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Feminism’s Latest Decree: A Woman’s Appearance Doesn’t Matter

A new cultural revolution is sweeping the land. Women have finally had enough. Enough sexual harassment. Enough objectification. Enough sexism. Enough judgment. Enough disbelief. As more male predators are exposed by the #MeToo movement, as more of these disgusting high placed bullies are brought to justice and shamed, more and more institutions are joining the crusade. Among the latest, the annual Miss America Beauty Pageant.

Yesterday Chairwoman Gretchen Carlson announced that Beauty pageant was no longer a pageant but a “competition” among women who will not be judged by their appearance, but instead by their achievements and goals. Accordingly, contestants will no longer be seen parading around in swimsuits, which heretofore has been the foundation of the program. The sigh of relief from the nation’s soy boys was almost audible. Decades of mandatory Women’s Studies college courses are finally paying dividends.

Google Is Training Machines to Predict When a Patient Will Die

A woman with late-stage breast cancer came to a city hospital, fluids already flooding her lungs. She saw two doctors and got a radiology scan. The hospital’s computers read her vital signs and estimated a 9.3 percent chance she would die during her stay.

Then came Google’s turn. An new type of algorithm created by the company read up on the woman — 175,639 data points — and rendered its assessment of her death risk: 19.9 percent. She passed away in a matter of days.

Ford orders public sector hiring freeze, excludes essential frontline staff

Ontario’s incoming premier has put the public service under a hiring freeze as part of a series of measures meant to limit spending as he re-examines the province’s books.

A spokesman for Doug Ford says the Progressive Conservative leader has also directed government ministries to cancel “subscription-based services” and to restrict out-of-province travel.

Simon Jefferies says the Tories will review government spending line by line to ensure taxpayers’ money is going to the services people rely on.

The government’s creepy obsession with your face

The government is obsessed with your face. Do not be flattered. This is more of a creepy stalker fixation.

From the federal Department of Homeland Security down to local police departments, governmental use of biometric facial recognition software has gained a startling amount of traction in recent years. And these agencies are getting help from big business, to boot.

Disturbing: Police Car In Greater Toronto Area Seen Flying Flag Of Khalistani Separatists

A disturbing photo of a police car in the Greater Toronto Area shows the vehicle flying a Khalistan flag.

It’s the flag of the Khalistani Separatists, a group that wants to create a separate Sikh state in India. The group was responsible for killing 268 Canadian citizens in the Air India Bombing, has regularly carried out terrorist attacks in India, and has also attempted to assassinate both Canadian and Indian politicians on Canadian soil.


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Liberals Vote Against LGBT Refugees

Conservative Immigration shadow critic Michelle Rempel introduced a motion last week calling on the federal government to “increase the ratio of highly persecuted LGBT refugees.”

Interestingly enough the Liberal government voted against the motion.

Don Martin Host of CTV’s Power Play noticed just how off-brand this move was tweeting out:

“How on Earth can the Trudeau Liberals vote against THIS? The only explanation is that a Conservative proposed it. Which is kinda pathetic”.

Plans for at least one Arctic university in the works

The world’s only northern nation without some form of Arctic university may soon have three of them.

There are plans in all three of Canada’s territories to give their residents a better shot at higher education. Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut all have different approaches but similar goals.

All want to give their youth a chance to learn without having to travel thousands of kilometres. All want to focus on the needs of their particular jurisdictions.

And all believe the North has characteristics — from language diversity to climate change — that could make an Arctic university a draw for students and researchers from around the globe.

Las Vegas Police Were Ordered To Turn Body Cameras Off During Shooting

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers who responded to the Mandalay Bay shooting were ordered to turn their body cameras off before engaging with the shooting.

Video evidence released by the Department under court order by the Supreme Court shows the officers turning off their body cameras while superior officers gave them the order, adding more mystery to the still unexplained shooting that left 58 people dead.

Harvard Study Estimates Trump Policies May Result In 80,000 More Deaths Per Decade

Scott Pruitt was the man that got the Koch brothers behind the Donald Trump presidency. Their guy heading up the EPA? That means loosening up of regulations, changing of permissible pollutants, and if they’re really lucky, the freeing up of national lands for drilling.

Let Trump grandstand and be a national embarrassment on the world’s stage. Let him grift as much as he wants. Let him kill the GOP for the foreseeable future. Hell, let Scott Pruitt be a one man scandal machine. The Kochs get their tax cuts and none of those pesky regulations that a President Hillary Clinton would have enforced. Nothing else matters, right?

