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Muslim screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ throws firecrackers in church during Easter mass, 24 injured in panic

A heavily drunken man, dark-skinned and with a beard, entered St. Paul’s Church in Munich Theresienwiese during the Croatian Mass (Easter blessing), with a bottle of alcohol in hand, lit a firecracker and threw it in the middle of the church and shouted “Allahu akbar.”

Everyone panicked and threw the baskets that the Easter meal was in, and ran out screaming. This injured children and adults. The police and its team came and arrested the man. These are shocking pictures that must be shared and not hidden. Many children are in a state of shock.

New York Times Writer Apologizes To Trump For Russia Hoax

President Donald Trump offered praise to The New York Times, a rare occurrence as it is the newspaper he despises.

“Do you believe this? The New York Times Op-Ed: MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS OWE TRUMP AN APOLOGY. Well, they got that one right!,” he said.

President Trump was referring to a story written in The Times titled “Barr Is Right About Everything. Admit You Were Wrong.”

Vision shared of plans for MAJOR Muslim political expansion at event honoring Omar and Tlaib

On the evening of Thursday, January 10, a reception was quietly hosted in Arlington, Virginia by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in honor of Rep. Andre Carson (D-Inc.) and the two newest Muslim congress members, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-Minn.).

CAIR’s National Director Nihad Awad declared that President Trump’s “campaign” of “hateful and bigoted attacks” against the Muslim community over the last three years has ignited a fire underneath the feet of the American-Muslim community to run for public offices – and win.

With no more women premiers, the landscape of leadership has changed

There were six women sitting at the table as first ministers when Ontario hosted the summer meeting of the Council of the Federation in 2013, steering the way forward on Canada’s biggest immediate and long-term challenges.

Today, there are none.

Muslim threatens to kill Christian evangelist and harm his family, Facebook BANS the victim for sharing a screenshot of the threat

A Christian apologist from the United States was banned by Facebook recently after he shared a screenshot of a death threat he received from a Muslim.

David Wood, founder of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry, posted a video on YouTube this week, accusing the social media giant of repeatedly banning him on “completely bogus charges.”


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TSA Full-Body Scanners May Be Discriminating Against Black Women

Black women have been raising alarms for years about being forced to undergo intrusive, degrading searches of their hair at airport security checkpoints. After a complaint five years ago, the TSA pledged to improve oversight and training for its workers on hair pat-downs.

But it turns out there’s an issue beyond the screeners: the machines themselves.

The futuristic full-body scanners that have become standard at airports across the United States are prone to false alarms for hairstyles popular among women of color.

BBQ business selling pro-LGBTQ shirts (standing for Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, and BBQ) sell out despite backlash

A food truck owner in Williamstown, Kentucky faced backlash for selling a T-shirt advertising his business on social media; however, the additional attention has caused the controversial swag to sell out.

Bell’s Smokin’ BBQ owner, Jamie Smith, shared a photo of the shirt on the business’s Facebook page on Thursday, and the message quickly went viral. The shirts in question read, “I support LGBTQ: Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ,” and people weren’t just offended because ‘BBQ’ does not start with the letter ‘Q’ and that’s not how acronyms work.

Ontario’s Glacial Booze Reforms Aren’t Enough

In Canada, a new Ontario provincial budget released last week proposes to loosen alcohol consumption rules in the province, including allowing licensed establishments to start serving alcohol at 9 a.m., legalizing tailgating, letting local governments set rules that would allow people to consume alcohol in public parks, and letting breweries, wineries, and distilleries serve more than mere samples. Other proposed changes include plans to allow convenience stores to sell beer and wine, legalizing happy hour advertisements, and postponing a new wine tax that was set to take effect this month.

Trudeau government censors report on terrorism after intense lobbying campaign

The Trudeau government removed references to the Sikh religion from a 2018 report of terrorist threats to Canada after activists and multiple MPs claimed the report targeted the community.

Organizations like World Sikh Organization, the Ontario Sikh and Gurdwaras Council and the Ontario Gurdwaras Committee lobbied Members of Parliament, claiming that the report of terrorist threats unfairly maligns them.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Liberal MP Randeep Sarai have both written letters to the Prime Minister asking to remove the references Sikh “Khalistani” terrorism prior to the censor.

“This report unfairly stigmatizes Muslim and Sikh communities, while failing to consider dangerous and unintended consequences. These consequences include the potential to place vulnerable communities and all Canadians at greater risk, by emboldening the harmful stereotypes that fuelled terrorist attacks in Christchurch, Quebec City and Oak Creek” Singh wrote.

