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5 Reasons So Many People Hate Hillary Clinton

Have you heard about Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened?. She could have saved everyone time by just writing out a list called The 349 People, Places And Things Other Than Myself That I Blame My Failure On….. She lost because of Bernie Sanders. Because of white people. Because of “Bernie Bros,” sexism, and Russians. Because the press coverage wasn’t favorable enough. If you can come up with an excuse, she put it in the book somewhere.

At one point, while doing the publicity tour for this monstrosity, she actually said, “What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking. I’m at a loss.”


The Alternate Nostril Breathing of Lady Macbeth

Hillary plays the victim in her campaign memoir, then rips the peasants for not treating her like a man.

Hillary’s campaign memoir, What Happened, is as awful as expected, serving as yet another cracked window on her phoniness. She remains the baby-boomer feminist fraud, still pouting over alleged sexism even as she hurls herself upon various fainting couches.

She writes about her defeat with the emotional intensity of a parent who lost a child — a chilling and neurotic proof of her clawing, bottomless and now forever thwarted political ambition.


‘I’m convinced of it’: Hillary Clinton believes Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russia to influence the election

Step away from the bottle Hillary.

Hillary Clinton says she is ‘convinced’ Donald Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russia to meddle in the 2016 election.

In an interview with USA Today, Clinton said she believes Trump’s aides communicated with the Russian government and had ‘an understanding of some sort.’

‘I’m convinced of it,’ Clinton said when asked directly if she thought there was collusion by Trump associates.


Hillary Clinton: Trump inaugural speech was ‘cry from the white nationalist gut’


Hillary Clinton on Sunday called Donald Trump’s inaugural speech as president “a cry from the white nationalist gut”.

Clinton was speaking in her first televised interview since her stunning defeat in the election in November, two days ahead of the publication of What Happened, her book about her defeat.

Sitting onstage as Trump was sworn in on 20 January was “an out-of-body experience”, Clinton said, recalling that she attended in the hope of presenting a unified front following an ugly and bitter campaign.


Hillary Clinton Had No Concession Speech, Blames Loss On ‘White People’

Clinton said that she has wondered what happened ever since she lost to then-Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Clinton added that “white people” happened.

“[Trump] was quite successful in referencing a nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances, for millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others because—”

“What you’re saying is millions of white people,” Pauley interrupted.

“Millions of white people, yeah,” Clinton replied. “Millions of white people.”


Hillary Clinton’s pastor almost as big a liar as she is

Book by Hillary Clinton’s pastor will be pulled from shelves due to extensive plagiarism

Hillary Clinton said that the email her spiritual adviser, the Rev. Bill Shillady, sent her on the morning after she lost the 2016 presidential election helped her heal from her devastating defeat.

It wasn’t until months later, when Shillady published that email in a book, that it came to light that he had plagiarized the words that so moved the candidate.

Now, less than a month after the book’s publication, the publishing house that printed it says it is pulling the book off the shelves because it’s riddled with plagiarism.


Canada shouldn’t donate to the Clinton Foundation

Canada can and should play a leadership role in advancing initiatives that foster real change in the lives of women globally.

However, we have real concerns with plans announced Tuesday by the Liberal government to hand $241.5 million over to the Clinton Foundation to “support projects that will provide critical sexual and reproduction health (SRH) services” around the world.


Dems tire of consoling Clinton for her loss

While dodging the whirling blades of blame. At Townhall, Mike Vespa interprets:

Maybe ignoring white working class voters in the Rust Belt was a bad idea. Maybe not having an economic message and being focused on everything BUT job creation was a bad idea. Maybe ignoring Bill Clinton’s advice about reaching out to the white working class, who number in the tens of millions, was a bad idea. All of this leads to a large slice of Obama voters, who flipped for Trump, thinking that the Hillary agenda favored the wealthy, along with not being able to stand her. It wasn’t the data, Hillary. It was you. Again, your loss boils down to you. More.

Reality check: But no genuine post-modern progressive can accept that it ever was or ever could have been her fault. She is wronged, and therefore entitled.

See also: Griffin had vowed to go for Barron Trump in December 2016  She is entitled to beat up on a kid.