Humility, empathy are key to Ontario Liberals’ rebuild

The results of the provincial election delivered a devastating blow to the Ontario Liberal Party. This week, the remaining members of caucus met and unanimously endorsed John Fraser as interim leader as the party embarks on its rebuilding process.

After 15 years spent sensibly building the province of Ontario, the Ontario Liberal Party now enters a chapter of deep self-reflection in preparation for the way forward.


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Germany’s reporting on asylum-seekers exposes ‘latent racism’

Recent cases in Wiesbaden, Kandel and Freiburg where young girls and women were murdered sparked outrage in Germany and were widely covered by the media. The nationality of the suspects became a central aspect of many of the reports, although German press code advises journalists only to mention ethnicity sparingly, if at all, in crime stories. DW spoke with media analyst and communications researcher Kai Hafez about the criticism of German mainstream media and where there’s room for improvement.

More Americans Support Trudeau Over Trump In Tariff War

As Global News reports, two Ipsos polls — one for Global News and the other for Reuters — both released Friday, show that not only have Canadians coalesced around Trudeau, but most Americans are siding with him too.

The poll for Global News tracked Canadian opinion, while the poll for Reuters assessed how Americans felt.

The two have been sparring over Twitter, through second-party spokesmen and in interviews. Trump has labelled Trudeau “meek and mild” and “very dishonest” while Trudeau appeared on “Meet the Press” to indicate his dismissal of tariffs being justified because Canada is allegedly a security risk to the U.S.

Trudeau’s Plan To Impose Carbon Tax On Ontario Shows Contempt For Democracy

Over and over and over again on the campaign trail, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford promised to scrap the carbon tax and get rid of the cap & trade system.

He repeated it constantly, and everyone in Ontario knew exactly what they were getting if they voted for him.

On Election Day, the PCs won a huge majority government, while the pro-carbon tax, pro-cap & trade Liberals were absolutely decimated.

That means the verdict of the people was clear: Get rid of cap & trade and scrap the carbon tax.

WSJ’s Kim Strassel on IG Report: Media Ignoring ‘Searing Indictment’ of FBI Culture

Strassel made the big-picture point most of the rest of the press is either ignoring or denying, namely that the IG has delivered “a searing indictment of the entire FBI and its culture.”

Strassel identified a half-dozen specific examples (tagged in the transcript below) of how thoroughly corrupt and lawless the FBI’s top-leadership culture became (and, based on current FBI Director Christopher Wray’s in-denial reaction to the IG’s report, apparently still is), emphasizing that the problems are not isolated to former director James Comey.

Halifax rally celebrates and supports refugees

In a show of solidarity, about 500 people marched along busy Halifax streets Saturday afternoon, chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!”

The Walk with Refugees — hosted by the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), the Halifax Refugee Clinic and several other partners — took participants from the base of Citadel Hill to the Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road, where many of the walkers stayed for a boisterous reception.


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11 Quick Things To Know About The Inspector General’s Report

The best way to understand an inspector general (IG) report is less as a fiercely independent investigation that seeks justice and more like what you’d expect from a company’s human resources department. Employees frequently think that a company’s human resources department exists to serve employees. There’s some truth in that, but it’s more true that the human resources department exists to serve the corporation.

Woman chained to bed for 20 years because dad discovered new boyfriend

An Argentinian woman was found naked and chained to a bed after being held captive by her dad and brother for 20 years.

Marisa Almirón (42), from Venado Tuerto in Argentina, was apparently imprisoned by her father after he discovered she was dating someone, reports Metro.

On the Smearing of of Jordan Peterson: On Dialogue and Listening

Two weeks ago, we learned that BBC historian, Dan Snow, lied to his daughters when he told them that the Spitfires were piloted by women flying combat missions during WWII in order to encourage them to “follow their dreams.” We were also told that Jordan Peterson is apparently a flaming “misogynist,” according to two writers who have chopped up quite a bit of Peterson’s words, conveniently situating his ideas into a landscape where they take pot shots at a caricature that they alone have fabricated. While Snow was the subject of light media speculation, Peterson has been held to the fire in recent months from the social justice warrior left to the feminists of all flavors, with most coming at him with rather incoherent critiques. Two men, two different approaches to sexual inequality, and this story unfolds through how their actions are differently interpreted. But I will return to this later.

‘Am I in the bad part of town?’ Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets

It’s something many San Franciscans see on a daily basis, outside their homes or offices and during their commutes. For better or for worse, locals are used to walking by crime scenes, have seen open injection drug use, and have witnessed mental health episodes firsthand.

But when a tourist lands at SFO, guidebook in hand, that reality can be shocking.