Threat of A Chinese Internet Requires “Action this Day”

The danger of America giving up and allowing the Chinese to win was driven home by a senior United States government official this week. The Washington Post published a story headlined: “U.S. officials planning for a future in which Huawei has a major share of 5G global networks.”

The newspaper quoted Sue Gordon, the principal deputy director of national Intelligence saying, “[w]e are going to have to figure out a way in a 5G world that we’re able to manage the risks in a diverse network that includes technology that we can’t trust.” She added, “We’re just going to have to figure that out.”

I read this while I was having highly productive talks about China, 5G, and Huawei in the Netherlands in a series of conversations arranged by US Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. In six different meetings, I communicated what I have been told is the absolute position of the President, the Vice President, the National Security Advisor, and the Secretary of Defense. Furthermore, I have been told that the head of the National Security Agency and the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency have both been very clear that Huawei is an enormous national security threat.


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Canada: Muslim Politician Says Notre Dame Fire Was ‘Wrath of Allah’; Montreal Basilica Could Be Next

A Muslim politician in Canada wrote a Facebook post in which she said that the Notre Dame fire was “divine intervention” in response to France banning the Islamic veil.

Québec Solidaire member Eve Torres suggested that the tragedy was “a result of a divine intervention related to the prohibition of religious symbols in France,” according to

How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps

Opening up the floodgates of immigration to people from shit-hole countries would not actually be a problem if America was a free country.

If people were free to keep what they earn instead of having it redistributed, free to defend themselves and their loved ones wherever they went, free to become entrepreneurs without impossible protectionist regulations, America would absorb and assimilate any number of immigrants and refugees.

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Journalist Tweets 451 Times to Desperately Explain Away Mueller Report

Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson wrote over 450 tweets in a desperate attempt to frame the redacted Mueller Report as a net negative for President Donald J. Trump, even though it exonerates the president by proving there was no collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice.

Minneapolis Public School Has Kids Color Pictures Of Ilhan Omar. Public Schools Haven’t Been So Kind About Trump.

Omar is being raised to heroic status in her district’s public schools. Elementary school students are apparently being taught to revere her, much as, in recent years, they have been taught to see Martin Luther King, Jr. as a kind of secular saint. Someone has distributed an Ilhan Omar card that students are instructed to color, while writing a “report” on the inside.

Arrogant Elitists At Toronto Star Run Horribly Condescending Attack On Alberta Workers

No wonder more and more Canadians have total contempt for the establishment media.
Without Alberta workers, and without the oil industry in particular, Canada would be a much poorer and much worse country.

Working People and our energy sector keeps our country alive and functioning.

Look at it this way: Canada couldn’t survive without the energy industry. But we sure could survive without the corrupt establishment media.


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France: Statue of Virgin Mary Decapitated

A statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated in a small French village yesterday, the latest in a deluge of anti-Christian attacks in France which numbered almost 900 in 2018 alone.

The statue, located in the commune of Marlhes, was beheaded despite being made of cast iron with metal reinforcements.

According to a report by LeProgres, the vandals “had to be well equipped” to cause the damage. It had already been damaged last year as a result of a fire.

Thank You Doug Ford! Canadians Are Tired Of Footing the Bill For Anti-White Racist Propaganda

So the Left is in a tizzy because the Ford government has cut off funding to “Harmony”, one of hundreds of “anti-racist” organizations putatively dedicated to “equity”, diversity and inclusion, and a range of other goals whose benefits they assume to be self-evident.

But, as one can easily discern from the comments that follow articles that trumpet the dubious merits of increasing cultural and ethnic fragmentation and new found sexual identities, a lot of taxpayers don’t buy into the scam. They pay for it but it is a classic case of ‘taxation without representation”. Many if not most Canadians have a dim view of organizations who flock to the inexhaustible bird feeder which is the government grants and they have a dimmer view of the politicians who provide them. First in line at the trough are a consortium of Ethnocultural and Immigration lobbies who together with government patrons form a Canadian version of Orwell’s Minitrue.

Socialist students: Don’t let ‘war criminal’ Condoleezza Rice speak

A socialist student group at the University of Buffalo is calling out the school administration for hosting “war criminal” Condoleezza Rice as a “distinguished speaker.”

The former U.S. Secretary of State and special assistant to President George W. Bush for national security is scheduled to speak Wednesday as part of a distinguished speaker series hosted by the Graduate Student Association.

Former ISIS mechanic claimed refugee status in Canada since 2015

A Lebanese national who came to Canada in 2015 has been found complicit in crimes against humanity for his time working as a mechanic for the Islamic State, according to Global News.

