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Austria: Interior Minister Proposes Criminalizing Sharia Law Advocacy

Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) Interior Minister Herbert Kickl has floated the idea of charging radical Islamic adherents if they advocate for Sharia law over the constitutional law of Austria.

The populist Interior Minister laid out the proposal as part of a programme to fight against the spread of radical Islamic extremism in Austria, Kronen Zeitung reports.

New Looney Milk & Water Bill Introduced in California, Where Else?

Although California has major problems with crime, homelessness, illegal immigration, high taxes, droughts, and fires, they aren’t priorities. Children drinking sodas in restaurants with their parents are.

With the best of intentions, the control freaks in power in Cali have a new crazy bill.

Diplomacy 101: Three Things Justin Trudeau Needs to Learn

On August 2, 2018, Christia Freeland, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, sent out a tweet that called for Saudi Arabia to release Samar Badawi, a Saudi female rights activist, and Raif Badawi, a blogger. This was followed up with a similar tweet by the Foreign Affairs Department.

In response, Saudi Arabia, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salma, imposed retaliatory measures against Canada. These include suspending diplomatic relations, cancelling funding for 16,000 students, and banning imports of Canadian wheat.

United Nations: Peacekeeping could protect Gazans from Israel

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday condemned Israel’s “violence” towards Gaza and suggested an international peacekeeping force could protect Gazans in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

The peacekeeping force could be made of civilian observers, an armed military, or a police force.

Counter-protest planned as controversial group schedules another Halifax-area rally

A political group with controversial views on immigration has planned another rally in Nova Scotia.

The National Citizens Alliance’s “Canadians First Rally” was scheduled to take place at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth on Saturday, but has been rescheduled to Sunday due to rain.


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Salih Khater: Police granted extra time to question Westminster terror suspect as friends insist crash was accident

Salih Khater, a British citizen who came to the UK as a refugee from Sudan, was arrested on suspicion of an act of terrorism and attempted murder after the incident on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old remains in custody after Westminster Magistrates’ Court granted the Metropolitan Police a warrant to detain him until Monday, when he must be charged or released.

Justin Trudeau is Wrong, Diversity is not our Strength

One of Justin Trudeau’s favourite platitudes is “diversity is our strength”. A vapid comment from the substitute drama teacher turned Prime Minister, that should have been just that, a comment. However, the Prime Minister has continued to parrot his favourite talking point, even making speeches that expanded on the idea that “diversity” in itself is what makes Canada great.

Canadians Need the Truth About Toronto’s Danforth Avenue Terrorist Attack

Hussain killed 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old girl Juliana Kozis and wounded 13 other people, including a young woman who may be paralyzed for life. Toronto Police were quick to arrive on the scene and unconfirmed reports say that Faisal Hussain shot himself to death after exchanging gunfire with police.

Unlike other attacks targeting crowded public areas, there was no immediate indication of why Hussain carried out his July 22 attack. He made no statements during the attacks and apparently police have found no evidence that suggests a motive. This uncertainty has created understandable public concern.

Basketball Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Making Players Stand for Anthem Like Making Slaves Sing

Basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written a commentary piece in which he equates requiring football players to stand for the national anthem and forcing slaves to sing during their labor.

Abdul-Jabbar made the comparison Tuesday in The Hollywood Reporter, where the retired NBA star is a cultural columnist.

Liberals Show Contempt for Gun Owners by Twisting Stats to Fit Their Own Anti-Gun Agenda

With firearms set to be a big topic across the country, the Liberals have taken a strict anti-gun position at the expense of all law-abiding gun owners and are providing a funhouse mirror version of stats instead of anything representative of how they actually are.

Bill C-17, also known as An Act to Amend Certain Acts and Regulations in Relation to Firearms, was crafted under the pretense that making it hard for citizens to legally purchase firearms will have any sort of influence on gun crime.


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Since Banning Guns And Knives Didn’t Work, London Mayor Wants To Ban Cars

When someone is determined to kill as many people as humanly possible in as short a time as humanly possible, they’re going to find a way to do it. If you take away the usual tools to kill people with, they’ll get creative. No matter what, they’ll find a way to murder people if they so choose.

So, when governments ban the tools used by these people in a misguided attempt to prevent future attacks, all they’re doing is depriving law-abiding citizens of these tools for non-criminal use. They don’t actually stop evil men from committing mass murder.

