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Michelle Obama Admits She Struggles With Imposter Syndrome, Sometimes Feels Like A Fraud

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said that she sometimes suffers from imposter syndrome while speaking on Monday in London, England about her new book, “Becoming.”

According to a Merriam-Webster definition, imposter syndrome is when someone feels that their success is a product of luck or fraud, rather than skill.

Enviros Are Starting To Realize A Carbon Tax Won’t Ever Happen

Carbon fees were once considered an obvious next step in the country’s multifaceted effort to reduce CO2 emissions. Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising star on the left, believes a carbon tax can be one part of her sweeping “Green New Deal.” Some conservatives have signed on to the idea, believing it to be a market-based approach to eliminating pollution. Even a number of major energy companies have come forward in support of charging businesses for the amount of carbon they release into the atmosphere.

As government prepares response to calls to bring ISIS members to justice, some walk free

On Facebook, the Pakistani-Canadian described himself in a recent post as a “Mujahid residing in Dar al Kufr” — a jihadist fighter in the land of disbelief.

But more than two years after flying back to Toronto and telling reporters he had served in the brutal ISIS police in Syria, he has not been arrested.

“No kafir can touch me,” he said in a recent text message to a former friend, who shared it with Global News. Kafir is an Arabic term for nonbeliever.

We Must Face Persistent Racial Gaps in Academic Performance

In covering the most highly publicized “affirmative action” lawsuit in decades – against Harvard University — the news media are continuing their pattern of averting their eyes from stubborn facts that cut against their ideological preferences.

In recent trial testimony, Harvard and other selective schools claim that the only way they can maintain adequate racial diversity is to use large racial preferences to admit a great many more black (and brown) students than would otherwise get in based on their academic performance.

UCP, Suzuki Foundation granted intervenor status in Saskatchewan carbon tax challenge

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has rejected Ottawa’s request not to grant intervenor status to a number of parties in its carbon tax fight with the Saskatchewan government.

The court released its order on Monday on who would be granted the special status.


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Climate change could wake up Canada’s dormant volcanoes

Scientists at Simon Fraser University argue that climate change is destabilizing volcanoes around the world, and they’re using a British Columbia mountain range to prove their theory. Not far from Whistler, Mount Meager shows signs of dangerous things to come, which has researchers keeping a very close eye on it.

It’s time for climate-change defeatists to get out of the way

The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are meeting in Katowice, Poland. The site is a southern city and the “heart of Poland’s coal country.” The conference was opened by David Attenborough, aged 92, natural historian, journalist, and—among many other credits—narrator of the BBC’s iconic Planet Earth series. Referring to climate change as “our greatest threat in thousands of years,” he concluded: “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

Why Doctors Need to Join the Fight Against Climate Change

The Declaration of Geneva, a modern version of the Hippocratic Oath, declares: “The health and well-being of my patient will be my first consideration.” Beyond that, professional codes in many countries include the duty for physicians to protect public health, which requires a dual loyalty to our patients and the society.

If doctors today want to fully uphold this responsibility, they need to take an active role in defending their patients from the adverse effects of climate change. Fortunately, by the nature of their profession, physicians are already well-suited to do so.

Montrealers protest to demand climate action during UN conference

People across Quebec braved the cold and gathered in city streets on Saturday to call for climate action in Quebec, as country leaders continue talks at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Poland.

Several thousand people marched in downtown Montreal. A few hundred people also gathered in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City, as well as in several other regions of the province.

The events were part of a series of climate protests organized by the citizens’ group La Planète s’invite au Parlement, which translates to “the planet invites itself to Parliament.”

Fighting carbon tax ‘doesn’t actually constitute a climate change plan’: LeBlanc

Several provinces are challenging the federal government’s carbon tax in court, but the federal minister overseeing interprovincial affairs says legal spats won’t do anything to stop climate change.

“Going to a Court of Appeal with a black gown on and a big briefcase doesn’t actually constitute a climate change plan,” Minister of Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade Dominic LeBlanc told CTV’s Question Period in an interview airing Sunday.