Arriving into Canada claiming refugee status, the man, whose name has not been made public, made numerous trips to Syria to work on military-style vehicles for ISIS, and also supervised and led other ISIS mechanics.

Alberta to repeal carbon tax and press on pipelines, says incoming premier

Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney says he’ll move fast to repeal the carbon tax legislation adopted by the previous centre-left New Democratic Party government and jump-start stalled pipeline projects, setting the stage for a confrontation with the federal government, neighbouring British Columbia and Quebec.

Kenney, 50, who will be sworn as premier of the oil-rich Western Canadian province on Apr. 30, after his United Conservative Party secured a landslide victory in Tuesday’s election, said his first order of business would be to kill the carbon tax legislation adopted by Rachel Notley’s NDP government.


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Secret Pact of Waters, Cummings, Schiff to Depose President Trump

A cabal of House Democrats are looking for excuses to impeach the President and have formed a secret pact to do exactly that by targeting the President’s finances. Rep. Jordan discovered, and Sara Carter reported Tuesday, that the House Chairs Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, and Adam Schiff formed a secret pact, Memos of Understanding (MOU) to target President Trump. In violation of the rules, they did not notify the ranking members.

Stalin would be proud of them. It’s how he started out. As his secret police enforcer, Lavrentiy Beria said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

Cher Calls Trump ‘Ignorant Thug’ With ‘Lizard Brain’

Singer Cher ripped President Donald Trump as an “ignorant thug” with a “lizard brain” in response to his admission that he agreed with her on an immigration-related issue.

The saga began Sunday when Cher posted this on Twitter:

“I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+🇺🇸Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More.”

Canada joins new alliance to save the world order — and the U.S. is not included

Canada has formally joined a German-French coalition aimed at saving the international world order from destruction by various world dictators — and the alliance does not include the United States.

The initiative is part of ongoing government efforts to shore up international co-operation at a time of waning American leadership and President Donald Trump’s outspoken disdain of institutions created after the Second World War.

Pelosi: ‘We have no taint’ of anti-Semitism in the Dem party, and I can’t get a hold of Omar. Now let’s talk about Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed claims by President Trump and asserted that there is “no taint” of anti-Semitism within the Democratic party.

Pelosi slammed President Trump for being “bankrupt of any ideas” in his accusations of an anti-Semitic agenda by the Democratic Party, staunchly defending her party and freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar during an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

“We have no taint of that in the Democratic Party, and just because they want to accuse somebody of that doesn’t mean … that we take that bait,” Pelosi said Tuesday in the interview from Dublin, Ireland.

Projects will help Nova Scotia prepare for rising sea levels, storms

Funding to rehabilitate close to a quarter of Nova Scotia’s aging dikes threatened by rising sea levels is being announced today in the Annapolis Valley.

The province and Ottawa will share $114 million in costs of improving over 64 kilometres of dikes and their aboiteaux – sluices under the dikes that allow water out at low tide.

Bernadette Jordan, the federal minister of rural economic development, says the projects will help prevent the flooding of wineries, historical and world heritage sites, Indigenous communities and over 20,000 hectares of farmland.


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Revealed: Islamic State Plan for Series of Paris-Style Massacres Across Europe

In a letter to the Islamic State’s self-appointed caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi uncovered by The Sunday Times, six jihadist leaders describe how they will use a number of so-called “crocodile cells” to acquire funds for terrorist operations through violent crime and perpetrate mass-casualty terrorist attacks against European civilians.

“Killing infidel venture capitalists, hacking banks through bank accounts, bank robberies or robberies of places that are pre-studied” will be some of the tactics used to accrue resources, the letter explains, promising that “After any operation of this kind, we will send the money as we procure it.”

Mark Steyn questions why a ‘Godless, aggressively secular’ nation like France would rebuild Notre-Dame

Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Monday and fearlessly wondered aloud why in fact “post-Christian France” would rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral.

He has been studying the decline of western culture for 30 years.

The liberal, secular media and an untold number of loyal sheep are pretending today to take offense, apparently on behalf of the hordes of hidden, non-practicing Christians in France.

“Christendom is in retreat in Europe,” Steyn pointed out, “in France particularly. France actually has quite an aggressive belief in secularism. According to some polls, even by the standards of the modern western world, among the most Godless people in that sense.”

While Changing Child’s Diaper Outside Chuck E. Cheese Man Accidentally Shoots Himself to Death

An Alabama father died after he shot himself and his daughter when he reached into a diaper bag and accidentally fired the gun lying inside. The incident happened in the parking lot of a Chuck E. Cheese, pizza parlor in Vestavia Hills, on April 13.