St. Louis University Is Installing Amazon Alexa-Enabled Echo Dots Campus-Wide

St. Louis University, a private four-year university in Missouri, unveiled a plan to install 2,300 intelligent assistant-enabled Echo Dots in residence halls and student apartments before classes begin later this month. The Alexa-enabled Echo Dots will be programmed to answer over 100 specific questions about the campus and student activities, such as the hours for the library or a list of upcoming public lectures.

Liberal MP apologizes, rescinds award to man labelled purveyor of anti-Semitism

Mississauga-Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid says she was unaware of some of the views held in the past by Amin El-Maoued, the public relations chief of Palestine House, when she gave him a certificate of appreciation for his volunteer work during a barbecue in her riding.

B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn sent Khalid a letter this week, demanding she rescind the certificate.

California: American Canyon proclaims August ‘Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month’

“I think this was a huge milestone for the Muslim community,” said Councilmember Mariam Aboudamous in an interview. “At a time when there is a lot of negativity at immigrants in general, and Muslims especially, it’s important to recognize immigrants because that’s what the county is made of.”

“We’re all products of immigrants, and it’s important to appreciate them,” said Aboudamous, a Muslim whose parents emigrated from the Middle East and settled in American Canyon decades ago.

Doug Ford Passes ‘Vindictive’ Gerrymandering Law Aimed at Rigging Toronto’s 2018 Municipal Election

Doug Ford’s Ontario PC government has passed a controversial law to radically redraw Toronto’s political boundaries only two months before the City’s upcoming municipal elections in October.

After refusing to hold public consultations and shutting down legislative debate, Ford’s PCs used their majority to ram through Bill 5 – the Orwellian-named “Better Local Government Act.”


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The Spanish Inquisition: Back by Popular Demand

Even today, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Unfortunately, plenty of people now endorse its claim that their victims are getting what they deserve.

Trump supporters “don’t deserve our empathy,” says a columnist for Salon.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders “should be shunned,” says a columnist for the Washington Post.

Even nominal conservatives get into the act. Working-class American communities “deserve to die,” says a columnist for National Review.

Petition Against Trudeau Will Force A Government Response on Groping Allegation

A new e-petition, opened on August 1, is expected to force the Trudeau government to respond to the sexual misconduct allegation from almost 20 years ago.

The petition writes that the sexual misconduct allegations against Trudeau and his dismissive attitudes towards them are both “unacceptable” and “have resulted in a loss of confidence in him by the citizens of Canada.”

A rising concern? After straws, balloons get more scrutiny

Now that plastic straws may be headed for extinction, could Americans’ love of balloons be deflated?

The joyous celebration of releasing balloons into the air has long bothered environmentalists, who say the pieces that fall back to earth can be deadly to seabirds and turtles that eat them. So as companies vow to banish plastic straws, there are signs balloons will be among the products to get more scrutiny, even though they’re a very small part of environmental pollution.

Horse sues owner for neglect

The horse had been left outside and underfed by his previous owner, who last summer pleaded guilty to criminal neglect. And now Justice, who today resides with other rescued equines on a quiet wooded farm within view of Oregon’s Cascade mountains, is suing his former owner for negligence. In a lawsuit filed in his new name in a county court, the horse seeks at least $100,000 (£78,00) for veterinary care, as well as damages “for pain and suffering”, to fund a trust that would stay with him no matter who is his caretaker.

Ottawa plans to announce new stat holiday

The federal government is planning to announce a new statutory holiday to mark Canada’s destructive residential school legacy.

CTV News has confirmed that the government is consulting with Indigenous groups ahead of moving forward with declaring an annual day to acknowledge what has been declared a time of cultural genocide in Canada.


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Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott puts 3 overdose prevention sites on hold

Ontario’s health minister says the province will hold off on opening three new overdose-prevention sites intended to help fight the opioid crisis.

Christine Elliott says the sites in Thunder Bay, St. Catharines and Toronto will be frozen as the province conducts a review of harm-reduction practices and determines if the sites “have merit.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will ‘absolutely not’ give up on supply management

In an interview with Laura Chapin on CBC’s Island Morning, Trudeau renewed his pledge not to give up on existing supply management systems in agriculture, in particular citing the dairy industry.

“Absolutely not. I have said and I will continue to say, both to Canadians and Americans, including directly to President Trump that we are not going to get rid of supply management,” he said.