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Ohio State students gets bacon vending machine for finals

A bacon vending machine has been installed at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences on the university’s Columbus campus. It offers cooked bacon strips and bacon bits for $1.

The Ohio Pork Council sponsored the machine, and it received bacon donations from Smithfield, Hormel and Sugardale.

What a glorious time to be alive!

‘It never killed anybody’: Is this drink really a new ‘alcohol alternative’?

Shot-sized bottle. Fancy label. Clearish-yellow liquid. It looks like the single-serving bottles of rum or vodka near the checkout of your local liquor store.

But don’t let the packaging fool you. Pace isn’t your typical tipple.

Health Canada says it’s a controlled substance and its sale is illegal.

Surely there’s a halal market in Canada.

The DEA is hiding surveillance cameras in vacuum cleaners

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has hidden surveillance cameras in everything from streetlights to traffic barrels to road signs. Now, the agency will be using a vacuum cleaner for surveillance, according to recently released, publicly available federal contracting data.

Did that car just wink at you? Daimler previews car-to-pedestrian signals

If you’re walking or driving in San Jose, California, later this year and have the sense that a late model Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan just made eye contact with rooftop lighted sensors and a quick flash of a signature LED lamp, you could be right. The car could be one of several in a pilot program that will be testing, among other things, its ability to communicate with people and other cars.

Who’s Watching Whom? NYPD Will Monitor Americans With Fleet Of Chinese-Made Drones

According to Fox 5 New York, the NYPD announced its UAS program on Tuesday. FAA Part 107 licensed officers of the Technical Assistance Response Unit will pilot the aircraft.

Police officials told Fox 5 the drones would be used in search-and-rescue operations, to survey inaccessible crime scenes, hostage situations, and mass casualty incidents. The department stressed the drones would not be monitoring civilians, but only used for “routine patrols” and will not be equipped with dangerous weapons.

Well sure I trust them. When have the police ever lied?


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Sausage-Stuffed Piglet Buns  A great Christmas meal to share at your local mosque! Don’t forget the halal label.

What the New Socialists in Congress Need to Know About Poverty

Among the loud and celebrated voices in the new Congress are those who not only accept socialism as a viable option for America, but also those who celebrate their ties to organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America. Incoming Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan are members of the Democratic Socialists of America who will caucus with the Democrats.

House Democrats Seek To Stop Lawmakers From Carrying Guns On Capitol Hill For Protection

Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina said Democrats are trying to erode the Second Amendment by limiting lawmakers’ ability to carry a firearm for protection on Capitol Hill.

“We have to look at the words of Hawaiian [Democratic] Sen. [Mazie] Hirono this week that Democrats know and are smarter than their voters,” Duncan said on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

Why would they want to disarm the Republicans?

Kurl: Quebec’s – and Canada’s – tolerance for religious symbols remains selective

When Quebecers are asked general questions such as “do you support a ban” on public employees in positions of authority wearing religious symbols at work, two-thirds say yes. But when asked specifically which symbols would be unacceptable for said public employees at work, it appears what they’re really saying is they support a ban on non-Judeo-Christian symbols.

‘Jesus Never Existed’

Pakistani’s prime minister just made the outrageous statement that Jesus never existed.

What makes it outrageous is not only the fact that it’s false, but the context in which it was made: Apparently, Khan believes freedom of speech to insult Christianity is fine. It’s just when it’s the other way around that the freedom is objectionable.

So he’s admitting the Quran is wrong at least 93 times? 

Canada May Ban Home Handgun Storage, Toronto Star Reports

The Canadian government is considering new proposals for early next year to criminalize sport shooters who keep handguns at home and to make it easier for police to confiscate guns, the Toronto Star reported, citing an unidentified government official.


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ABC News’ imagining of President Trump’s vision for his own funeral ‘despicable garbage,’ critic says

ABC News correspondents imagined President Trump’s vision for his own state funeral on Wednesday, joking about what the current president would expect compared to the services for George H. W. Bush.

“Probably a different tone in that funeral… first he’s going to choreograph it, so there might be more trumpets and fanfare,” ABC chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran said on the network’s livestream of the Bush funeral.

h/t Todd

Do More to Bring Canadians Who Joined ISIS to Justice, Experts Tell Feds

With the collapse of the ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq, human rights and security experts say it’s time for Ottawa to stop dragging its feet and take action to bring Canadians who joined ISIS to justice, whether they are detained abroad or have already returned.

