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Canada finds itself in a difficult spot — accused of pandering to both India and Sikhs over terror threat

Canada ‘takes Sikh extremism seriously’ memo to Freeland said before India trip

Mollifying India over its persistent concerns about “Sikh extremism” was top of mind for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation during their visit to South Asia last year, declassified records show, even as the government now acknowledges the use of the term unfairly maligns an entire community.

Canada finds itself in a difficult spot — accused of pandering to both sides, said Anil Varughese, a professor of public policy at Carleton University. On the one hand, it wants to show support for India and its concerns about territorial integrity. On the other hand, there’s an “electorally significant minority” of Sikhs back home whose interests it also can’t ignore.


Here’s an exchange I had Tuesday with Muhammad in Kashmir

It’s a classic. When I get my computer back I’m going to try to take a screenshot of the whole thing, because it’s well worth recording. (Actually if someone could do that it would be awesome, and result in a cookie in the mail.)

Note the initial unwillingness to give an answer that conveys meaning, followed by the enraged self-pity, the utter inability to contemplate the possibility that the Muslim world is responsible for any of its own problems, the insistence that terrorism carried out against civilians should not be interpreted as an act of hostility towards those civilians, but rather towards their government, the framing of terrorist acts as legitimate war, the insistence that terrorism carried out in Europe and America is defensive,* the whining (we’re responsible for what happens in Burma, you guys), and then the (as I read it) accusation that I’m a bigot for wanting to defend the West against jihad, because apparently that implies that I think that all Muslims want to be terrorists, even though he’s just been explaining to me why they ought to. When I point out that this is deranged, he responds with a boating threat, followed by a very succinct example of that inimitable combination of lunatic triumphalism and whinging self-pity to which the Muslim mind seems so uniquely disposed: “Had any other religion been attacked as much as Islam is attacked today… that religion would have perished a long time ago.”

And finally, bafflingly, inevitably, the assertion that the West is doing all the killing in Syria.

Going by his first tweet, he seems to like Isis and consider its activities a legitimate manifestation of sharia. I guess he never got the Nothing To Do With Islam memo. And he’s a fan of Linda Sarsour, so that’s nice.

(*When Muslims and their apologists assert that jihad is only waged defensively, remember that Muslims do not appear to be able to imagine a political scenario in which they do not feel themselves to be wronged and victimized.)

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Sectarian violence in Kashmir is increasingly spilling over onto the streets of Britain

Two of the world’s nuclear powers almost went to war recently to little notice in the UK. And yet the group accused of being the spark for the violence and the countries involved are ones with deep historical links to this country.

Violence in South Asia has a habit of resonating in Britain, be it in the form intra-communitarian clashes, terrorist violence or familial murder. And while it is unclear in what way the current clashes in Kashmir will resonate, Britain’s historical connection with South Asia mean that rising violence and sectarianism over there will have an impact here.


Kashmir: The Islamists are Pressing Ahead

India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh has certainly tried to restore peace and normalcy to Kashmir. Since the July 8 killing of the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist, Burhan Wani, in an encounter with India’s security forces, the region has been the scene of daily violence. The current turmoil in the Kashmir Valley is estimated to have resulted in the deaths of 66 civilians, with more than 4,600 security personnel injured.

During his second visit to the Valley on August 24-25, Singh reportedly welcomed talking with anyone in the Indian constitutional framework and emphasised the various governmental development projects and employment schemes in the Valley.


Kashmir: New Islamic State Backed by New York Times, BBC

Indian security forces are again waging pitched battles with violent Islamists on the streets of the Muslim-majority province of Kashmir. Mobs began congregating in towns on July 9, after the customary Friday prayers, to protest the killing the previous day by Indian security forces of a prominent Islamic terrorist, Burhan Wani. The protestors waved black ISIS flags and pelted stones at riot police. The riots have so far claimed 49 lives, including 2 policemen.

The mainstream media in the West have been quick to point the finger of blame on India for using — as BBC puts it — “excessive force.” “Allegations that the forces are trigger happy in the region have been a common criticism for years,” the BBC said. The mainstream media, however, did not take into account that more than 1,500 members of the Indian police and army were injured by the mobs.

Germany’s state-run Deutsche Welle featured a Pakistan-based social media campaign that criticised the use of BB guns by Indian riot police against stone-throwing mobs of Islamists.


Kashmir: Muslim ‘mob drowns policeman’

There are fears of more violence in Indian-administered Kashmir, after a policeman drowned when his car was pushed into a river, police say.

However some accounts have said the car was not pushed into the river, but fell in after the driver lost control in an attempt to avoid stone-pelting mobs.

At least 30 people have died and many have been injured in clashes over the death of a popular separatist rebel.

Burhan Wani, 22, died in a gunfight with the Indian army on Friday.