Jefferson County coroner’s office said on Tuesday that 22-year-old Timothy Roshun Smith Jr. has died, according to a statement by the police.

Twitter reactions to Notre Dame tragedy reveal humanity’s worst

Like everyone, I was horrified to watch the news come out of France. I was so hoping the videos plastered across social media of flames dancing through Notre Dame were CGI fake news, and when I watched the spire collapse it was almost surreal. Many people noted that there was an ironic, destructive elegance in all of it fitting for one of the most beautiful sites in the world. Even in her collapse, Notre Dame was dignified.

But it didn’t take long for the vultures to swoop in—in fact, she hadn’t even fallen yet. Still ablaze, and social media did what it did best: bring out the brazen ideologues. Shortly after the situation intensified, journalist Andy Ngo started a running thread compiling the many gleeful reactions to Notre Dame’s destruction that emerged on Twitter.

Canadian cab driver sentenced to 16 months in US prison for smuggling illegal immigrants under Detroit river

WWJ News reports that 53-year-old Juan Antonio Garcia-Jimenez, a naturalized Canadian resident from Guatemala, smuggled six aliens into the United States between July 30, 2018 and August 25, 2018.

Schneider said that Garcia-Jimenez’s would instruct the illegal aliens when and where to enter into the underground railway tunnel in order to avoid trains carrying cargo from Canada. They would then walk 1.6 miles on the narrow walkaway, which was reportedly only 17 inches wide.


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How Canada’s cultish politics make bad problems even worse

The firing of Wilson-Raybould and Philpott is symbolic of the gross power imbalance where almost all authority falls into the hands of the leader. It is, in large part, because both women represented a possible hit for the Liberals’ poll numbers. But, more than that, they represented a danger for the incredibly thick cohesion of Trudeau’s caucus.

Cher Goes MAGA

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday that he is “giving strong considerations” to the idea of sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, which includes many in California.

Cher balked at the idea, but not for reasons you may think. She complained, rightfully, that her city of Los Angeles should first do something with the tens of thousands of homeless people.

Trump tweeted his idea because Democrats have not cooperated on changing our immigration laws. People have crowded our border, which has caused an overflow at detention and housing centers. Officials simply do not have the room.

Most people on the left cried over this idea because they find it cruel and harmful, even those most of them hail from sanctuary cities. These cities will not enforce federal immigration laws and provide protection for illegals.

Cher is the voice of reason, believe it or not.

Weaponizing Hijabs: A Slippery Slope to Fascism

A good part of Europe – and even Canada — seems to have a problem with religious freedom. These countries also ascribe to a skewed view of the concept of separation of religion and state.

Cases in point: First, a decision coming out of Ireland where the garda (police) commissioner announced police officers will now be allowed to wear certain kinds of religious wear – specifically, hijabs for Muslim women (not burqas or niqabs [face veils], which the police rightly identified as security risks).

Second, a pending decision in Quebec to ban the wearing of any visible religious items for government employees.

ELDER: The fake news ‘surge’ in hate crimes

According to the FBI, “hate crimes” are on the rise. The agency reported a 17% increase in such crimes in 2017 compared to 2016. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., recently said: “There has been an increase in hate crimes. There has been an increase in very negative rhetoric at groups.” Notwithstanding the crime hoax perpetrated by actor Jussie Smollett, CNN recently reported, “Hate crime allegations show no signs of stopping, with plenty of examples reported in recent months.”

New study: Number of Germans brutally attacked and murdered by migrants doubled in one year

Its 2018 report “Crime in the Context of Immigration” analysed statistics of murders, homicides, assaults, robberies and offences against sexual self-determination and personal freedom.

The research set out to determine how many crimes involved “asylum seekers and refugees”, as well as people who are awaiting deportation or already have a residence permit.


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Border Patrol Union President Says It’s ‘Absolutely Legal’ To Drop Illegals In Sanctuary Cities

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd claimed Sunday that it is “absolutely legal” for the federal government to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Judd argued during a “Fox & Friends” segment that President Donald Trump’s proposed plan to do just that was “brilliant” and should have been cheered by people on both sides.

On the road in Canada’s conservative heartland

In the last provincial election, conservative candidates in the east-central riding of Drumheller-Stettler, where Rowley is located, received more than 80 per cent of the vote. Federally, conservatives also regularly receive more than four in five votes in the area. And polls show conservatives in the lead in Alberta ahead of Tuesday’s election.

