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The Left And The Right Aren’t Hearing The Same Jordan Peterson

A New York Times Magazine hit piece says more about the mainstream media than it says about Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson, who has enjoyed a surge into fame over the past year, has become a bit like the Yanny and Laurel audio meme. People listen to what he has to say but disagree wildly about what they are hearing.

Some hear a man with important ideas that can help people live a more fulfilling life, others hear a dangerous misogynist who wants to set back the cause of liberated women, trans people, and the rest of the cast(e) of oppression. In a feature for The New York Times Magazine this weekend, Nellie Bowles clearly came down on the latter side.


The cultural impact of the suburbs

Back when the late Rob Ford won his surprise mayoral victory in 2010 – certainly a surprise for his opponents, who couldn’t imagine how decisively he’d win – the electoral post-mortems painted his triumph as the revenge of the suburbs that once comprised a group of independent townships over the downtown, Toronto’s older urban core.

It was a battle between the suburbs and the city, won this time by the suburbs, who rallied behind various standards – summed up in the media as a love of cars, ethnic and cultural homogeneity and lower property taxes. As with any history written by the losers – the media, for the most part, who identified as urbanite, not suburbanite – it relied on conveniently ignoring facts that didn’t fit, and the deployment of sweeping generalizations, many of them out of date – if they were ever true at all – by decades.


Islam-a-Go-Go: The Islamization of Europe, Vol. I

“For us the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is nothing but a collection of mumbo-jumbo by disciples of Satan.”—Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader


Our culture is at risk because Muslims don’t want to integrate – Dr. László Szabó

The Hungarian ambassador to the United States, Dr. László Szabó, held a very interesting speech at the Westminster Institute in McLean, Virginia.


Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web

An alliance of heretics is making an end run around the mainstream conversation. Should we be listening?

Here are some things that you will hear when you sit down to dinner with the vanguard of the Intellectual Dark Web: There are fundamental biological differences between men and women. Free speech is under siege. Identity politics is a toxic ideology that is tearing American society apart. And we’re in a dangerous place if these ideas are considered “dark.”

Alarmist nonsense from the NYT, scary “conservative” thinkers not responding to SJW dicats!


Keep Your Mouth Shut

The blockbuster hit A Quiet Place is an allegory of American political culture.

John Krasinski’s new sci-fi thriller, A Quiet Place, has racked up big numbers at the box office. Fans and critics alike are intrigued by a movie about sightless creatures taking over the Earth. Using their super-acute hearing to hunt and destroy by sound, these deadly beasts have just about eliminated all resistance. Here and there, die-hard humans survive by maintaining total silence.


The Sexual Revolution’s Angry Children

At its core, #MeToo represents a rejection of the sixties’ vision of erotic liberation.

Last fall, as the first #MeToo scandals scrolled across the cable news chyron, I happened to be reading Sticky Fingers, Joe Hagan’s superb new biography of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner. As Hagan describes the magazine’s early years in the 1960s, just about everyone on the staff—male and female—was having sex with everyone else, under and on top of desks, on the boss’s sofa, wherever the mood struck them. Hagan quotes one writer claiming that Wenner told him that “he had slept with everyone who had worked for him.” Compared with Wenner and the early Rolling Stone crowd, Harvey Weinstein was a wanker.


Through the Eyes of Gen Z

Whether you are on the right, on the left, or independent, you can’t help but notice the cultural divide not just in the United States, but also in Europe. As this battle of personalities and ideas rages across the spectrum of social communication, there is a generational change taking place that has gone mostly unnoticed in the national discussion.

The Left is the party of no fun at all.


Disneyland and Infantile Culture

The left truly is afflicted with the infantilized belief that life really is a small world after all. The ride itself, “It’s a small world” was the first multicultural act perpetrated on the American public before the Democrats made it cool. Before a ‘coexist’ bumper sticker was ever placed on a Prius, the idea that we could actually coexist across the cultural milieu by simply ignoring history was embedded in the 62-year-old ride. However, there never will be a servo motor moving a jihadi character on pistons in the small world, unless there was a roadside bomb underneath it as it waved to your children singing “Allahu Akbar” as the water dinghy carried you forward. But we can ignore that. It is a hell of a ride on its own, as it slowly picks away at your sanity.


Robert Fulford: Empathy, authenticity go a long way to explaining Jordan Peterson’s appeal

A University of Toronto clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, has become one of the best-known Canadians of this generation. In the intellectual category, he’s easily the largest international phenomenon since Marshall McLuhan.

The proof? The BBC praises and interviews him, The New Yorker takes him seriously, the Times of London loves him and the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia both celebrates and denigrates him.


Delusions of Justice

American Jews should wake up to which side their most dangerous enemies are on.

Since the election of Donald Trump, prominent American Jews, notably in the Reform movement and among the intelligentsia, have lamented the resurgence of right-wing anti-Semitism, seeing it as the greatest threat to their community in the United States. The rise of xenophobic and often marginally anti-Jewish parties in Eastern Europe—even with fewer Jews left there to persecute—has deepened the alarm. Yet by far the greatest threat to Jews, not only here but also abroad, comes not from zombie fascist retreads, but from the Left, which is increasingly making its peace with anti-Semitism.


Understanding the New Yorker’s Cool hatred of Chick-Fil-a

From Nicole Russell at the Federalist:

It’s true, the late S. Truett Cathy was an outspoken Christian who integrated Christian ethos into the company’s vision and mission. Orthodox Christianity has since its beginning and through today opposed homosexual behavior, so there’s no surprise here. Because of its owners’ also Christian views about Christ’s love for sinners, the company has shown love and grace—through fried chicken sandwiches, of course—to communities in need over and over again, including communities grieving over gay loved ones. Apparently showing love to imperfect people is too confusing a stance for New Yorker writers to handle.

Following the shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, local folks gathered in line to donate blood. Employees of a nearby Chick-fil-A opened the restaurant, although it’s normally closed on Sundays to give employees time with their families, and gave donors food while they were waiting. Stories like this abound, yet there’s no mention of this kind of repeated generosity from the company. More.

Reality check: But that, of course, is just the trouble. Left to themselves, ordinary people do decent things. Things balance. The progressive needs a world he can police and force everyone to do what he wants. Vote for it, get more of it.

See also: But why does Matthew Lau assume that Ontario wants success?


David Staples: Students should understand the oil industry, not just demonize it

If you wonder why Alberta is struggling to win the public relations war over pipelines, Exhibit A is a recent children’s play performed at Escuela Mill Creek School in Edmonton.

It’s a bit of a muddle as to who was responsible for the play’s message, but parent Samuel Kemble was so disturbed by what he saw as its strong anti-oil industry stance that he walked out. He’s now taking his complaint to the Edmonton Public School Board.