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Guardian touts new SJW way to turn people off of art…

Should a museum dump its Warhols to buy up work by artists of colour?

Lubaina Himid’s Toussaint L’Ouverture aka piece of crap

The sale of seven works by some of America’s best-known 20th-century artists has pushed a Baltimore art museum to the forefront of an international debate as to how the great publicly owned collections can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Paintings by Andy Warhol, Franz Kline, Kenneth Noland and Jules Olitski will be auctioned at Sotheby’s New York on 16-17 May. A Robert Rauschenberg mural and a second Warhol will be sold separately. It is hoped the “transformative” move will create a “war chest” of $12m (£8.8m) to fund acquisitions of more recent art, with a focus on work by women and artists of colour.


Nothing makes me appreciate art like having “diversity” shoved down my throat.


English National Opera takes on “patriarchal structures” and toxic masculinity with Jackless Jack The Ripper

English National Opera is to take on “patriarchal structures” and toxic masculinity in its new season, which will include a version of Jack the Ripper minus the murderer.

ENO’s new productions include a “radical feminine” interpretation of Salome, an empowered Merry Widow, and a re-telling of the Jack the Ripper story from the perspective of women.

The 2018-9 season will also include ENO’s first staging of Porgy and Bess featuring “all diverse singers”.


Do Countries Other Than America Produce Artwork Like This?

Just in case you are wondering about the symbolism here you essentially have all “saved” but deceased American heros behind Jesus, the sinners on the right (liberal judges, single mothers, corrupt politicians, Marxist professors, female television reporters, and I think Ben Shapiro), with the righteous on the left that includes doctors, soldiers, responsible mothers, farmers, legal immigrants, and earnest students.

Does Canada, or anywhere else in the Anglosphere, produce non-ironic artwork like this?


Aga Khan in Toronto showcases Canadian and Islamic art

In 1971 Syracuse’s Everson Museum mounted a Yoko Ono exhibition entitled “This Is Not Here,” complete with an opening attended by ex-Beatle husband John Lennon and a host of musician friends to mark the occasion and concurrently celebrate her husband’s 31st birthday.

In “Here,” an exhibit at Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum, the questions raised in “This Is Not Here” continue to seek answers, as “Here,” is subtitled “Locating Contemporary Canadian Artists.” While “Here’s” 21 participating artists are Canadian citizens, most live and create globally, as “What does it mean to be a Canadian artist?” is a prominent question, perhaps lending allure to “This Is Not Here’s” tenets, and fueling contemplation for Curator Swapnaa Tamhane’s “What is being here?” investigation.

WTF did I just read? Random words and punctuation?