It makes this part of the country a good place to check the political temperature of conservatives in Canada at a time when the movement could be seeing a resurgence: conservative parties have recently won elections in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, and the federal Conservative Party has pulled ahead of the Liberals.

Standing in sawdust behind the bar at Rowley’s community-run saloon, Sam’s, Mckee says that trend doesn’t surprise him. He believes conservatives here and across Canada simply want government to “leave us the hell alone and let us do our own thing.”

Public Backlash Against American Flag Painted on Laguna Beach Police Cars

“People are screaming that the American flag on a police car is somehow or another … hurting people’s feelings who might be immigrants or visitors,” Councilman Peter Blake told the LA Times. “People are actually ridiculous enough to bring up comments about our cop cars having American flags on them.”

After the cars were out with the new design, artist Carrie Woodburn said during the March 19 council meeting that the boldness of the design is shocking.

Kansas State University Muslim Group Hijacks Holy (Maundy) Thursday for “Hijab Day”

Holy Thursday is called Maundy Thursday from the old Latin name for the day, “Dies Mandatum,” i.e. “the day of the new commandment” referring to the command given by Christ at the Last Supper, that we should love one another, before he washed the feet of his disciples.

Also known as Holy Thursday or Good Thursday, Maundy Thursday has been celebrated since the earliest days of the Christian Church. Maundy Thursday takes place on the day before Good Friday.

Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus’ last supper with his disciples and established the ceremony known as the Eucharist.

Crosses covered with cloth in Italian cemetery to avoid offending Muslims

The cemetery has also installed motorised blackout curtains in a local chapel to hide Roman Catholic symbols during ceremonies involving other denominations, Il Giornale reports.

Many have expressed criticism including Forza Italia deputy Galeazzo Bignami who denounced the move saying those looking not to offend were disrespecting Christian values and he added, “even more so the memory of our dead, hiding them behind ‘motorised tents’ in a cemetery to avoid offending other religions”.


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Fox News’ trio of libs, Smith, Wallace and Rivera, rush to bury the mere thought of Trump’s sanctuary city plan

Certain Fox News media personalities seem suddenly scared witless by the prospect of the president sending all the overflow border migrants to sanctuary cities.

On Friday, President Trump confirmed that he is considering a move to have migrants who arrive at the border to be bussed only to sanctuary cities. It’s a beautifully Karmic idea, but of course, his political opponents are stumbling all over themselves proclaiming that it can’t happen, that it’s presidentially inappropriate, that it’s illegal, and on and on.

Refugees finally join Canadians in being less important than Liberals’ political interests

We have equality at last in Canada: cruelty disguised as charity. For nearly four years, many Canadians expressed their frustration at the fact that the Canadian state seemed to be putting the interests of refugees over the interests of the Canadian people.

As it turns out, the refugees were not worth a damn to the Liberals either.

KLAVAN: The Left’s White Nationalist Panic Is A Secret Assault On Free Speech

The left’s recent grandstanding about the supposedly rising tide of White Nationalism is a scam. It’s an attempt to further censor mainstream conservative voices on social media.

Like Leftism, White Nationalism is a low and stupid idea. Like Leftism, White Nationalism assumes there is something inherently “white” about Western Civilization. Like Leftists, White Nationalists feel this whiteness is somehow under attack by “the browning of America.” The only difference between the Left and the White Nationalists is which side of this imaginary race struggle they’re on.

MALKIN: False Accuser Shaun King’s Record Of Harm

This week, “journalist, activist and humanitarian” Shaun King will give a keynote speech at the annual Innocence Network conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of the event, whose attendees work to prevent and undo wrongful convictions, is “The Presumption of Innocence.”

I’ve covered many flabbergasting things over the course of 25 years as a columnist, author, blogger and documentary host, but this one takes the cake.

Canada Joins the World in a Social Media Crackdown

Unlike the last American presidential election, there was no obvious cybermeddling when Canadians voted in 2015 (nor, for that matter, are there signs of it in Alberta, where I’m writing this week’s newsletter as residents get ready to vote on Tuesday).

This week, however, Canada’s digital security and spy agency reiterated its warning that the country won’t be immune from foreign online interference in the federal election this October.


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Celeb Moonbat Cher Calls For Dems To Fight Trump’s ‘Third Reich’

The Hollywood resistance is in total meltdown…

It hasn’t been a good year for Democrats who have experienced pratfalls and self-inflicted wounds after casting their lot with socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez her fellow controversial freshmen and then when Meuller delivered up that steaming nothingburger many are having a hard time choking it down.

