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The Welsh and people who are married to the Welsh are appalling and have no sense of humour

Probably not true. I only know one Welsh person, but she’s quite funny and pleasant, and so is her husband. Seriously, though, where do they find people with this kind of personality, and why have they taken over so many of our cultural institutions?

(BTW, because I am a passionate Canadian nationalist who only reads Canadian authors and firmly believes that there is nothing remotely funny about Canadian nationalism and that those who think otherwise should be charged with hate crimes, I read Jordan Peterson’s new book, in which rule number 9 is “Assume That The Person You Are Listening To Might Know Something You Don’t”. A great piece of advice, and something I’m trying to do more of. So I really listened to Liz Saville Roberts, and as a consequence I am wholly convinced that I am being scrupulously fair when I say that she does not know anything important about how to tell jokes about the Welsh that I don’t.)

If you’ve got eight and a half minutes to spare:



Welsh schoolgirl was ‘kept in a cage by her father for four years in Saudi Arabia after he accused her of un-Islamic behaviour’

A Welsh schoolgirl has been kept prisoner in a cage by her own father for more than four years after she was accused of un-Islamic behaviour, a court heard yesterday.

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One quarter of Welshmen descended from warlords

Fully one quarter of modern-day Welshmen are descended from a grand total of 20 medieval warlords. The warlords must have been able to select just about any woman at will, but also there would be prestige and power from marrying into the families of the warlords. This is similar to the huge number of descendants of Genghis Khan, with as many as 1 in 200 men worldwide descended from him.

Something is always being selected for. In our day, power and prestige still matter, but effective birth control as well as entrenched monogamy limit the number of descendants that even the most powerful men have. In the old days, the powerful translated their political and military success into offspring, but today the powerful, who in the West anyway are mainly the wealthy, don’t seem too interested in this. Once in a great while you hear about some rich man who has a secret hidden family, but these guys are just pikers compared to Welsh or Mongolian warlords.

Get with the program, you guys!…

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