Islamoloon in Kashmir: Perpetrators of horrendous killings of innocents cannot be true worshippers of Islam & Prophet, (but do keep up the fight with India)

APHC leader and head of Mutehida Majlis-e-Ulema, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. APHC is “All Parties Hurriyat Conference,” Srinagar, Kashmir. (“Hurriyat” is an Arabic-rooted word meaning freedom or liberty).

Srinagar, December 19, (Scoop News)-Terming the gruesome and barbaric attack in Peshwar which claimed lives of 141 people, including 132 children, as a cause of concern, APHC leader and head of Mutehida Majlis-e-Ulema, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, said that it has become extremely incumbent on Islamic leaders and Ulemas to introspect and look for reasons which cause certain elements to commit such crimes and thus defame Islam.

Addressing a Friday gathering at historic Jamia Masjid, Mirwaiz said that those elements who commit such gruesome acts could never be followers of Islam and Prophet Muhammad and there was a fundemental flaw in their understanding of the religion.

He said that Islam was a religion of peace, non violence and tolerance and their was absolutely no place for such barbarity, nor can any justification for it be acceptable.

Mirwaiz said that right through the fourteen hundred year old history of Islam and especially during the caliphate of Ummayads and Abbasis, the institution of Madrasas played a key role and produced intellectuals, scientists, thinkers, astrologers [WTF?], philosophers and many notable personalities who contributed towards the well being and development of humanity…

More BS from Islam. Their Facebook page advises boycotting “so-called elections”, because they do want to be part of India. As per usual, Islam is the be-all and end-all and any amount of lying is permitted.

Do the teachings of this so-called “religion of peace, non violence and tolerance” apply to dealings with non-Muslims? They sound rather hostile towards India. Yet idiotic dhimmis in the West will read this and fall for it, assuming the group corresponds a Western peace group, which is absurd.  

As for the claims of Islam’s peacefulness in history: a total lie.  The speaker skips the whole inconvenient Karbala massacre and Shi’ites, for just one example.


Kashmir Black Day observed in Turkey, that prevented the Kurds and Armenians from getting their own states after WW I

The participants of a seminar expressed their full support to the oppressed people of Kashmir and their democratic right to self-determination. The seminar, to commemorate Kashmir Black Day, was organized by Economic & Social Research Centre (ESAM) and the Embassy of Pakistan under the theme “Global oppression and Kashmir problem” here on Tuesday evening.

Recai Kutan, Director General of ESAM in his speech said Kashmir issue is one of the biggest problems of the world. He stressed on the need to resolve Kashmir dispute according to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir. He said Turkey will continue to play a positive role and shall support efforts aimed at resolution of the dispute.

Prof. Dr. Oya Akgönenç, noted academician, writer and former member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, in her keynote speech explained the Kashmir issue in detail. She said the entire Kashmir valley has become a prison for Kashmiri people.

These oppressed people are the victims of worst form of human rights violations by the Indian armed forces. Prof. Dr. Oya Akgönenç showed concern at the escalating repressive policies of India in the occupied Kashmir.

She urged all freedom loving nations to play their due role in resolving the Kashmir dispute as enshrined in United Nations resolutions. Prof. Oya reiterated support of the Turkish people for the early resolution of Kashmir dispute according to UN resolutions…

From Wikipedia:

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Allies contrived to create several countries within its former boundaries – according to the never-ratified Treaty of Sèvres, Kurdistan, along with Armenia, were to be among them. However, the reconquest of these areas by the forces of Kemal Atatürk (and other pressing issues) caused the Allies to accept the renegotiated Treaty of Lausanne and the borders of the modern Republic of Turkey – leaving the Kurds without a self-ruled region.

The irony! Freedom-loving Turkey!  Where the Kurds are still trying to negotiate the use of the their own language for schools.  


Five more civilians killed in worst India-Pakistan fighting for years

An Indian villager stands next to the wall of a house that locals say was damaged by firing from the Pakistan side of the border at Arnia villageAn Indian villager stands next to the wall of a house that locals say was damaged by firing from the Pakistan side of the border at Arnia village, near Jammu October 6, 2014.

(Reuters) – Five civilians were killed and thousands took refuge in camps in the disputed region of Kashmir on Wednesday after some of the most intense fighting between nuclear-armed neighbours Pakistan and India in a decade.

A total of nine Pakistani and eight Indian civilians have been killed since fighting erupted more than week ago in the mostly Muslim Himalayan region. Kashmir is claimed by both countries and has been a major focus of tension in South Asia.

Each side has accused the other of targeting civilians and unprovoked violations of a border truce that has largely held since 2003.

While exchanges of sporadic fire are common along the de facto border dividing the region, the number of civilian deaths is unusual. Two Indian civilians were killed on Wednesday and three Pakistani civilians died overnight, authorities said Wednesday morning…