Kurdish officials are currently holding 13 Canadian citizens—including three jihadi fighters, their wives, and seven children—in makeshift prisons in northern Syria, but these detainment camps are overstretched and authorities want Canada to take back its citizens, according to a Global News investigation.

Why The Right Should Start Taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Seriously

Earlier this week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put up a tweet so mind-numbingly stupid that simply calling it “factually incorrect” would be an insult to the word “incorrect.” As is to be expected in the social media world, folks on the right ripped the incoming congresswoman to shreds for it.

Here were some of the typical responses: “This is factually incorrect!” “We cannot have someone this stupid in the government!” “This is what happens when we elect someone with no experience.” “Sure, this message is popular. Too bad it’s all wrong.”

Take a moment and look at those responses again. Do they look familiar? They are the exact same arguments the politico class made against then-candidate Donald Trump for two straight years, right up until the point he carpet-bombed Hillary Clinton on election night.

Silent Killer: Why Wind Turbine Infrasound Causes Serious Health Problems for Wind Farm Neighbours

Evidence proving the unnecessary harm done to wind farm neighbours by wind turbine noise mounts by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute has identified sub-audible infrasound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more; and a Swedish group have shown that it’s the pulsing nature of low-frequency wind turbine noise (‘amplitude modulation’) that is responsible for sleep problems in those forced to live with it.

Trudeau Tells Radio He Wants to Limit ‘Easy Access’ to Guns

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a radio interview he wants to limit “easy access” to guns by criminals. He’s considering banning handguns from sport shooters to tighten a law that can put anyone in jail if they buy, sell, have or transport any firearm without police authorization.


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Americans Can Now be Jailed for Not Servicing Same-sex “Weddings”

It’s not yet like the Romans throwing Christians to the lions for practicing their faith, but the Phoenix government may be throwing them in jail — for refusing to service same-sex “weddings.” It’s a shocking reality that inspired two Arizona Christian artists to sue the city in 2016, and now their case will be taken up by their state’s supreme court.

Justin Trudeau Says He Wants New Relationship With Indigenous People To Be His ‘Legacy’

Rebuilding Canada’s relationship with Indigenous people is part of the legacy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to leave, he told chiefs gathered at a major Assembly of First Nations meeting in Ottawa Tuesday afternoon.

“We have to help demonstrate with you that everything we do starts from recognizing the rights you already have that you shouldn’t have to take us to court to prove that you have,” said Trudeau, answering a question from Chief Wayne Christian of Splatsin First Nation in the B.C. Interior.

Average Canadian family to fork our $400 more for groceries next year: Report

Food prices will rise between 1.5 to 3.5 per cent in 2019, according to the report from researchers at the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University. That means the average family of four will spend $12,157 next year — up $411 from 2018.

Vegetables will see the biggest price jumps — between four and six per cent for the category, according to the report.

Our Ignorance of Socialism Is Dangerous

A recent Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation survey found that 51 percent of American millennials would rather live in a socialist or communist country than in a capitalist country. Only 42 percent prefer the latter.

Social assistance costs ballooned under Liberals, auditor says in report

Ontario’s social assistance costs ballooned under the previous Liberal government but the system failed to help recipients become self-reliant, the province’s auditor general said Wednesday.

In her annual report, Bonnie Lysyk said the number of Ontario Works cases has increased by almost 25 per cent since 2009, hiking costs up more than 55 per cent to nearly $3 billion.

At the same time, the program only helped 10 to 13 per cent of recipients find work in the last five years, Lysyk said.

Presidential material.


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ISIS threatens NYC with sniper attacks and package bombs

An ISIS-supporting media group threatened New York City attacks for New Year’s with suggested tactics including snipers and package bombs.

The latest threat circulated online follows other message from jihadists that have specifically cited Jan. 1 in calling for attacks.

