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‘If you enter a camp, you never come out’: inside China’s war on Islam

The Luopu County No 1 Vocational Skills Training Centre is hard to miss. It emerges suddenly, a huge campus towering over hectares of farmland.

Outside the compound, surrounded by tall white concrete walls lined with barbed wire and surveillance cameras, a police car patrols while several guards carrying long batons stand watch. The centre, which straddles a highway, is bigger than most of the surrounding villages – about 170,000sq metres. A banner on one building says: “Safeguard ethnic unity.”

Half a dozen people stand on the roadside, staring at the buildings. No one is willing to say exactly what this prison-like facility is or why they are waiting on its perimeter.

Note – this is a Guardian piece.


China passes law to ‘make Islam more compatible with socialism’ amid outcry over Muslim abuse

China has announced plans to make Islam “more compatible with socialism”, amid growing fears about a crackdown on the country’s Muslims.

Beijing is to introduce measures aimed at “the sinicisation” of the religion within four years, state media reported.

The move is likely to fuel concerns about re-education camps in China’s Xinjiang region, where a million or more Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are believed to be held.


‘They want to eliminate Islam’: Pakistani men reveal how Chinese authorities seize their Muslim wives for re-education

China stole his property.

The last time Chaudhry Javed Atta saw his wife was over a year ago – the Pakistani trader in dried and fresh produce was leaving their home in northwestern China’s heavily Muslim Xinjiang region to go back to his country to renew his visa.

He remembers the last thing she told him: ‘As soon as you leave, they will take me to the camp and I will not come back.’

That was August, 2017. By then, Atta and Amina Manaji, from the Muslim ethnic Uighur group native to Xinjiang, had been married for 14 years.

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China Assigns Fake Relatives To Infiltrate Uighur Muslim Families As Spies

China’s Communist Party has assigned over 1 million government workers to become relatives in Uighur Muslim families in order to infiltrate and spy on them.

Beijing has deployed 1.1 million agents to Uighur households as part of the “Pair Up and Become Family” program, sold as a program of cultural exchange between the Uighur and Han ethnic groups, according to the party’s official newspaper. In reality, these ethnic Han government agents operate as spies against the Uighurs in their very bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other intimate spaces.


Chinese city urges those ‘poisoned by extremism’, who follow conservative Islam to confess crimes

BEIJING (Reuters) – A city in China’s far-western Xinjiang region has ordered people who are “poisoned by extremism, terrorism and separatism”, in contact with overseas terror groups or act in a conservative Islamic manner, to turn themselves in to authorities.

Those who surrender to judicial organs within 30 days and confess to their crimes will be treated leniently and might avoid punishment, said a notice posted on Sunday on the official social media account of the Hami city government.


China’s hidden camps – What’s happened to the vanished Uighurs of Xinjiang?

On 12 July 2015 a satellite swung over the rolling deserts and oasis cities of China’s vast far west.

One of the images it captured that day just shows a patch of empty, untouched, ashen-grey sand.

It seems an unlikely place to start an investigation into one of the most pressing human rights concerns of our age.

But less than three years later, on 22 April 2018, a satellite photo of that same piece of desert showed something new.

A massive, highly secure compound had materialised.


Internment camps for Muslim Uighurs make their lives ‘colourful’, Chinese governor claims

Shohrat Zakir, governor of Xinjiang, a northwestern province home to Chinese Muslims, said in a rare interview with Chinese state media that the government offered “hands-on training” to teach Uighurs Mandarin, “the country’s common language, legal knowledge, vocational skills, along with de-extremisation education.”


China Uighurs: Xinjiang legalises ‘reeducation’ camps

China’s western Xinjiang region has written “vocational training centres” for Muslim Uighurs into law amid growing international concern over large-scale disappearances there.

Xinjiang says the centres will tackle extremism through “thought transformation”.

Rights groups say detainees are made to swear loyalty to President Xi Jinping and criticise or renounce their faith.

In August, China denied allegations that it had locked up a million people.

But officials attending a UN human rights meeting admitted that Uighurs “deceived by religious extremism” were undergoing re-education and resettlement.


Chinese official says China is educating, not mistreating, Muslims

GENEVA (Reuters) – China is not mistreating Muslims in Xinjiang province but is putting some people through training courses to avoid extremism spreading, unlike Europe, which had failed to deal with the problem, a Chinese official told reporters on Thursday.

Reports of mass detentions of ethnic Uighurs and other ethnic Muslims in China’s far western region have sparked a growing international outcry, prompting the Trump administration to consider sanctions against officials and companies linked to allegations of human rights abuses.

“It is not mistreatment,” said Li Xiaojun, director for publicity at the Bureau of Human Rights Affairs of the State Council Information Office. “What China is doing is to establish professional training centers, educational centers.”

Justin will be pleased.


China’s mass internment camps are making ethnic minorities disappear over night

  • Last summer, entire minority groups in China began cutting themselves off from the outside world, one contact deletion at a time.
  • Hundreds of thousands of minority men and women — mostly Uighurs, but also others — have disappeared into internment camps.
  • In one township, police told reporters from Radio Free Asia that they were expected to send 40% of the population into the internment system.
  • The Chinese state has denied the existence of what have come to be known as “re-education camps,” but local officials continue to build new compounds.

China defends crackdown on Muslims by claiming it is stopping troubled region turning into ‘Syria’

China has defended its crackdown on Muslims after the UN claimed more than three million are being held in ‘counter-extremism’ and ‘re-education camps’.

Beijing said it was trying to prevent the troubled region of Xinjiang from becoming ‘China’s Syria’ amid concern over tough security measures aimed at fighting what the country has called Islamic extremism .


How China is waging war against Muslims

China has long been concerned by what it calls the “three evils” of “terrorism, separatism and religious extremism” in its far-western Muslim-majority Xinjiang region. More than half of Xinjiang’s 20 million population is Muslim, predominantly eight million ethnic Turkic Uighurs, as well as Kazakh and Hui minority groups. Since riots in 2009 that killed 197 people, Xinjiang has seen intermittent violence that Beijing blames on Uighur separatists.

With the appointment of a new hardline party chief in 2016 — Chen Quanguo, who was responsible for a sweeping security clampdown in his prior post in Tibet — Beijing has now appeared to launch an all-out assault on what it calls separatism, but what has now swept up tens of thousands of ordinary Uighurs in an unprecedented crackdown.

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China collects DNA from Muslim-majority population in Xinjiang

Chinese authorities have collected DNA and other biometric data from the whole population of the Muslim-majority western region of Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday, denouncing the campaign as a gross violation of international norms.

Hundreds of people have been killed in Xinjiang in the past few years in violence between Uighurs, a mostly Muslim people, and ethnic majority Han Chinese, which Beijing blames on Islamist militants.