Now that the fantasies of Trump and his family being frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs have gone up in smoke, the usual cadre of loony celebs who are addicted to Twitter are screaming out all the despair that can be squeezed into 280 characters.

More insight into Ilhan Omar and the Minnesota Muslim Community

BelAhdan is a local PBS show in Minnesota, in the Twin Cities area that is about “Minnesota Middle Eastern community issues and perspectives.”

In an episode hosted by Ahmed Tharwat, then activist Ilhan Omar made some disturbing statements about al Qaeda and Hezbollah.

BONOKOSKI: Finally, report coming from inquiry into vanished indigenous women

The cost of the inquiry, which was originally set at $53 million, will now come closer to $100 million after the feds recently allotted it an additional $38 million and gave the probe yet another deadline extension.

When the National Post questioned the blossoming costs, an inquiry spokesman emailed that “the (systemic) causes of violence against indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people are rooted in 500 years of colonization. Time and investment are required for thoughtful and thorough examination into the underlying reasons for this national tragedy.”

Hillary Clinton Says Assange ‘Must Answer’ For 2016 Election

Former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has weighed in on the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

She was speaking on a stage in new York hours after the Wikileaks founder, who published damaging emails about her, was arrested.

“Well, look, I think it’s clear from the indictment that came out that it’s not about punishing journalism,” she said.

Government ‘Consultation’ Backfires On Elites, As Overwhelming Majority Of Respondents Oppose Gun Ban

The Trudeau government and the corrupt anti-freedom elites didn’t get exactly what they expected from a consultation on the idea of a wide-ranging gun ban.

The Liberals have been laying the rhetorical groundwork for a ban on handguns and so-called ‘assault-weapons’ (a category always kept purposely vague by the elites), and introduced a ‘consultation’ to see what people think.

And according to a new report, that response was strongly against a gun ban.


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Terry Glavin: It’s official – China is a threat to Canada’s national security

When it comes to defending Canada from the menace posed by the People’s Republic of China, it is now a matter of public record, and should be a matter of some embarrassment to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, if not shame, that the course his government embarked upon almost four years ago was dangerously naive, if not recklessly thoughtless.

Directors vote to cancel 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival

There will be no Edmonton Pride Festival this year.

Less than two months before the 10-day festival was set to take place, the Edmonton Pride Festival Society board of directors voted to cancel the event, according to an email obtained by CBC News.

“In light of the current political and social environment, it has been determined that any attempt to host a festival will not be successful,” reads the email from the board of directors.

Utah: 50 Salt Lake City teachers to be “trained” by Islamic groups ‘how to grasp the needs of Muslim students’

Utah’s Muslim community has mushroomed from a simple student-led prayer group in the 1950s to more than 60,000 adherents of varied ethnicities and a dozen mosques today.

The recently organized Utah Muslim Civic League aims to fill that gap.

In partnership with the league, the Washington-based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has chosen Salt Lake City for a pilot program to train 50 teachers on how to grasp the needs of their Muslim students.

Five Reasons to Care about RCMP Monitoring Your Social Media

You should care, even be scared, by The Tyee’s reports on the RCMP’s “Operation Wide Awake,” a secretive and unsupervised social media monitoring operation.

We’re already deep into a new era. Police — and businesses and other organizations — have the ability to track citizens in ways unimagined even a decade ago. Social media, the internet, cellphones, algorithms and analytics have given the state extraordinary power to monitor what you think and predict what you might think or do.

Epic Fail: Fight For $15 Results In More Jobs For Walmart Robot Janitors

Seeking to establish a lasting foothold with a coveted demographic, the Dems led by Comrade Bernie began a pressure campaign for a $15 per hour national minimum wage in order to appeal to fast food and retail workers.

While pushing this idea and furthering their socialist ideology, what Bernie and his ilk have not done is to be honest with their armies of aspiring low wage activists that they are essentially hurting themselves by organizing, protesting and bullying corporations into paying a higher wage for unskilled labor that could probably be done more efficiently by trained monkeys.


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Socialist Sanders: Capitalism Made Me a Millionaire!

“I wrote a best-selling book,” Sen. Bernie Sanders boasted in a recent interview with The New York Times. Then in an ironic twist, the die-hard socialist gave a plug for capitalism when he added, “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.” Either Sanders is going senile or, as is the case with most hypocritical leftists, he sees no problem embracing the wealth and status he garnered for himself via capitalism, while at the same time condemning others for applying the same free-market system to earn their own wealth.