One poster distributed online in mid-November superimposed a masked jihadist wielding a bloody knife over a collage of images from the 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack. It stated that New Year’s Day is “the date of retribution.”

Ocasio-Cortez Issues New ‘Living Wage’ Demand For Congress; Critics Point Out A Few Problems

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t officially in office just yet, but that doesn’t mean she’s not already calling on her future colleagues to take action on her initiatives. Her newest agenda item: a “DC living wage” for everybody on Capitol Hill.

In a series of posts Monday, Ocasio-Cortez said that after meeting “several” people employed in Senate and House offices working side jobs in order to make a living, she believes it’s time for Congress to set the example for the nation by providing a “DC living wage” to all people working on Capitol Hill.

The federal government is recycling the policies of the Ontario Wynne Liberals

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” This déjà vu comes in the form of the failed Liberal policies of Ontario resurfacing at the federal level.

The chief policy advisor to Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, was a key advisor to Kathleen Wynne, and he now sits at the right hand of the Prime Minister (although some say the relationship is the other way round).

Whatever the dynamic is between them, these two have common cause, and instead of taking a lesson from the disaster that green economics delivered for Ontario, they are doubling down and giving more of the same to the country.

Satanic Temple monument added to Capitol rotunda displays

A display from The Satanic Temple-Chicago has been placed in the Statehouse rotunda, joining the Nativity scene to mark the Christmas season and the Menorah to mark Hanukkah.

According to the Satanic group’s application to the secretary of state’s office to allow the display, the sculpture is called “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift,” and it depicts the forearm of a young woman extended, with her hand holding an apple.

The whole structure, including the base, is about 4 1/2 feet tall, and the arm and apple statue is about 18 inches long.

Dave Druker, spokesman for the secretary of state, said the Chicago-based Satanic group had the right, just like religious organizations, to put up its display in rotunda.

‘TRANSPARENCY’: Trudeau Government Hides Info On Report From Disaster India Trip

Justin Trudeau repeatedly promised to run the most “open and transparent” government in history.

Of course, he made that promise when he was seeking power.

Once he had that power, all of a sudden he closed the government up to Canadians.


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Ford’s ‘Liberal lite’ climate plan is a big step back

The Ford government’s climate change plan might as well come with the following dedication: “With thanks to Dalton and Kathleen.”

The fact that it could deliver a plan that proposes to do so little, and not face even more derision for it, is because of how much was achieved under the Liberal governments of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne.

Antifa crowd with AR15s physically intimidate, threaten journalist at rally. Cops ask HIM to leave.

At a downtown Seattle rally over the weekend, police appeared to have no problem with an Antifa protest, which reportedly had no permit to do so, blocking sidewalks and open carrying rifles. But as tensions escalated when independent journalist Andy Ngo became the target of threats by members of the anti-fascist movement, police informed him he was the one “inciting conflict.”

The Portland based video journalist and writer for Quillette was on hand to cover a scheduled and permitted rally by the Washington Three Percenters, which became the scene for a counter protest staged by red flag-toting Antifa, who had no permit. Ngo, who has been documenting the movement as well as the Portland and Seattle governments’ actions in response, chronicled the events as they unfolded.

Canada’s marijuana industry so hot it’s importing workers

A lack of qualified local labor forced Aphria to dispose of almost 14,000 cannabis plants in the quarter ended Aug. 31 after they weren’t harvested in time, costing it nearly ($750,000 (C$1 million ). Since then, the company has doubled the staff at its Aphria One greenhouse thanks in part to Canada’s Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program, which has allowed it to hire about 50 temporary workers from the Caribbean and Guatemala with plans to bring in up to 100 more.

UN Climate Summit to Emit More CO2 Than 8,200 American Homes Do in a Year

Based on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency figures, that’s the equivalent of more than 11,700 cars driving for one year or 728 tanker trucks worth of gasoline. That amount of carbon dioxide emissions is also the same as 8,243 American homes for an entire year, according to EPA.

However, that’s a low-ball estimate because it only includes the emissions from the conference itself, and not emissions associated with the thousands of people who flew to the meeting in Katowice, Poland. More than a few summit-goers, including celebrities, likely flew private jets.