Coronach, Sask. ‘will die’ in the push for a greener Canada

“It’s in our blood, really,” Catherine MacKay-Wilson said.

MacKay-Wilson is the town administrator for Coronach, Sask., a small town of about 700. It also home to the Poplar River coal mine and power generating station.

But by 2030, those industries may not be there any longer. As part of the Paris Agreement, the federal government plans to phase out coal power generation, and by extension towns like Coronach.


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‘They’re paying lip service.’ Women harassed on the Hill question Parliament’s efforts

After a wave of sexual misconduct allegations hit the Hill, Employment Minister Patty Hajdu sprang into action with the introduction of Bill C-65, intending to crack down on sexual harassment in the workplace and extend protection to Hill staff for the first time. Some staffers have spoken up with concerns that the bill doesn’t go far enough, concerns that the Senate was trying to hear as their human rights committee considered how to amend the bill.

Dumbing Down: Decades of Dropping IQ Levels Cancel Intelligence Boom – Report

IQ levels have been gradually dropping since the 1970s, researchers from the Norwegian Ragnar Frisch Center for Economic Research have found. According to the researchers, the decline amounted to an average of 7 points per generation.

The research team led by Bernt Bratsberg and Ole Rogeberg analyzed IQ test results from a total of 730,000 draftees entering Norwegian service between 1970 and 2009. Their findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Previously, population intelligence quotients were known to have increased throughout most of the 20th century, a phenomenon commonly known as the Flynn effect named for New Zealand researcher James Robert Flynn, who discovered a rapid rise of IQ at a rate of about 3 points per decade. The brightening of the human mind has been attributed to several factors, such as better nutrition, healthcare, education and others.

Berkeley declares ‘climate emergency’ worse than World War II, demands ‘humane’ population control

The Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night declared what it called a “climate emergency” with more global significance than World War II, and demanded an immediate effort to “humanely stabilize population” and “reverse ecological overshoot.”

The resolution, which invokes the global conflict between the Axis and Allies, charges that Americans bear an “extraordinary responsibility to solve the crises” facing the environment.

Strong overrepresentation of leftist, feminist and liberal journalists, study shows

The data, which was released last week, is interesting because it confirms a widespread prejudice among media professionals and journalists.

The study shows that most of them prefer green (new left) ideologies, followed by feminism. In the editorial offices there is an average overrepresentation of three times as many greens and feminists as in the normal population.

So when 10 per cent of a nation’s population supports feminism, 30 per cent of journalists do the same, which is a strong overrepresentation.

Racial profiling cited as groups demand probe into Vancouver police carding

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association say Indigenous and black people are over-represented in the police practice, often referred to as carding.

During the checks, police stop a person, obtain their identification and record personal information.

The complaint is based on a release of data under a Freedom of Information request that shows 15 per cent of all carding conducted between 2008 and 2017 was of Indigenous people, yet they make up just two per cent of the population.


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If You’re Feeling Sorry For Canada After All Those Trump Tweets, Go To #thankcanada

There’s a place to go if you’re feeling badly about all the things President Donald Trump has tweeted about Canada over the last few days. It’s #ThankCanada, where Americans can go and expound on all the good things the Great White North offers.

“We REAL Americans Love You , and are so ashamed of the Orange menace and His complicit bunch occupying Our Government ! Please don’t hold that degenerates actions against Us all !!”

Thefts rise after California reduces criminal penalties

Proposition 47 lowered criminal sentences for drug possession, theft, shoplifting, identity theft, receiving stolen property, writing bad checks and check forgery from felonies that can bring prison terms to misdemeanors that often bring minimal jail sentences.

While researchers can link the measure to more theft, they found it did not lead to the state’s increase in violent crime.

h/t Todd

Hilarity Ensues In British Parliament: ‘Trudeau Or Trump?’

I don’t like Theresa May very much at all but she did take this question in stride.

A member of the opposition party asked her a three-word question: “Trudeau or Trump?”

May replied to much laughter: “I’m not sure what activity he’s asking me to undertake with either.”

Germany to miss 2020 greenhouse gas emissions target

The German government set itself the goal of reducing national greenhouse gas emissions until 2020 by 40 percent compared to 1990 levels.

But a draft government report estimates that the country will only be able to reduce emissions by 32 percent. Officials had previously estimated a shortfall of 5 percent to 8 percent.

The document blames “unexpected economic developments and unexpected population growth” for the failure to meet the target. Increased economic activity and strong population growth generally cause an uptick in emissions due to increased use of fossil fuel energy.