Millennials for Socialism

If one needed evidence of the gross ignorance of millennials, and their teachers and college professors, it’s their solid support for socialism and socialist presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Socialism has produced tragedy wherever it has been implemented. Last year marked the 40th anniversary of nearly 1,000 Americans perishing in a mass suicide/murder in the jungles of Guyana. Just as Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez see socialism as mankind’s salvation, so, too, did Rev. Jim Jones, who told his followers, “God is Socialism, and I am Principle Socialism, and that’s what makes me God.”

Planning for Trudeau’s illegal Bahamas vacation began months in advance

New sources obtained by Global News reveal that RCMP handlers working under the Trudeau government were vetting The Bahamas as a vacation spot for the PM a full nine months prior to the 2016 Christmas vacation that caused Trudeau so much trouble.

“The document, in combination with other information published by parliament’s ethic commissioner late in 2017, establishes that the planning for Trudeau’s trip to The Bahamas island owned by the Aga Khan appears to have started earlier than previously thought, a finding which raises, yet again, questions about the judgment of senior political and bureaucratic aides serving the prime minister,” said David Akin of Global News.

A white woman opened a ‘healthy’ Chinese restaurant in NYC — but then the cultural appropriation police stepped in

The majority of the complaints center around the fact that a white woman is owning and operating the Chinese food restaurant. Other complaints include the fact that it’s called “Lucky Lee’s,” the fact that the owner, nutritionist Arielle Haspel, is marketing the restaurant as a “clean” alternative to traditional Chinese restaurants with regard to its all-natural ingredients, and more.

The restaurant’s marketing insists that the food is cooked in less oil, avoids MSG, refined sugars, and is gluten-free. Some of the traditionally meat offerings can also be substituted with healthier vegetable-based picks, like cauliflower. The branding also suggests that the food is much healthier and lighter than traditional Chinese restaurant menu items.

Canada: one Indigenous group accuses other of cultural appropriation in award row

A prominent awards show for Indigenous music in Canada has been plunged into turmoil after a group of Inuit performers accused a Cree folk singer of cultural appropriation.

Several well-known Inuit singers have cut ties with the Indigenous Music awards (IMA), an annual show due to held in Winnipeg on 17 May, over the nomination of Connie LeGrande, who they accuse of improperly using Inuit throat singing.


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Prosecutors Reveal How Close ISIS-Inspired Man Came To Pulling Off D.C.-Area Terror Attack

On Monday, federal prosecutors filed a criminal complaint revealing details about a thwarted terror attack in the Washington, D.C. area — and just how close the would-be terrorist came to harming innocent people.

The suspect, a Muslim American citizen from Maryland who had become radicalized, wanted to emulate the horrific truck attack in Nice, France. He likely would have been able to carry out his murderous plot if he had not chosen to delay the attack.

Groups believe not having children is a way to cut a person’s carbon footprint

When Roy Sasano told his parents he was getting sterilized a few years ago to reduce his carbon footprint, he remembers they weren’t surprised.

After all, he had already taken other steps to fight climate change by becoming a vegan, “virtually” eliminating single-use plastic and reducing his consumption as much as is practicable.

True North Field Report: Asylum Seekers at Plaza Hotel are eligible for a housing allowance after 6-month stay

As exclusively reported by True North, some refugee claimants are purposefully staying within the Toronto shelter system for over six months so they can gain eligibility to a housing allowance that helps pay their rent for up to four years.

Another True North investigation revealed that the homeless shelter system is a tiered system, with many asylum seekers who crossed the border illegally into Canada getting better accommodations than the native homeless population.

Immigrants, visible minorities say Quebec government targeting them with bills

Immigrants and visible minorities are noticing how some of the most significant pieces of legislation introduced by the Coalition Avenir Quebec government since it took power last October have something in common: the bills disproportionately affect them.

Quebec’s Bill 21, which bans some public sector employees including teachers and police officers from wearing religious symbols, has drawn widespread criticism since Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness Simon Jolin-Barrette tabled it last month.

‘The Simpsons’ Showrunner: Lisa Simpson ‘Possibly Polyamorous’

Speaking with, Al Jean said Lisa Simpson could not only become President of the United States but a polyamorous one at that. “I see Lisa as President and possibly polyamorous, [and] Bart enjoying life as he did at the end of the Barthood episode,” he said.

Al Jean confirmed to the outlet that “The Simpsons” will seek to become more inclusive on the show by bringing on more LGBT characters. 


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Political Correctness Begets Fake News

Political correctness, though supposedly designed to create sensitivity, actually muddles facts and attacks opponents instead of discusses ideas. This makes straightforward discussion difficult which helps generate fake news.