Ottawa urged to recognize ‘right to housing’

In an open letter to the prime minister, the groups argue that upcoming legislation to enact the Liberal government’s 10-year, $40-billion national housing strategy must “explicitly recognize the right to housing as recognized in international law.” This would ensure future governments can’t scale back or cancel programs to reduce homelessness and ensure impoverished Canadians have adequate places to live, leaders of a range of groups told a news conference Tuesday on Parliament Hill.

Calgary rated most livable city in Canada, 4th in world

The Global Liveability Index 2018, a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, rated Calgary fourth overall in the world – behind Vienna, which topped the ranking, followed by Melbourne and Osaka.

The rest of the top 10 in descending order were Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Adelaide.

Canada: Govt encourage hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls (VIDEO)

In late 2015, to meet yet another Trudeau imposed quota, the Canadian government sponsored 50,000 migrants who, the public were assured, were all Syrian refugees fleeing a civil war.

To accommodate the rush to bring them to Canada, hotels were turned into makeshift migrant camps and today, I bring you the fourth installment of my exclusive investigation into the consequences of this action.


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Huffpo Reporter Urges Media Not To Cover Antifa Violence

Huffington Post’s hate and extremism reporter lashed out at Vox on Monday because the media outlet dared to report on violence committed by antifa over the weekend.

Vox published an article about the planned Unite the Right rallies this past weekend that indicted antifa for engaging in violence while claiming to be against fascism.

Trump Calls For New Hillary Clinton Investigation After Strzok Firing

President Donald J. Trump went on a Twitter rampage trouncing disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok after Strzok’s firing from the law enforcement agency this morning.

“Just fired Agent Strzok, formerly of the FBI, was in charge of the Crooked Hillary Clinton sham investigation. It was a total fraud on the American public and should be properly redone!” Trump wrote.

Women on inflatable rainbow unicorn rescued from Minnesota lake

Authorities in Minnesota made an unlikely rescue on Saturday when they came across a group of women who were stranded on a lake clinging to an inflatable rainbow unicorn.

The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter that officers were driving along the Fish Lake, near Stark, Minn., when they came across the women on the large unicorn.

White chocolate biscuit is “racist”

A New Zealand biscuit television commercial has been slammed as ‘racist’ by angry customers after the ad claimed the colour of a biscuit could affect its taste.

The commercial was supposed to introduce a new white chocolate biscuit with a hint of humour.

Ontario government wants torn-down statue of Sir John A. Macdonald

On Monday, Sylvia Jones, the Dufferin-Caledon MPP named to Premier Doug Ford’s first cabinet this summer, said the government has written to Victoria’s mayor about acquiring the statue.

“History matters,” she said during question period.


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Toronto’s Safe Injection Site and Ryerson University’s Increase in Crime

A recent finding from Ryerson student and Nectarine journalist, Adam Wilson, has revealed that crimes on Ryerson University’s campus have gone up by 86.6% since the opening of Toronto’s first safe injection site directly beside the campus on August 21st, 2017.

Wilson’s article and finding affirm what many students have felt but have been hesitant to mention publicly regarding this part of campus: it is becoming more dangerous, and you probably want to circumvent this area on your way to class in the early morning, and at night or avoid being on campus at night altogether.

Canada Must Become More Self-Reliant & Build Up Our Internal Strength

In the wake of Canada’s fight with Saudi Arabia, many people are waking up to how needlessly dependent on foreign countries we are.

Everything said by the elites in the wake of the crisis was externally focused, whether it was fears about Saudi Arabia’s retaliation, or demanding that our allies agree with with us.

However, an external focus is the real problem here, and it’s why our nation is in such a vulnerable position in the first place.

Male, pale and stale university professors to be given ‘reverse mentors’

Under the project, white men in senior academic posts will be assigned a junior female colleague from an ethnic minority as a mentor.

Prof John Rowe, who is overseeing the project at Birmingham University, said he hoped the scheme will allow eminent professors to confront their own biases and leave them “feeling quite uncomfortable”.

‘By the youth, for the youth’: a manifesto for tomorrow’s activists

We aspire to leave our national ego at the door and enter the gates of our global communities with an open mind. We must use an intersectional lens to self-reflect and be able to access connections and other views after acknowledging bias.