Ford looks to push ‘urgent’ items on agenda; may recall legislature early

Premier-designate Doug Ford may recall the legislature early to get a jump start on an ambitious agenda.

Ford, who will be sworn in as premier on June 29th, says he’s looking to push his promises through relatively quickly.

“We have a lot of items that are urgent and we need to get those moving,” Ford told a news conference Wednesday.


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Macron is losing control over Islam-dominated no-go areas in France, asks public for help

France’s President Emmanuel Macron admitted that France has lost the battle against drug trafficking within the growing number of no-go zones in the country.

In a speech for 600 business and political guests in May, Macron called on the local mayors themselves – together with the population – to find suitable solutions, for the problems in France’s 1,500 no-go areas or ‘sensitive areas’ as France calls them.

Google Redefines Family in Video Promoting LGBTQ Activists

A pot of gold isn’t the only thing at the end of the rainbow. Google is there, as well.

The No. 1 search company has found its own way to be part of Pride Month this year by partnering with three LGBTQ activist organizations. Google is working to encourage donations to the groups GLAAD, PFLAG, and the It Gets Better Project. As part of the collaborations with these groups, the company released a video advertising its own definitions of family.

Nat. Archives Stumble onto New Obama Scandal — ‘Wholesale Destruction’ of Gov’t Records

Lipscomb wrote that “the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and ‘loss’ of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges.”

“So far, former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Lynch and several EPA officials have been named as offenders. The IRS suffered record ‘losses’ as well. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy called it ‘an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws.’”

Atlantic support for Trudeau’s Liberals hits new low: survey

It’s the third consecutive quarter where satisfaction has decreased: there was 56 per cent satisfaction in February 2018, 61 per cent in November 2017, and 66 per cent in August 2017.

Survey results also show dissatisfaction with the federal Liberals has increased, currently sitting at 43 per cent. That number is up from 37 per cent in February.

In regards to preference for federal party leaders, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dipped from 45 per cent in February to 40 per cent this quarter.

Trump doubles down on criticism of Trudeau as analysts warn of US impact

Donald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of Justin Trudeau, warning that his stance on trade discussions was a “mistake” that would cost Canada “a lot of money”.

At a news conference on Tuesday after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Trump referred to the Canadian prime minister’s pledge to proceed with retaliatory measures in response to Trump’s move to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel.


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The leftards are losing their minds right now. Glory!

NYT’s Krugman Claims Journalists Are ‘Afraid’ to Call Trump ‘Crazy’

Sometimes you just have to wonder what planet Paul Krugman, the radical, left-wing columnist and economist for the New York Times, is living on. On Sunday morning, the journalist went on a tweet storm complaining that the media wasn’t presenting Trump accurately…because they were presenting him as sane.

Apparently Krugman has been living under a rock, because Trump’s alleged psychosis is the media’s second favorite talking point, after his alleged collusion with Russia to win the election in 2016. Regardless, the NYT columnist spent five tweets ranting about how the media was aiding Trump’s agenda by “pretending” he was sane and rational. Furthermore, Krugman wrote, Trump’s policies were derived entirely from problems Trump had made up in his mind.

Ontario will be back to balance in 3rd or 4th year of Ford mandate, promises MPP Lisa MacLeod

One of the most experienced MPPs in Doug Ford‘s new Progressive Conservative caucus says it was impossible to roll out a fully costed platform during the provincial election campaign because her boss simply didn’t know the true state of Ontario’s books.

Nepean-Carleton’s Lisa MacLeod joined host Mike Le Couteur on this weekend’s edition of The West Block, and said Ontarians can expect a more complete set of platform promises from Ford in the coming weeks.

Status Indians to disappear in 50 years unless First Nations move beyond Indian Act: Perry Bellegarde

There won’t be any status Indians left in Canada within the next 50 years unless First Nations move beyond the Indian Act, according to incumbent Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde.

Bellegarde, who announced his campaign Monday to again lead the largest First Nations organization in the country, said First Nations need to take control of their citizenship laws to avoid this future.

Priest fatally shot at altar of Philippine Catholic church

Two gunmen killed a Roman Catholic priest as he prepared to celebrate Mass at the altar of a chapel in the northern Philippines, in the latest deadly attack on a priest in Asia’s largest predominantly Catholic nation, police said Monday.

The two men shot the Rev. Richmond Nilo with pistols Sunday night in the chapel in Zaragoza town in Nueva Ecija province. The gunmen, who fired through a chapel window, fled on a motorcycle and were being hunted by police.