We are used to hearing the mainstream news derided for fake news resulting from political bias. This manifests itself most often in deciding what to cover and not fact checking stories they want to be true. Focusing on Trump’s non-existent Russia collusion while ignoring Clinton’s and the FBI’s misconduct is, for example, coverage bias.

Bankers Join Socialists in Supporting “Modern Monetary Theory”

The gaggle of socialist candidates vying to win the Democratic nomination for president all agree on one thing. They believe government should be doing a lot more.

Just how to pay for all of those dreams is the question. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), we are told by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, is the answer.

The New York Times describes MMT as a “package of eccentric ideas” including the notion “deficits are too small, and that the U.S. can essentially print money to pay off its debt.”

Bokhari: Amazon Is on a Digital Book Burning Spree

Under pressure from left-wing journalists and activists, Amazon is purging right-wing authors from its store, including a book co-authored by English Islam critic and independent commentator Tommy Robinson.

The web retail giant has become the dominant market player in book sales, accounting for nearly 50 percent of physical and 83 percent of e-book sales in the U.S. As such, Amazon has the power to effectively cut an author off from the vast majority of the books market.

Man argues he’s really a dog using transgender talking points

As a columnist reporting on the latest news from the culture wars in 2019, I often find it difficult to know which stories I should write about, and which stories I should pass by. Because the Sexual Revolution inflicted on the West over the past half-century appears to have metastasized and entered Stage Four, we are now forced to grapple with and discuss concepts and behaviors that would have made our grandparents flush in shame, recoil in disgust, or despair over the state of our culture—and very likely all three. But despite that fact, dealing with the moral confusion and transgender totalitarianism and mangled state of marriage is unfortunately essential.

When karma hits a Muslim terrorist: Facebook claims this video violates its community standards

Facebook claims this video violates its community standards and has removed our original post of the video –  because it’s funny and because free speech is under attack.

That moment when you witness karma in its full, glorious. Video emerges of a Muslim terrorist seriously hit by karma last Saturday during violent riots along the Gaza border.


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Ireland Launches Police Hijab, Claims ‘Diversity’ Deficit a ‘Time-bomb’ Making Migrants ‘Radicalise’

Gardaí (police) in Ireland have updated uniform rules to allow officers to wear hijabs and turbans, describing the supposed lack of ethnic diversity in the force as a “ticking time-bomb” that could make immigrant communities “radicalise”.

The move to allow religious headwear worn by Muslim women and Sikh men was announced by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris this week, as the force launched a major recruitment drive to hire hundreds of new officers in Ireland.


‘This is a wake-up call:’ swift action needed on rising seas, experts say

Worrying figures released this week on the rising seas in Atlantic Canada should prompt governments and citizens to move more swiftly to protect coastal buildings and vital transport links, say flooding experts.

Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, said in an interview Friday that projections of 75 centimetres to one metre of relative sea level rise for the East Coast by the end of the century are “a wake up call and a call to arms.”

Trudeau hears from Toronto black business leaders about helping city’s youth

Expanding opportunities for Toronto’s youth was the focus of a meeting between prominent black business leaders and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday.

“Most people expressed some of their concerns, some of their struggles and some of their successes,” said Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri, who helped host the event as well as a practice for youth with some members of the playoff-bound basketball team.

Ujiri said the discussions have to continue to create more opportunities for more youth by examining the needs in different communities rather than taking a generalized approach.

Hospital is forced to apologise to a transgender woman who visited a ward dressed as Mrs Claus after a nurse mistook her for a man and exclaimed ‘erggh’ when corrected

Chantelle Saunders, who is transitioning from male to female, said she was left ‘very, very upset’ by the way she was treated by staff at Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.

The 34-year-old claims a nurse replied ‘Er…it’s a man’ when she wished her ‘Happy Christmas’ while wearing an Ann Summers Mrs Claus outfit.

Chantelle, from Exeter, visited the hospital on Christmas Eve last year in full make-up, wig and costume to spread some festive cheer.

Feds giving $405,000 to homeowners near irregular border crossing hotspot

Quebecers living near the Canada-United States border, where thousands of migrants have crossed irregularly into the country since 2017, will receive more than $400,000 to compensate them for increased traffic and noise.

An order paper tabled by the federal government last month projects 45 households near Roxham Road will divide up $405,000, with individual compensation based on each home’s proximity to the border.

The document says eight homes will receive the maximum compensation of $25,000, 15 will receive $10,000, and 22 households in the outermost zone will receive $2,500.