Intersectionality is the overarching framework for change. Intersectionality is understanding our communal and individual experiences as informed by our many identities.

Are pipes for drug users a solution to Saskatchewan’s HIV woes?

An AIDS support worker in Saskatchewan says pipes should be more available to drug users if the province wants to reduce HIV rates that are among the highest in North America.

Jason Mercredi of AIDS Saskatoon said there aren’t any pipes available as a means of harm reduction in Saskatchewan. The province says that is because local organization’s assessments have not indicated a need.


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The banning of Alex Jones is a warning shot against dissent

The celebration on the Left at the quick-fire purge of Alex Jones and InfoWars from social media has been disturbing – not because Jones’ views deserve to be defended, but because his banning is a warning shot against dissent.

It’s important to note at the outset that I have no love for Jones whatsoever – lest this be read as some kind of endorsement or defense of InfoWars. It is not.

78,000 Transgender Americans Could Be Denied Voting Rights in 2018

The study, from the Williams Institute, an LGBTQ think tank at the University of California-Los Angeles law school, estimates that there are 137,000 transgender people who have transitioned in the states of Indiana Wisconsin, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. But an estimated 57% of them, or 78,000, will likely be turned away from voting because they lack proper documentation or identification that accurately reflects their gender identity.

One month before the election, Sweden’s ruling government obtained the ability to silence opponents on Facebook

Sweden’s government has been given a direct hotline to Facebook to remove “unreasonable things” and “problematic campaigns”, news outlet Samhällsnytt reports, and this is just in time to silence their opponents in the upcoming elections.

Academia Doesn’t Get to Define ‘Racism’ for the Rest of Us

Instead, as Alexander writes, “we have a case where original coinage, all major dictionaries, and the overwhelming majority of common usage all define ‘racism’ one way, and social justice bloggers insist with astonishing fervor that way is totally wrong and it must be defined another.” I am not entirely sure if this is a conscious effort to redefine the word — and by pretending it’s already defined this way they’re “gaslighting” us — or if they have drunk so much Kool-Aid that they can say this in all sincerity. When called on it, many simply point to academic definitions, as though academia had the power to redefine words for the rest of society; that, of course, is not how language works.

Who Determines ‘Universal Values’?

Is it any of Canada’s business whether Saudi women have the right to drive?

Well, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland just made it her business.

Repeatedly denouncing Riyadh’s arrest of women’s rights advocate Samar Badawi, Freeland has driven the two countries close to a break in diplomatic relations.

“Reprehensible” said Riyadh of Freeland’s tweeted attack.


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‘Be Like Maxine’: Activist Group Selling Merchandise Inspired by Rep. Waters

Color of Change, which claims to be the largest online racial justice organization in the United States, recently launched the #BeLikeMaxine campaign with the slogan “civility won’t save us.”

There is no homeless in #SaudiArabia such as #Canada because our government knows how dealing with citizens very well.

‘Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women’: Saudi Arabia’s bizarre propaganda campaign

Within hours of Saudi Arabia expelling Canada’s ambassador, the country’s broadcasters and pro-government social media accounts ramped into high gear digging up dirt on its newest enemy.

A recurring theme of Saudi attacks against Canada is “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” an expression that is roughly the same in both English and Arabic.

Norway trials free heroin prescriptions for most serious addicts

Norway, which has one of the highest fatal drug overdose rates in Europe, is to trial prescribing free heroin to the most serious addicts to improve their living conditions, the government said.

The Norwegian directorate for health and social affairs is behind an experimental project to identify patients likely to benefit from the programme, to examine the implementation method, and to calculate the costs.

Microsoft threatened to stop hosting the alt-right’s favorite social network

Thursday morning (Aug. 9), Microsoft sent an ultimatum to the social networking site Gab: Take down two anti-Semitic posts from the platform in the next 48 hours, or we’ll stop hosting your site on our servers.

Gab founder Andrew Torba posted the email to Twitter in addition to his site, which has become a water cooler for neo-Nazis and the alt-right since it launched two years ago.

Canada: Muslim who stabbed soldiers for Allah will not be attending college after all

Mohawk College said that the news about Ali was actually “news to them” and that Ali “has not applied to Mohawk.” The college was also inundated with calls and concerns from parents and students. The college added in another point that it could not “deny someone education based on mental illness, but it can develop a plan so that student safety is ensured.”