Robert De Niro apologizes to Canadians for Trump’s recent comments

Actor Robert De Niro ramped up his recent attacks on U.S. President Donald Trump by apologizing to Canadians on Monday for the American leader’s conduct and commentary following the G7 summit in Quebec.

De Niro’s latest salvo lacked the profanity that accompanied his first rant against the president, which was delivered to enthusiastic cheers at Sunday’s Tony Awards in New York City, but it was just as scathing.

“I just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president, ” De Niro said in Toronto while attending a ground-breaking ceremony for a new luxury restaurant and hotel complex.

Pretty sure this is fake.


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Erdogan threatens Austria with full-blown religious war over Austria’s anti-jihad policies

Last Friday, the Austrian government announced that it could expel up to 60 Turkish imams and their families, as well as closing down seven mosques, in a clampdown on what the government has called “political Islam”.

Sebastian Kurz, the Chancellor of Austria, said that the country would no longer tolerate the existence of “parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation”.

In a speech delivered in Istanbul on 9 June, Turkey’s President Erdogan responded to Austria’s political plans, criticizing the strong anti-Islamist moves, and threatening a religious war between Islam and Christianity.

When we nuke Iran a few missiles need to go astray.

Minneapolis Police Stop Enforcing The Law Because It’s ‘Racist’ Against Black People

Minneapolis police abruptly ended the practice of targeting small-scale marijuana sellers downtown after revelations that nearly every one arrested was black.

…Minneapolis police have stepped up their presence on Hennepin Avenue in response to concerns about safety downtown. Using undercover officers posing as buyers, they arrested 47 people for selling marijuana on Hennepin between 5th and 6th streets.

The Hennepin County Public Defender’s office determined that 46 of those arrested were black. All were charged as felonies.

Doug Ford says he stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Justin Trudeau following Trump tirade

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is winning support from his political rivals in his feud with the Trump administration over G7 and trade, including incoming Ontario premier Doug Ford.

Ford, a populist campaigner who has praised U.S. President Donald Trump in the past, said he stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Canada’s Liberal prime minister because jobs in his province are at stake.

Muslims in the Netherlands increasingly religious and ‘more hostile’ against Dutch society

Turkish and Moroccan Muslims have become more religious, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reports. The newspaper refers to a study of the SCP, a prominent Dutch research organisation on social and cultural issues.

Both Muslim groups pray more and visit mosques more often, the SCP study says. Furthermore, findings show that Moroccan Muslim women increasingly wear headscarves, with the number having gone up by 14% (from 64% to 78%) in the last 10 years.

Chief of Six Nations calls for Indigenous jury members as trial with echoes of Colten Boushie case begins

The Chief of the Six Nations of the Grand River says she will be watching closely as jury selection begins Monday for the trial of a Hamilton man accused of second-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing an Indigenous man.

Ava Hill said she wants to be sure the “same mistakes,” that were criticized after the Colten Boushie trial aren’t made again.

In that case, a reportedly all-white jury reached a not-guilty verdict in the death of Boushie.


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Western Muslim Politicians – Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Muslim politicians in the Western world come in two general varieties: those rare ones who are candid about their desire to transform the West in accordance with the dictates of their faith, and those, far greater in number, who prefer to disguise that ambition. The first category includes people like Abdirizak Waberi, a Swedish MP turned Islamic school principal who has actually admitted he believes in “banning music and dancing, prohibiting boys and girls from socializing, and allowing men to beat their four wives with sticks when they became disobedient,” and Brussels city councilman Redouane Ahrouch, who openly advocates for sharia government and recently called for a separation of the sexes on that city’s public transport.

Calgary bazaar bringing community together for Eid

A bazaar took over the halls of the Falconridge/Castleridge Community Association this weekend to celebrate the final days before the Muslim festival of Eid and bring a bit of Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Indian culture to the city.

The halls were a maze of brightly coloured fabrics, intricate gold jewelry and decorative shoes for the fourth annual Eid Bazaar. Eid is a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan fasting.

BOZELL & GRAHAM: The Entitled ‘Comedy’ Elites

What is it about our entertainment elites that makes them think they are so much wiser than everyone else? Why do they seem to think that comedians like Samantha Bee and Donald Trump impersonators like Alec Baldwin are going to save America with their rants?

P.E.I. passes bill banning single-use plastic bags at retail stores

P.E.I. could be the first province in Canada to ban retailers from giving out plastic bags after a private member’s bill passed third reading Friday morning.

The Plastic Bag Reduction Act, introduced by Liberal MLA Allen Roach, would eventually prohibit retailers from providing customers with plastic bags, encouraging them instead to distribute paper or reusable cloth bags.