Trudeau’s Demonizing Of ‘Male Construction Workers’ Shows His Contempt For Canadian Workers

While in Argentina, Justin Trudeau did some more disgusting virtue-signalling.

He was talking about ‘gender budgets’ when he started to demonize construction workers.

He implied that having “male construction workers” in a “rural areas” had “social impacts.”

As if it wasn’t clear enough where Trudeau was going with his sexist rhetoric, he later said “women entrepreneurs make better choices.”


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GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau wages phony climate war against Ford

The battle between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford over their duelling climate change policies demonstrates how the federal government has lost the plot on addressing man-made climate change.

How what was supposed to be the most important environmental initiative of our lifetime has descended into a pointless, partisan squabble, with the federal Liberals taking on Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives.

Canada should beware the negative effects of advanced consent euthanasia laws in other countries

The old adage that “hard cases make bad laws” has been all but ignored in the public discussions around Canada’s euthanasia laws, and especially in the debate about their expansion. So-called “hard cases” are being used to try to justify expanding access to euthanasia without due consideration of the safety of countless others whom the laws are designed to protect.

Statistics Canada says sewer water points to Haligonians using the most cannabis

Because people often under-report their consumption of cannabis due to the stigma surrounding the drug, Statistics Canada turned to one thing people can’t lie about — the waste that comes out of their body. Essentially, StatCan tested the wastewater flushed down toilets using a new technique called wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE).

Vancouver demands a recount!

40% of those in Toronto shelter system are refugees or asylum seekers, new report says

The city of Toronto is continuing its plea for more federal money in the wake of a report on homelessness that found 40 per cent of those using city shelter services are refugee or asylum claimants.

That number has grown from 11 per cent in early 2016 and 25 per cent late last year, according to the city’s estimates.

Estimates? ESTIMATES?

Is the Quebec immigration system making welfare attractive?

Yann Hairaud, head of a Montreal-based immigrant employment centre, said he knows of cases where skilled workers find options closed to them because they aren’t on welfare.

“Unfortunately yes,” he said in an interview. “These situations can happen. There is a certain incoherence in some of the rules that exist for newcomers.”


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Denmark to send criminal migrants to deserted island as they cause ‘many problems’

Criminals who are to be expelled from Denmark will in the future be placed on an uninhabited island south of Copenhagen, where there will also be staff from the Prison Service.

“They will not be in jail. There will be ferry services to the island, but the ferry will not run during the day and they must be at the deportation center at night”, says Denmark’s Finance Minister Kristian Jensen.

China won’t stop flood of fentanyl into Canada, sources say

In public, Canada’s federal government claims there is co-operation with China in the fight against fentanyl. It isn’t politically feasible for Ottawa to openly criticize Beijing on the opioid crisis, especially as the two governments pursue deeper trade ties.

But behind the scenes, sources say frustration is growing over China’s inaction.

Berlin Apologizes for Serving Pork Sausage at Conference on Islam

German Ministry of Interior issued an apology over serving pork sausage to the people attending the German Islam Conference in Berlin.

According to BBC, the sausage in question was the so called “blood sausage” (blutwurst) which counts pig blood, bacon and pork among its ingredients.

Next time label it halal. In fact, let’s label *everything* halal.

New website allows you to check your ‘intersectionality’ score

Coined by critical race theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw of UCLA and Columbia Law Schools, intersectionality originally was “a way to help explain the oppression of African-American women.” In Crenshaw’s own words, intersectionality is” […] a lens through which you can see where power comes and collides, where it interlocks and intersects. It’s not simply that there’s a race problem here, a gender problem here, and a class or LBGTQ problem there. Many times that framework erases what happens to people who are subject to all of these things.”

Halifax photographers come together to provide free photos for immigrant families

Sean and Matt McMullen began promoting the event dubbed Help Portrait Halifax about a month ago. The brothers teamed up with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and were able to garner the interest of 37 immigrant families.

“We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that came,” said Sean. “It was great seeing the smiles on their faces when they saw their photos for the first time.