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Twitter Speeds Up Push Against ‘Dehumanizing Speech’

Just a day after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Twitter did not suspend Alex Jones’ account because he has not violated the site’s rules, Twitter indicated that evolving rules might be used against him.

In an email sent to employees, Twitter’s VP of Trust and Safety, Del Harvey, discussed how the site’s new rule against “dehumanizing speech” may result in action against Alex Jones’ account, in light of controversy surrounding Twitter’s decision not to ban his account. Twitter added that it is speeding up the approval of that policy.

HYPOCRITES: As They Disrespect Canada, Saudis Are Still Glad To Make Money Selling Us Oil

While the Saudis continue to show nothing but total disrespect for Canada, it seems their overreaction is matched only by their hypocrisy.

Saudi energy minister Khalid al-Falih says that oil sales from Saudi Arabia to Canada won’t be impacted, referring to a supposedly “firm and longstanding policy that is not influenced by political circumstances. The current diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada will not, in any way, impact Saudi Aramco’s relations with its customers in Canada.”

This is massively hypocritical.

Rise in migrant crime makes 73% of Swedes think country is going in the wrong direction

Migrant gang violence has become the new normal for Swedes, with many fearing for their lives; fatal shootings in Sweden had doubled in less than a decade.

The second most concerning issue for Swedes, behind crime and violence, is immigration, with 33% of Swedish respondents suggesting this is the most important issue.

CENSORSHIP: Microsoft Threatens to Drop Gab Hosting Over ‘Hate Speech’

Continuing a pattern of censorship of free speech by Silicon Valley leftists, Microsoft has threatened to stop hosting over “hate speech” allegations on the platform.

“Gab’s hosting provider, Microsoft Azure, has given us 48 hours to take action on two posts, or they will pull our service and Gab will go down for weeks/months,” according to Gab founder Andrew Torba.

All refugees being temporarily housed in college dorms re-located: Mayor Tory

The City of Toronto says it has relocated all refugee and asylum claimants who were temporarily being housed in two college dormitories.

At its peak about 675 people were staying in the Centennial College and Humber College dorms.

In a release, the city said the refugees have now all been moved to hotels in the Greater Toronto Area or permanent housing.


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UK Government Refuses To Ban Eating of Dog Meat

Although the practice of eating dogs is met with revulsion by most British citizens, killing dogs to eat and consuming their meat is legal in Britain and has grown in popularity in recent years due to mass immigration from Asia, according to the World Dog Alliance (WDA).

All cultures are equal, eh?

Canadian FM: ‘We will continue to work to hold Russia to account for its deplorable and unlawful behaviour’

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia Freeland says in her statement on the 10th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war that Canada will continue to work with its international partners to hold Russia accountable for its ‘deplorable and unlawful behaviour’.

Good timing.

Syrian refugee: Austrians should take refugees in their homes and give them their money

“Austrians have to take refugees into their own homes — this benefits both sides. [Integration] works when refugees live with Austrians. They can talk, or an Austrian can read an official letter to a refugee and then explain it in simpler language. […] They can go outdoors or to a swimming pool together,” Bacho writes, adding that the same goes for Germans.

Here’s why Canadian allies are keeping their mouths shut in dispute with Saudi Arabia

Since the Middle Eastern kingdom launched the dispute on Sunday evening over tweets sent the week prior, Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador, expelled Canada’s ambassador, frozen new business and trade, ordered Saudi students studying in Canada to go somewhere else, ordered Saudi citizens seeking medical care in Canada to go somewhere else, blacklisted Canadian wheat and barley, and ordered the asset managers of their central bank and pension funds to dump Canadian assets “no matter the cost.”

Report: Poor Management of Forests, Not Global Warming, To Blame for Widespread Wildfires

Bob Zybach feels like a broken record. Decades ago he warned government officials allowing Oregon’s forests to grow unchecked by proper management would result in catastrophic wildfires.

While some want to blame global warming for the uptick in catastrophic wildfires, Zybach said a change in forest management policies is the main reason Americans are seeing a return to more intense fires, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and California where millions of acres of protected forests stand.