Vegan Activists Target … Vegetarian Restaurant

Earlier this year, I thought I had seen it all, when a small restaurant faced weeks of relentless protests at the hands of vegan activists.

Today I have been proven wrong.

According to the London Free Press, “a local restaurant owner believes vegan activists have targeted her, trolling the business online, vandalizing cars parked at the establishment and leaving a letter criticizing the business with its landlord.”

That’s right folks, we have now reached a place where providing vegetarian options could now land you into troublesome space with the “eco-warriors.”


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Pope Francis Decries ‘Exodus of Climate Migrants and Environmental Refugees’

Pope Francis has once again denounced an “ecological crisis” sweeping the world, which is allegedly producing a “growing exodus of climate migrants and environmental refugees.”
The pope’s words formed part of a message he sent to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, and to the participants in an International Symposium titled “Toward a Greener Attica: Preserving the Planet and Protecting its People,” taking place in Athens, Greece this week.

Although the pope does not specify what he means by “a growing exodus of climate migrants and environmental refugees,” one must infer that he believes that significant numbers of people are leaving their homelands because of “global warming.”

Marc Thiessen: Obama took lying to new heights with the Iran deal

First, President Barack Obama failed to disclose to Congress the existence of secret side deals on inspections when he transmitted the nuclear accord to Capitol Hill. (They were only uncovered by chance when then-Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., learned about them during a meeting with International Atomic Energy Agency officials in Vienna.) Then, we learned that the Obama administration had secretly sent a plane to Tehran loaded with $400 million in Swiss francs, euros and other currencies on the same day Iran released four American hostages, which was followed by two more secret flights carrying another $1.3 billion in cash.

Now, in a bombshell revelation, Republicans on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, led by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, have revealed in a new report that the Obama administration secretly tried to help Iran use U.S. banks to convert $5.7 billion in Iranian assets, after promising Congress that Iran would not get access to the U.S. financial system — and then lied to Congress about what it had done.

Trudeau to announce $400M investment to help educate world’s poorest girls: report

The Canadian Press has learned the Trudeau government is planning to announce a 400-million-dollar investment to help send the world’s poorest girls to school.

The initiative will be announced at the G7 summit in Quebec tomorrow.

The funds are part of the government’s response to a campaign by a coalition of 30 non-governmental organizations.

They appealed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to persuade his fellow G-7 leaders to commit 1.3-billion dollars U-S over three years to help send millions of girls to school.

One of Trudeau’s cross-cutting themes for Canada’s G-7 chairmanship was gender equality and empowering women and girls.

He’s planning to meet Saturday morning with his Gender Equality Advisory Council ahead of the expected announcement.

Public university prohibits ‘harsh text messages’

As part of its code of conduct, a public university in Alabama prohibits its students from sending “harsh text messages,” a policy that has earned it the worst possible rating from a campus free-speech watchdog group.

The University of West Alabama’s Cyberbullying and Cyber Harassment Policy defines harassment as “conduct that disrupts the educational environment of the university.” Conduct that the university has defined as harassment includes “harsh text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.”

5 Toronto issues to watch as Doug Ford becomes Ontario’s premier

Doug Ford’s Ontario PCs stormed to a majority victory in Thursday night’s provincial election in part thanks to breaking through in Toronto’s inner suburbs.

And Ford, a former city councillor and brother of the late mayor Rob Ford, may have big plans for this city.

Ford made a number of promises for Toronto during his campaign and as premier will have a huge hand in a range of city issues — from transit to supervised injection sites to parks. While it’s too soon to say exactly what his government will do, here are five things to keep an eye on.


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Day camp’s free spots for refugees, asylum-seekers expands to Laval

The recent increase in asylum seekers crossing the U.S. border into Quebec has prompted some hostile reactions from certain quarters that easily grab headlines. But it has also inspired many local groups and organizations to quietly step up to find ways to welcome and integrate these newcomers.

Every McDonald’s In America Will Have Self-Order Kiosks By 2020

McDonald’s announced this week that it plans to replace a number of cashiers with self-service kiosks in all its American restaurants by 2020. This is in response to the “Fight for 15” movement and demands for higher wages, along with advances in technology.

CEO Steve Easterbrook told CNBC that his restaurant chain will roll out the self-order kiosks in 1,000 new stores each quarter. Many Americans are thrilled and can’t wait for the innovation. Minimum wagers… not so much.

Hundreds march as protests heat up in Quebec City on the eve of G7 summit

Roughly 400 people are marching across Quebec City in the first major protest march of the G7 summit.

It’s organized by the Réseau de résistance anti-G7 (RRAG7). The group is a collective of organizations which denounce colonialism and capitalism.