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Unite to stop Tommy Robinson on December 9th

This is a critical moment. If at a moment of national crisis with everything up in the air, a racist Islamophobe like Tommy Robinsion is allowed to position himself as the representative of everyone who voted for Brexit and foment a right-wing backlash with himself at the front of it, far-right politics will be pushed even further into the mainstream.

A coalition of organisations including Momentum, Plan C, Women’s Strike Assembly, London Anti-Fascists, Labout Against Racism and Fascism, the Stop Trump coalition and many others has called a counter-mobilisation.

What they won’t tell you about the UN Global Compact on Migration

The compact is an enormous document that contemplates setting up new bureaucracies, a new “right” to migrate, and obviously new funding. The purpose of the compact is to normalize mass migration.

Australia, the United States, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, and several other nations have rejected this globalist scheme. But that just means even more migrants will be diverted from those countries, to Canada.

DZSURDZSA: In Canada we don’t have illegal immigrants, we have “irregular border crossers”

A few weeks ago, in conversation with the Immigration Minister’s Press Secretary about a mistake I had made in a prior article, he attempted to convince me of the merits of using the term “irregular border crosser” to describe what’s happening at the Canada-U.S border.

Apparently the term “illegal immigrant” is not an accurate descriptor of events. So I figured I’d give the term a chance.

After all, it’s irregular for language to change before one’s eyes and the mainstream media’s servile acceptance to get with the jargon must mean there’s some merit to the term, right?

How I Became a “FemiMan”

When I share my feminist calling with people, regardless of gender, initial responses are usually a conflicting mix of skepticism and hope. I get why women’s shields go up; it is, unfortunately, uncommon for men to openly take on women’s issues, much less make them front and center of their life’s work. “WHO is this guy, HOW can he understand MY issues, and WHAT is he REALLY up to?”

Similarly, I have received remarks from men who are equally perplexed. “But Lawler, aren’t you a guy?” And, there are also visceral vestiges of support. “Wow! That is amazing. How can I help?”

Reporter must give RCMP material about accused terrorist: Supreme Court

In 2014, Vice Media reporter Ben Makuch wrote three articles about the involvement of Farah Shirdon, formerly of Calgary, with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Shirdon had left Canada for Turkey in March of that year. A month later, he appeared in an ISIL propaganda video that turned up on the internet. He tore up his Canadian passport, threw it into a fire and said, “With help from Allah, we are coming to slaughter you.”


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Ontario climate change plan includes fund to help big polluters reduce emissions

McKenna said the federal government remains committed to meeting its 2030 climate target, and said if provinces don’t step up to help with that effort it will act. While slamming Ontario, she praised other provinces like B.C. and Quebec, which have put a price on carbon and started developing good jobs in the green technology field.

“The world needs clean solutions, and Canadian companies are providing them,” she said.

Quebec high school history texts ‘fundamentally flawed and must be withdrawn’: EMSB report

Quebec high school history textbooks are “fundamentally flawed” and should be removed from all schools across Quebec, an expert committee formed by the province’s largest English school board has concluded.

Students in the Grade 9 and 10 Canadian and Quebec history classes are being taught a “skewed, one-sided view of the past that distorts the historical record,” according to the committee report, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press.

Canada Plans New Gun-Marking System for Tracing to Owners

The Canadian government said it will require guns to be marked in a way that links them to their owner for police tracing, raising concern of a new registration system that violates privacy and eases future bans.

The regime will revamp the UN-inspired Firearms Marking Regulations and take effect Dec. 1, 2020, the Ministry of Public Safety said in today’s Canada Gazette.

The new plan marks the first time the government has indicated the markings should “uniquely identify the legal owner” of a gun instead of the importer in a distortion of the orginal intent of the marking rules. None of the businesses or groups checked with were aware of the new system.

Trudeau’s undying love for Cuba: Canada’s shameless support for tyranny

When the brutish Communist dictator Fidel Castro died two years ago, many Cubans throughout the West rejoiced upon hearing the news. It was, indeed, a symbolic moment for those who had watched in horror the fate that befell their beloved island.

Reacting to news of Fidel’s death, Felix Rodriguez— the former CIA operative who is known for his role in capturing and killing Che Guevara in Bolivia in October 1967— had this to say: “ It’s a shame Fidel died peacefully in bed without being tried for all the crimes he committed against the Cuban people.”

