than 300,000 people.

‘President Trump‘s words describing the glorious people of Africa, El Salvador and Haiti is far worse than mere insensitivity or even nationalism,’ the actor wrote.

‘[…] President Donald Trump is an enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born. An enemy of mankind. He is indeed an enemy of the state.’

Says the Jackass in love with Chavez…


Oprah Winfrey gives powerful speech at the Globes; lapdogs announce new 2020 POTUS

The former talk show host’s acceptance speech was met with thunderous applause by the audience of celebrities at the Golden Globes.

After the remarks, a number of media outlets openly called for Winfrey to enter the 2020 presidential race.

NBC Deletes Endorsement Of Oprah As ‘OUR Future President’ After Outrage

 NBC said Monday that the tweet was a mistake.