“A huge amount of money was spent to make sure there’s a lot of security, a lot of police, and we are worried about the restrictions on the right to protest,” said Alice-Anne Simard of the organization Eau Secours, one of the groups in RRAG7.

“We also denounce the neo-liberal policies of the G7 countries.”

Google Solves Diversity And Inclusion Problems With A Salad Emoji

Jesse Jackson and other race-hustling black activists have taken the entire tech industry to task for their lack of inclusion and diverse workforce. I guess Google could simply hire more minorities, but that wouldn’t be a hip high-tech way to address the issue. Instead the search engine giant has tackled the problem head on by coming up with a new salad emoji. Hey, you read the headline and still clicked on the article, this is actually what Google is doing.

I can assure you this is not a joke. You see, the salad emoji used to have a slice of hardboiled egg in it and now it does not. Eggs come from chickens and vegans don’t eat any animal products so now they can feel like they are a part of society.

‘It was here that I began’: David Suzuki receives honorary U of A degree

David Suzuki received an honorary degree from the University of Alberta Thursday after protesters voiced opposition to the recognition for the 82-year-old environmental activist and science broadcaster.

Addressing faculty of science graduates from the podium at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Suzuki spoke about why he believes conflicts occur over issues affecting the environment.


Continental Breakfast

Maple Bacon Donuts rank about 8.5 out of 10 on the scale of decadent gluttony, but if you dunk them in single malt Scotch they go to 11! Let them soak for a few Canadian metric seconds to make sure they absorb as much Scotch as possible. It’s election day so you might as well get started early, eh?  Vive le socialisme!

University Renamed Its LGBT Center Because The Label Wasn’t Inclusive Enough

A university changed the name of its LGBT Center after deciding the label wasn’t inclusive enough of all genders and identities.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison renamed its LGBT Center to the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center in an effort to better serve its students who identify with a gender not described by the LGBT label, reported Campus Reform Wednesday.

“The purpose of the name change is to better align with the center’s mission,” stated the press release that notifies the community about the change. “The center continues to serve those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, but also serves many more students who use an array of other language for their own identities and experiences.”

‘Abnormal and Deviant Safe Space’ would have worked too.

KFC creating vegetarian version of its fried chicken in U.K.

Colonel Sanders may be rolling over in his grave. Nearly four decades after the death of the man who founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food chain, KFC is devising a fake meat version with the colonel’s tightly held original recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

The menu move comes as KFC’s U.K. restaurants seek to adhere to new British government guidelines that advise overweight adults to eat just 400 calories at breakfast and then 600 more at lunch and again at dinner.

Breaking down the possibilities that could come from the Ontario’s votes

The twists and turns of Ontario’s election campaign have made it impossible to predict the outcome of Thursday’s vote, with several possible scenarios in play.

The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats are virtually tied in recent polls, while the governing Liberals, by Premier Kathleen Wynne’s own admission, are not a contender for government. The Canadian Press spoke to experts about what could unfold.

Psycho Kathy Griffin Awarded Rainbow Key By West Hollywood

The city of West Hollywood sure can pick ’em and for the second time within a month, has bestowed a treasured honor upon one of the most loathsome members of the political left.

Former CNN New Year’s Eve host Kathy Griffin was presented with the coveted Rainbow Key by Mayor John Duran who only weeks ago had presented scuzzy porn queen Sloppy Daniels with the key to the city.

The liberals sure can pick them cant’ they?

Justin Trudeau expects ‘difficult’ conversations with Trump at G7 summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday he expects “frank and sometimes difficult” conversations with US President Donald Trump on US tariffs at the upcoming G7 summit.

The Canadian prime minister will host the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States for an annual G7 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec on Friday and Saturday.

“We know certainly that there will be frank and sometimes difficult discussions around the G7 table, particularly with the US president on tariffs,” Trudeau told reporters.

Yes, that’s Ontario. You’re converting back to the Imperial System of Measurement.

This statement is what got Scalia Hillaryized in his sleep. He was a direct threat to abolishing the Second Amendment, which has to fall first before the others can be rescinded.


Continental Breakfast

Gooey cheese all wrapped up in grilled bread and crispy bacon.  These Crispy Bacon Grilled Cheese Roll Ups are seriously heavenly!

French mayor calls for help as police are losing control over the city

The mayor of Toulon, Hubert Falco, has asked for police reinforcements after a “worrying outbreak of violence” in his city, France’s Var-Matin reports.

Falco asked France’s Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior for police backup after an escalating number of gang related shootings.