Lack of progress on climate change is putting Canadians’ health at risk, doctors say

A new report from one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals says Canada’s failure to cut greenhouse-gas emissions isn’t just killing the planet; it’s killing Canadians.

The report on the health impacts of climate change, published Wednesday in The Lancet, concludes that successfully tackling climate change would be the single biggest thing governments can do to improve human health this century.

Chronic exposure to air pollution from greenhouse-gas-emitting activities is contributing to the deaths of an estimated 7,142 Canadians a year, and 2.1 million people worldwide, the report said.


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Why Europe’s proposed new army is a problem for Canada

French President Emmanuel Macron’s call earlier in November for a “true European army” is understandable, misguided and reflective of a shift among Canada’s closest allies that should worry Ottawa.

In the run-up to Armistice Day commemorations marking 100 years since the end of World War I, Macron said Europe must be able to defend itself without relying on the United States. Speaking about cyber security, he said: “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.”

Alleged online ISIS supporter’s refugee claim based on ‘bogus’ conversion to Christianity, officials say

A Federal Court judge has sided with government officials who argued a B.C. man who posted pro-Islamic State propaganda online had faked a conversion to Christianity when he came to Canada as a refugee.

While Othman Ayed Hamdan was accepted as a refugee based on his claim that his abandonment of Islam had put him at risk at home in Jordan, the government argued his “conversion to Christianity was bogus.”

Climate change driving ‘ghost moose’ calf mortality, say researchers

Tick infestations are killing moose calves in the northeastern U.S. at an alarming rate and climate change is to blame, according to a recent study.

The dead moose calves with pale or missing patches of fur, drained of their blood from parasitic winter ticks, are part of a phenomenon known as “ghost moose” which affects young and old, but with far more devastating consequences for calves.

Director Oliver Stone writes to Trudeau, urges him to admit Snowden’s Hong Kong helpers as refugees

Some emotional scenes appear near the end of Oliver Stone’s 2016 movie on Edward Snowden, depicting how penniless asylum seekers hid the American whistleblower and fugitive in their Hong Kong homes for two weeks.

Now those same people and their children are allegedly facing a campaign of intimidation, and the director is urging Canada to take them in as refugees.

Exorcist says Céline Dion’s ‘gender-free’ kids’ clothing is ‘demonic’

Over the course of her illustrious career, Céline Dion has duetted with Barbara Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Peabo Bryson, Luciano Pavarotti, Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey.

That list of collaborators, one Catholic clergyman says, is missing a name: Satan.


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3 in 10 Europeans say Jews have ‘too much influence’ as memory of Holocaust fades: Poll

As anti-Semitic attacks spread worldwide, a new poll finds that a substantial number of Europeans believe that Jews exert “too much influence” and that the memory of the Holocaust is fading, especially among younger generations.

The CNN/ComRes poll, which interviewed 7,092 Europeans across seven countries, specifically found that 28 percent said Jews have excessive influence in business and finance across the world; 22 percent said Jews have too much influence in political affairs; and 20 percent said they have too much influence in the media. The idea of Jews exerting too much power over institutions has been at the root of anti-Semitism for centuries.

Scientist refutes notion that gender identity is an ‘unscientific liberal ideology’

Gender identity made headlines in Ontario this week, after a Progressive Conservative resolution introduced at a weekend party convention called the theory a “highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology.'”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford quashed it days later, but behavioural neuroscientist Sari van Anders argues that the relationship between sex, gender and biology has long been understood to be more than a simple male-or-female binary.

“The idea of female and male brains is outdated and never reflected the science,” van Anders, the Canada 150 research chair in social neuroendocrinology, sexuality and gender/sex at Queen’s University, told Quirks & Quarks host Bob McDonald.

Just one question: how does reproduction work?

Canada unlikely to meet its carbon emissions goal

The United Nations Environment Programme has recently stated that Canada has no chance of reaching the goal it set out in the 2015 Climate Agreement, the Globe and Mail reports.
Canada remains one of the largest emitters of carbon, and to salvage the environment, the UNEP pressured governments to adopt policies, including a much higher carbon taxes and a near-total cessation of fossil fuel subsidies that include tax breaks for oil and gas production.