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Democratic Senator Chris Murphy: ‘InfoWars Is Just The Tip Of A Giant Iceberg’

I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, never have been. But what is happening to him is nothing less than coordinated censorship and it should alarm every person out there on social media. It is true that the tech giants are private companies and can do as they see fit, but yesterday’s banning of InfoWars was a coordinated hit. Virtually all social media except for a very few banned Jones. I am a First Amendment proponent and the language you hate the most is the language that should be most protected. Yesterday’s shunning of Alex Jones was an attempt to make him non-existent… to shun him into silence. That will backfire I imagine as it will only make InfoWars more popular. I heard he moved his social networking to Gab after all this.

What That Alleged Drone Attack on Venezuela’s Dictator Means for Americans

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was the target Saturday of an alleged assassination attempt carried out by two drones.

If this was indeed a drone attack on a head of state, it is a wake-up call for policymakers and law enforcement officials everywhere.

Where in the World is Justin Trudeau?

I may have been the lone Conservative in the country who refrained from hammering Justin Trudeau for his extended surfing vacation in Tofino, BC during a time of crisis in Canada. In fact, I thought it was the best part of his entire tenure as Prime Minister.

Let’s be honest, what did you expect from him following the terrorist attack in Toronto? All he would do is fly to the city, lecture us on Islamophobia, then blame the lack of gender diversity amongst psychologists for the recent violence. Furthermore, he then would present the Hussain family with the Order of Canada.

It’s All Starting to Make Sense: Turns Out Feinstein’s Chinese Spy Was Just the Tip of the Iceberg

It was revealed last week that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)’s driver for 20 years was a Chinese spy. But it was discovered five years ago by the FBI and never disclosed until Politico and San Francisco Chronicle uncovered it. Now more questions are being raised not only about the spy but about Feinstein’s closeness to the Chinese.

Feinstein’s driver also represented her at various functions and acted as a liaison to the Chinese community. Although the FBI advised her five years ago, it wasn’t made public and the driver was allowed to quietly retire. He was never arrested. Neither the FBI or Feinstein ever informed or questioned her staff about him or what they might know. And presumably, that means they also didn’t check other staff to see if anyone else had been compromised.

NANOS POLL: More Canadians Willing To Consider Voting Conservative Than Liberal

52.7% say they are willing to consider voting Conservative, while 49.8% are willing to vote Liberal.

Meanwhile, 40.6% are willing to consider the NDP. 27.8% say they would consider a vote for the Green party.

In terms of the top-line numbers, the Liberals are at 36.9%, while the Conservatives are at 36.6%. The NDP is at 17.8%, while the Greens are at 5.2%.


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Umm, so you know how some things are best eaten straight out of the oven, standing at the kitchen counter with a fork poking into the still-too-hot-it’s-burning-your-mouth cake? But you don’t care because it’s just so delicious that if you don’t seize this moment you may very well regret it? Or is that just me?

Voice of Europe will share Infowars news on their 300,000 following Facebook page to defend freedom of speech

As a conservative news channel we stand for freedom of speech. Facebook has a public task of spreading messages from different sides of the political spectrum, like the agora did once in Greece.

It cannot be that a social medium censors public opinions because it doesn’t like them or rejects them on the basis of a policy that is very inconsistent and completely lacking in transparency.

Canada: Social Democrats Demand Handgun Bans, Feds “Open To All Options”

Much like their U.S. counterparts, Canada’s gun control advocates are using tragedy to advance their pre-existing civilian disarmament agenda. Last week, following a shooting in Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood in which two died and 13 were wounded, the Toronto City Council voted in support of a federal ban on all handguns and semiautomatic firearms, and a requirement that gun owners store their firearms at repositories rather than at home. This week brought further anti-gun activism as the third largest party in Canada’s House of Commons called for urban handgun bans and Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his government’s intent to consider a wide array of gun controls.

Colleges: A force for evil

Many of the nation’s colleges have become a force for evil and a focal point for the destruction of traditional American values. The threat to our future lies in the fact that today’s college students are tomorrow’s teachers, professors, judges, attorneys, legislators and policymakers. A recent Brookings Institution poll suggests that nearly half of college students believe that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.

ESCALATION: Saudi Arabia To Suspend Flights To Canada Says FT Reporter

The Saudi regime (which is facing lawsuits from families who lost loved ones on 9/11) continues to go crazy following a tweet from Canada criticizing their unlawful treatment of human rights activists. Canada’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia has been ordered to leave the country, and all new trade has been halted.