“At the moment, the police are depleted, but a public presence at night can be a deterrent. Of course we are worried about what has been happening at night in our cities for weeks. It happens in the cities, we listen to the people who live there, but we are not decision makers: Toulon must be helped,” the mayor says.

Those guns actually shoot white handkerchiefs, the national flag of France.

Fear In Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Behind Burning Down Forests

On 18 May, three immigrants purposely lit a fire in the woods near Lake Trehörningen, according to the fishing company Å-fiske in Eskilstuna. According to the association, the fire was an act of revenge from three people with immigrant backgrounds who were told they were not allowed to fish in the lake owned by the association.


PC Leader Doug Ford combats criticism to fight for election win

The former Toronto city councillor- mostly known to the rest of Canada as the handler of his late brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford – was lauded by his staunch supporters as a political outsider sure to shake things up at Queen’s Park.

Quickly positioning himself as a defender of the “little guy,” Doug Ford’s campaign message consisted of a simple, light-on-detail promise of putting money back in people’s pockets by lowering taxes, cutting hydro rates and eliminating the province’s cap-and-trade system.

Flemish politician: We are being replaced, but we will resist against the hostile takeover of Islam

Surrounded by mostly Muslim migrants, Dewinter proclaimed:

“Welcome in Antwerpistan, this market is not in Marrakech or Istanbul, no this is the weekday market in Antwerp at the Sint Jans square.”

“Vlaams Belang resists against the mass-immigration that caused a hostile take-over of Antwerp by Islam. Antwerp needs to be a Flemish and European city again, because Antwerp is, and will stay, ours!”

Facing defeat, Wynne reflects on her record, strategic voting

Making London one of her last campaign stops before Thursday’s election, Premier Kathleen Wynne told The Free Press she would have considered handing off to a new Liberal leader a year ago, if she believed then she would lose the election she now admits her party won’t win.

Wynne was in London on Tuesday to support London North Centre candidate Kate Graham, who’s trying to hang onto the Liberals’ last outpost in the 10-riding London region — a seat they’ve held for 15 years under Deb Matthews, Wynne’s former deputy premier who’s retiring with this election.


Continental Breakfast

When I tell you that this is The Best Breakfast Casserole it is no joke. I have made a few breakfast casseroles in my day and this one became an instant favorite! I especially loved this casserole because it was so hearty and full of wonderful breakfast goodness. It is a classic breakfast casserole with amazing flavor. It has hash browns packed right inside which was my favorite part.

What’s the story behind Ontario’s debt?

Ontario’s governing Liberals have faced harsh criticism in recent years over the province’s ballooning debt. The government’s spring budget, which projected deficits over the next six years that would in turn inflate the debt level, prompted opponents to decry the Liberals as fiscally irresponsible.

Premier Kathleen Wynne has defended her party’s spending plan as “prudent,” but what’s the real story?

Obsessive Liberal Conspiracy Theories About Melania Crackle With Crazy

The deranged left have already proved that they’re suckers for conspiracy theories but the obsession with Melania Trump has taken their lunacy to new levels.

The First Lady has been laying low after being released from the hospital for treatment of a kidney problem. Never let the concept of quiet recovery ruin the fun though when you can go on Twitter and weave a crazy quilt of conspiracy theories.

Horwath Thinks Wynne Is “Missing The Point”

Horwath made a campaign stop at Chatham-Kent-Leamington NDP Candidate Jordan McGrail’s campaign office in Chatham Monday afternoon.

The NDP leader says there’s no doubt that it was probably a difficult moment for Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne to admit that she wasn’t going to be reelected, but thinks she is “playing a very dangerous game.”

“Where she says that her priority is to make sure that Doug Ford is held in check after election day, my priority is to make sure that Doug Ford is defeated on election day,” she says.

Obama And Hillary Team Up To Push Gun Control

The mighty Democrat two-headed monster was roaring and spitting flames in leading the call for reigning in the Second Amendment.

Friday was “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” or if it was put into non-Orwellian terms “National Gun Confiscation Day” and all of the leftists were out in force and calling for a big election year push to pass Draconian gun control laws that would be the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent for outlawing and government confiscation of firearms.

Edmonton councillor looking at ways to stop single-use plastics

A city councillor will put forward a motion Friday to look at how Edmontonians can cut back on single-use plastic items such as grocery bags, coffee cups and straws.

Councillor Ben Henderson will ask city administration to create a report on the “reduction and/or elimination of using single-use plastics.”

Does anyone in government realize why we have single use plastics? Sanitation and sterility? Those don’t matter anymore I suppose.