Google blocks gender-based pronouns from AI-based Gmail tool

Google’s decision to play it safe on gender follows some high-profile embarrassments for the company’s predictive technologies.

The company apologized in 2015 when the image recognition feature of its photo service labelled a black couple as gorillas. In 2016, Google altered its search engine’s autocomplete function after it suggested the anti-Semitic query “are jews evil” when users sought information about Jews.

Google has banned expletives and racial slurs from its predictive technologies, as well as mentions of its business rivals or tragic events.

Toronto Red Star Tries Pinning GM Leaving Oshawa On Doug Ford, Gives Justin Trudeau A Pass

Looks like the Toronto Red Star is already getting ready for their slice of that sweet Trudeau media bailout cash.

The way they’re covering the departure of GM from Oshawa is bias at it’s worst.

Take a look at the tweet from Jason Lietaer, who exposed the biased coverage:

“On the left, a politician who’s governed for 3 and a half years and the Star loves is left mostly out of the bad news story.

On the right, a politician the Star hates and has governed for a few months is blamed for the GM mess.”


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The Washington Post Claims There’s A ‘Surge’ In Right-Wing Violence. There Isn’t

A new Washington Post “analysis” of domestic terrorism argues that attacks from white supremacists and other “far-right attackers” have been on the rise since Barack Obama’s presidency, and “surged since President [Donald] Trump took office.” It’s a familiar storyline meant to assure liberals that, yes, Trump-motivated right-wing terrorists are running wild. There are, however, a few problems with this proposition.

For one thing, even if we accept the numbers the Post offers, the use of the word “surge” — meaning a sudden, powerful forward or upward movement — strains credibility. There’s no evidence of a “surge” either in historical context or as a matter of ideological preference. But even if we’re okay with replacing “uptick” with the word “surge,” a cynic might note that the Post’s reporters seem to filibuster their own findings to push preconceived partisan notions about the state of the nation.

Big Steps to Prevent Attacks at Schools and Churches

It is sad that we have to protect our students from violence. Politicians won’t tell you, but we can do a lot to prevent the violent attacks on our schools and churches. Preventing a mass murder stops the violent event before it happens. In contrast, responding to an attack stops the violence once it has started. We want to do both. Prevention isn’t easy but it has a huge reward. We win every the violent attacks that we can avoid. Here are four steps to prevent attacks on our schools. Politicians won’t talk about these solutions because they are simple to describe but have profound effects on our personal lives.

Pride Toronto embarks on cross-country federally funded examination of policing problems

Finance Minister Bill Morneau was in Toronto Saturday alongside Nuamah to announce an “initial investment” of $450,000 for Pride Toronto. Nuamah said her understanding, following talks with government officials, is that the funds will form part of an eventual $1.2-million commitment over the next five years.

“We know that there is a long and turbulent history between the criminal justice system and LGBTQ2 Canadians,” said Morneau, referencing the recent experience in Toronto of “investigating and discovering violent murders in our community.”

Population replacement – the fatal flaws

Our rulers keep being told by their ‘experts’ that, as the advanced West’s population ages and decreases, we need to import people to work and pay taxes to support the increasing numbers of the elderly. Moreover, by importing millions of Third-Worlders our rulers hope to dilute the concept of countries, belonging and patriotism. What the ‘experts’ forget to mention is that increased automation and use of artificial intelligence mean that we actually need fewer workers to support our ageing populations and that there are ever fewer unskilled jobs for migrants.

Canada’s oil price discount crisis, explained

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally described Alberta as a province in a crisis as Albertian oil continued to trade at a record discount of about $45 a barrel.

United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney has gone so far as to call on the feds to declare the Trans Mountain as being “for the common advantage, using a special constitutional power, Section 92.10c of the constitution. I’m calling on the federal government to impose sanctions on BC for standing in the way”

Virtually every centre-right, centrist, and centre-left politician can agree, the insane discount that currently exists for Canadian crude oil is a problem of national importance.