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Violent Communist Antifa Attacks Patriot Prayer, Police In Portland – Throw Feces And Urine At Marchers

As I reported last week, Antifa was practicing getting their violence on in Portland, Oregon with the Patriot Prayer group. They did not disappoint. The police labeled it a ‘civil disturbance’ yesterday. It was a bloody riot. Frankly, I saw a ton of weapons and a number of people who got hurt during the melee. Antifa showed up in downtown Portland before the Patriot Prayer march. They were throwing projectiles at the police, including rocks and bottles, and feces and urine at marchers. Eventually, the police used flash-bang grenades on them.

Report: Parkland Shooter Was Denied After Asking School For Help

For months, students and parents have said that officials in the Broward County School District and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were culpable in the February shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead because they failed to properly address issues surrounding the gunman.

New evidence to support that claim emerged Friday, when a report performed for the school district revealed that it did not provide therapeutic services for confessed killer Nikolas Cruz even though he wanted them, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Canadians apparently not as ‘welcoming’ as their Prime Minister

Shortly after President Trump announced his travel ban, you will remember that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the world in a tweet that they would be welcome in Canada.

Well, Canada’s welcome is wearing thin and here is one more story, this time in the Wall Street Journal telling us that the public opinion tide has turned on Trudeau.

Hundreds of kilograms of bomb-making chemicals and instructions on how to make explosives are found in a police raid on Hobart home

Police seized the dangerous ingredients from a South Hobart address in Tasmania Friday night, with officers seen at the property wearing full-body protective gear.

A 28-year-old male was arrested and is assisting police in their inquiries.

There was no sign of religious or political material at the site where the potential explosives were found, according to Seven News.

DIVISIVE FOOL: Seamus O’Regan’s Incredibly Dumb Claim That “Immigrants” Are Better Job Creators Than “Canadian-Born People” Is Easily Debunked

The Trudeau Liberals aren’t taking a break from their effort to divide Canadians.

On Twitter, Seamus O’Regan made the following highly dubious claim:

“No, we just need more job creators. Immigrants are better at creating new businesses and new jobs than Canadian-born people. Simple.”


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New Jersey: Police Investigate, Town Council Shuts Facebook Page Over Anti-Muslim Comments obtained a copy of a Verona Police report dated June 18 under an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request. It states that, on June 11, a Facebook user on the unofficial pool page asked “any Muslims there”. The screen name of that user was Celeste Carlo; her real name is given in the police report as Celeste DeMaio. The report includes screenshots of derogatory comments posted to the page by Carlo/DeMaio and others.

British state needs complete online media control and wants to decide which news sites are ‘reliable’ – report

Demanding news websites be ranked on ‘perceived reliability’ by a state-sanctioned body and controlled by ‘impartiality’ rules, as well as suggesting social media firms fund education for citizens on what news to trust, are recommendations included in a parliamentary enquiry interim report.

Another rainbow crosswalk defaced in B.C.

It took city crews five hours to clean up the damage after someone defaced White Rock’s new rainbow crosswalk overnight.

The incident happened just after midnight on Friday, according to the city. Swastikas and misspelled slurs had been painted on the crossing.

The crosswalk was just unveiled last week, after some persuasion from Ernie Klassen and the White Rock Pride Committee.

Klassen owns a flower shop near the crosswalk and said the vandalism was hurtful.

Rosie O’Donnell to Lead Broadway Actors in Protest Outside White House

Virulent anti-Trump activist and one-time TV host Rosie O’Donnell is reportedly set to lead a group of Broadway actors in a protest against President Donald Trump to be held outside the White House.

The actors plan to sing songs from the Broadway hit Les Miserables. A spokesperson for the 56-year-old former ABC talk show co-host said that the group of actors would also sing “A Brand New Day” from The Wiz, and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” from The Sound of Music.

ARROGANCE: Trudeau Liberals Dismiss Poll Showing Massive Opposition To Their Open Borders Policy, Insult Intelligence Of Canadians

As I recently reported, a new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians oppose the Trudeau Liberals open border policies.

In the face of such intense public opposition – especially on an issue as important as whether or not we even have a functioning border – a government that believed in democracy would listen to what people are saying, change course, and put a stop to the illegal crossings.

But as you probably already guessed, that’s not what the Trudeau Liberals are doing.

Instead, they’re blaming Canadians for not ‘understanding’ the issue.